Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

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[67] Invisible (7)

However, after a while, the students who felt the unidentifiable pleasure rising from their hearts began to burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! This is a masterpiece!”Yes, you’ve done it!”

“Yes! To be honest, I’ve always been interested in this!”Please hold more fun presentations!”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve sweated.You won!It’s the best!”

The teachers were bewildered by the sudden change in the students’ behavior, but Shironet had already expected it.Every human being with reason has a curiosity about the essence.

Where are we from and where are we going?

Perhaps that is the most important question for humans.Also, that was why the supernatural psychological science research society should exist.

Alpeas nodded contentedly.

“I show you what I can’t see without seeing it.”I didn’t know there was such a way.The children have done a wonderful job.”

“Do you intend to keep the Psychological Science Society alive, Principal?”

“Well, that’s not my decision.What do you think?If anyone has any objection to the children’s argument, give it a try now.”

None of the teachers came forward.Even Shina had no choice but to shut up this time.

To tell the truth, I felt like I had been properly beaten by my disciples.The Psychological Science Research Society must exist.Hundreds of students gathered here were proving the fact.

Sadr raised an objection.

“But what if you find out that you broke the school rules?”There must be a lot of resistance.It’s a bit uncomfortable to approve the research group as it is.”

There were quite a few teachers who confirmed illegal entry into prohibited areas like Shina.When several people pointed out the same part, the teachers’ meeting was held on the spot.

Sheena first gave her opinion.

“It’s true that children have obviously broken the school rules.But I think this is separate from whether the research group will survive.”

Teachers looked surprised when she, who had been at the forefront of dismantling just a while ago, defended the research group.

But she thought it was enough.It was an appointment with them.Shirone’s party met the requirements and all she had to do was acknowledge the achievements.

Apart from the teachers’ discussions, members of the Dark Research Society were secretly talking in the secluded part of the park.

“Even if it’s rotten, it’s not over yet.You’ve left your graduates behind, you know, pretty bold, right?”

“There will be no war.For the time being, the beginner’s meeting will continue to be strong.Let’s not take part in the Ant Language Research Society.”

“Well, it’s still a five,”I’ll be in my senior year one day, but I won’t be in this school by then.”

“I don’t think it’s fair to say he.If I fail this year, I might compete with them next year.”

“What? So I run away because I’m scared of them?”

“Quit it all,”It’s funny that we don’t even meet face to face.If you want to try it, you can try it, right?Of course, our hide-and-seek research group won’t take part.”

“I’m sure you’ll keep an eye on every move you make after all that.You go into the water to hide it, don’t you?”

“That’s all I’ve got to say.”It’s because people’s eyes are interested in it’s because of that.This gathering will only hurt the reputation of the research group.”

The heads of the magic school decided to reach an agreement and headed to the graduation building.The forehead of Sina, who caught them walking together, was wrinkled.

“Well, those nerds,”’

I’m sick and tired of just looking at his face.They were the worst troublemakers who had bullied Cina until she entered the senior class after going through the lower and higher classes.

Nevertheless, the reason why I couldn’t do anything was that I abused the talent given by heaven and hid my tail like a ghost.

“How many kids are like that in this school?”This is all because they acknowledge the ridiculous research group.’

How will the teacher deal with the genius tricks that the seniors to the juniors, and the juniors to the juniors again?

The reason why Sina tried to dismantle the Psychic Science Research Society was not because she hated Ned’s party, but because she wanted to cut off the root of evil in the first place.

“But it ended up like this.”

Sheena clapped her tongue through the crowd.and cried out to Shirone, who was standing on the railing on the roof.

“We announce the results of the school council meeting.”

The applause and cheers of the students died down.

“The Supernatural Psychological Science Research Society was to be disbanded soon.This is because there was no official activity for a year and there was a shortage of people.However, as of today’s presentation, after discussion by principal Alpeas and many teachers, the three research groups representing Ned and the research group on supernatural psychology have been decided to continue for the time being.But… “

Sheena choked up as she tried to continue talking.No matter how many times I thought about it, I was annoyed, and I shouted, pointing my finger.

“You three will be kept on guard for a week!””Suspension, you idiots!”


The children burst into laughter.The idea to prove the research group was excellent, but it was a crime of installing unauthorized machinery in schools in the process.

Shirone, Ned and Iruki opened their mouths in a daze.Then we looked back at each other.The corners of his mouth went up, and his eyes filled with joy.

“Done! I succeeded!”

“Hahaha! We did it!”I kept the research group!”

He didn’t care about suspension.Looking at his disciples hugging him excitedly, she was absurd.

However, they did their best and had no regrets.I was truly happy with the current result because I poured everything out without leaving a percentage.

“Hahaha! Hey, congratulations!Keep up the good work!”

“Where’s the lab?”I’ll come and see you once in a while!”

The students congratulated them.Among them were Mark and Seriel, who were enthusiastic followers of Sirone.

“Ah! Sirone! I knew it! I knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t end like this!”As expected, you’re one level higher than me! No, two levels higher than me!”

