Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 871

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All those fights (2)

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Harvitz was conscious three days later. Death does not happen to him, but Balkan questioned whether that was the case.

‘What if I took my own life?’ or similar events.

“I’m bored to death. When are you going to fight’?”

Sumodo twisted his back as if he had a sore throat.

“I already missed the timing. The next advance will be after all the corps commanders have been summoned.”

“I’ll be thrilled. Anything fun?” Zetaro said.

“I can’t do anything right now. Find them in the barracks and play with them.”

“shit! Alright, Natasha. Follow me.” Natasha pointed to herself.

“Why me? I am tired now.”

“What is a good friend?”

Sumodo grabbed Natasha by the wrist and dragged her into the room.


Natasha followed with a teary face, and Jetaro shrugged and went for a walk.

Only Vulcan remained in the seat and looked at the back of Habitz, who was squatting outside the tent.

‘I don’t know what you’re thinking.’ A woman’s voice was heard.

“Can I move already?”

The name of the woman who walks in while breastfeeding is Deris.

Unlike when we first met, she had lost weight.

“why? Are you worried?”

“Not at all.”

Deris asked while nursing her baby.

“Why are you guys fighting? It’s as if he’s just impatient with not being able to kill people.”

“Can I leave if you don’t like it?”

“Where am I going? Where else can you do something as good as this? I feel like a queen.”

“Then you are on our side too.”

Deris turned to Havitz.

“He doesn’t seem like a bad person.”

“Good and evil are just standards by which humans treat other humans. If only one person lives in the world, neither good nor evil can be done.”

Because others don’t exist.

“Of course killing people is bad. But from a cosmic perspective, there is no essential difference between killing a person and kicking a roadside stone.”

“Why do I need to see it from a cosmic perspective?”

“… … Because the answer is there.” Where did humans come from?

“There are people like me. I just thought it would be easier for one evil to remain than for everyone to do good.”

Vulcan pointed to Havitz.

“Didn’t I say he didn’t look like a bad guy? That’s because Havitz possesses an evil that transcends humanity. He killed 100 million people, raped her women, those are evils that presuppose other people.”

“Is that person different?”

“Havitz’s thinking assumes a state in which all humans have disappeared. It’s such a huge desire that it doesn’t seem like you want anything. Of course, when humanity dies, the standard of good and evil to define it will completely disappear… …

While Deris, who did not understand, remained silent, Balkan was lost in thought.

‘They said they were connected.’


If human beings achieved an integrated mental system, the standard of good and evil would also disappear.

‘Hasn’t it already been accomplished?’ Gaia has reached the end.

‘It was originally there, but it was lost. A specific incident that evaporated between Gaia and humans.’

Missing Link.

‘What happened?’

Why do human beings fight over the standard of good and evil, being divided into numerous personalities?

The first humans should have known.

Maya, who made a name for herself in world beauty contests, was booked for invitations to numerous events in other countries.

Of course, most of the countries are now gone.

“shit! Is there such a thing as unlucky!”

At the gathering of Maya’s team, Palmus, the head of the agency, burst into anger.

“It was absolutely amazing! Even if I didn’t lose to the demons, I could have made a lot of money!”

the coordinator said.

“How many victims are you talking about money? It is fortunate that Tormia is still alive and well.”

“I am the one who paid the memorial in the name of the agency. Anyway, the living don’t have to live. All events have been canceled, and the company will go bankrupt like this.”

said the manager.

“How about changing your thinking? Events have been canceled one after another, but the consolation performances are a success. If you put a kite in the temple and perform for the soldiers… …


Palmers’ eyes lit up.

“Is it a good way? No, it’s not good enough. If it is Maya, it will definitely be eaten.”

Not only are they good at singing, but they also have outstanding looks.

“The problem is that the competition is fierce. Proposals have to come from the temple, yes, but to excite the soldiers

It’s not just about singing well.”

It took just one thing and that was it.

“You have to expose it.” the coordinator said.

“I’ve seen consolation performances before. Exposure isn’t the problem. Watching how raunchy they danced made my face burn.”

“okay? What was the reaction?”


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“It wasn’t a joke. The cheers were so loud that I thought I was going to go deaf.”

While Maya bit her lip and was lost in thought, the manager looked at her and said.

“At least that level should be adjusted. Valkyrie is an army. I will never recruit Maya unless I can bring out the morale of the soldiers.”


Falmus had a secret crush on Maya, so he wasn’t in a good mood.

But he was a yin.

‘You can’t ignore the needs of the audience. We have to compromise up to a certain point.’

It was good for Maya too.

“Let’s think of clothes that go well with the song. Don’t be too s*xy, but lively and healthy.” As a result of Maya’s team discussing head-to-head, a rough concept was caught.

“From the shoulder line, the collarbone and upper chest are exposed, and instead of wearing underpants, I will keep the length of the skirt as short as possible.”

The key was the chest.

“Maya, what do you think?”

