Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 758

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[758] The Doctrine of Evil (5)

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The world behind Sirone’s eyes seemed to be filled with things that humans hate.

After passing through the fields of villi along the intestines, a grotesque stone statue that usually appears in religious paintings came out.

‘This is unexpected… … .’

It was good to follow Baseto through the other world, but at some point, the scenery of reality was not visible.

‘Mr. Miro… … .’

Zion’s law to reduce the psychic realm is putting pressure on the whole world.

The thin border that could be torn at any time had turned into an iron barrier.

‘I’ll cheer you on.’

If it was a choice for humanity, it was something she would have to endure, but rather, her level was admirable.

‘Following is no longer possible.’

Missing Baseto, Sirone intended to find an exit as soon as possible and return to the real world.

‘weird. It’s really strange.’

The number of demons that Sirone figured out on the way to this place was well over a thousand.

‘I can’t escape from here anyway. Most troops should be deployed within the psychic realm… … .’

It was a strange thing because fierce wars were going on in the vicinity of the psychic realm regardless of which country.

‘The psychic realm is the forefront of demons and humans. It’s impossible unless one of them gives up… … .’

Maybe it was both.

r r r r r.

The sound of water running through the intestines was heard, and the outer wall where Sirone was located was violently shaken.

“this… … !”

The wind blew first, followed by the rotten smell.


With a disgusting sound, the turbid filth poured in like a flood, and Sirone hurriedly flew into the sky.


“help me! help me!”

Skeletons drifting along the torrent of filth raised their bony arms at the sight of Sirone.


“Take my hand!”

The moment they held hands, their shoulders were severed, and the arms that fell off the torso quickly turned to black ash.

‘Purification of the soul.’

After sealing several altars, I realized that it was a waste of time, but I couldn’t help but hold out my hand.

‘But this is the first time it’s been this severe… … .’

The spirit of the real world permeates the underworld and is recycled as an energy source for demons.

‘The s*xual play of the witches’ meeting, the assembly of the devil’s followers.’

The collective consciousness born in such a place is powerful and stimulating enough to paralyze the brain.

However, sometimes the consciousness of an individual becomes powerful enough to match that.

It was death.

‘They are already dead.’

There are not many people who can overcome the fear of death except religious people who are sure of God’s salvation and seekers who realize the futility of life.

The moment the powerful fear explodes, the consciousness is sucked into the other world and falls to hell.

‘I’m sorry.’

When I think of their fate of falling into a place called the ‘Fire Plate’ and melting in hellfire, Nane comes to mind.

‘You might be right.’

Shirone, who prevented her tears from burning, hurriedly came to her senses and shook her head.

‘I can’t collapse.’

The realm of Yahweh loves everything that exists, but the inhabitants of the other world were insubstantial.

‘It’s just a hell we made.’

The true salvation was not to close the world, but to liberate all mankind through the practice of love.

After the purification of the soul, which was more terrible than in other places, Sirone came down to the ground again.

The face of the woman hanging from the grotesque stone statue changed before she knew it and was laughing with her mouth wide open.

“… … .”

The remnants of his soul were stuffed in his mouth.

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes turned to Sirone, and she began to laugh as she chewed on the leftovers.

“Kyahahahaha! hahahahaha… … !”


The face of the stone statue hit by the photon cannon fell off and rolled on the floor.

“Haaaaa… … .”

Who are you fighting for?

Sometimes, in fact, often, I couldn’t control my anger when I saw the world that humans had committed without responsibility.

“How dare you destroy the stone statue of purification!”

The vicious demons who heard the sound came and filled the inside of the rotten intestines.

“Answer me.”

the human heart

“How can you guys realize love?”

In the history of hell, there were no seekers who came to ask this question, so the demons also chose the answer.

“There is only one way.”


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A demon with horns like a cow came forward and opened its arms wide.

“Submit to me and worship me. Then I will love you.”

Because only me is important.

“Puhahaha! Good answer! answer! You who seek the Tao! Why worry about something so easy?”

All the demons spread their arms.

“Worship me!”

Sirone closed her eyes tightly, and when her eyelids, heavy as the world, opened again.

“Kill! The flesh of the investigators tastes amazing!”

Yahweh’s light raged.

“Ha ha ha! Will the drug rise and die? You are stupid to expect kindness from humans! Your light is strong, it burns us… … .”

Despite the mixed voices of the demons in the middle of hell, Sirone did not stop shining.

“I am not afraid at all! So don’t give in! Until the moment of complete extinction, we will fight!”

The only way to seal the altar was to burn all the demons in the area with the light of Yahweh.

“How miserable! Foolish and foolish… … !”


In the place where the screaming sound disappeared, a world of nothingness as wide as the brilliance of Yahweh was open.


It was neither dark nor transparent.

Just ‘nothing’ that humans couldn’t think of was so strange that there weren’t many people except Sirone who could stand it.

Because I couldn’t stand that futility.

“Let there be light.”

