Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 862

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rain (2)

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Retracting his weapon, Rian looked up at the sky.

In his eyes, trapped in an unknown dome-shaped curtain, he saw particles of light falling from the sky.

“No, it’s the light.”

The Pandemonium opened by Gaitan had disappeared without a trace due to the pouring light.

“I-what is that?”

The survivors trapped in the dome stood up one by one and pointed at the black cloud.

A part of a flying object of unfathomable size was exposed outside the clouds.

‘It’s not serious.’

Rian was worried about Sirone, but she couldn’t dare to go outside the blue dome.

It was a heavy rain of such power that it completely destroyed a 10-meter-tall building in less than a minute.

Putting death aside, the moment you go outside, your body will be beaten without even a trace.

Above all, there was a sight that convinced me that the present phenomenon was caused by Sirone.


A roaring, world-destroying particle of light flashed whenever it hit the surface of an object.

The blindingly beautiful light was emitted in a hexagonal shape.


From the spire of the Temple of Earth, Taeseong watched what was happening in the Gustav Empire.

On the planets visible under the glass floor, Yahweh’s clouds were covering the empire.


Then, cutting through the black cloud, a huge spaceship half the size of the empire was approaching.

thud! thud!

Taeseong looked back at the vibration he felt on the floor.

“you are… …

“Guardian of Gaia.”

He had gray skin, long hair from front to back, large greasy eyes and a pointed chin.

awkwardly waving your slender arms

It was Supreme Court Terraforce, a 3-meter-high alien creature approaching with a sigh.

“You came by yourself.”

“The Hexa program has been activated. As per user protection rules, Terraforce sends an ark.”

Standing next to Taeseong, the justice of the Supreme Court looked at the scene on the ground reflected on the screen.

Taesung asked.

“… … What is Hexa?”

“It is estimated to be a unit of the Ultima system and a kind of extinction code. The signal of Hexa responds one-to-one to all information, erasing the source of the Akashic Records.”

The Supreme Court judge continued as he watched the world’s information being erased by the heavy rain of light.

“Secondly, seeing So Jung-hwa with her own eyes.”

“It was in Gaia’s time. The fact that the ark has arrived means that two people will be selected again this time?”

“Hexa cannot be stopped by anything. Even the electromagnetic shield will break eventually. We have to pick two before that.”

Only two humans, a man and a woman, board the ark and migrate to another planet.

“Yahweh’s wrath will increase and cover the entire planet. it’s over. He has closed this world.”

“It’s not forever, though.” So it was a minorization.

“Well, the selected men and women will eventually settle on other planets and bring in countless users.”

The Supreme Court looked back at Taeseong.

“Just as the two Gaians selected from Sojeonghwa long ago made humans prosper on this land.” Taeseong remained silent.

“You know you are here? The only remaining Gaian in the photon system, and the first human on this planet.”

“He is no longer human. He exists with only memories in his little brain.”

It was something I chose for myself.

“So, who are the men and women selected this time?”

“We are looking at a lot of combinations. There are about 300 candidates. A decision will be made in Parliament sooner or later.”

“The two of us have to open a new world. That’s too harsh. Who are the candidates?”

“For example, Miro and Havitz.”

Taeseong looked back at the Supreme Court justice with sullen eyes.

“Extreme and extreme?”

“It is the best way to maintain the system. Miro will understand. The mistakes of the past must not be repeated.”

The first humans made a mistake.

“You mean Eve.”

“She broke the rules. She tried to be everyone’s mother and she did. After all, Eve’s partner is… …

It is living as a brain without extinction.

“Anyway, that combination can’t work. It would have been the maze in the past, but it’s different now. She won’t accept anyone but Gaold

“So it’s a candidate. First of all, it will be carefully reviewed. At present, the council has Ethella and Chagall in mind.”

“Ethella and Chagall?”

It was a very strange combination, but after thinking for a while, Taeseong understood.

“Maybe it could be.”

It was only when the Supreme Judge of Terra Force personally led the ark that I realized it.

“Again, it’s over.” The justice of the Supreme Court rested his hand on Taeseong’s shoulder.

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s just a trial and error phase. One day humanity will reach its ultimatum.”


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“Is it really possible, a perfect system?”

A world with nothing more to fix.

“Whatever God makes, it is only God’s perfection. What is truly perfect is when we become gods.”

Humans have to define it.

“That’s why gods are indifferent and do not interfere with this world. Let’s just say he can spend outside… …

The Supreme Court judge looked at Sirone.

“It must be a signal borrowed from a human body.”

“Is that Yahweh?”

“If the person furthest from humans is Buddha, then Yahweh is the person closest to God. Loving all things must be like that, but Sirone is also just a human after all.”

In front of Seongeum’s eternal pain, Sirone had no choice but to choose merit over fraternity.

“This time we will start with a different combination. We’re going to pick the best two. There is still plenty of time.”

Hundreds of billions of years remain.

“Find a planet for the ark to land on. I would like to stay as far away from this place as possible.”

“… … yes.”

If it was a providence to maintain the system, he had no choice but to follow it, but Tae-sung’s heart ached as if it were going to break.

