Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 713

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[713] What do you get? (2)

“Lang… … !”

someone shouted.

“It’s a ranker!”

The moment they saw the number 97 written on the woman’s forehead, everyone around them fell to the floor.

“Noble One!”

The pursuers who were chasing after them had already noticed, and they were trembling with their limbs attached to the ground at a distance.

According to Syrone’s prediction, the city’s population was 427,620, and the girl in front of him was the 97th superior among them.

“What’s up, Panika?”

-Codename 97 Panica.

A girl of the same age who came out of the store later approached Panika and looked around with a surprised expression.

“Oh, why are there so many people?”

The number 113 was written on her forehead, which was lower than Panica, and Sirone guessed based on that fact.

‘Does humanity remain?’

Of course, if Panika wants to harm Number 113, it won’t be a crime no matter what she does.

“I do not know either. Suddenly this man… … .”

Pointing at Sirone, Panika stopped talking when she saw that there was no number written on her forehead.

“what? Unknown?”

It was a situation that needed an explanation, but the people lying on their faces around them were just silent, even breathing.

‘If you get caught by a ranker, it’s the end.’

Panica is known for not being the type to kill people for fun, but who knows?

Depending on the day, you may have a frizzy head, the food was tasteless, or you may just be in a bad mood today for no reason.


When Panika pointed at someone, the man pointed out raised his head in amazement.

“yes! yes Mr. 97!”

His face with the number 324,801 written on it darkened like a person suffering from a fatal disease.

“Tell me what happened.”

“I will follow your orders!”

After organizing his thoughts during the time he got up, he swallowed his saliva and confessed what he knew.

“Hmm, that is to say, an unknown person has entered the city, and that person is… … .”

Panika finally spoke to Sirone.

“Is that you?”

“Can’t you just ask me from the beginning?”

Since I had already met a high number, Sirone was also thinking of getting information here.

“what? is it different? Are you from another city?”

Occasionally, there were cases in which a stranger from another city became a novice and flowed into the code name.

Even though the world is different, the thoughts are the same, so Sirone summoned the artificial brain and the language interpretation version.

‘Will it succeed?’

When Sirone pretended to pick it up with both hands, Panica grabbed Oe without a sign of fear.

‘It’s tremendous confidence.’

It seemed that there was nothing to be afraid of other than the code.

“that’s right. It’s my first time in this city. so i want to know Why do people have numbers written on their foreheads?”

Panika’s eyes were filled with interesting emotions as the outside vibrated and the language penetrated.

“Oh, it’s a unique power.”

It was an ability used by the inhabitants of the code name.

“Panica, let’s just kill it. A person who rejects numbers is filthy just to look at.”

Number 113 glared at Sirone ferociously and said, but Panika didn’t even consider it.

“no. If you’re from another city, better get a code name. It would be better than dying without a trace.”

“OK. That would be great.”

From 113, who changed words in an instant, Sirone realized that code is still the best.

“how is it? If you want to get the code, I can guide you.”

‘It’s certainly simple and easy.’

If somehow he was given a high code, he would be able to get all the information he needed in this world.

“Okay, guide me.”

After Sirone gave permission, Panika looked around and said.

“Everyone go away.”

As if a natural disaster had occurred, people jumped up and started running like crazy.

Unless numbers 1 through 96 appeared and gave special instructions, her orders would be in effect.

“Follow me. Let’s go to the temple.”

A temple stood under a pastel sky.

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1583.

The place where Sirone arrived was a town called White Black with about 2,000 residents.

There is a special rule here, from the age of 14 and up, one of the white and black zones must be set.

“Do I have to decide too?”

“Of course. Because you’re over fourteen too.”

The white district, where everything is decided by voting, and the lawless black district, where even murder is allowed.

Unexpectedly, unlike the existing world, most of the residents chose white.


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‘Well, who wants to live in black?’

Sirone also chose White, and the next day White’s village chief came to the house.

“There is an agreement between White and Black. It is to elect 10 representatives from each district and take a survival test.”

“Why do you have to do that?”

“Because nobody works in black. They take 80 percent of the town’s produce from the victorious district.”

“That is too cruel.”

“It was suggested by Black. If there is no such agreement, the blacks will plunder the white villagers.”

Very few residents choose Black, but they were brutal enough and were feared by White.

“And you were elected as one of White’s representatives. We will be leaving for Mount Anarky at midnight today.”

Sirone was bewildered.

“No, I also thought of the rules first… … .”

“It was decided by voting.”

The moment White denies the result of the vote, the distinction with Black disappears.

“This is how we live. You can appeal, but it won’t change anything. The number of white residents is 1,600.”

“What if I refuse?”

“You will be banished to Black. But we will pick 10 people there too, and there is a high chance that you will be selected by the logic of power.”

‘Whether they are elected by voting or by being beaten, that seems to be the case. Shall we investigate the black side instead?’

White or Black, Sirone was confident of winning no matter which area she chose, but for now, she postponed her judgment.

