Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 837

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depression (2)

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‘Damn it.’

A wild glare emanated from the eyes that were hidden beneath the helmet of Freed’s cross.

Turning back time does not erase the events that existed in my mind.

But still Oh Daeseong.

When I suppressed my shame and analyzed the incident from a while ago, there was definitely something strange about it.

Meanwhile, the stars and satellites of the ivory tower gazed alternately at Fried and Sirone, speechless.

‘Fried got hit.’

It was an event in a time zone that did not exist, but there was no one who was foolish enough to not know the breaking of time.

‘No, did I really get hurt?’ The incident returned to the original time when Fried allowed the blow.

As a magician and swordsman, Fried’s durability was much higher than that of other stars, so questions remained.

And the answer to that question would only be known by Fried, who was directly attacked by Sirone.

‘ weird.’

The first thing that came to Fried’s mind was a sense of incongruity.

‘The fall of time. I understand that the timeline vibrates and pulls the future into the past… …

The trajectory of the Photon Cannon, and all the variables at the time Sirone’s teleportation reached his immediate vicinity.

‘Why couldn’t I avoid it?’

Even if it was a surprise attack, it wasn’t to the extent that he couldn’t avoid it as he had reached the highest level of mankind in sword and magic.

‘Not once.’

It feels like another time within time vibrates.

‘The incident in which I was attacked by him is just one of many incidents that have existed.’

How many times has the same section been repeated?

‘There is no need to think about the unknown.’

What he realized about Sirone was that he could perform calculations on future possibilities in an instant.

‘A wizard who searches for the route to reach the most perfect conclusion and strikes an unavoidable blow.’

That was Sirone.

‘But I shoot magic, move, and shoot again. What variables could be more at work there?’ The width of the change would be so minute that an ordinary wizard could not confirm it.

But rather, the subtlety made Fried feel uncomfortable like motion sickness.

‘Ambush doesn’t matter. Annoying O……’

Regardless of sword or magic, it was Freed who had never been beaten by anyone.

‘Was there a fine crack that could penetrate the gaps in my realm?’

The breaking of time was the second problem, and Sirone’s thinking about finding a way to surprise him was annoying.

“It’s interesting.”

Fried opened his mouth and let out a vicious aura.

“It’s unexpected. No way, I didn’t know that Oh Dae-seong of the Unified Universe Management Department would strike first.”

It was common for Oh Dae-seong, who had been guarding Taeseong for generations, to sit in a dignified manner like an enlightened human being.

“What are you talking about?”

Sirone asked savvyly.

“I didn’t do anything.”


Blood pooled in Fried’s temples.

‘That’s how it will come out.’ I had no intention of following Sirone’s philosophy from the beginning, but this workshop made it clear.

‘No matter what he thinks, he will never be able to carry it through.’

The atmosphere in the Earth Temple became tense.

Even the air shook as the stars and satellites of each department glared at each other.

Even though Taeseong was watching right in front of him, the name Daesojib was so huge.


Taeseong looked at Sirone with open eyes.

The destruction of time put pressure on her in a different way from Gaold’s destruction that directly hit the planet.

‘The mind is confused.’

According to her feelings, the number of times Sirone vibrated in order to successfully ambush Freed was approximately 40,000.

The reason why he turned back time was probably with Fried’s counterattack in mind after the successful attack.

‘Even Fried is not a person to be easily defeated.’

In terms of leading the situation, it can be said that it is like a poem, but unlike usual, the method was quite violent.

Minerva looked over at Sirone.

‘No, you’re right. The group that will obstruct us the most in this big and small house is the System Inspection Department. but… …

Fried was not going to break that much.

“United Space Management Department would like to speak


Sirone stood up from her seat.

“If demons were born from human evil, now is the time to eradicate that evil. We ask for the cooperation of each department of the Ivory Tower to fight the demons.”

“Why do I have to fight demons?” said Fried, crossing her arms.

“It is the principle of all things that the strong eat the weak. If they are strong, you can give them away, like this world?”

Sirone’s eyes lit up.

“If demons take over the world, all human nations will perish. Is that the ending the System Inspection Department wants?”

Fried was unconcerned.

“You are mistaken. We are not a follower of royalty. The system that currently leads the world is just the national system, and if the demons introduce a different system, it’s enough for us to manage it.”

It meant that as long as the system was maintained, it did not matter who became the ruler of this world.


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“I will pass on the opinions of the System Inspection Department to Taeseong. We do not act for the benefit of any particular country. Considering that the demons are also a newly born nation, the current situation is just a war. A common war horse that has always been and will never be gone.”

Minerva bit her lip.

‘You came in very determined.’

Fried was unlucky, but the System Inspection Department accounted for a large portion of the five departments.

“Mr. Fried has a point.”

Sirone nodded meekly. “Systematically, there is no reason why this world should belong to humans. But there is one thing I don’t understand, so I’d like to ask.”

“Hey, ask me any number. I will give my child a detailed understanding.”

