Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 881

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Biology Program (4)

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“It’s old.”

Argo Ness, who was staring at the screen, sat on Fisho’s chair and crossed his legs.

It was clearly an event in a different time period, but Sirone felt as if he was right in front of him.

“Do you know me?”

That’s why I asked, and to my surprise, I heard an answer.

“of course. Because I am a fisho.”

Argoneth’s slime flowed rapidly over the surface and turned into the body of a fisho.

“He is also your father.”

The skin thinned again, and immediately changed into the face of Vincent, Cirone’s father.

“I am your woman too.”

This time it was Amy.

Argones laughed.

“No, was it this?”

The people I had met so far quickly appeared as if a video was running.

Sirone said.

“But not me.”

so it’s not true

As if hearing it, Argones raised the corners of his mouth as he regained his original form.

“Hexa. A protocol that is out of the biological world. Certainly I can’t control you but… …

Argones kicked off the chair and came running, holding on to the video recorder and poking his face.

“It does not mean that it cannot be extinguished.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

In the still-vibrating screen, Argones’s face was quickly pushed out.


Argones, which permeated the video recording device, proliferated again and came out.

The synchro was perfectly aligned, creating an optical illusion as if time had passed.

“Isn’t it?”

As Argones hung his arm and swung it like a stick, Sirone cast an instant movement.

When I stuck to the wall and looked up, Argones’ arm was hardened like a blade.

“No need to be surprised. I just checked what kind of signals Hexa’s protocol receives.”

There was no way for Argones to escape from the space sealed by the material barrier.

“Breaking the barriers of cognition expands the unit of time. Certainly unique for a human being.”

It seemed that he had already guessed that he had turned back time through his sense of time.

“… … What do you want?”

Argones shook his head.

“I don’t want anything. You know what I mean? The reason asteroids collide is not because I hate this planet. just bumped into Living things also have their own inertia. Instinct.”

Argones permeated all the way to the floor and pulled his upper body back from the ceiling.

“All the desires of that creature. The exact combination of those desires forms the world. My host seemed to know.”

Fisho was an insect wizard who studied the ecosystem in his head.

“It was a fruitful conversation, but he chose heresy. The secrets of the world must not be revealed. It must perish.”

“With what qualifications?”

“I still don’t understand. Extinction is also the desire of creatures. It’s not because you deserve it. Cells annihilate themselves when there is danger to the system. The same goes for Fisho.”


If Ankera prevented the destruction of the natural world, Argones seemed to prevent the destruction of the biological world.

“All the natures of living things begin with me. And the farther you get away from me, the more the biosphere collapses. Therefore, you and me, Havitz and Miro, are all dangerous elements.”

It was unexpected that Havits, the incarnation of desire, was a danger to Argones.

“When it is achieved as one, the point of view disappears. Extremes are dangerous. I don’t know who will win, but I’d rather no one win. Only a complex world full of doubts will be safe for you.”

“What if someone wins?”


When the planet was set as the unit of information dissemination, it meant that all living things would be annihilated.

Sirone said.

“The guffin has left the photon field.”

With a snap, Argones’ body broke off and landed flexibly on the floor.

And there were no words.

“Gaiain has transcended you and transcended Anchera. As long as we have that faith, we will not give up.”

“You think I’m a villain.” Argones’ body began to disintegrate softly when he placed his hand on the video recorder.

“Well, that is your limit. trust? You won’t understand a guffin with just that.”

“what do you mean?”

Slime seeped into the video recording device.

“You’d better think about why the Gaians left humanity behind. Guffin is gone, but the fight isn’t over yet.”

Argones’s finger, which had absorbed most of his body, pointed at Sirone.

“Save yourself.”

The last voice leaked out.

“It’s a Guffin word.”

Just as he was holding Argones’ message in his head, the video recording device was grotesquely twisted.

There was a bang, an explosion inside, and the smell of burning cellular matter.

Sirone, who had silently watched the scene where nothing was left, removed the material barrier.


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And I was in trouble about how to deal with the will left by Fishaw.

When she made her decision and turned around, there was a firm determination in Sirone’s eyes.

“That’s how it happened.”

When Sirone finished talking about Fisho’s will, Iruki stroked his chin.

“Hmm, no one should win.”

It was a story that could not be overlooked from the standpoint of a human being who is in confrontation with atrocities.

“Is it surprising that you are included? You said you swallowed the dream of Ang Kera. So, did Ra and Argones become enemies?”

“I said there was no Pia. It’s just to suppress the phenomenon of crossing the line according to the standard. Rado and Argones too.”

Iruki nodded.

“I’m embarrassed. We should be prepared, but the information will spread quickly. I understand how you feel.”

“It can be revealed or not revealed. I’m going to go to the ivory tower and ask Taeseong. Taeseong would be able to make a more accurate judgment.”

While everyone was lost in their thoughts, Sirone asked.

“What are you going to do next?”

“Nothing will change. Havitz’s army is right in front of us, so we have to stop it. I don’t know if I can.”

Rather, Iruki comforted Sirone.

“I will leave Argones’ problems to you. Never mind the kingdom. Because it’s what we have to do.”

“… … save yourself.”

The two looked up at the sky side by side.

In front of Fishaw’s grave, where people left, Cayden put down a chrysanthemum flower.

“Were you satisfied with your life?”

He deliberately arrived late because he didn’t want to get involved with his classmates, but there was someone who had the same idea.

“It’s late.”

When I turned my head, Eden was standing with his back to the sun.

“Are you here too?”

“You should come. Because we are friends.”

Cayden, Eden, and Fisho once fought as a team in Scrumble Royale.

Cayden stood up slowly.

“I heard you were in Zion.”

“The psychic realm was closed and monks were dispatched all over the world. I stopped by briefly before supporting the Central Continent War.”

“okay. