Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 766

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[766] Apostasy (1)

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“Down with Yahweh!”

I realized that the 8 million demons in the capital, Pacia, are just the tip of the iceberg.

hell indeed.

Where the flames were burning, an endless procession of demons continued.

“What about the walking dead?”

Minerva knew what Sirone was thinking.

“Can you destroy all the demons?”

The psychic realm is just a passage between reality and the other side, so if you cause an infection here, it will spread throughout hell.

“When did you stop using forbidden magic?”

“It was because I didn’t know what it was. If the opponent is a demon… … .”

“If I could, I would have done it right away.”

When there was no answer, Minerva spoke frankly.

“Actually, I already did.”

“How was it?”

Minerva shook her head.

“Brigade commanders are not fools either. In 2 minutes and 32 seconds of the spread of the infection, the entire area was quarantined (quarantined).”

“Are you capable?”

“huh. It must be Paimon, the commander of the 9th Corps. You hold a military post in the army of hell. Unless it’s an all-out war, it’s not a demon you can meet right away… … .”

Minerva turned to a land where animal bones piled high like a mountain.

“The millions of troops infected in Pasia are not even close to activating Quarantine by Paimon’s standards. Rather, the capital itself has become a good quarantine zone.”

Hell’s army is 2 billion and is endlessly produced.

“If you are now, you can deal with two corps commanders, but you better be careful with those who are in the top 10. Because they have different concentrations of demons.”

Sirone was engraved.

“We are almost there.”

Dozens of structures soared high like awls beneath blazing clouds of flame.

It was the castle of Maradouk who lost its owner.

“Isn’t this the first time sealing the corps commander’s area?”

The only way to seal the altar is to destroy all demons in the area.


Since the other side world itself is made of demons, the key was to block the tributary of demons called ‘Bulpan’.

“We are still exploring where the headwaters are.”

Currently, armies from around the world and the Valkyrie of the Crusade were risking their lives to explore the underworld.

“Anyway, the hell fire that starts at the source of the fire plate spreads like blood vessels throughout the world, supplying the devil.”

After passing the mountain range made of animal bones, Maraduk’s castle came into view clearly.

“oh my god… … .”

Even Sirone, who had sealed several altars, could not keep his mouth shut.

A river of lava more than ten kilometers wide meandered, burning blindingly red.

“This is the upper reaches of hellfire.”

Just as civilization in the real world is based on water, rivers of fire flowed in the underworld.

“help me! Please someone save me!”

Well, thousands of humans struggled with their arms in the form of molten lava.

“They are dead.”

“To be precise, the spirits of the dead were condensed into demons. Because the fear of death is too strong for an ordinary human being.”

“The human heart is hell.”

Zulu’s insight was correct.

In the end, the dead who could not overcome the pain of hell fire would be reborn as demons according to Satan’s will.

‘Mr. Gaold.’

He didn’t give in to the pain.

‘So even now… … .’

Sirone, unaware that Gaold had come to his senses, prayed for him to return as soon as possible.

“Let’s go down.”

As the jet descended rapidly to the ground, Sirone also followed suit, breaking the light wing.

The sound of burning lava made me deaf, and at the end of my field of vision, the inhabitants of the other world formed a circle.

Minerva didn’t care and pointed at the lava.

“how is it? Can you destroy it?”

The river of hell fire that I came down and looked at was so huge that I couldn’t tell it from the sea.

“I can’t promise. Hellfire is much more persistent than demons. I had a hard time even getting rid of one stream.”

Minerva nodded.

“Because it is the essence of demons. At this scale, it should be considered that the emotions of about 500 million people in the real world are flowing. The problem is that as long as the hellfire flows, the demons also stand up to Yahweh’s light.”

This was the reason why the corps commander’s realm was much more difficult to seal than the psychic realm of other altars.

“There is only one way.”

Minerva pointed to Maradouk’s castle.

“There is a ‘bulpan’ in the corps commander’s castle. Adjust the concentration of hellfire to create powerful demons. We take control of the device that controls the flow of hellfire.”

When the conclusion was reached, the action was quick, and the two immediately flew to Maradouk’s castle.

The villagers who lost their corps commander couldn’t approach Sirone, but the hell’s troops stationed in the castle burned with fighting spirit.

“Yahweh! It must be stopped!”

It was none other than those who came to cut their lifelines.


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Numerous troops, including the division commander, gathered at the entrance.

“open it.”

Yahweh’s light would not be a cure for the strongest demons, but Sirone took the lead.

‘Angel’s Punishment.’

The incarnation of the light angel rose in a huge way and looked down at the ground while holding onto the spear of light.

“This is my whole.”

Only 滿..

As quantum information was integrated into one through resonance, 100,000 sirones were not needed.


And finally, the moment when the spear of light stretched out in a flash and plunged into the ground.

“… … !”

Light burst first, followed by a shock wave that reduced the hellish army to ashes.

“Uh uh uh?”

The demons who were watching from afar were stunned by the huge cloud of dust pushed in by the wind.


As the roar overtook the wind and shook the heavens and earth, all the frightened demons turned around.

“Eh, run away!”

Just when they thought they would never be able to set foot here again, a cloud of dust hit them.

Covering her face with her hands, Minerva frowned as the wind pierced her flesh.

“Pooh woo woo!”

After a while, the wind direction reversed.

The place where the shock wave exploded turned into a vacuum, drawing in the surrounding atmosphere.

“Let’s see… … .”

As Minerva checked the front, what was reflected in her eyes was a crater that would have appeared when a meteorite collided.

“The area of ​​undoubted apostasy.”

In the human body, it eventually reached.

‘What will happen now.’

Aside from the shivering joy, Minerva’s face showed serious emotion.

* * *

“Huh uh uh uh!”

Acet Mayray, a person who corresponds to the hearing of the Great Purifier, flipped his eyes in the separate room of the Tormia Magic Association.

“Is there a problem?”

Under Rufist’s instructions, the wizard who guarded her room like a cage opened the door roughly and came in.


Mayray blinked and turned around.

“No, what did you just say… … .”

“Sound? Did nothing happen?”

The wizard looked around the room, and it was definitely a tidy scene, far from the hustle and bustle.

‘Is it a physiological phenomenon?’

If you’re a woman, you might be ashamed.

“All right. Call me if you need anything.”

“yes. Thank you for caring me.”

The wizard couldn’t figure out that human emotions were missing from Maylei’s calm gaze.

“then… … .”

When the door closed, the face that had at least some humanity turned into that of a perfect doll.

“Chief Justice.”

When Mayray replied with one ear covered, the Supreme Court of Terraforce delivered a revelation.

-A little while ago, a power that transcended the living world was sensed.

“okay. Who is it?”

– Representative of humanity, Hexa.

“… … .”

I realized why the Supreme Court was worried.

“What about the congressional ruling?”

The reason Terraforce is called an evil god in the human scriptures is because they actually destroyed countless civilizations.

But they are not invaders.

Rather, he was a guardian of the order of the universe, and that is why Taeseong once made this hypothesis.

user protection system.

This can also be inferred through the 3 absolute principles recorded in the Great Law of the Terraforce race.

One, we promote the development of mankind and, if necessary, directly intervene in human history.

One, in the confrontation between good and evil, when evil completely wins, we destroy that civilization.

One, we actively block certain creatures with will when they invade the upper system.

The reason for Terra Force’s existence is to maintain the balance of the universe, not as a species.

In addition, the standard of balance was focused on existence itself beyond human happiness and unhappiness.

‘Lest the balance be disturbed by any single variable, and no foul play be committed in the lives of fierce creatures.’

judge of the law.

Mayray, who came to understand Terraforce through numerous oracles, calmly waited for the next words.

-The breaking of Hexa violates the last question of the 3 absolute principles, but there are judges who focus on the second question.

There is no priority in the absolute triad, so the terms are not numbered and all have position 1.

-In the end, if evil wins, we abolish it. Now that the confrontation between good and evil has reached its end, it is an interpretation that there is room for a reprieve if it is Hexa, the representative of mankind.

“That makes sense. If evil wins, everything will end, but Hexa’s apostasy is only about actively blocking it.”

-You are better than the Congress.

Of course, it was a joke, and I could guess the opinion of the Supreme Court of Terraforce through his words.

‘But that’s not to say that the backlash is formidable.’

Terraforce can collect all sounds in the universe, and Mayray’s mind was no exception.

-okay. Judgment Day may come sooner. Of course, the final decision is mine.

“What am I going to do?”

-Go to Zion. You will need your ears to face the opposition of evil. If there is any room for the line to be reversed, the council may have a different opinion.

“All right.”

Realizing that the communication hasn’t been cut off yet, Maylei hurriedly asked.

“I have a question. If Terra Force guided mankind, then who created the 3 absolute principles that guide Terra Force?”

Natural curiosity that comes from being human.

– As you guessed.

Communication was lost.

“Ankera… … .”

And now it was me.

Mayray, who was staring fiercely forward, jumped up from her seat and opened the door.

“Please let me meet the president of the association!”

* * *

Sirone and Minerva, who occupied Maraduk’s castle, found a ‘fire plate’ on the 8th basement floor.

Inside the blast furnace, hundreds of meters in diameter, lava was burning and the dead were struggling.

“It is terrible.”

If Yahweh’s light had not blocked the heat, the body would have burned while standing.

“A demon that is as strong as it is terrifying will be born. They probably draw hellfire from there.”

Lava flowed endlessly from dozens of drains installed on the walls.

“If you block the stream of fire from upstream, the demons in Maraduk’s territory won’t be able to use their strength. It will probably be organized into the domain of another corps commander.”

“What if I come back and open the furnace?”

“You shouldn’t be able to do that. North Eymond is already in anarchy, so let’s give instructions to the South Eymond’s governor. You can send a separate garrison from the temple.”

“Nothing is easy.”

“It is all about living. Do you know why the stars are busy? No matter how many times you circle the planet, there is no end.”

Sirone approached the control device of the ‘fire plate’.

“It’s very old-fashioned.”

“You know what? Demons live by recycling things that humans have discarded.”

“… … .”

As I was about to pull the switch that was engaged with hundreds of gears, I heard a sound from the fire.

“Sah, live… … .”

One demon climbed to the floor while breaking through the flames of the furnace.

“Please save me. It is too painful.”

While the terrifying demon crawled across the floor, Sirone did not let go of the switch.

“Ah, Yahweh… … .”

The demon suddenly surged up, revealing its teeth.

“What are you so good at!”

The Demons hit by the Photon Cannon flew in a straight line and fell into the middle of the furnace.

“Don’t pretend to be clean! You are just like us! hate! Arrogant Yahweh… … !”

The demons melted into raw material.

“… … .”

While watching the scene with sad eyes, Sirone’s hand slowly turned the switch.

Kurung. Kurung. Kurung.

The sound of the gearwheel turning was deafening.


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