Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 66

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[66] Invisible (6)


The vase that hit the wall was shattered.

Amy, who threw the vase away, gasped with her arms and legs against the other wall.

“What, what?”

The moment the bell rang, a real ghost appeared.Is this what Ned called resonance?At first I thought I was hallucinating.But what I saw in front of me was a clear reality.

“Well, well….”

As soon as the cry broke out of the ghost’s throat, Amy started a schema and ran to the door.When I opened the door to break, countless girls were running in the hallway screaming.

Amy was astonished.Dozens of ghosts were running behind them, clattering their jaws.

“Amy! Help me!”A ghost has appeared!”

cried Cheriel, with tears and a runny nose.Amy’s face turned pale.I’ve never believed in ghosts.However, when I heard a scary story, I was reluctant to go to the bathroom at night, which was a natural attribute of humans.

“Oh, my!”

Ami, swept away by a wave of crowds, began to run outside the building.


A strange groan broke the silence in the quiet training center located at the entrance of the mountain.

Etella awoke from meditation.When I stood up and turned around, an ugly, transparent figure was walking toward me.I thought I was a ghost, but there was no special impression in the heart of the old leader who fought against the evil of the world.

Ethella, with her eyes dimly open, looked at the ghost that was just around the corner.Then the ghost tilted his head and looked at her.It was the moment when Iruki’s equation proved how accurate it was.



Etella raised her hand with curious eyes and pressed the soldier’s nose.But, of course, his hand penetrated through the soldier’s head.

“Sigh! Sigh!”

Inside the icy tent, where the steam was frozen, Seena breathed heavily, sadly hiding her body.

On the day she was on duty, she was washing herself in the public bath of the girls’ dormitory.Today, however, I heard the sound of the midnight bell and was surprised enough to break my heart.


The first thing that came to mind was the frequency of the soul.Does that mean what Ned said is true?That’s impossible.However, it was impossible to deny that there was nothing visible.

“Well, well…

The monkfish broke through the ice curtain.Thanks to this, Shina regained her composure.I didn’t realize it was a hologram.It was his pride as a wizard that there was no existence to neutralize his icy magic so easily.

“How dare you…….”

She walked forward proudly.As expected, the soldier went through her without causing any harm.

Then the situation was immediately understood.

Sheena found two devices installed on the ceiling and walls.A hemispherical device with a diameter of the size of a gold coin emitted thin rays.

She sighed and slowly left the bathroom.

As soon as she came out of the changing room, the water on her body cracked and froze.

When I shook my body lightly, the ice that shone like diamonds spread in all directions.Before I knew it, there was no water left in my body.

“These things are really……!”

Sheena’s eyes were torn fiercely.

* * *

The Alpeas School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was in a frenzy.

The dark windows shone one after another, and students were screaming out of the door.

The same situation was created everywhere.

Holograms created by predicting people’s behavior in advance turned freely, and students who were out of their minds were running recklessly without even knowing that they had been deceived.

“Argh! Help me!”

“It’s a ghost! A ghost has appeared!”

The behavior patterns that humans can predict when they are in extreme fear were surprisingly simple.This was because the reason was paralyzed and moved only by emotions.

Children in the lower class cried and called their mothers, and the students in the upper class, separated into men and women, were joining the most crowded side.

In the highlands, a crowd of girls in the senior class, a sparse male student, were rushing down.

The ghosts seemed to be chasing people recklessly, but from heaven, they were focusing on gathering the public into one place.Finally, as many as 400 students gathered in the central park in the north.

The students who were trapped between people and buildings finally realized.The fact that ghosts flock from all directions from all directions, so there is no place to escape.

“Argh! He’s coming!”Do something!”

“Argh! Bring it on! Bring it on, you punks!”

Hundreds of soldiers rushed at them with swords in unison, each screaming with a cry of fear.The crying children, the screaming female students, and the curious male students closed their eyes without exception.

At that moment, the soldiers began to glow.Hundreds of bodies flashed like flashes of lightning and soared into the sky as if they were drawn toward a point.

“What, what?”

The students’ eyes were all on the rooftop of the central building.Shironet was standing on the railing on the roof.Ned and Iruki came up late and sat on the left and right sides.

“Thank you for attending the presentation.”

The students looked at them blankly.I was still at a loss as to what the situation was going on.

The teachers rushed into the park.It was the site where all faculty members were dispatched regardless of low-class, high-class, and graduation classes.

Sheena broke through the crowd with a hordes of people.

“You can’t come down at once!”What the hell are you doing?You’ve made a mess of the school!”

Ned greeted her with a wink.

“Oh, Mr. Sina,”Good night.”

“Good night!”Hurry up and come down.If I go up, I might kill you, so come down quickly!”

