Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 708

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[708] 19,000 Worlds (2)

* * *

North Pole.

In the middle of an endless stretch of ice, an ivory tower rose toward the sky.

Except for the star, it is a quiet place where you spend your life purely exploring academics, but the atmosphere was different today.

‘It’s really strange.’

In front of the elevator to the Temple of Earth, Araka, the head of domestic affairs, stroked his beard and thought.

‘It’s a convocation of all the stars currently staying in the Ivory Tower.’

It was the first time in 29 years that Tae-seong convened the stars of each department rather than an individual interview.

“It’s been a while, Araka-san.”

The first to arrive was a 3-star villager belonging to the Ministry of Balance, Arte, the ghost goblin.

“Have you come, star of intellect?”

Arte was wearing neat clothes and waving a fan with bells.

Tokay was not seen because the satellite was excluded from the qualification for observation.

“It’s an unusual event, gathering so many.”

“what? Arte was there too?”

Seongbyeolya Tsuoi, a 2-star resident belonging to the System Inspection Department, walked along the hallway as smooth as a mirror.

“yes. It arrived yesterday.”

Although the number of stars varies depending on the realm, the hierarchy was not defined within the Ivory Tower anyway.

“Then do you know what happened? Personally, it’s the first time the stars are summoned.”

Arte fluttered his fan and said.

“If recently, it was when a giant meteorite crashed into a planet. Oh Dae-seong was able to block it, but… … .”

It was a fact that most of humanity did not know.

“Hmm, a giant meteorite. What could be the equivalent of that?”

“It seems to be about the altar. It would have nothing to do with the current state of La Enemy.”

A muffled voice came from the hallway.

“Heh heh, all the unlucky stars gathered here.”

A man wearing an eastern blue robe and a yellow talisman tightly covering his face was walking by.

Heijiang City, an ivory tower 3-star resident province.

Alias ​​law teacher.

As a member of the Ministry of Law, he was a master of incarnation, managing all the laws of the world and sealing incarnations himself.

Arte said with cold eyes.

“It is their idea that there is no luck. It is an honor for Taeseong to find us.”

“Chuck! Is it like that? Well, it doesn’t matter since it’s each person’s own judgment, but do you think the ghost goblin is afraid of Taeseong too?”

Arte’s fan folded with a snap.

“The words that ridicule others eventually come out of your own head. If that’s what you’re thinking, wouldn’t that apply to you?”

“… … .”

Heukgangshi was silent, but a battle of death more terrifying than any war raged between the two.

Tsuoi didn’t care, but Araka was sweating as if she were 117 years old.

‘This is why we can’t get together.’

Because they went beyond stubbornness and pushed their subjectivity to the limit, there was a high possibility of a major accident if a collision occurred.

“It’s late. hello. Nice to meet you.”

A woman with her back folded backwards and her feet crossed in front of her shoulders was crawling like a spider.

His straight black hair was pulled to the ground, his pale face was missing eyebrows and eyelashes, and his lips were the color of flesh, so they were indistinguishable from his skin.

Ivory Tower 2-Star Resident, St. Morai Borbor.

Alias ​​is mollusk.

They are not called mollusks just because their bodies are flexible.

As a member of the Balance Department, her subjectivity is non-subjective, and she is a master of mind-type magic with transcendental mental fluidity that can even respond to microbes.

Tsuoi blinked and asked.

“What, did you have Borbordo? I heard she went to the south? Did you solve the demon terror case?”

“No, that… … .”

A voice came from the crown of Borbor’s head.

“I told you to come.”

Looking closely, a woman the size of a man’s thumb was sitting holding Borbor’s hair.

Her face was so small that you couldn’t tell her features unless you looked closely, but she was definitely beautiful.

Ivory Tower 2-Star Resident, Castle Twelve Minnie.

Nickname is Super Giant.

A resident of the Unified Universe Management Department, she majored in scale magic and was a lonely girl hanging out with Borbor whenever she had time.

Tsuoi frowned and looked down at Mini.

“But what if I told you to give up on the mission and come back?”

“are you okay. Borbor said it was okay.”

“No, that’s not it. Borbor, no matter who asks… … .”

Mini hugged Borbor by the top of his head.

“And we are best friends. Right, Borbor?”

“huh? uh, right We are best friends.”

Mini with a big smile at the satisfactory answer looked up at Arte and waved.

“It’s still nice, Mr. Arte. Do you want to sleep with me?”

Arte, who had been fighting with Heukangshi until then, spread his fan and covered his face.


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“Specify. I don’t want to drown.”

After answering that, he turned his gaze to Araka.

“I think everyone gathered at this number? Let’s go.”

“Will Taeseong be sad if I go without me?”

As everyone turned their heads, a gray-haired old man in a suit was approaching, smoking a pipe.

It was not only the neatly trimmed beard, but the fact that it was not the outfit they had seen in their dreams made a difference in the eyes of the residents.

“Even Mr. Louver… … ?”

“You made a special call. It’s such an important issue.”

Ivory Tower 4-Star Resident, Louver.

Nickname is Mongin.

It belongs to the Unified Space Management Department, but its original birthplace is Drimo, and it currently manages human dreams.

‘What’s the matter with a 4-star villager?’

Arte looked over at Louver over the fan and was lost in thought, and the atmosphere was serious this time around Heukgang City as well.

Borbor raised his head and said.