“Yes, the existence of the conference was at stake in the presentation.I didn’t even dream about it.Anyway, I did a great job this time, too, right?Aren’t you, Amy?”

Amy was supposed to be the happiest at this moment, but unexpectedly she had a sulky look on her face.

“Why are you so happy to be suspended?”Why do you do such a pathetic thing?It’s not enough to study quickly and get into graduation.”

She looked lovingly at Amy, who was not good at expressing herself.There was no way that she didn’t understand her desire to go to school with Shirone.

“But isn’t it wonderful?”Of course, if you ask me to do it, I can never do it, but everyone thinks that once in a while.I want to surprise the world.”

She looked at Shirone with envy.

Shirone’s face, smiling brightly at the cheers of the children, showed no concern.

Amy’s eyes were filled with longing feelings.She knew the truth.I know that I am the one who wants to stand next to Shirone more than anyone else.

But she shook her head as if to ignore her feelings.

“Well, I don’t have time to do this to graduate.I will never look up to you.’

I want to be with Shirone.I want to climb up that high and smile the happiest in the world.Suppressing the thought, Amy turned away.

“So… Come with me now, you idiot.”’

* * *


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It’s 4 a.m.

It was a deep night when all the night shift workers left work and all the students and teachers were asleep.

Shirone’s party lay in the meadow of the central park, where the historic presentation took place, looking at the stars.

The children’s cheers and loud noises disappeared, but they still seemed to hear auditory hallucinations.

said Ned, in a hoarse voice.

“In the end, we did it, we did it.”

“I know, but I’m a little sorry for Shironet.”You say I’m on a diet, but it’s your first time, isn’t it?”

Shirone giggled.It didn’t matter.

“But it was interesting.It was so much fun.”

“Yes, it was the best.Will I be able to experience a day like today again in my life?I still can’t forget the cheers of the people.”

“The three of us have joined forces, and it should be as good as that.for, in any case, a new history has been engraved in the Alpeas School of Witchcraft.”

Shironet sprang to his feet.

“And it’s not all that bad.I’ve gained a lot of things, too.This presentation has raised the level of photon output tremendously.I think it’s going to work in my senior year.”

“Me, too. I’ve gained the knowledge of fiber optics, and above all, I’ve experienced the mass production process by myself.To be honest, I learned a lot.This is all thanks to you.”

“I feel the same way,”I’ve gained a lot from applying 400 behavior patterns to practice.It would have been absolutely impossible if he hadn’t used the function.”

“What are you talking about?”You’re the best.Students would never have been deceived without the Servant syndrome’s behavioral equation.”

“In that way, Ned made a great deal of trouble.I’ve installed hundreds of mechanical devices without errors.His concentration is incredible.”

Shirone’s party, excitedly speaking, realized something and shut up at the same time.For a moment, the cold wind passed by.said Ned, laying back the body he had raised.

“Let’s stop. What’s the point of complimenting each other?”

“Well, you can’t be a frog in a well.It’s natural to enjoy results, but don’t let your guard down.”

Shironet looked at the shining stars as if they were pouring down.

“I want to go up further,”You have to be the brightest star.”

Iruki felt the same way.

“I think we’ve done everything we can while we’re playing.I think it’s about time we went up.I mean, in my senior year.”

Ned sprang to his feet while tumbling.

“Well, then, let’s set a new goal!”Let’s raise the class as soon as possible!And you graduate at the same time!Let’s have fun in the real world!”

Shirone and Iruki nodded.

“All right. Until then, don’t stop and run.”

“LOL. I’m so motivated after a long time”.

The three of them put their hands together and cheered.

Someday you will be the best wizard.Their eyes twinkled like stars as they looked up at the night sky with such determination.

the only brightest star

The North Star looked down at them.

normally (1)

When Shirone returned to his quarters, he collapsed immediately and fell asleep.It is a pity that he was suspended for a week, but mental and physical fatigue was too great to feel that way.

The day went by without a matter of fact.

The sound of the piano in the morning, the sun floating in the sky, had nothing to do with Shirone, who had been suspended.

“Hey, it’s Shiro.It’s Shirone.”

Shirone opened his eyes frowning at the sight of someone shaking his body.Two dim personalities flickered, and Ned and Iruki’s smiling faces were seen.

“Hmm. What is it?”

“You’re very good, too,”Are you still sleeping?”

“I don’t know. I’m tired.Get out of here.”

“Don’t do that, get up!”We can’t even take lessons anyway.Don’t do that, let’s go play.”

“Are you going out to play?”

“There’s a casino Iruki knows, where they give you free drinks and there are a lot of pretty girls.Now that we’ve done this, let’s get a decent share of it’s

Shirone didn’t even want to answer back from the moment he heard that it was a casino.

“Aren’t you tired?”I’m going to die.”

“We slept all day, too.You’ve been sleeping for 27 hours.Don’t do that. I’ll be back in three days.If you’re a servant, you can make money in no time.”


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