‘Sirone… …

Is it an illusion that the drops of light that annihilate the world feel like Sirone’s tears?

‘Are you really going to end it like this?’ Mitura, commander of the 8th Corps, engaged in a close battle with the Ivory Tower Five Stars on the sea.

Numerous demons were guarding their side, but they did not dare to intervene in the violent battle.

“This, this… …

The joint effort of the four strongest wizards of mankind was terrifying, and Me Too had to struggle.

“Brigade commander! Open the Demon Realm!” As the frustrated men shouted, Mithura’s face contorted into evil.

‘Bastards! It’s not their job… …

If you open the demon realm, it will disappear forever.

‘Do you really open it up?’

While engaging in a sword fight with Fried, a sudden thought occurred to him.


The law of Singh bound Mithura limbs, and Amanta’s wheel struck her head.

At that time, Mitura, who turned her head with a bang, fiercely looked back.

Hey hey hey!

Minerva’s jet hit the pit of the stomach.

“Kuaaa!” Pushed back by force, they retreated several kilometers, and the flying demons hurriedly followed.

“Brigade commander! Hurry up… …

“Aaaaaaa! shut up!”

The heads of the petty demons ran away.

“I’m going crazy.”

A special being who received the authority of the demon realm at the same time as it was born.

Metura had a lot of pride in him, but when the time came, he wasn’t ready.

‘To go back to nothingness forever?’ What was Amon thinking when he opened the Demon Realm?

“You are surprisingly timid.”

Minerva said as the four great stars flew side by side pursuing Mitura.

“This is why demons are afraid of Buddha. Unless you are resurrected from the fire of hell, it is the same as dying.”

Fried snorted.

“A coward like that is doing well in commanding the corps.”

Thing said.

“Apart from the fact that they contain only the disposition of evil, they are essentially no different from humans. I can take it down easily.”

“Don’t be too careless. Then, if you get picked up behind your eyes, it becomes a headache from then on.”

Unlike Oh Dae-seong, who prepares for emergencies, Mitura’s heart did not change easily.

‘It can’t go on like this. We have to open the demon realm for Satan. Let’s open, let’s open, let’s open!’

Fire shot up from Mithura’s eyes.

It seems not yet.

“shit! Let’s fight a little longer! I can win!”

The moment they were determined to fight, a huge fireball flew in and exploded on the surface of the water.

Merania looked at the horizon.

“They are the tears of Yahweh.”

The roar of the particles of light striking the entire empire and destroying objects reminded me of the apocalypse.

Even Merania’s black umbrella wouldn’t last long, but her expression was calm.

“This ending isn’t bad either.”

According to the doctrine of the other world, when Yahweh’s tears overflowed the world, it was said to disappear.

Indeed it is.

The power of the heavy rain of light was enough to wipe out all the demons in the empire.

“Do you know why we hate you?”

Approaching Sirone, Merania slowly reached out and touched the Hexa particles.

Pupper puffer puck!

In an instant, my hand exploded at the light that was piercing me down.

“If you don’t do this… …

The black umbrella disappeared, and Merania hugged Sirone in that state.

“Because they don’t see us.”

Countless light drops hit the body.

“What should I do if I was born like this?” Even with the durability of the legionnaire, it could only last a few more minutes than other demons.

“What is love?”

Neither the demons nor the Habits knew how to love.

“I could die for you. You can even kill Satan if you want. but… …

Waiting for Sirone’s answer, she opened her mouth with a sad smile.

“I really don’t know what that is.”

As her beautiful face collapsed, her body began to be shaved off from above.

Sirone was speechless.

“Are you here?”

Sirone, who only existed as a signal, quickly moved towards the source of the voice.


Hexagonal particles began to assemble quickly and change into a human form.

“I don’t know. Look at the underworld.”

In front of Sirone, there was Ogent Guy, who was sitting cross-legged and resting his chin on his chin.


Sirone confirmed that a ray of light flying from the darkness was connected to Gai.

“Can you see this light too? It’s not that I’m attracted to it, but it’s unpleasant because I feel like I’m constantly being called. Is it an irresistible temptation?”

Sirone examined her body, but there was no connection anywhere.

“When I came here, I knew something. Perhaps this is the identity of Edea. So I guess I’m the only one dead. Oh, and you’re dead too.”

“we… … dead?”

After being stabbed by Guy’s sword, I couldn’t remember.

‘Is it a dream?’

It didn’t feel like reality.

“I want to explain it in detail, but there is no way to explain it. It’s sending such a signal. Anyway, the reason I waited for you is because I wanted to make a proposal.”

“You said you were already dead, so what kind of suggestion was “You can go back alive.” Even if it was a dream, it was a word that could not be turned away.

“Ha, how do I explain this? So, if I don’t follow this light, you can live. Should I give you my seat? Should there be one seat left? Is that how you feel?”

“I do not know what I mean. And why do you keep me alive There is no reason for that.”

“You don’t seem to remember what you did.”

“What have you done?”

Gai burst into laughter and asked, raising the corners of his mouth.

“Okay, are you feeling better now?”

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