“But first of all, it’s a presentation.I’ll leave after this.”

Presentation? What presentation in the middle of the night?The children murmured at Ned’s words.

“What? Then they’re all fake?”

“I’ve been fooled! What a jerk!”I thought my heart was going to drop!”

Most of the students were still delirious, but a small number of students who quickly grasped the situation pointed fingers at Shirone and criticized him.

“You scammers!”How dare you cheat on us when it’s Class Five?This isn’t a presentation or anything!”


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“They should get zero marks on their performance tests!”Guys, you’re done now!How dare you cheat on me like this?”

Shirone’s party smiled leisurely in the face of a flood of accusations.Then, when there was no sign of stopping the abuse and criticism, Ned raised his hand and calmed them down.

“The Supernatural Psychological Science Society proved the existence of ghosts through a presentation.But you don’t seem to believe it.”

“Of course! Did you think you could make a ghost that doesn’t exist and deceive it and get recognition?”I’m sure you’ll fail.”

“Yes! This is just a bad joke!”Anyone can cheat like this!As long as I make up my mind…….”

The boy in Class Four stopped talking and blinked.The other children, perhaps aware of this, began to turn around and murmur.

“But… how did you do it?”Do you understand?”

“No, I don’t even have a clue.”I felt like I was really alive.”Besides, you deceived all 400 students.”

The children realized that the incident was not just a joke.

It was surprising enough to create hundreds of holograms, but how they moved them was still a mystery.

“They’re…What the hell did you do?”

When the disturbance broke out among the students, Sina frowned and closed her eyes.To be honest, it was not yet known exactly what method she had used either.

It was impossible to immediately recall that Ned’s excellent volume production, engineering technology, photon output from infinite fields, and equations ranging from tens of thousands of lines of servant syndrome were combined.

“Haha. It looks like we got a shot this time.”

The teachers turned around in unison.

Alpeas burst into laughter and looked up at Sirone’s party.

Sheena shook her head and approached.

“It’s no laughing matter, Principal,”I don’t know what they did, but there’s evidence that they broke into a forbidden area.A kind of hologram device…….”

“Whoa? You mean Mr. Cina doesn’t know?”

Alpeas thought it was worth it.If he had not also majored in the magic of light, he would not have immediately realized that information transmission technology was used in this strategy.

But is this possible at the student level?

In a way, it must have been a gamble for Shiro’s party.Alpeas wanted to praise that part.

Sheena admitted frankly.

“I’m ashamed, but I still don’t understand.But I don’t think they persuaded the teacher just because they didn’t understand the mechanism.”

“Well, I must have said something wrong,”That’s not what it means to be shot.”

“What? Well…?”

Alpheas looked up at the students, silent.

“Let’s watch it first.I don’t think the presentation is over yet.”

The students were still quarreling over the tricks used by Shirone’s party.

In an instant, the central park turned into a large-scale forum.

However, the more we shared our opinions, the more mysterious they were.In particular, the students of Class Four were displeased.His pride was not so hurt at a time when he was completely deceived by tricks made by his juniors and could not even grasp the mechanism.

“Well, you don’t have to think about it!”I’m sure you’ve done something funny.The point is that this presentation is a sham!You showed me a ghost that doesn’t exist and proved it?Don’t make me laugh!”

The students of the Class Four united and agreed.

“Yes! I don’t understand this way!”It’s not psychology, it’s just a show!”

As the voices of criticism rose, Ned stepped forward as a representative and asked them.

“Can’t you still acknowledge the existence of course.

“Of course! Ghosts?”This is just a kind of illusion magic!I’m not really a ghost!”

“Well, I’ll ask,”If you really think so, why are you here right now?”

“What? Of course he is……!”

The silence began with the silence of the students.

None of the hundreds of students could refute what Ned said.If they thought ghosts didn’t exist, why did they run away like fools?

The answer was simple.This is because there is an idea in the heart that cannot deny the soul.

“What you feel now is the essence of supernatural psychic science.Humans live with questions and curiosity about the unknown throughout their lives.If you don’t need to know that it hasn’t been verified yet, why should intelligence exist?I think that’s why the Research Society of Supernatural Psychic Sciences should be located at the Alpeas School of Magic, the cradle of intelligence.”

The students became speechless.

The ghost didn’t actually appear, but what does it matter?

The important thing is that everyone here thinks that ghosts may exist.And if you think so, someone must try to find out the truth.

Ned’s words made the students think seriously about the presentation for the first time.It wasn’t just a joke to make the school noisy.The Psychological Science Research Society presented a perfect presentation in their own way.

“That concludes the presentation of the Psychological Science Research Council.I would like to thank all of you for coming so late.”

Shiro’s party bowed politely.The son-in-law was silent and no one spoke.


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