Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 65

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[65] Invisible (5)

Sina threw down the evaluation paper and apologized to Alpeas.

“I’m sorry, Principal,”He came to see me in person.”

“Well, it was a difficult task.Isn’t supernatural psychological science supposed to be like that?Don’t worry about it.”

“I’ll be sure to warn you,”

Alpeas raised his hand as if he were okay, and walked to the doorway.But just before leaving the door, he turned around again and looked at the empty stage.The corners of his mouth hidden in his beard went up.

“If it was going to end like this, I wouldn’t have even started.”Don’t you think so? You’re sick of it.

* * *

“That’s it. The first stage is over!”

Regardless of the audience’s response, Shirone and his group rushed to the research group.From now on, it was a real game.

“You’re sure it worked, aren’t you?”

“Well, I could tell by the look in your eyes.”

As the students’ expectations were high, they were already expecting the presentation to end blandly.But Shironet hoped this would happen.This is because the less important you think, the stronger your psychological accessibility becomes.This was the gist of the psychological trap he had planned.

group hypnosis

The keyword was the sound of a bell ringing at midnight.Once you understand the content, it doesn’t matter how childish it is.Keywords imprinted in their heads will lead them to fear.

“It’s up to you now, Shiro,”All you have to do is succeed.”

“All right. I’ll meditate here for a while.”

“You must succeed!”I trust you!”

I did my best for a month.Now the baton had been handed over to the last runner, Sirone.

“I have to concentrate, so get away from me.”

Cyrone, who had dissuaded Ned from rubbing his shoulder, sat down in a remote place.The remaining time is six hours.In it, I had to raise my mental condition to the top.

“One, two, three.”

Shironet proceeded with the ceremony slowly, with his head bowed.Ned and Iruki sneaked out of the room, even watching their breaths.

The success or failure of the presentation will be determined by the support of the mental power that can last more than 10 minutes of photons for more than 10 minutes.However, the rest of the work was not finished.

Iruki had to install a hologram remote control device, and Ned had to maintain the core where Shironet would pour out photon output.With everyone busy working on the work, it has already darkened and midnight.

Shirone opened his eyes in the dark darkness of no one else.Shirone’s spirit, which lasted for five hours, was comparable to a well-grounded sword.After a while, the door opened, and Ned’s quiet voice seeped in.

“It’s time to go, Shiro,”

Shironet rose from his seat as if he had nothing to do with it.Then, like a fighter going out to the Colosseum, he followed Ned’s.

* * *

The core of the hologram device was installed in a sewer that flowed under the central park.About 10 strands of optical fiber extending from a huge device went up to the ground, and from there, it went through a multi-adapter and spread to hundreds of strands.

The operation involved as many as 300 holographic devices.Shirone shook his tongue at Nade’s volume productivity, but the burden also increased.

Although it was said to have succeeded in maintaining photon output for 10 minutes, it was the first time in practice.No one knew what unexpected variables would occur.

Ten minutes before midnight, Sirone walked to a mechanical device ten times larger than the prototype.

When Ned handed over the input/output terminal with a grim look, Shirone held the crystal ball with both hands.Iruki took a timewatch and timed it.Don’t be too fast or too slow.The hologram had to be activated at the exact time the bell rang.

“Are you ready? We have to start now.”

Shironet took a deep breath and nodded.Iruki looked at the clock with his right hand raised.When it was time to go, his hand fell vigorously.At the same time, Shirone’s sequence began to rise at a tremendous speed.The power of light from both hands was incomparably stronger than before.My friends were amazed at how much photon output has been raised in a month.

“More, stronger!”

The light source has become so large that it devours Shirone.Ned rushed to the core device to check the efficiency of the transmission.Iruki asked frustratedly, as he remained stiff with surprise.

“What do you think? What’s the percentage?”

Ned, who had been silent for a long time, said in a trembling voice.

“Twenty-seven percent.


The figure was much lower than expected.Where in the world did it go wrong?But I didn’t have time to analyze it.If I can’t do it now, it’s all over.

“The radius is too wide.It’s impossible at this rate.’

Shironet had a hunch from the beginning.This is because, as soon as the photon output was turned on, an empty sensation rushed into the mind as if pouring water into a bottomless pot.

The information transmission efficiency of optical fibers was 18%, and the transmission power was greatly weakened by parallel connection in that state.

Shironet printed out photons for several minutes.However, no matter how hard I tried, the output efficiency did not go up further from 17%.

Iruki realized that there was no need to try again.Even if I operated the device in this state, most of the holograms would have been broken like fragments.

Five minutes later, Ned smiled.Although he failed, Shirone was proud to have reached an impossible goal with great effort.It was all because of my own poor design.

“Shiro, that’s enough.We did well enough.Let’s stop here.”

Shironet did not answer.To be honest, I was dying of anger.It was a project that Nade, Iruki, and the research group all worked together to sell out.

But I can’t believe this is the end.I haven’t accomplished anything yet, but I have to admit defeat with tears in my eyes.

“How did you get here?”

Shirone closed his eyes with a strong heart.I haven’t put everything into it yet.Gradually the light source in his hand swelled and began to cover Shironet’s whole body.

