Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 730

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[730] Flesh (3)

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10 minutes before Lian realized the sword.

As Sirone stepped aside, Seongeum’s finger pointed at the empty air.

Embarrassed, she slowly lowered her arm.

“Do you want to go first?”

Anchal said that it is impossible to collide with something that does not exist, but Sirone was clearly in front of Seongeum’s eyes.

“No, you are running away. Let’s know that you can’t win against me. That’s how you calm down.”

Seongeum turned to Sirone and pointed at Sirone’s forehead with a more determined gesture.

“I am one step ahead of you. If you admit the truth, admit defeat meekly.”

Sirone thought for a moment and then lowered his head.

“I lost. You are above me.”


Voice was angry.

“That’s not what I want!”

The victory, the highest position, was not what Seongeum had thought of.

“Aren’t you angry? You are now deprived of the position of the world’s best magician. If you’re going to give up so easily, what on earth did you come here for?”

‘What did I do my best for?’

I seemed to know now.

“as soon as… … .”

Sirone placed her hands on her chest.

“To become who I am today.”

“… … .”

The voice was mind-boggling.

“I risked my life, won and won, and came this far… … .”

Actually, I didn’t want to fight.

“Either fighting you or raising your Kar value. why? If I just take a step back… … .”

Sirone was happy.

“No one is unhappy. Maybe we can become good friends. If you give me a step.”

“One step… … Yield?”

Seongeum imagined walking side by side with Sirone.


Next to Sirone, Mungyeong, next to Mungyeong, the warriors of the Three Jewels, and again, next to him, all of humanity joined hands… … .


It was an imagination that denied the life of Seong-eum.

“It can’t be that easy! Someone will try to use it! Someone will step on you and try to prove it!”

It is impossible to love the whole.

“okay. I don’t mean run away. Rather, I will fight more aggressively. But no more… … .”

Sirone’s skin became clearer.

“I don’t want to fight for an illusion that doesn’t exist.”

“Illusion? An illusion?”

What have you been fighting for so far?

“Let’s fight together. For everyone’s happiness, not an illusion. You can do it.”

– You can’t bump into something that doesn’t exist.

At last, the words of Anchal pierced the curtain of the brain.

‘together. all together… … .’

Seongeum stared at Sirone’s outstretched hand and slowly moved her arm.

‘Just hold this hand… … .’

It’s so easy.

‘It will be equal.’

That thought blocked Seongeum’s mind.

“I refuse, idealist.”

Sirone’s words were right in that everyone dreams, but unrealistic in that no one can achieve them.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I gave you a job. I will walk my way If the world needs to be saved, this Jin Seong-eum can do it. That is the best mission.”

Mungyeong clenched both fists.

‘You’re welcome, Princess!’

Although he was anxious when he gave up, he was of the noblest lineage of the Jincheon Empire.

‘That’s how you go. You don’t have to look back, just go for the highest.’

The voice turned coldly.

“Let’s go back. There is no la energy here either. I will enter the last remaining labyrinth and subdue Nane.”

At that time, a cracking sound was heard outside Andre.


The warriors of the three treasures turned their bodies at the same time.

“Looks like there are people out there. Shall we check?”

Mungyeong was unable to give instructions.

‘This is the sound the sword makes.’

The fact that he was a master among masters was that he was swung at a speed beyond imagination.

“huh? what?”


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Feeling the heaviness immediately after hearing the sound, Ziggs pulled Ymir’s molars out of his pocket.

“Hey, this… … .”

Strangely, I felt heavier than before.


Eventually, it became impossible to lift it with human strength, and Ziggs’ shoulders fell off and he sat down with a thump.

“Sah, save me! this this!”

I screamed with the back of my hand on the floor, but no one in Sambo could come close.

With a clunk, all five of Ziggs’ fingers snapped and caught in Ymir’s fangs.

awesome awesome

At that time, Ziggs couldn’t even groan at the vicious sight that started from his hands and spread to his entire body.

Hundreds of bones slammed into Ymir’s molars with a snapping sound.

As the mass of flesh, which was the size of a human torso, continued to compress, the sound of the waves could be heard through the ether of the voice.

“Back off! It’s a gravitational wave!”

We still don’t know the true meaning of gravity.

‘A mass enough to crumple a person?’

Gravity is converted into mass for a being with five senses, but Anke Ra, who dreams of the universe, defined it as such.

-How fierce is it?

“Wake up! Avoid!”

Before Ymir’s fighting instincts were awakened, it was but a single molar.

“Shut up! I will never run away!”

The presence of the body that radiates as the mind that unites 10 billion people awakens… … .

“Princess! This is Ymir!”

It is nailed to space and time with a powerful presence that is unshakable by any wave in the universe.

“Who woke me up?”

The regeneration that started from the molars formed the face, and the body was quickly regenerated along the shoulder line.

“I-that… … .”

Even Mungyeong, who was worried about Seongeum, was mesmerized by the appearance of the person in the myth.

With a height of nearly 3 meters and broad shoulders.

With a sturdy lower jaw, his forearms as thick as a log were bent along a thicker neckline.

The king of giants, Ymir (molar).

As the body regenerated, the gravitational waves disappeared, but it felt like the space around it shook just by existing.

“What are you guys?”

Even though there were two ivory tower candidates, Ymir looked around as if he wasn’t interested.

“Where are you? Why am I awake?”

Although it is part of the main body, it is not perfect, so the memories engraved in the body are fragmentary.

As Ymir moved, the ceiling thumped.


