Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 779

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[779] Justice of Evil (1)

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When Sirone and Uorin returned to the room, Minerva was putting the <Law Kill> on the table.

To her right sat the card players—Gudio, Agaya, Ness, and Mays, in that order.

“Are you feeling a little calmer?”

When Minerva smiled and said it wasn’t her fault, Uorin responded with a smile.

“sorry. You showed an ugly side to your immature younger brother.”

After confirming Sirone’s heart, there was no reason to be shaken by Minerva anymore.

‘There was something.’

Mitochondrial Eve’s field of vision far transcends that of ordinary people, so Minerva stopped thinking of digging into it.

“Let’s talk about work. As promised, I brought you the <Law Kill>. Now tell me how you will punish the atrocities.”

Uorin looked at the people playing the card game and gave a meaningful smile.

“Great people have come.”

There was no way that Uorin didn’t know the faces of the four best gamblers in the world.

‘Even the ivory tower is paying attention. If they are, they will be of great help in dealing with <Law Killing>.’

As Sirone took a seat next to Minerva, Gando turned the car around and Urin sat down for the last time.

“As you may already have guessed, the atrocity I point out is Gustav Habitz, the emperor of the Gustav Empire.”

The eyes of the people playing the card game narrowed.

“The Gustav Empire has already finished preparing for war. A world war will break out in the next 48 hours.”

Some aristocrats near the border had already arranged their property and fled to other countries.

Uorin unfolded the world map.

“The beginning of the war will be here, the Republic of Korea.”

The Republic of Korea, a peninsula protruding from the northern continent toward the Pacific Ocean, was crushed by the Gustav Empire.

“Gustav cannot be expanded without destroying the Republic of Korea. Of course, it should have already been eaten, but… … .”

said Minerva.

“Ancient weapon Ex-Machina.”

“okay. I’ll explain later, but that’s why Gustav hasn’t invaded the Republic of Korea so far. But in the event of an all-out war, occupation is only a matter of time.”

Sirone asked.

“What is the judgment of the Republic of Korea?”

“No official statement was made. He’s probably weighing the temple and Gustaf. Depending on which side you join, the fate of your country will be different.”

Minerva snorted.

“If it were me, of course I would join the Gustav Empire. It’s too geographically inconvenient. While Valkyrie goes to support, her country must already be in ruins.”

“It’s the same idea. So, of course, they are proceeding with alliance negotiations behind the scenes. The only problem is, if Havitz is truly atrocious, there’s no way he’ll accept the offer.”

“In the end, the key is Havitz. Are you saying that it is better to punish the atrocities as soon as possible before the damage of war increases?”

“that’s right. That’s why you need <Slaughter>.”

Harvits has broken the perfectly interlocking three-legged structure, killing him will restore the balance.

Wuolin looked back at the people playing the card game.

“What you have to do is to design a law that will surely kill Habitz through <Law Killing> ability. Humans, emotions, funds, culture, laws, any part can be changed. All support will come from the temple.”

“It won’t be easy.”

Gudio spoke, and the card players remained silent as if they agreed.

“That’s natural. Because it kills the emperor. That’s why I called you, the best gamblers in the world.”

“Not the best in the world.”

Mais looked at Uorin with torn eyes.

“I don’t think anyone knows how we met and why we came to the Ivory Tower.”

“What are you talking about?”

Agaya, the bald old man, said.

“Yeah, at one time it was the best in the world. But we have something in common. That I lost to the same person 14 years ago.”

It was the first time Minerva had heard of it.

“You lost? to whom?”

The skeletal Ness’ face darkened even more.

“Now it seems to be called Gustav 4th Art. God of War, Vulcan.”

Uorin recalled the impression of being rambunctious like a Balkan bandit he had seen in the temple.

“What is the odds of winning?”

Gudio said.

“There is no such thing as a win rate. Because I couldn’t win a game. In any event, the rules for winners and losers are divided, and Balkans do not lose.”

I didn’t think there could be that much of a difference.

“How is that possible? No matter how good a gambler you are, you can’t break the odds.”

Agaya shook her head.

“I don’t know. I calculated it perfectly, but when the game is over, I feel possessed. It feels like he alone knows the rules of the game.”

“It’s not a chance.”

Ness, who returned from the shock of 14 years ago flowing backwards through the years, said with strained eyes.

“He reads the military flag.”

Also called mob.

Imperial Castle of the Gustav Empire, Marshak.

One of the largest artificial structures in the world along with Jincheon’s Yeomra and Kashan’s Aganos.

While each department was busy preparing for war, only the military Balkans were quietly playing chess.

Hundreds of chessboards were connected into one.

“What are you doing? Leave it soon!”

The 23 soldiers of the Empire facing the Balkans suffered from headaches while looking at the location of over 2,000 horses.


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‘I don’t know. What should I move?’

In a game of chess, whether you win or lose, there is always a winning trend.

Just by moving the first word, future possibilities drop exponentially.

‘But when hundreds of plates are connected… … .’

It goes over to the realm of senses that cannot be calculated with the human mind, and the standard of probability is lost.

“Let’s move this.”

After discussion, 23 people moved the pawn on the chess board at position 127 by 278.

‘I do not know.’

A piece can use all of the connected chessboards, so I wasn’t sure if my choice was the right one.

“It is a foolish judgment.”

The soldiers flinched at Balkan’s words.

“If we respond like this, isn’t there a way?”