“Come on, don’t tell me.

Ned realized what Shironet was thinking.

mental function

He entered the forbidden realm again, where he could lose everything.

“Shiro! Stop!Don’t do it!”

Ned and Iruki shook Shirone’s body.However, Shironet’s spirit, which was driven toward Nirvana, was not even damaged by a considerable disturbance.

Shirone’s light source had already devoured itself and extended to the outside.cried Ned, with tears in his eyes, thinking that something terrible would happen if we left it as it was.

“Shiro! Please stop!I can’t lose you!You can give up the research group!Please stop!”

Ned’s voice awoke Shironet’sirone’s eyes.Shirone’s eyes, nose, and mouth, glimmering with a frightening gaze, were leaking out.

“Yes, Ned…….”

“Yes, sir!Let’s stop! Let’s stop here!”

The corners of Shironet’s mouth rose gently.

“Now… I’m not afraid.”

The moment Shironet closed his eyes again, a huge light filled the tunnel.His mental strength began to spread indefinitely.


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I can’t stop you now.

Ned and Iruki stepped back with a stunned look on their faces.I only prayed earnestly that Shironet could come back again.

In the realm of infinity, Shirone felt a longing sensation.

The feeling that everything that makes you is meaningless.But this time, I never forgot the existence of the country.

“I won’t turn a blind eye,”Look straight at me.’

An unknown monster was twitching his tongue and trying to swallow it.Shironet recalled Armin’s advice.Never turn a blind eye to it.Armin personally showed the fact that not everyone disappears just because they have infinite keys.

“I’ll get through it.I’ll make sure… I’ll get over it.’

The monster’s gills came over his dark throat.Shironet remained staring at the darkness in his throat without turning his head until that moment.

“Oh my god!”

The spirit that had spread throughout the world hit the Spirit Zone barrier, causing a severe headache.I caught him.Shironet clenched his teeth and survived.All the energy that exceeded the limit was shot at the photon output.

“Shiro! Are you all right?”Say something!”

“Check the output first!”

Ned looked back at the core at the cry of Sirone.Output efficiency was 22 percent. The efficiency, which was not even 0.1 percent, increased by as much as 4 percent.

“Oh! It’s going up, it’s going up!I hate you!”


Shironet concentrated even more.The infinite mental force entering through the spirit zone flowed through the arm and was injected into the crystal ball.

Ned exclaimed.Output efficiency 36%!

`More! I need more strength!’More!”

The spirit zone shook.Strong durability could not stop the rush of mental strength.It feels like it’s going to explode hundreds of times compressed.My mind was on the verge of exploding.


Output efficiency is 59 percent.

“It’s Shiro! A little more!”Cheer up!”

Even the cool-headed Yiruki screamed.The needle of the instrument began to swing from side to side as if it had met a storm.

Shironet transformed the Spirit Zone into a defensive type.As the frame intertwined, I heard a dull and tightening auditory hallucination.As soon as the force that endured the pressure and the injection force from it escaped through the hand, I felt a sense of deprivation as if the world was turning off.

Output efficiency is 87 percent.


His whole body trembled and his brain shook like crazy.Shironet realized again what a great wizard Armin was.It was really crazy to apply infinite power to reality.If I did something wrong, I would have lost my life by being weighed down by more powerful forces than by Nirvana.

Shirone pushed all his spirits through the only open ejection port in his palm.Even though the exit was completely expanded, the photon’s power had not diminished at all.

Output efficiency is 100 percent.


As soon as Shironet pulled out his last strength, a red light came into the core lamp.

Ned shuddered before the ridiculous result.The hungry monster, which was only 17 percent of the power of maintaining the photon output for 10 minutes, was now screaming as if his stomach were about to burst.

“That’s it, that’s it!”Ruki, start!”

While watching, Yi Ruki hurriedly grabbed the remote control device.As I pressed the button with my trembling hand, the light went up to the ground along the line.From there, hundreds of fiber optics spread throughout the school like a spider web.

Ring, ring.

A bell rang to announce midnight.

* * *

“It’s already twelve o’clock.Time flies so fast.”

Maria, who was studying at the accommodation, closed the book and stretched out.

I heard a faint sound of a bell outside the window.

Unconsciously, she remembered the presentation, and shook her head hastily to erase her thoughts.

But the more I tried to forget, the more I cared about it.

Nade’s words that anglers appear and eat people still lingered in his mind.

“Well, what is it?It reminds me of nothing.”

Shironet already knew that if you put a keyword on it, you can imagine it on your own.

“If you match the frequency of your soul, you can see ghosts?”

Thoughts clashed in my mind.Maria swept away her spooky body and turned toward the bed.At the same time, my heart dropped with a thud.Pupils shook and intense electrical stimulation climbed up the spine and hit the brain.


A rotten corpse was trudging through the room.

Maria couldn’t control her shivering jaw.

The soldier, whose thin ribs were exposed, turned this way and began to approach with his arms raised.


The window shook with a scream.But no one could hear her voice.The same scream echoed from door to door in the corridor.


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