Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 70

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[70] At the top (4).

“But if you don’t become a wizard, you’ll be flattered.Don’t you think so, Shiro?”

“Huh? Oh, of course it is.”

“To do something with other people’s money is to leave your life to others.It doesn’t matter if you succeed, but if you fail, there’s nothing left.”Shiro, you shouldn’t do that either.You should find a way to make a living for your parents and learn magic.Are you going to live off your parents for the rest of your life?But that doesn’t mean you’re strong enough to work.”

Even if you don’t become a wizard, you can get a job with the knowledge you have learned.He was a commoner anyway, so there were many places to call Shirone if he bent his pride.But it was also true that he had never considered a failure, as Althor said.

How is that possible?Is it Bae Sujin or pride?If I couldn’t become a wizard, what kind of life would I have?

I felt nauseous.Failure. Anyone could fail, and Shirone was no exception.Shirone’s heart was chilled by realistic questions from children in Hwajeon Minchon.

When the mood subsided, Altor suggested a game.On the other hand, it was also a proposal to regain his authority as a leader.

“Well, that’s enough of a complicated story.Hey, it’s Shirone.Should we arm wrestle for the first time in a while?

“Huh? With me?”

“Yes, you used to be an unexpectedly big man.Let’s see if there’s any bone left.”

The children knocked on the table to incite a confrontation.

“Oh! Warrior vs Wizard!”It’s the fight of the century!”

As the atmosphere of the drinking party heated up, Shirone gave up his melancholy thoughts and regained his laughter.Arm wrestle with a grown-up.Apart from pride, it was just absurd.

“What do you think? Pay for the drinks?”

When Altor put his thick forearms on the table, Shirone held out his hand without losing.The man’s pride was that he had no choice but to accept the bet, whether he lost or won.

“Well, let’s give it a try.You can’t let it slide for me.”

“Of course,”

The moment they held hands together, Shirone felt as if he were holding a block of stone.If you walk over the photonization magic, the price of alcohol is a waste, but it was only an interesting imagination.

Martin volunteered to be the referee.

“Now, get ready……start!”

Shironet pulled out all his might.However, Altor’s strength was like a wave, and he went over to the other side regardless of his will.Falling under the table, he stroked his elbow.It was not a force, but a numerical strength.

“Ouch, that’s really strong.”

“Wow! That’s Althor.Shiro’s a wizard, but you’ve done it all at once.”

Magic has nothing to do with arm wrestling, but for children, the name wizard seemed to have a lot of weight.

“Of course! Altor has hunted bears before!”

Only then did Altor, who regained his authority, burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! You’re really weak, aren’t you?”It wasn’t like this before.This has become a strange bet.I’ll just buy the wine, Shiro.”

Lumina came up and helped Shirone.Her eyes were filled with apologetic feelings.

“Sirone, are you all right?”Anyway, it’s Altor.How can you be so ignorant?”

She was a member of the Hwajeon Minchon, so there was no way that she didn’t know why Altor overcame it violently.However, Shirone was not disappointed because he was also familiar with the life of a mountain goon.

“It’s all right, but Altor is really strong.”

The moment Shironet stood up, the bag of gold fell off.As his mouth opened, gold coins with lovely names rolled around.The eyes of the children in Hwajeon Minchon were wide open.

“Oh, this is a real gold coin!”

“What? Where? Where?”Wow! Really! There are five!

Even the children at the end of the table gathered, fascinated by the gold coins.It was rare for adults to use gold coins in Hwajeon Minchon.The golden coin seemed sacred to children who still earned a small sum of money from their leisure activities.

“You’ve got a lot of money.”Why do you carry five gold coins?”

said Cironet, shyly picking up the gold coins.

“I brought a lot just in case,”I really want to buy a book, but if I don’t have money, I’m in trouble.”

“But books are expensive.”

