Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 865

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Groggy (1)

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“You don’t remember?”

Gaold, Gangnan, and Zulu sat in a circle on the sandy beach where a bonfire was lit.

“It has been like that before. It got better for a while, then it got a little worse. But the biggest problem is… …

Gaold raised his face glistening in the torchlight.

“There is no standard for memory disappearing.”

I turned around, but Kang Nan understood.


Since his days as the president of the association, his memories have been out whenever he was bored, but he never forgot about the maze.

Gaold asked why they were fighting.

‘It hurts too much, and as a result the pain soars without knowing the limit, even the essence is lost.’

Gangnan asked.

“If you don’t remember the maze… …

“It doesn’t matter.”

Gaold was adamant.

“I don’t feel particularly anxious about it. It doesn’t matter if I forget the maze. But the reason I’m speaking honestly to you guys is because of concerns about the weakening of our power. If you forget the maze, you won’t be able to exert the power of apostasy.”

“That’s the problem now!”

Gangran broke out.

“You don’t even know why we’re fighting! Suffering to death! Go back to Zion even now! Go ahead and talk to Miro! This is the limit!”

“And then?”

Kang Nan shrank in front of Gaold’s gaze.

“leave. Take the maze and leave. Run away anywhere and live happily ever after. Miro said that too.”

“… … It did.”

Gangnan realized.

Miro had promised to do so, so Gaold couldn’t go to her.

“Stupid human.”

Gaold smiled painfully.

“Hey, don’t drive me so strangely. I am a wizard too. I can’t solve my intuition without seeing the end. It’s a bad situation anyway. Let’s focus on solving the problem.”

Zulu said.

“It’s just that I can’t remember, it doesn’t mean that reason has disappeared. If you calmly understand yourself, you won’t make mistakes in battle. The problem is that the power has weakened.”

Gaold rested his chin and thought.

“It’s powerful… …

There was no way it would feel good to leave the maze and become weak as a single wizard.

‘Is there a greater pain than love?’

More than anything, it was humiliating to have one’s mind set to the number of apperception.

“You’ll need shock therapy.” “It’s a maze.” Three people entered the maze’s room where they were immersed in meditation.

Standing behind him were the officers Armin and Kuan, and Lilya, now a full-fledged mage.

“I’m here?”

When Miro opened her eyes, the quiet energy disappeared, revealing the true nature of human beings.

She had thinned a lot since Gaold left, but her beautiful figure hadn’t faded.

Sein asked.

“Are you really okay? Eating too little Sleep time is very short. I can’t fight like this.”

“It’s rather helpful.”

The drier the body, the sharper the mind.

Although her body would be damaged if this situation continued, she was preparing for the final battle.

“Since the psychic realm has disappeared, there is no need for many people in Zion. I will start my activities from now on.”

So it was the three people who called.

“Quan, Armin, and Lilia go to Tormia. Stop the army of hell there.”

Quan asked.

“Why Tormia? The demons haven’t come to Kazura yet.”

“50% of the demons were wiped out by the small purification, but the corps commanders must have survived. If they gather in the central continent, it’s only a matter of time before they break through. Tormia is the only barrier. and??????

Miro raised an eyebrow.

“You want to go? Tormia.”

There was Olifer Shiina.

While Kuan was silent and lost in thought, Lilia nodded her head vigorously.

“yes. Then, we will set off as soon as we are ready.”

The three people who were leaving for Tormia left the room, but Sein was still there.

“It’s a maze.”

Miro shook his head because he knew what Sain was trying to say.

“Stop leaving. Because it interferes with concentration.”

The conversation always ended here.

However, now that the psychic realm was sealed and activities were freed, Se-in pushed hard.

“Are you really not going to meet me?”

Miro was speechless.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that he destroyed the southern region by himself. He doesn’t have much time.”

“You will be able to hold on.”

“doesn’t exist. No matter how strong the mind is, the brain is a physical organ. endurance limit

There is a law.”


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There was no way I didn’t know it was her.

“Gaold is not coming. so you have to go Go check his status. These are military instructions.”

Miro stuck out her lower lip.

“Then what if I ask you to start living?” Sein turned around.

“… … I’m glad you have the strength to do that.”

The door is closed.

The Gustav Empire was nothing like when the planet was first born.

The demons were almost wiped out, but that didn’t mean that not a single one was left behind.

It was because the quick-witted demons hurriedly fled when the corps commanders left the empire.

The surviving demons scattered all over the world and spread what they saw.

– It rained. bombardment of light.

-Everything is destroyed! The demons, the world, everything was wiped away without a single one left!

Rumors spread quickly. -It was the first time that Yahweh was so scary. Never, never anger him.

-We will all perish! He won’t forgive us!

I was half out of my mind.

– I, I saw! I ended up seeing something I shouldn’t have seen! Aaaaaaaaa!

All the demons who heard the rumor shuddered in fear of Yahweh without exception.

3 weeks passed like that.

It was the point when Sirone and Lian crossed the Akkad Desert and arrived at the border of the Central Continent.

Lian, who was riding the warhorse he had discovered two days ago, said to Sirone, who was sitting on his back.

