Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 775

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[775] chain action(1)

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As the heat of the explosion dissipated, Maze and Shura moved a little closer to Gaold.

In the face of the unprecedented situation in which the Buddha collapsed, their senses focused so as not to miss even the slightest signal.

“I have reached the realm of Buddha after experiencing all the good and bad things that exist in the world.”

Zulu said.

“but… … It couldn’t have been more painful than Gaold’s.”

I understand human pain, but I don’t understand all of it, and the game is decided there.

Sein said.

“Unless Gaold approves, I cannot close this world.”

It was the reason why the sermon was broken.

“okay. Right now.”

At Zulu’s explanation, people turned their heads and listened to Gaold and Nane’s conversation.

“Are you sick?”

Gaold looked down at me and asked.

His whole body suffered severe fractures, and blood flowed from his mouth without ceasing, but his eyes seemed peaceful.

“The best in the universe.”

Gaold burst out laughing, sat down next to Nane, and pulled out a cigarette from his bosom.

The moment I put it in my mouth and lit it, a cough erupted.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

After transcending the bay, I felt as if all the bones in my body were being crushed as the storm rushed in.

“Does it suck fire even though it is such a body?”

Gaold stopped coughing and smoked his cigarette, narrowing his eyes as if it were very tasty.

“Compared to the pain of living, it’s like a cigarette. You really can’t last long.”

Gaold lowered his gaze.

“Are you afraid? I mean die.”

It wasn’t something to ask Buddha, but that’s why Gaold wanted to hear it himself.

“Nothing. Life and death are not different.”

Gaold exhaled a long cigarette smoke and said, looking at the wide open horizon.

“… … Just, don’t you want to live? Throwing away balls and everything, frying and roasting, and running into people.”

Kang Nan’s eyes were locked in sorrow.

‘I guess so.’

How can you hate me?

‘Actually, you are the person I want to die the most. And me… … .’

He was the one who understood Gaold’s feelings most deeply.

“My thoughts don’t change. Your pain can be said to be endless, but you chose life nonetheless… … .”

Red liquid soaked in blood flowed from Nane’s eyes as he recalled his life as a sentient being.

“Not everyone in the world is as strong as you.”

Even if the weight of pain is the same, not everyone endures with a strong will.

“… … I guess so.”

Gaold, who thought of death as many times as he took a breath, couldn’t have known that fact.

“Patience. What’s so complicated?”

Gaold threw away his cigarette.

“What’s so important about other people suffering? So what’s your pain? Why do you live so hard?”

I was adamant.

“Because I know that’s right.”

Knowing he couldn’t change Nane’s mind, Gaold remained silent for a long time.

“no way?”

Miro suddenly felt uneasy at the thought that Gaold might keep Nane alive.

‘The chain of action of the law.’

If Buddha exists, Yahweh also exists, and in the end, good cannot erase evil until the end.

“I will do it myself.”


Zulu said coldly.

“You know what? We have no qualifications.”

Only Gaold suffered more than Buddha.

Therefore, it was only up to him to acknowledge or deny the Buddha.

“The future of mankind is at stake. If you can’t finish the game, a lot of people will suffer.”

“That is also your belief, not Gaold’s. he is not human He is human.”

“but… … !”

“Miro, stop admitting it.”

Zulu looked back with emotionless eyes.

“Humans won.”

It was Middle Eastern.

It was human beings who defeated Buddha.

In front of an undeniable fact, Geukseon bit his lip.

‘Gaold, listen to me… … .’

you said

“Stop it. Since this is the world you have accomplished, I will pass it on to humans and leave.”


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Gaold looked up at the sky.

“You’re not a bad guy either.”

Miro’s face turned into a tear-stained one.

‘Gaolduu, please… … .’


At that moment, as if through telepathy, Gaold turned and looked at the maze.

“The woman I love, it must be difficult to do something when you live here.”


The listeners looked back at the maze at the same time, but the more she did, the more she couldn’t even move her eyes.

Nane raised the corner of her mouth.

“That is enough.”

Since humans have won, shouldn’t the standard for defining the world also be extremely human?

“It’s fortunate that the person you love is polar.”

The polar line, the one who always gives.

“I don’t know. I don’t even want to know.”

To Gauld, Miro was just a poor woman who would pluck out her heart and offer it up for the happiness of mankind.

As Gaold raised his hand, the air sharpened and condensed into the blade’s strength.


As soon as Nane closed his eyes, Air Kurt cut through the wind and aimed for his neck.

Kaka Kaka Kaka!

Sparks flew in the air, the blade stopped, and after a while, a vague illusion of a shield materialized and appeared in front of my eyes.

“ha! ha!”

Shura, hidden behind a shield, looked down at Nane with a confused expression.

‘I will die soon.’

It was not a decision made with clarity of judgment.

‘I don’t know.’

When Nane’s death came to reality, a bit of doubt arose in my heart.

She thought she needed time to organize her thoughts, and that was enough to motivate her to act.

‘I’ll get out of here once.’

As she tried to push Gaold away with her Gestalt shield, an unbelievable amount of pressure weighed on her.

‘what’s this?’

Even though he exhausted his mental strength against Nane, the power of the apostate was not enough for Shura to handle.