The children knew that Shironet liked books.for he had always had a book on his side when he came with Vincent.The people of Hwajeonminchon, who did not know how to write, were not interested in books.However, I could tell just by looking at the number of gold coins that fell, how great Shironet was living.

“It’s Shiro. Can I use it however I want?”Since it’s yours, you’ll buy whatever you want to buy, right?

Shironet looked troubled.I’ve never wasted money before.Because, as Altor said, the money was received from others.However, the children seemed shocked just to have a huge amount of money.I carefully chose my words because I thought they might hurt their lives.

“I hardly ever have to spend my money.Most of the time, I skip meals because I have so many classes at school.”

“Well, you can still pay for the drink, can’t you?”for I lost the bet.”

“A bet? Oh, right.”

Shironet heard clearly what Altor had said he would pay, but he thought it would make him even more upset if he showed a coin and pretended not to know.Altor was also ignorant, although he knew nothing, so he left the atmosphere to the natural flow.

“All right, I’ll pay you.You lost, so what?”

The children cheered at Shirone’s words.

“Yes! Then we’ll use gold coins, right?”Shiro, can you give me the money in advance for the drink?In fact, I’ve never touched a gold coin before.”

“I’ll pay the bill.It was my lifelong wish to give out gold coins.

“No! I’ll do it!”

Before I knew it, the children’s leader was Shirone.Lumina watched Altor anxiously.As expected, his face showed his miserable feelings.

Nevertheless, the reason why she doesn’t get angry is because she’s just like Lumina.She had been watching Shirone since she was a child, and she knew.Shironet has not changed a bit.He used to be a good boy who thinks of others first.

“Stop it!Guys, you know, just look at a gold coin and feel it’s tight!When will you grow up?Let’s stop talking about something else.”

Lumina nagged the children back to their seats.Shirone thanked her.

Martin, who is quick to sense, changed the subject.

“By the way, did you hear that?”I heard that he appeared in the mountains behind him yesterday.”

“Oh, I heard that, too.At this rate, there will be no more wild animals left.How long are you going to eat it?”

“It must be Cowbear with a baby in it said.He has a great appetite.”

The cowbear is the largest gray bear in the bear family.In particular, it was a troublesome animal for hunters because females usually eat twice as much as predators when they have babies.

Shirone also showed interest in hunting because he had been hunting quite a bit.

“Did the cowbear come this far?”Doesn’t it live in the back of the mountain range?You must be in a lot of trouble.”

“Don’t mention it. My father is a hunter, but he’s a fool to meet these days.I can’t do it because the wild beasts are dying.”

“Then we’ll all get together and catch him, won’t we?”Cowbears are not particularly violent, so five people should be enough.”

“It’s logging season these days, so there’s not enough people.They’re all going to blame, and nobody’s helping them.Still, if you look at the mobile radius, you won’t have a baby here.I’ll be back to normal in about a week.”

“I see. You must be having a hard time, too.”

Altor flicked his finger with his eyes shining.


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“Hey, Brad.Why don’t we catch that cowbear?”

“What? Us?”Isn’t it dangerous?”

“How can you look at me and say that?”I’ve hunted red bears known for their violence.It’s nothing like a cowbear.”

Altor intended to regain his tarnished reputation by this hunt.It was his strength and hunting skills that allowed him to gain an upper hand over Sirone, and in a way, it was an opportunity given by God.

“Hey, how are you?”Let’s all help Brad.”

“Well, I’d appreciate it if you could,”

If they can’t get their prey, their families will have to starve.The children who knew the fact could not resist Brad’s situation.Besides, if it were Altor, he would have caught the red bear, which is the smallest but most cruel.

“Well, then, let’s go and catch the Cowbear tomorrow!”

“Wow! Blood is boiling!”Brad, don’t worry!I’ll put an arrow in the bear’s forehead for sure enough!

“TWIT! Would it be you?”We can leave it to the trap and to the Althor.”