“Probably the Kingdom of Bornai.” It used to be like that, but now it was ruined by the war with the demons.

Sirone was silent as if dead.

It’s natural that I don’t have the strength to speak because I’ve starved for days, but what’s more serious than that is the wall in my heart.

On the way here, Lian told us what had happened in the Gustav Empire.

A bombardment that wiped out an empire in just a few hours.

Perhaps the planet would have perished if he hadn’t met Gai on some world.

After hearing that, Sirone didn’t say anything about menstrual activity.

‘The shock must be great.’

Great power is a magician’s dream, but that was when it was controllable.

So Jung-hwa’s disaster was the first uncontrollable magic in Sirone’s life.

“Let’s get some food first.”

Unlike the desert, the central continent is a place where civilization flourished, so you should be able to find food.

After riding for two hours, they arrived at a terribly destroyed city.

In terms of location, it was probably named ‘Arka’, but there was no way to confirm it.

Stepping on the knocked-down door through the wall, I saw the remains of buildings that had been dismantled into bricks.

Lian was relieved to see rats roaming among the rotting corpses.


Ryan gently grabbed the horse’s reins.

‘To live.’

It was a low-level killing that anyone who had experienced war to some extent could feel, but there were quite a few of them.

“Speak, say.”

Haggard-looking people appeared from all sides holding spears.

Giving up surprise and relying on numbers meant being an untrained civilian.

“Come down. That’s ours.” They didn’t even seem to have any experience of looting.

“Who is the captain?”

Based on this situation, Lian realized that they were self-sufficient survivors in a destroyed city.

cried the old man who had lost his teeth.

“I told you to get off! That’s ours! I really want to die!”

It wasn’t a threat to Lian, and Sirone was just staring at the ground, not paying attention at all.

“stop. I’m a soldier. You can’t deal with it.”

Looking up at the top of the collapsed building, I saw a woman with her hair cut short like a man’s, holding a long sword.

Leaping down from a height of 4 meters, she strode toward Lian.

“Is it a loser? How did you get here?”

“It is the way home. If you just let go, we will leave quietly.”

“Where is your hometown?”


The corner of the woman’s mouth went up coldly.

“Good. I still have a place to return to. Say goodbye and leave. We will use it for our food.”

Horses were Lian and Sirone’s food.

“I can’t. Again, I don’t want to fight. You guys are not thieves either.”


The woman was offended.

“Seeing that you have a small conscience, I can see how you survived. Did you, before, do it right?”

From her point of view, Lian and Sirone were in their early twenties at the most.

“I don’t know because you’re a high noble, but the justice you cried out for is already dead. If you don’t speak up… …

Rian didn’t even reveal his intent to kill, but the woman’s throat would be cut if she crossed a certain line.

“Give me.”

Sirone opened his mouth.

“Just give it away, Lian.”


“I don’t want to argue with anyone.”

Sirone needed time to think.

“Huh, as expected, the young master is quick-witted. Yes, it is a life saved, but I cannot throw it away here.”

Ryan suggested.

“I’ll pass the horse, so pass me some meat. Can you do that much?”

“A little meat? crazy guy Even a handful of burnt seeds is the weight of life here. By the way, do you want meat?” She turned around and said she was a woman.

“The horse will be slaughtered and dried. Follow me. We’ll treat you to a bowl of porridge for us to eat.”

Since he had to eat something for now, Lian got off the horse and carried Sirone on his back.

The place they arrived at was a temporary shelter divided by building rubble and a bonfire was burning.

100 survivors were doing their own thing, such as repairing the camp or cooking porridge.

The wood burning area was warm, but Sirone insisted on a cold corner.

“Are these all survivors?” The woman laughed bitterly.

“At first it was more. Most died of disease. There were so many corpses. Those who are still alive should be considered to have strong vitality.”

The woman threw down two blankets.

“write. It’s one piece per person. Meals will be distributed in an hour. While you’re here, follow the rules.”

Lian went back to Sirone without a word.

“Sirone, cover this and put your eyes on it for a while.”

One was wrapped around Sirone’s shoulders, and his own was placed on Sirone’s knees.

The man who was watching from afar laughed.

“Can I be your lover? It is extremely sincere.” It was a luxury to care for others in this shelter, and it was also a rule.

“A new recruit came in?”

A man’s voice came from behind Ryan.

When I turned my head, a cold-looking man with a woman was approaching.

“I got a horse. I’ll leave in a little while.”

The woman said, but the man didn’t even respond and looked at Lian and Sirone alternately.

“What are you doing?”

At once, the man with a wrinkled expression pointed at the two blankets covering Sirone.

“You should have ordered one per person?”

“I gave you mine. Doesn’t it matter?”

“no. There is no notion that this shelter is mine. There is only the notion that it is ours. Take it right away and cover it for you.”

He could hand over the horse, but he couldn’t yield to Sirone’s convenience.

“You are free to use what you have been supplied. What right do you have to even look at that?”

“Because I am the manager of this shelter.”

As the man spread his palms, sparks rose.

“I am a wizard. Is this enough to qualify?” While Rian remained silent, Sirone only looked forward with a nonchalant gaze.

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