The bishop on the chessboard numbered 7 horizontally and 16 vertically, which seemed to have nothing to do with the soldiers moving their pieces, moved.

‘I never know. What the hell does that have to do with it?’

In the future, if the horses moved about 2,000 more times, something might be seen, but the number of cases that the military and Balkans could choose until they reached 2,000 were infinite.

‘Prediction is impossible. It’s not a matter of calculation, it’s completely open to probability. It’s just the beginning.’

But how come he never won?

‘In the end, the game ends according to the general commander’s words.’

The soldiers looked at the Balkans, blessed by the gods of both Munmun and Wumu, with fearful eyes.

‘In his eyes… … What do you see?’

At the edge of hundreds of boards, Vulcan sat cross-legged and looked down at the battlefield.

‘That place is weak.’

He could clearly see the golden melody swirling through the thousands of words.

The soldiers moved their words to a point where the light was particularly weak in the light that filled the board.

“It is a weak judgment.”

Servants can also calculate the entire arrangement of pieces.

‘It would be easier if I gave up.’

Discipline denies probabilities.

It is not the form that the military discipline sees, but the gaze of the crowd that changes every moment due to its form.

“Let’s stop. You guys have already lost.”

What the military flag conveyed through the location of the horses moved by the soldiers was the reverence for the Balkans.

“What about the emperor?”

“Ah, from what I heard, a walk in the compound… … .”

“I’m bored to death.”

Vulcan said with a yawn.

“Why is the day so long today?”

Sirone asked.

“Are you such a difficult opponent?”

People who play card games answered unanimously.

“It is difficult.”

Agaya raised her index finger.

“Crowd Air is not an objective probability, but rather a peak of relative response. In other words, no one wins in a game with an opponent. If such a person is next to Havitz, he should be able to respond sufficiently to the law of <Slaughter>.”

“But also… … .”

said Ness.

“That’s why an enemy worth defeating. We will definitely win this gamble.”

The fighting spirit of those who played the card game flared up.

“good. So now let’s get into the analysis. First of all, we need to know who we will be dealing with.”

Uorin looked back at Sirone.

“villainy. Have you ever met them in your life?”

“Hmm, well? I’ve met quite a few bad people… … .”

Minerva pointed to herself.


“It’s not atrocious.”

Uorin shook her head.

“Of course, Minerva, you’re a really bad girl, but atrocities aren’t something that’s expressed to such an extent.”

Minerva pursed her lips.

“So you probably don’t want to hear… … .”

this is the story.

“I’d like to avoid it for the rest of my life.”

It is a story about the most distant human beings in the world, about atrocities.

* * *

“Help me! Her husband is dying!”

In the commoners’ quarters of the imperial castle, Marshak, a woman was out on the street and screaming.

“What is it?”

The man who ran in hastily was an old man in his 50s dressed as a clown with a drum on his back.

“Ah, that… … .”

The woman who was about to ask for help frowned when she saw the man dressed as a drug dealer.

“Someone please help! my husband… … !”

She couldn’t recognize the face of Zetaro, one of the four Gustav artists.

“So tell me! After all, I learned medicine. Shouldn’t people be saved?”

Zetaro was the most outstanding doctor in the Empire.

“Can you really save it?”

It wasn’t a matter to jump on without confidence, so the woman decided to trust Zetaro’s words.

“Here, here it is. I suddenly burst into foam and collapsed.”

Her husband was lying on the floor, and her little daughter and son were crying on the stairs.

“I’ll take a look first.”

Zetaro, who looked at her husband’s complexion and pupil’s reaction, recognized the symptoms at once.

“Basquiat Virus. Have you been to the lake in the past two months?”

“yes? Ah yes! I once went fishing with my friends!”

Zetaro rummaged through the merchant’s bag and pulled out a vial containing a brown liquid.

“This drug… … .”

“Can you live by drinking it?”

“No, this is my drug. I have some chronic illnesses.”

The woman looked at Zetaro, who opened the lid of the vial and gulped down the medicine, in bewilderment.

“Please save my husband! Can you save it?”

“It’s the Basquiat virus. The cure is… … .”

Zetaro, who hesitated while taking out a scalpel, bit his lip and suddenly shouted.

“How do I know that!”

As he looked up at the ceiling with blood vessels in his eyes, he hacked at her husband’s chest with a scalpel.


The woman screamed and the children rolled their eyes and fainted at the sight of blood oozing out.

“Wait, what the heck… … what are you doing… … .”

Zetaro, who had already been vaccinated, went outside with a bowl of hot blood on his face.

“Hey, Jetaro. I’m hungry. Would you like to go get something to eat?”

Havits in shabby clothes and Natasha in a suit approached, accompanied by the guards.

“Your Majesty, another life has been lost. So, so sad… … .”

Jetaro was unable to speak due to the unbearable sadness.

“I will sing a song.”

Hopping with his left foot and pushing his right foot to beat the drum, he held the trumpet and blew.

“Turbab Ddudu. Tur bab bab tu.”

The sound of the trumpet played by the best singer in the empire rang the heartstrings of passers-by.

“You bad children! What are you doing after killing your husband? … !”

When the woman came out of the house with a knife, the guards immediately pinned her to the ground.

“Aww! He is the emperor!”

People who had been watching the performance in a state of fascination realized the situation and left.

“Puhahaha! Fuhahaha!”

Havitz, who found the current situation so funny, was holding his belly button and bursting into laughter.


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