“Now go up. Are you all here? hello?”

“yet… … Looks like one more is coming.”

Where Louver turned his head, a brain the size of a human was approaching, floating in the air.

It was just a brain, hence the name Brain.

“… … .”

Ivory Tower 4-star villager, Castle Brain.

The nickname is the brain of an unknown person.

A member of the Human Security Enforcement Department, it appears in various forms through illusion magic, but no one has spoken to it.

As the brain cast a spell, a straight-haired woman with a prominent forehead appeared.

“It only becomes pretty when I am around.”

Minnie grumbled, but her brain didn’t even respond, just walking towards the lift.

Louver said.

“Now we are all gathered. Please tell Taeseong.”

“All right.”

Araka wasn’t young either, but it wasn’t comparable to her time as a dreamer.

‘It’s fortunate that Mr. Louver came.’

If you were a dreamer who could control your dreams, even a 3-star wouldn’t be able to show your dissolute appearance in front of Taeseong.

“Taesung, the stars ask for an audience.”

Tsuoi asked while waiting for a call.

“If it’s as big as a meteorite crashing, is it really because of the altar?”

Heukgangshi shook his head.

“It is not urgent. There is no particularly large movement in the Tenro Society. I think it’s probably because of the Ivory Tower Test.”

said Minnie.

“Are you talking about me?”

Borbor raised his eyes upward.

“I am not dangerous. The sword painting is also amazing. But is it serious enough to compare to a meteorite impact?”

“Maybe even worse.”

Arte said.

“It’s much faster than previously predicted. If you maintain this pace, you will be liberated before the test.”

Tsuoi stroked his chin.

“if… … Could it be because of Sirone?”

Mongin Louver turned his head as if to react, and Mini raised one eyebrow and said.

“Hexa is also a problem that cannot be overlooked, but it won’t be bigger than me, right?”

“There was a rumor that Taeseong-nim was the one who voted for Sirone. It’s a ceremonial vote, of course, but… … .”

“Ah, that wouldn’t be it. Honestly, I wonder if even I can handle you. There is no comparison.”

Not too long ago, Tsuoi thought so too.

“This is what I felt when I met Sirone… … .”

Before he could finish his words, a pillar of light fell on the elevator and the stars disappeared.

* * *

People’s screams echoed in the labyrinth.

“Stay calm! The Andre Tourism Department operates a counter-terrorism team and is supported by the Ministry of Land Management… … !”

The guide tried to calm them down, but the panic-stricken people ran to the exit.

“Rian, let’s get ready. You won’t be able to stop it.”

Even in the largest Kashan Empire in the world, if the Maga bandits were in an S-class position, the counter-terrorism unit would be helpless.

Kido said.

“Are you okay? At the same time, even if you open the door and enter, the spirit zone must be maintained, right? The body must remain.”

In the state where it multiplied to 19,000 people, the possibility of the body’s mind being intact converged to zero.

“Sirone will be fine. I will stay too.”

Hearing the battle cries from afar, Lian pulled out his great sword.

“good. I will protect this place, so open the seal.”

I could trust Ryan.

“Please. Kido and you too, be careful.”

As Sirone rushed into the depths of the labyrinth, the guide held out his hand and shouted.

“Where are you going? There is a secret passage this way!”

“We are not leaving!”

After hearing the absurd answer, the guide put on a blank expression and looked back at Lian and Kido.

“Aren’t you going out too? Bandits are invading!”

Kido, who had picked up all the buckets of water dropped by the tourists, sipped and waved his hands.

“Either way, run away. Sooner or later, the seal of the labyrinth will be released. Then you will know what hell is.”

“… … it’s crazy.”

Thinking she must be crazy, she ran towards the secret passageway, and Lian inspected the situation in front of the exit.

“Surely great. There seem to be very few dropouts.”

Nearly 40 Magan bandits were rushing to Andre, repulsing the terror response team in an instant.

“Is it the Council of Thirties, is that woman here too?”

Rian frowned at the sight of Kido constantly turning the lid of the water bottle.

“Why do you drink so much? My stomach is rocking, so how are you going to fight?”

“huh? Oh sorry.”

When Kido walked away with his tongue sticking out like a puppy, Rian, feeling different from usual, asked back.

“what’s the matter? Any problem?”

“No, nothing. just a little thirsty It must have been because we crossed the desert.”

He said that, but his heart was different.

‘weird. Why do I keep getting thirsty like this?’

No matter how much water I drank, my thirst was not satisfied.

‘It’s really crazy. I want to drink again.’

Like a hungry hungry devil, or like a drought-ridden earth yearning for rainwater from Mother Nature.

“Come, Kido.”

When I stood next to Lian, I saw the appearance of the Maga bandits, including Park Nyeo, who was covered in sand.

“You don’t even look tired. can we do it Didn’t Sirone say at least seven days?”

You must stop the Maga bandits for 7 days.

“There is nothing to go on until then. I will cut you down.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? What a monster that woman is… … .”

Kido’s eyes widened.

A terrifying yaksha’s fighting spirit that had never been seen before was emanating from Lian.

‘Is this guy serious?’

Lian’s divine transcendence is usually strong, but… … .

‘I will definitely protect it, Sirone.’

The incarnation of the moment protecting Sirone is unmatched by others.


Divine Transcendence – Denai.

The will to deny the law surged like Macha, and Lian’s body hurled toward Baknyeo.


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