“I’m leaving tomorrow morning!You’re coming, aren’t you?”

asked Altor, with his sparkling eyes.In order to regain the position of leader, Cyrone had to follow.Knowing the fact, Shirone nodded, thinking that it was better.

“All right. I’ve learned something from my father, so I can do my part of it.”

“Good! Cheers!”

The bubbling beer mug hit the air.

* * *

The next morning.

Shironet got up early in the morning to prepare for the hunt.

Specialized tools will be shared by children, but basic equipment must be equipped individually.

The rope was rolled up large so as not to twist, hung on the backpack, and checked the bow and arrow.

It brought cloth and glue to make torches, and also equipped with bamboo nails and hammers.

He put an extra arrowhead in his leather pocket and carefully packed dry food and whistle in case of distress.

When I lifted my backpack, the familiar weight made me feel good.

Shirone, the man, opened the door, thinking he was not dead yet, and all the children with the equipment gathered at the door.

“Hey, Shiro,”It’s too late.This fell out.(Laughs)

Shirone smiled awkwardly.As expected, the people in the field looked different no matter what.

“Haha, I’m sorry.I haven’t done it in a long time, so I’m not used to it

“Anyway, let’s go.for I have to come back before sunset.”

Altor took the lead and Shirone followed in the middle group with Lumina.Martin guarded the rear.

The sun rose when I reached the Cowbear-infested area.

Lumina started the fire and started cooking.Breakfast was corn soup and bread with melted lamb milk cheese.Shirone dipped the hard bread in the soup and swallowed it.

“It’s delicious. You have to understand Lumina’s cooking skills.”


Lumina smiled shyly.The children have certainly changed a lot, considering that they would have made a fuss about paying for their meals.But it was a good change, and Shirone was relieved that his friends were doing well.

“If you’re done, let’s get going.I think he’s up there.”

Altor took the children to the middle of the mountain.As if his prediction was right, bears marked their territory on each tree.Martin said, pointing to a tree with severe claw marks.

“Look at this,”The tree is completely dented.You must be very strong.”

Althor approached and examined the toenails carefully.

“Well, that’s no problem.I don’t think your feet are that big.”

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“The bear has a reputation for its power.It’s faster than I thought.But Cowbears are slow to move.I can hunt enough people like this.”

Shironet belatedly examined the toenail marks.Then he frowned softly in a sense of discomfort.It was only a scar carved on a tree, but I couldn’t imagine a bear marking its territory there.

“It’s strange. I don’t think I did it by force.Rather, something very quick and sharp seemed to hit…….’

At this point Altor took out his bow.He leaned his upper body with his arrow loaded, and looked back and said,

“Anyway, I think we should start here, so be careful.Let’s go up a little further and set up a trap.”

The children who followed Altor climbed the mountain, stalling.Perhaps because this kind of life was a daily routine, everyone was skillful.

Shironet entered the Spirit Zone and sensed everywhere.A 40-meter diameter is not as good as a skilled hunter’s view, but there was nothing wrong with being careful as long as you felt bad.

As we reached the summit, a fairly unpleasant energy was transmitted through the synesthesia.As Cyrone stopped and tried to grasp the true nature of the feeling, Altor turned around and asked,

“What are you doing, Shiro?”I’m not going to set up a trap here.”

“Althor. Something’s a little off.”

“What’s wrong with you?”I can’t feel anything.”

Altor blocked Sirone’s opinion in advance.No matter how smart Cyrone was, he thought he was an expert in hunting.But Shirone remained unyielding and left the heat and walked somewhere.Altor followed with an angry look.Altruistic behavior in the mountains could have put everyone in danger.

“Shiro. If you’re going to keep doing this, just get off……Ugh!

Altor was frightened at the sight ahead.At this moment Shirone was speechless.As vomiting flooded in, the smell of the sheep’s milk cheese that I ate earlier flowed back.

“What is this…?”


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