Sirone looked straight at Fried and said.

“I heard that you manage the system of the demons, but I don’t think your department has that kind of ability.”

The eyes of the eight stars in the System Inspection Department each had a different kind of life.

“Such a cheeky bastard… …

Fried frowned.

“This is the end of installing a talent that others can’t do. There are many ways to kill you.”

Sirone accepted it calmly.

“is it so? What is it?” Fried’s mouth did not open for a long time, and after a while his shoulders shook violently.

“Quack. Kkkkkkkkk.”

The moment his body disappeared from view and the ground where he was sitting sank in a semicircle.

“Oh, Mr.… … !”

The Temple of the Earth thumped and swayed, and Fried with his sword drawn appeared in front of Sirone.

‘Patience! It’s this again!’

Seeing the afterimage of Sirone twisting her body in a counterattack posture made her sick again.

‘I have to assume that time has already oscillated.’

It was the second thing I felt, but it was an extremely dirty feeling that I couldn’t describe.

‘But can I find a gap this time too?’

Perhaps it would have been a surprise attack like the one before, but he was confident that he had no gaps in his preparation for the battle.

‘Look back as much as you like.’

After all, the only thing that will be decided is the case of Shirone’s head falling off.

‘If I win this time, it’s 1 win and 1 loss. but… …

Freed’s sword swung at the highest speed that passed the limit of the law.

‘My first win is your death!’

At that time, the wheel spun rapidly at the midpoint where the sword and magic collided.

‘World wheel? damn!’

It is not strong by itself.

However, strength was not needed to maintain absolute balance by circulating external forces.


As the power rotated around the world wheel, Sirone and Fried were bounced in opposite directions.


Where the two stared at each other, stood Amanta, spinning the world wheel between her palms.

“Stop it. It’s a meaningless fight.” Fried pursed his lips.

“No meaning? You must have heard that kid look at me funny?”

“Because both of you are wrong.” Amanta turned to Taeseong and said.

“Human-centered Syrone, System-centered Freed. It can be seen as a failure in that it has not already prevented today’s situation. Please let me use the world wheel even now.”

Taesung asked.

“How well can you balance it?”

“In exchange for annihilating 80% of humanity, the number of demons can drop below 30%.”

Minerva asked.

“Are 80% of humanity a joke?”

“It couldn’t have been this extreme. If you had listened to me when I asked you to turn the world wheel, mankind would have sacrificed only 30 percent.”

Sirone objected.

“Even 30 percent is a big number.”

“yes. But that 30 percent is already gone. They are all dead.” “You know what I mean? I tolerated your idealism, if not arbitrarily, once. But as a result, I made a bigger sacrifice. Face reality.”

“I will tell you something.” A woman’s voice, as cold as a sword, was heard from the outermost periphery of the Temple of Earth.

It was Sing, the five major stars of the Ministry of Law.

Her black hair was tied up over the top of her head, and her pale face was ferocious but beautiful.

“Wait a minute. Still my words… … Just as Fried was about to step out, Thing’s right hand moved gently to the side.

‘What, what?’

Sirone’s eyes widened.

Like bugs, everyone except Thing felt as small as dust on the floor.

‘It’s a huge law.’

Minerva gritted her teeth.

‘The Thing of the Ministry of Justice. If Fried is annoying, that woman is really strong.’

Thing opened his mouth.

“There is no standard in the law. When I become strong, others become weak. Therefore, I think it will be helpful to reveal my thoughts that do not have standards.”

Taesung asked.

“What are your thoughts?”

“… … I also question whether humans are worthy of such respect.”

While Fried raised the corners of his mouth, the wrinkles between Sirone’s forehead deepened.

Minerva sighed.

‘Of course, Sirone. The people gathered here are all those who have reached the highest level of humanity.’

Those who received the title of five stars, stars.

‘They have something in common… … That he has been hurt by so many people.

‘Actually, you know how terrible humans are. That’s why he’s going crazy.’

Not feeling like fighting together was the cause of Oh Dae-seong’s depression.

“There is no human in this world. There are only humans, humans, humans.”

According to Singh’s theory, a human being is a being who has fallen alone in a place made by someone else.

“I honestly don’t know. I can’t believe there are multiple humans in this world. Only I am human, and all of you are illusions.”

Everyone except me is a doll.

Even if he applied it to everyone in the world, there would be no human being who would prove the contradiction in Sing’s words.

“Thus, I am the only human in this universe. It is only to fight to pamper my own world. I don’t really want to care about the pain that illusions suffer.”

Sirone put on a tired expression.

‘What kind of life did I live to have thoughts like that?’

But that philosophy was the driving force behind Singh’s manipulation of the law to the extreme.

“So, as much as possible, I tried to match the will of the false image that someone created called Fried… …

The still huge Thing looked back at Sirone, who was standing on the vast floor, and smiled.

“The illusion of Sirone is also quite unique.”

‘What is it?’

I couldn’t analyze the woman named Thing.

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