While the warriors of the three treasures were widening the distance, Ymir looked at Sirone and the voice in turn.

“It’s okay. But it’s boring stuff.”

Because it was a molar tooth that had been separated from the main body a long time ago, Ymir’s flesh brain had no memory of Sirone.

“Are you Ymir?”

Jin Seong-eum was the first to move.

“As expected, he has a solid figure befitting the title of king. Apparently he absorbed 10 billion humans… … .”

Ymir’s face crumpled terribly.

“Your lifespan will depend on what you say next.”

As long as he didn’t bring up something he didn’t want to hear, Ymir was willing to go back to sleep.

“Can those 10 billion people kneel before me?”


Ymir’s eyes flipped over and his speculation filled up as hududu dust fell from the labyrinth’s ceiling.


Sambo’s warriors jumped out.

“Kill! Protect the princess!”

As befits the empire’s top elite, his speed was lightning fast, but he realized it the moment Ymir met his eyes.

‘It breaks.’

The heart breaks Sambo’s head first.

Divine Transcendence – Shim Kwon.

Then, as Ymir’s fists swung in all directions, the faces of the 18 Sambos exploded like watermelons.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Among the 18 faceless warriors who fell, there was only one who was not struck by Ymir’s heart.

‘I kill!’

It was Dae-seok, the vice-captain of Sambo.

“Is this a good reaction after a while?”

When Ymir opened his mouth and raised his fist towards him, Dae-seok threw his upper body back with all his might.

‘It didn’t fit!’

It was proof that his heart was still intact.

‘Exactly in front of my eyes… … !’

As he measured the distance with his superhuman eyesight and raised his sword, Ymir’s fists stopped with a popping sound.


Dae-seok’s face is pushed away by the strong wind.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

All her hair was pulled out, her pupils ruptured, and her ears ripped out.


When the screams finally stopped, a skeleton with missing skin knelt in front of Ymir.

“Dae, Dae Suk… … .”

Mungyeong could not accept the miserable words of a man with similar skills.

“Your body is very stiff.”

As if he had been warming up up until now, Ymir shook his shoulders and looked back at his voice.

“It is one person.”

Seongeum’s shoulders trembled.

‘The body?’

Aren’t humans and creatures great because they have minds?

“Princess, avoid your seat. I will stop you.”

Accepting Dae-seok’s death, Mungyeong raised his sword as he stood in front of Seong-eum’s three treasures.

“Run away.”

Sirone said.

“There is no need to make victims anymore. you can run away Get out of here now.”

“Was it just words after all?”

Seong-eum narrowed her eyes and shot at him.

“Is the saying that you will fight limited only to opponents who can win? So, do you want me to give you a step?”

“I will stop it.”

Aside from the 19,000 Sirone, they couldn’t leave as long as Lian and Kido remained.

“This is my labyrinth. Get her men and back off.”

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get away from Ymir even with the power of the voice.

“It was I who brought that giant.”

Seong-eum passed through Mungyeong and approached Ymir.

“I will take responsibility.”

“no! If you approach… … !”

Before Syrone could finish his words, Ymir slammed the ground and threw himself.

The ground collapsed with a thump, and Ymir’s body rushed towards the voice at terrifying speed.

Etheric Waves – Theater.

As the aether vibrated, space began to ripple around her.

“Princess… … !”

Mungyeong’s voice flies to the end of the world.


Ymir’s laughter broke through.


If the wavelength of space is expressed as a torrent, Ymir’s presence was as fierce as a rock splitting the torrent in two.

‘I have to push it away!’

Hearing the sound of the gravitational waves spreading from Ymir’s body, the voice bit his lips.

“You use strange techniques.”

Ymir’s voice seemed distant or near, and it wandered around the center like a rubber band.

“The kind I hate the most.”

The width of the vibration is the end and end of the world.

The moment I met eyes with the one at the forefront of Ymir, who was swaying beyond measure.

Voice realized.


The heart beats first.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

In the midst of the momentary stretch of time, Ymir’s fist flew slowly towards the forehead.

Due to the highest blow that a living creature could reach, the body of the Holy Spirit could not function in any way.

‘Am I going to die?’

That was all he could think of in a short moment, and when Ymir’s fist finally pierced the vocal cords.

‘Poems of fire!’

Sirone, who collided the space wave with the time wave, was approaching while regurgitating the etheric wave.

‘Even you?’

Seongeum, whose self-esteem collapsed in the situation where everyone crossed the iron wall, expanded the immortal function to the limit.

Etheric Waves – Super Theater.

Sirone moved away again, but Ymir was still there.

The fist, which seemed to be pushed back, approached Seongeum again, pushing through the air.

‘It’s over.’

The time when the ego of Seongeum is about to be shattered in the infinitely expanding consciousness.

The seesaw of time began to level out.


In the ether that spreads at the speed of light, there was someone who came back at great speed.

‘Nonsense… … !’

Now, the head of the voice was faster than Ymir’s fist, and she could see Sirone spreading a black and white magic circle.

‘Valhalla Action!’

What Sirone, who pulled all the time of 19,000 people, reversed cause and effect and surpassed it.

“… … ,”

It was a step towards Jinseongeum.

‘done! Got it!’

Ymir’s fist flew through the air as he grabbed Seongeum by the waist and threw himself.


The wind pressure pushed away all the land and advanced, and a pop and a piercing sound exploded from the depths of the cave.

Ymir’s face crumpled terribly.


heart is broken


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