Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 663

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[663] Insufficient five senses (2)

“Sheesh, you seem stubborn.”

When Lufist sat at the table grumbled, Jane laughed.

“How about making an offer right now? You were very sorry.”

When he realized that Sirone had been taken away by the Ivory Tower, Lufist was the one who cursed the kingdom the most.

“If anyone would accept the offer, I did it right away.”

The sight of the 5 prestigious magic academies tearing up the acceptance certificates that came into their hands when they gathered at the association still lingered.

“It’s better. It’s because it doesn’t have to be taken away only by other countries.”

It was the only reason Lufist didn’t take action.

On the other hand, even after the 28th and 29th evaluations, Sirone could not call the next contestant.

Rian and Arya were also mesmerized by the magic demonstration they had just seen.

“this… … .”

Rian couldn’t even utter a word, but Sirone nodded as if he had heard.

“It’s the magic of a first-class archmage.”

The fact that he left no trace even with the power enough to shake the building revealed his destructive power and delicacy at the same time.

‘Besides, Mr. Jane’s magic was also amazing.’

Because it is a major skill evaluation, certain magic has no choice but to use it directly to the judge, and Sirone clearly realized what level her mental magic had reached.

Arya said.

“Let’s move on to the next one. Because there are still 52 people left.”

Sirone, who came to his senses, turned to the door and said.

“Come in next.”

After a while, the door opened and a bald man with a stout body like Lian entered.

“hello! This is Candidate No. 59, Maghart!”

He is 43 years old, trained in martial arts for 20 years, and is now a veteran living as a mercenary in the Mutuga Guild.

There was nothing that stood out in the first evaluation, but Sirone passed the introduction that the basics were solid and the strength was strong.

“yes. I wish you good results. Show me your organs.”

Maghart set down the huge backpack he was carrying on his back and took out a solid brick from inside.

‘It’s a breaking demonstration.’

Normally, when it comes to breaking, a support is set up so that the shock can be transmitted well, but he stacked 15 bricks one on top of the other.

Maghart, who was arrogantly looking down at the brick tower that reached up to his waist, nodded and said:

“The fierce tiger headbutt, the most powerful technique in tiger martial arts. I will destroy this brick with one blow.”

Defeat, a boy’s romance.

Putting aside her duties as an examiner for a moment, Sirone nodded with her eyes shining.


While Maghart took up his riding stance and swung his hands around, not even a sound of breathing could be heard, and finally he pushed his lower jaw forward and screamed.


Jumping up, he slammed down the tower of bricks with his forehead in front of him as if he were falling upside down.

The sound of stone breaking echoed around him, and his face shattered the brick and fell to the ground.

“wow! Everything is broken!”

Sirone stood up and applauded Maghart, who was bowing in the dust.

“Great! By the way, are you okay? Your head will hurt.”

I didn’t hear an answer.

“excuse me… … Mr. Maghart?”

With her forehead on the ground and not even moving, Sirone’s voice, which gradually became uneasy, rose.

“Mr. Maghart, can you hear me?”

At that moment, Maghart’s waist loosened and spread to the ground, and his limbs convulsed as if they were bouncing.

“It’s a big deal! I must have lost consciousness!”

Arya jumped up and shouted at the door.

“master! master! I am an emergency patient!”

A member of the Silverling Guild came into the vacant lot, picked up Maghart, and sprinted outside.

The hall was cleared in an instant, but Sirone still watched them leave with a blank expression.

“… … what? What happened?”

Lian licked her lips and said.

“I was so nervous. My body is stiffer than usual, so my strength is dispersed. He lost consciousness the moment he hit him.”

Sirone quietly sat down and said.

“Come in next.”

There were incidents, but as expected, most of the test takers showed satisfactory main skills as they passed the first evaluation.

‘Hmm, that’s ambiguous. I’ll have to apply the deferred judgment.’

It was a loss to judge pass or fail in advance because it was ambiguous to set a clear standard.

Number 73 was Aakman, the master of the Silverling Guild, and showed off his skill, Fire Snake magic, without hesitation.

‘Certainly that magic is convenient.’

It was a magic that greatly benefited from the magical weapons of the flame robe and fire prison, but it was a real battle anyway, and if so, the equipment could also be a strength.

‘Because I’m wearing Armand too.’

When the three people applauded after confirming that the snake of flame coiled and landed, Aakman greeted him with a shy face.

It was because it was an ability that had already been defeated in the confrontation, so it was because it was embarrassing to demonstrate it, but from Sirone’s point of view, it was difficult to find someone as skilled as Aakman.

‘For now, let’s hold the strand toward passing.’

Aakman left, and Jordic, the master of the War Wagon Guild, entered as if touching a baton.

Unlike the first evaluation, he was equipped with a magic weapon, a large glove with a crystal ball embedded in his palm like Armand.


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“Number 74 Jordan.”

Although qualified as a test taker, the attitude of not bowing down completely to anyone was still the same.

“yes. Show me your specialty.”

Jordyk introduced the equipment first.

“It’s a magic weapon called an ice glove. Combined with my freezing magic, you can do a lot of things. For example… … .”

When Jordyk held out his palm, the crystal ball emitted blue light and froze the atmosphere in an instant.

“Absorb energy.”