‘I should still participate.’

If this world was also isolated by Guffin with special criteria, knowing his intentions was the shortcut to unsealing it.

“What is the odds of winning?”

“Survival games have historically been played 843 times and White has a 51 percent lead.”

“51 percent? Is it higher than I thought?”

It was an achievement achieved by fighting against the people of the black district who committed murder as if they were eating rice.

“It’s the difference in earnestness. Blacks have a small population and the strong take it all, so 20% of their production is enough. But if White doesn’t get 80 percent, the family will have to starve all year.”

I had such a problem.

“Black is just jealous. In this way, it brings despair to the peaceful White. There are times when the really strong come out, but also the opposite. We must win.”

After leaving the village chief, Sirone thought to herself.

‘Because there is black, white can be peaceful, and without white, black cannot exist.’

Just as good and evil define each other and define themselves.

‘Is it the same no matter which one I choose?’

Time passed quickly like an arrow, and as midnight approached, Sirone appeared at the rendezvous.

“Whoa, you’re here.”

Hearing the sighs of the residents who were worried that they might have escaped, Sirone entered the plaza.

‘Five men including me. Is the s*x ratio half and half the result of voting?’

The 9 delegates standing side by side were looking at Sirone with different emotions.

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1.

Hearing the roar of the volcanic eruption, Sirone flew quickly over the lush forests of the protoplanet.

The smell of sulfur was so strong that I vomited, but the world was so wide that I had no time to rest.

‘It’s human.’

Aside from the fact that it used weapons and covered its genitals, it looked believable even if it was a monkey.

“Woo go go! Whoa, whoa!”

He was hunting with a sharpened tree, but when the beast attacked back, he screamed and scattered.

‘It’s still weak.’

The seven men gathered again in the place where the beast disappeared.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!”

He stomped on the ground with his feet like a child, and finally began to weep sadly.

Sirone opened the Ultima system.

“You have to starve today! hungry! I want to eat meat!”

The man with his teeth bared like a monkey shouted, punching the person next to him hard in the chest.

“Why did you run away! You meant to stab me!”

“When did I do that!”

In the end, a fight broke out, and unlike the wild beast that couldn’t move, terrifying punches came and went.


Trees snapped and the ground shook up and down as the body of the huge dragon landed.

“It’s a dragon! dragon! It’s a dragon!”

The humans who had stopped the fight drooled and became incontinent, then fell flat on the floor and shouted.

“Help me! Help me!”

To humans in this world, dragons were gods.

“Little things… … .”

As the dragon opened its mouth wide for a meal, the photon cannon struck him in the face.


The dragon hurriedly changed its direction due to the physical shock that could only be encountered in battles between its own kind.

“person… … liver?”

A bluish electricity flowed through the dragon’s eyes as he checked Sirone, and his mouth was firmly shut.

“… … .”

As it flapped its huge wings, the dragon’s body rose several meters.

“You are the one who came from another world.”

“How do you know me?”

The dragon’s mind is integrated into a network of binary numbers, and the experience of a specific entity is stored intact on the web.

“Our king will call you.”

As the dragon disappeared into the sky after saying that, the trembling humans raised their heads in disbelief.

“Ooh, ooh! Whoa, whoa!”

The cheers that clearly felt the joy of living did not even need to be analyzed with the Ultima system.

The humans who had gathered around Sirone danced and turned around, each sticking their noses in to smell it.

“wait for a sec… … I am… … .”

Just as she was thinking of ways to use it other than the artificial brain, a man touched Sirone’s lower leg.

“what are you doing?”

After confirming that they were men, they turned to each other and giggled, then pointed somewhere and dragged Sirone.

“He saved us. It makes us do good.”

“Good things? What is good?”

Even without special abilities, the humans who understood Sirone’s words perfectly shook their waists back and forth.

“No, wait! I don’t need any of that.”

Sirone waved his hand, but they reluctantly dragged them along, and soon arrived at a cave not too far away.

“It’s here! here! We got it!”

“Hey! Kyaaaaaagh!”

Syrone, who interpreted the angry woman’s screams as Ultima, opened her eyes with a surprised expression.

“Free me! You stupid monkeys!”

To the extent that people in this world were called monkeys, it meant that they came from another world or were special pioneers.

‘Who is it?’

Inside the cave, a bonfire was burning that was carefully guarded, and in the corner I saw a woman tied up with vines.

Her hair was shaggy, no different from any other human being, and no dignity could be found in her struggle.

‘Am I mistaken?’

Disappointment surged for a moment, and Sirone realized something in the woman’s eyes and felt his heart stop.

“Kyaaaaagh! Squeak! talent… … !”

The woman also stopped screaming as if shocked to see Sirone and managed to squeeze out the words.

“city… … as… … yes… … .”

The appearance was completely different, but the energy felt in the eyes was definitely Uorin’s.

‘No, it’s not Uorin.’

It was the first therases, Mitochondrial Eve.


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