Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 702

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[702] Desert God (1)

“Hey, isn’t that really fun?”

Clinging to Kydra’s sharp claws, Kiddo watched with interest the splendor of the city spread out a kilometer below.

“The height also falls off. You are afraid of the sky.”

“Gigkick, I just want you to accept it.”

Everything was a new experience for Kido, but Sirone’s eyes were closed.

“Kido, I want to sleep. Come up now.”

Kido rode Kaidra’s body with more skill than a rock climber.

“Are you going to sleep already?”

“Because I have to fly all day. It’s not much fun to watch now. Sleep a little bit.”

As Sirone snuggled under Kaidra’s spine, Kido took the c*ckpit where Sirone had been sitting.

“where… … .”

Covering the sun with the back of his hand, his eyes caught the breath of the scenery that stretched out to the end of the horizon.

“The world is really big.”

I wanted to go to the end of the earth someday.

When Sirone woke up from his nap, Kido was still sitting in the c*ckpit watching the scenery.

“Are you still watching?”

“Just what. When are we going to see this?”

While Rian stretched and stood up, Sirone crawled along the backbone of the Koopa Koopa.

“Where are you?”

“The city is out. I can only see the desert from 30 minutes ago.”

It was the largest Akkadian desert in the world.

“Look over there. a person.”

A procession of about 200 people was quickly crossing the desert hills.

As the quick-witted Ratusa lowered the altitude, he saw merchants wearing black clothes and turbans.

“It’s a desert, but it’s really fast. What are you riding?”

It was a furry animal, with unusually long legs, and showed no signs of getting tired from climbing the hill.

“It’s an animal called Baltan. They are specialized in the desert environment, so they say they can survive for seven days without drinking water.”

“However, can I ride that across the desert?”

“There are many tribes in the Akkadian Desert. Of course you know where the oasis is.”

The merchants who discovered Kaidra looked up at the sky in unison and drew crescent-shaped swords.

“be careful! It’s a monster!”

There were often cases when Kaidra, flying in the desert, couldn’t stand the hunger and attacked tribes in the desert.

“hurry! Run faster!”

As more than 200 bullets accelerated at the same time, a huge cloud of sand and dust rose.

Kido tilted his head.

“Why are you so upset?”

“They must have been frightened when they saw us. Let’s go upstairs.”

As long as they weren’t the equivalent of a great wizard, Kaidra was a terrifying Tier 3 monster.

“I can’t! Attack!”

The desperate merchants fired arrows, but they fell short of Caedra and fell in a parabolic arc.

“What? attacking us?”

Kido stood up and pulled Ratusa’s reins.

“What are you going to do? Let’s just go up.”

“Did you see the goblins just go? They threw a punch, so we have to show our skills.”

“You can’t even get it right anyway.”

“don’t worry. Because I want to play a little bit. Let’s go, Ratusa! Show us how fast we are!”

Kido gave the order, but ground work was just a nuisance to a rogue bird flying 7,000 kilometers a day.

“hey! move! Are you saying you won’t listen to me?”

At that moment, a good idea popped into Kido’s head.

“aha! Are you afraid of being hit by an arrow?”

Caydra’s eyes tightened.

“Hehe, you said you were a freak, but in fact you were a coward. After all, it’s just a fast bird, right?”


Ratusa let out a groan and fell vertically, gliding quickly over the sea of ​​sand.

Frightened merchants raised their arrows at the same time.

“come! Crush!”

The wizards’ ice dagger magic was mixed in between the arrows, but they couldn’t even scratch Kaidra’s body.

“Kido! Slow down a little bit!”

When I saw the speed of the ground flow, I finally felt how fast Caydra was.

“Aww! damage!”

As Kydra gained altitude just before impact, merchants were covered in sand and dust.

“Two! Wow! Shit! What the hell is it?”

Kido held out a fistful of potatoes to the merchants, who were looking up at the sky with expressions that didn’t make sense.

“Puhahaha! how is it? Be careful next time!”

Sirone sighed and said.

“I’ve been curious about it for a long time, but why do goblins like to bully others so much?”

“Kick-kick-kick! Of course it’s because it’s fun. Goblins don’t live as complicatedly as humans. Dying isn’t that serious. So, is it okay for others to suffer a little?”


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“But you understand humans.”

“Of course it is. But, if you don’t feel serious, you can’t help it.”

Kido shrugged.

“You never know, the day will come when you will have a human heart if you eat more humans.”

It was the most unhumane thing I had ever heard.

After flying for another two hours, Sirone stroked his hungry stomach and said.

“hungry. Let’s go down and eat something.”

You can eat food while flying, but your stomach hurts after flying for a long time.

“Latusa, let’s take a break over there.”

Pointing at an oasis four kilometers away, Kaidra circled wide, scanning for danger.

‘You’ve been properly trained.’

Arriving at the wasteland and moving to find some shade, the half-destroyed wagon collapsed behind a cactus.


It seemed to have been abandoned for a long time.

Lian, who had approached indifferently, pulled up the tent in the luggage compartment and inspected the inside.

“… … Sirone, I think you should come and see for a while.”

A body that looked like it had been dead for a long time was lying with its neck bent in the luggage compartment.

Kido looked at the other side of the carriage and said.

“There are people here too. He died, of course.”

It was the corpse of a woman who had fallen leaning against the carriage, and the corpse of a girl lying on the corpse’s knee.

When I turned the girl’s almost skeletal jaw the other way, her face fell with a click.

Surprised, Kido examined the woman’s body this time.