As expected, there was no answer, so Falmus put his hands together and made a sad expression.

“I know you want to compete with a song. I promised you so too. But now you have to seize the opportunity when there is recognition. Only the top half of the chest, huh? Let’s just get there.”

“That doesn’t work.”

Palmers sighed.

“ha. Yeah, honestly me too… …

“Listen to the end. I mean, it’s too halfway in this way. You have no discernment.”

Maya also thought that from the standpoint of risking her life to sing, she had to try her best.

“Yeah, but if you lower the line further… …

Popularity must have exploded, but the entertainment company’s diva couldn’t be consumed that way.

“How about something like this? Exposing the lower chest instead of covering the upper chest.” Maya’s arms moved left and right around her chest.

“huh? down?”

I didn’t understand at first.

However, as the image gradually formed in my head, I felt a thrill as if I had been struck by lightning.

“… … It’s very naughty.”

The coordinator and manager also nodded.

It’s just the difference between top and bottom, but no one has ever tried such a costume.

Palmus asked with a bewildered expression.

“Maya, are you really confident?”

“Honestly, it’s unfamiliar, but if you practice… …

“No, I mean the chest. So what should I say, a line? You have to have some elasticity.”

“Yes, what… …

never thought about it

“It’s just a woman’s breast.”

That level of pride was enough.

“Okay, it’s over! This is unconditionally eaten! The manager choreographs right away, and the coordinator starts making costumes! I will come to meet Valkyrie officials.”

Palmus ran out of the room excitedly.

Three days after that, a previously planned performance was held in Baska, the capital of Tormia.

In the aftermath of the war, Yein’s activity area was reduced, but Maya was still popular in Tormia.

“I am introducing! This is Maya, a new singer who has taken the world beauty pageant by storm!”

Voices flew from all directions along with cheers.

“sister! i love you!”

“Maya! Maya my love! Just wave your hand once!”

About 1,000 spectators were gathered, and in the corner was an officer of Valkyrie’s military band.

“Captain, are you all right? There are so many exiled artists that it is still saturated.”

There is no concept that it is sufficient for war, but too many tows will reduce the concentration of the soldiers.

“I can’t just wash my hands. I can only hope for a proper idol to come out.”

Meanwhile, Falmus, waiting for Maya’s performance backstage, was pale and tired.

“What do we do? What do we do? Can we do it well?”

The coordinator was extensive.

“Are you nervous that doesn’t suit you? We know Maya’s skills well.”

“Skills are like that. But not this time. Will it really work? Will it work?”

said the manager, wet his dry lips.

“I leave it to the sky. I did everything I could.”

As the prelude rolled and the spotlight shone, Maya appeared in a coat.

From the sky like a shower… <Light Rain>, which she wrote herself.

However, in order to utilize the costume concept, the first part was arranged in a ballad style.

At the sound of desperate and sorrowful emotions coming out of the voice, the audience even held their breath.


Are they still fighting around the battlefield?

‘I’m going to see you.’

thud! thud! thud! thud!

Cheers erupted as the song regained its original tempo with a strong drum beat.


Maya threw off her coat and choked her throat.


Light down!

I wondered if the cheers stopped for a while at the stimulating costumes that I couldn’t see anywhere… … .


As if a shower was pouring down, the voices of the thousand spectators exploded all at once.

The collar came up to the neck and was cut off at the point where it slightly exposed the lower part of the chest.

The waist line and navel were exposed, but in reality, the exposed area of ​​the chest was not that severe.

Approximately 3 cm high.

The audience went crazy with that 3cm exposure.

“Maya! Maya!”

When everyone called her name, Maya let out a high-pitched voice almost in a trance.

“Maya! Maya J”

At this moment, neither the demons nor the war came to mind, and only surrendered to the rhythm.

The only expressionless people in the volume that hit the heart directly were the military band of Valkyrie.

“It’s quite good. The songs are also of a high quality.

How do you see the chief?” The director watched Maya sing passionately for a long time before opening her mouth.

“Contract. From tomorrow, put them on the front line immediately.”

“All right.”

The adjutant opened the file and wrote down Maya’s name.

Meanwhile, as excited as the audience was, a mess was going on behind the scenes as well.

“Aww! Wow! Amazing, Great! oh my god!” Manager and coordinator hold hands

He jumped and jumped.

Light down!

Palmers, who had been following Maya’s choreography without hesitation, got angry when he saw the two of them.

“hey! What are you guys doing? You don’t have to go quickly and buy a bag or a hook!”

“yes? Why is that all of a sudden?”

As the two blinked at each other, Falmus mercilessly rubbed the fingers of both hands together and shouted.

“You don’t have to spend money! Fuhahaha!”

Managers and coordinators also realized.

“Oh right! Gotta spend the money! Ho ho ho ho!”

Maya’s song reached its climax, but the audience’s voices were so loud that they could not be heard.

“Maya! i love you!”

Another wizard who graduated from Alpheas Magic School joined the crusade.

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