Sirone got into the habit of filling the place where the altar was sealed with something with material.

‘Although my skills are still lacking.’

I felt much more comfortable just by embodying the stone statue of the archangel in the mother’s womb in a pure white space.


In Hexa’s memory, the image of her sobbing as she clutched at her chest came to mind.

‘It must have been a miserable sight.’

Why does it feel like every time I recall this memory, the anger in my heart is washed away?

“Lactas Vera Imera (Submit to Fear)!”

Surprised by the familiar voice for a moment, Sirone looked back at the scenery of hell outside the material realm.


Igor, the Lord of Terror riding on an eyeless black horse, approached with a spear of blue flame hanging down.

“This isn’t your area, is it?”

In terms of coordinates in the real world, it should have been in Radum.

“I have come to retrieve the mark of servitude.”

Igor’s words stopped in front of the pure white borderline filled with the new material.

It didn’t matter, but mentally I would have been terribly reluctant to step out.

“Pass it. I fight for Satan.”

In Sirone’s arms, Igor’s necklace turned into a blue starlight and floated to Igor.

“You found me with this.”

Just before falling into Igor’s grasp, the starlight stopped moving and did not advance.

“… … Are you rejecting it?”

Until now, Sirone was Igor’s master.

“What if I refuse?”

“Satan will destroy me. Even so, a new name of fear will only appear.”

The more often humans feel, the faster they resurrect in the underworld.

“It’s a new name… … .”

North Eymond’s name was also Igor.

“Does this have anything to do with it?”

“Nothing. There are many Igors in the human world. And some Igor use fear as a weapon.”

Igor, the Lord of Terror, was born when that emotion combined with the soul melted in Hellfire.

“He is first, and I am second. Don’t be confused.”

If the emotions were strong enough to become a division commander in hell, it was worth knowing what Igor was like.

“Tell me what is going on where I am.”

Igor shut his mouth.

“It is a condition to cancel the oath of obedience.”

Still wanting to fight for Satan, Igor nodded heavily.

“Igor, that is to say, the person who gave me personality does not currently exist in this world.”

“You mean dead?”

“It was absorbed. Half of the kingdom army you are currently staying in is non-human demons.”

“A demon?”

Changing the form means changing the material as well as the function, so it is not easy for the Demons.

It’s a different story if it’s illusion magic, but there’s no way that Sirone, who has reached the level of Yahweh, won’t notice.

“How could that be… … .”

Sirone suddenly realized.


“okay. The mixed blood of demons and garras dominates the army. Karasura. It’s a great tribe. After they came over to the kingdom, a tremendous amount of energy entered the underworld. The demons born there are now pushing out the existing corps commander and taking on a new corps commander. Even if it were you, you wouldn’t be able to guarantee a victory.”

Since no opponent had ever been sure of a match, Sirone’s heart only beat a little faster.

“You must know that demons are born from the energy source of the fire. The reason they are different is that they inherit certain characteristics of Satan. Conversely… … .”

“So the aggregate of evil is called Satan.”

Demons call themselves evil, but just believe that evil is the truth, just as humans see good as beautiful.

“How far into North Eymond did you infiltrate?”

“All. The kingdom you are in has already been occupied by demons. This is what the human named Igor decided for himself.”


“He really wanted to be a horror. So he gave his body to a being greater than himself. Therefore, those who currently rule the country are actually demons, and they are one of the few who can change into human form.”

“… … Commander of the corps.”

Considering that only the first-class dragons among dragons could change their form, they could feel the power of the corps commander.

“Commander of the 24th Corps of Satan’s 72nd Corps, Maraduk.”

It was Maraduk of ruin.

“We are all part of Satan. In particular, the corps commander inherited the most powerful things of Satan. If you think it is the same as subjugating me, Yahweh will lose its light.”

Igor said to Sirone, who was lost in thought.

“This is all I can say. If you want to know more, you have no choice but to annihilate me.”

“… … I’ll give it back, necklace.”

At last, the blue starlight permeated Igor.

“It doesn’t matter if you destroy me like this.”

“know. but… … .”

Even being able to share something with the demons was so precious to Sirone.

“Because I got help.”

Igor turned the black horse.

“There will be no such thing in the future.”

As Sirone watched as they receded into the scenery of hell, Igor stood tall.

Is it really good?

It was a short time, but it might have permeated Sirone’s shared feelings through Igor’s necklace.

“Not at all.”

Igor seemed to be talking to himself, but… … .

“A demon who repented of his sins.”

It sounded like thunder in Sirone’s ears.

“Geuk, the problem is that there are almost none.”

Igor, who clearly drew the line, disappeared without looking back until the end.

Sirone couldn’t move for a long time.

‘there was.’

Both fists were clenched.

‘I can fight more. I’m not wrong!’

My breath caught in my chest as if it were on fire, and hot tears ran down my cheeks.

‘Never give up. No matter how bad humans are… … .’

It wasn’t necessarily evil.


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