I tore off the remaining flesh from the skull and put it in my mouth.

“Two. Twi.”

It was not in good condition to eat.

After rummaging through his pockets, he took out a coin pouch, opened the mouthpiece, and robbed it, and two coins fell out.

“… … .”

After looking at it for a while, I secretly put it in my back pocket, but Sirone approached me and said.

“how is it? Did you find anything?”

“not really. No flesh, no money, two fairy tales.”

When a corpse was found, the meaning of search for humans and goblins was completely different.

“I found the note in the carriage.”

As Sirone opened the note, Rian and Kido approached from both sides and poked their heads out.

The letters were in the Kashan language and looked like diaries.

“Rian, can you read it?”

Most nobles tend to learn one of the languages ​​of Kashan, Gustav, and Jincheon, which belong to the Three Emperors, as a liberal arts.

“I can have a normal conversation, but I don’t know the letters.”

“okay? I’ve heard that in Tormia, most of them choose Kashan for their education.”

“I did too.”

“… … .”

It was a time when the ultimate sense was needed.

“I will decipher it. therefore… … .”

When I opened the Ultima system, the approximate feelings contained in the letters were conveyed to my head.

“Looks like a family on the run from a tribal war. I don’t know the exact date, but it says my daughter got heatstroke.”

“It’s a common disease in the desert. But since you are a desert tribe, you must have at least some antipyretic medicine.”

“I don’t know. Didn’t you get it because you were running away?”

Lian looked at the wagon again.

“There is no sign of being attacked. Is it really heatstroke?”

“It says something like this.”

Sirone pointed to the last page.

“The god of the desert comes swallowing nothingness.”

Kido opened his mouth blankly.

“What are you talking about? Did you die in vain?”

“It could be suicide.”

Sirone nodded at Rian’s words.

“It bothers me that the corpses of mother and daughter are side by side. The husband went crazy, or the aftereffects of heatstroke… … .”

Kido’s head twisted toward the outside of the oasis.

“Sirone, something is coming.”

It was a fact he could feel because he had mastered the laws of the land, and then Caydra rose to his feet with hostile gestures.

“A lot! Is it very fast?”

At the same time as Kido finished speaking, the sand began to stir like a mirage on the other side of the desert, and a group of King Scorpions appeared that took over the entire field of view.

“Aww! What is that!”

Just seeing the two-meter-long desert-colored scorpions swarming around made my heart stop.

“It’s not targeting us. That’s a big move. Where did the earthquake happen?”

Kiddo turned to Kaidra.

“Does it matter? Let’s get up quickly!”

“no! We have to stop here!”


Sirone said with a serious expression.

“If we go on like this, we may collide with the merchants.”

Given the size of the movement, the probability that the merchants could not avoid the scorpion swarm was quite high.


Kido held a spear and approached Sirone.

“So you want to get rid of all of that? Are there that many?”

“That’s right, Kido.”

Sirone kicked the ground and jumped out.

“Humans are complicated.”

As Rian followed Sirone, Kido, who had been watching blankly, jumped forward as if crawling.

“Eh, I don’t know!”

In an instant, he slipped between the two and crouched down as he dove into the crowd of King Scorpions.

“I earn money for meat!”

2 hours later.

The corpses of over a thousand King Scorpions covered the oasis with their ugly faces.

“woah! woah!”

When Sirone and his party left after the battle, a band of 40 bandits stopped Omek.

If Baltan is a desert horse, Omek is a desert hyena with long mane hair, a wolf-like face, and sharp fangs.

It has the disadvantage of being difficult to procure food because it is carnivorous, but mobility was not comparable to Baltan.

“… … Did even a warrior descend?”

The Magan thieves have recently been famous as the most powerful thieves in the Akkadian Desert, but even with their eyes, the current spectacle was not normal.

“Vice-captain, the fact that the King Scorpion is moving north… … .”

“okay. Northcarta is coming.”

God of the desert, Noscarta.

Due to the geographical characteristics of the Akkadian Desert, which is connected to the north and south of the equator, the difference in air pressure due to temperature change is enormous.

Northcarta is the name of an extremely rare equatorial wind, a desert tidal wave accompanied by a massive sandstorm.

“There are no traces of movement left in the northern dunes. I think he went south.”

“You are crazy. Vanguard is the only place we can get to before the desert god comes.”

That King Scorpion had come this far meant that Northcarta had already crossed the equator.

“Is there anything to worry about? We also move north quickly.”

Saying that, the subordinate turned around, but the vice-captain spotted someone riding an omech and running fast.

“It’s the captain! Everyone stand up!”

While everyone who was examining the King Scorpion’s corpse waited with a stiff expression, the leader’s Omek stopped.


A woman who had joined the thieves a month ago and pushed out the vice-captain in just an hour to become the leader.

No one objected.

Because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to even dream of ruling this vast Akkadian desert.

– Not human. It is a beast. No, he is the beast god.

It was the resignation speech of the vice-captain who knelt at the blow of the then-captain.

“… … Someone came.”

It was surprising that she, having reached the limit of her animalistic senses, dared to use language.

“yes. I think I got it all done in a short amount of time.”

As the leader, who got off at Omek, approached with a bakdo over his shoulder, the wet soil was revealed through the frayed clothes.

Although it was a group of thieves who couldn’t use their legs when it came to women, no one dared to look at her body.

“It smells like a yaksha.”

Bak-nyeo, 9th in the Order of the Ten Commandments.

He was currently carrying out some kind of mission by leading the Magan bandits under the command of Ra Enemy.

“Even two of them.”


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