The gigantic stranglehold of God, assembled from hundreds of inverted crosses, was crushed flat as soon as it was born.

Woo woo woo woo!

A huge explosion was caused by the frictional force of hard air compressing the ground as it was.

“Get Shura!”

It wasn’t Gaold’s intention, so Zulu didn’t block the labyrinth to the surface anymore.

At the center of the huge pit in Jungcheon-dong, a small daughter pit was created, and Miro and the others made their way through the smoke.

“How is it?”

Gaold stood looking into the distance.

“I got it.”

Then he pointed to the ground and said.


Miro lowered her gaze.

“Cut your tail? To cheat… … .”

Shura’s lower body, neatly severed below the waist, was dripping with blood.

A rough breath escaped from between Shura’s clenched teeth.

“Hee! Hee!”

He was crawling, shaking his shoulders, with only his upper body remaining, but his speed was as fast as the wind.

Nane, who was lying on her back, asked as she passed the cliffs of the Jungcheon-dong Mountains and the complicated tree roads.

“Why did you save me?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know! I will think about it from now on!”

Nane laughed bashfully.

“Sometimes lies are clumsy.”

That’s why it’s suspicious.

‘Where is the eternal thing in the world? If you die, you die! however… … however… !’

Shouldn’t you know what it is?

‘lie! lie! lie!’

As Shura spurred the ground with both arms and threw herself, blood poured from her back like a heavy rain.

“There is no truth in this world!”

All things are just frequencies, and the things we believe to be real are just illusions created by the signals.

“Everything is a lie!”

From being born as a snake to mastering incarnation and becoming a human, Shura repeated countless lies.

‘But then… … .’

The final conclusion that the false god ultimately reached.

‘What the hell is real?’

Either way, there has to be something.

“Huh. Hmm.”

After blocking the bloodstains, Shura gritted her teeth and climbed the steep slope to reach the top.

“Haha! Haha!”

With her chin on the floor, gasping for breath as she pulled out her one-meter-long tongue, she bent her head toward her back.

“are you okay?”

“… … He is not dead yet.”

you added

“I will die if you don’t take care of me.”

Shura’s eyes narrowed.

“joy! Even Buddha doesn’t want to die, right? After all, everything you said up until now is a lie, right?”

“If you look at it with lies, everything is false, and if you look with truth, everything is true.”

Nane turned her head.

“Actually, what you and I see is not different.”

“… … .”

As with Veron, she couldn’t lie in front of Nane’s eyes.

“Moan, wait. Because I have to hide… … .”

Shura, who used the ability of Gestalt to shield the illusion, crawled into the cave holding Nane’s collar.

I looked up at the sky and laughed

“The weather is nice.”

I lived.

After hiding in a cave for about three days, Shura’s lower body regenerated up to her thighs.

Still unable to walk, Shura filled her mouth with water and crawled through the cave with both arms.

“town. town.”

When Nane, still unattached, opened her mouth, she handed him the water in her mouth.

“It is good water.”

“of course. It’s because I specially scooped up bedrock water. Can’t you just get up now? It can be cured with sermons.”

“I did some thinking.”

Shura, who had been licking her soiled body with her tongue, turned her head again, revealing her bright color.

“Did you find out the secret of the world?”

“If that were the case, the world would have already been closed. Rather, about why it couldn’t be perfect.”

Shura was disappointed.

“Oh, that’s already broken.”

“Looking back, it seems that it was wrong from the beginning. Being right isn’t about reaching. It’s just right.”

Shura blinked.

“That’s why you couldn’t reach the truth no matter which way you climbed, the lie or the truth.”

11th sense, craving.

“okay. Even if that is the sky, even if it is not the sky, you will not know until you become the sky.”

Shura imitated Buddha.

“Don’t look at Ideas, be Ideas. That is what is true.”

Nane stroked her hair.

“Now that you know unity, you can call yourself a Buddha.”

“Hehe, what are you going to do now?”

“First I have to destroy everything I built. If it’s not reachable, we have no choice but to wait for it to be right.”

“Hey, it’s a shame.”

There was only one way to break the Buddha’s realm.

“Now I feel the pain of being a sentient being with my heart. I can bewitch the tears, so it’s not a waste at all.”

When he invoked the sermon blessing, Nane’s bones clung to each other, and Shura’s lower body regenerated in an instant.

Shura was a little embarrassed.

“I don’t like things like this… … .”

I read and laughed.

“let’s go. It is what I have to do.”

Nane, who came out of the cave, adjusted her eyes to the sunlight for a while, then made a sign and proclaimed.

“I tell the whole universe.”

It was my last sermon.

“As the current law cannot fully relieve the pain of being born again, we will take special measures.”

It was a huge voice.

“I grant the apostasy of all beings.”

The fact that the master of the world had given up on maintaining the system echoed throughout the universe.

In other words, it meant that Nane could no longer be the manager of this world.

‘With this, the Buddha will disappear… … .’

Shura watched as the sword of words soared into the sky, creating waves of law.

‘I got the possibility to become a true Buddha.’

Is that why?

Even though she became an ordinary human who lost the truth, Nane embraced the world with warm eyes.


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