Then, as he clenched his fist, the ice slid like a stream and turned into a whip with sharp spikes.

“We decapitate those who dare to attack us like this.”

As he swung his arms around, the ice whip made a sound of wind and hit Sirone in front of her eyes before returning.

‘Aha, it means that the shape is not fixed.’

While the freezing type has excellent formative power, its disadvantage is that its fluidity is poor.

However, since it can absorb energy in real time while wearing ice gloves, it can use even hard ice like a whip.

“what… … Should I just do it like this? Because the real skill of killing people is hard to show here.”

Waiting for Sirone’s reaction, Jordyk raised the corners of his mouth coldly, but Sirone’s eyes were fixed on the papers before he knew it.

“Thanks for your efforts. Success or failure will be notified individually.”

“… … .”

Jordyk stood in a state of embarrassment for a moment, then licked his lips and turned around when Arya called for the next person.

‘Sheesh, anyway these days.’

The next turn, number 75, was Master Yvian of the Blood Rose Guild.

It was a costume that clearly showed that he put off his skills for the time being and paid attention to the other side.

“Hello, I’m Yvian, candidate number 75.”

Holding the skirt with the tips of her fingers and spreading it left and right, she bowed slightly as she pulled one leg back.

“hello. You look pretty today.”

“Oh my, does it really look like that? It’s strange, I just did what I normally do. Ho-ho-ho!”

As Yvian’s heart swayed up and down with an exaggerated smile, Sirone returned to her true form.

“Then shall we begin?”

Yivian, who achieved the desired result of first impression, gave up his smile and showed off his special skill.

“Magnetic control.”

Ivian’s specialty was electric magic, especially magnetic fields, and his skill at controlling metal was excellent.

When she threw the ‘Golden Dragon’s Eye’, a black iron orb, it melted into iron powder in the air, revealing the shape of a magnetic field around her.


Looking at the iron powder flowing like the Milky Way, Sirone made an interesting expression on her face. She gained confidence and molded a rose with iron powder and sent it to Sirone.

The rose floating in front of my eyes was only black in color, so sophisticated that I could believe it was real.


“My specialty is modeling, but I don’t want to underestimate power. When you concentrate, you can overcome gravity up to 200 kilograms.”

It was the power to move dozens of longswords simultaneously.

‘This magic will be useful. Let’s put Mr. Yvian on the passing line.’

Lufist, Jane, Aakman, Jordic, Yvian.

From the beginning, it could be seen that with this lineup, the skeleton was being captured.

Number 121 Ethella’s turn came back with a jump, and what she prepared for the evaluation was a defeat just like Maghart.

‘Well, there aren’t many things that have a bigger impact than this.’

Even though he was a skilled enough to compete with Satan in heaven, to be evaluated by mobilizing the preparations meant respecting the judges.

“Let’s demonstrate the secret art of Yin-Yang Wave Fist.”

“yes. i look forward to.”

Sirone was polite to his school teacher, and carefully watched Lian, who still had the creepiness of the first evaluation.

What she took out of her bag was an iron ball the size of a person’s face, and when she dropped it from eye level as if to check its hardness, it crashed into the floor.

“Iron… … Are you saying it’s broken?”

While Arya put on an expression of disbelief, Ethella bent down and aimed her fist at her.


After taking a deep breath, Etella’s fist struck the iron ball at a tremendous speed after taking a deep breath.

More and more more and more!

Sounds that were hard to believe were struck by human fists exploded one after another, and as many waves as the number of sounds raged inside the ball.

‘A thunderbolt field!’

Etela, who spread her palm wide, pushed the final wave.

Then, the iron ball, which had been shaking and shaking, shattered as if an explosion had occurred.


Sirone exclaimed in admiration at his always-cool skills.

It was unbelievable that he had made a human body with an iron ball that could not be destroyed even with the slightest amount of magic.

After squatting on the floor and sorting out the debris, Etella returned to her stance and bowed politely.

“Please take good care of me.”

Ethella, who had a polite smile, left the clearing, and Sirone turned to Lian.

“how is it? Are you passing?”

“huh? Oh, of course.”

It was a skill that could not be disputed, and the reason why Lian did not readily evaluate it was because of his own problems.

During the knight training, only winning was important, but thinking about how technically advanced the test takers were today, I felt uncomfortable.

Whether or not she knew that feeling, Sirone called the next contestant.

“Come in at number 147.”

Shirone, who realized it only after calling, checked the documents.

‘Ah, it must have been this person.’

Windstorm Wigg.

Equipped with twin swords behind his left shoulder with the number 11, he entered with a smile.

“hello. It is number 147. People who know it also call it Whig of the Storm.”


Ryan closed his mouth and crossed his arms.

From the first evaluation, it was Wig who had been sending energy of provocation from beginning to end.

“Then show me your specialty. It must be a double swordsmanship, right?”

“Well, to be honest, weapons don’t matter. I just fight whatever I can get my hands on. What really matters is… … .”

Wig, who pulled out the twin swords over his shoulder at the same time, aimed at Lian with one eye closed.

“Isn’t it about who can I beat?”

Ryan asked without changing his expression.

“so… … Who can you beat?”

As expected, he had a personality that did not know how to retreat, and Wigg made a proposal as if he had been waiting for it.

“You. I ask for a real sword fight, knight of Macha.”


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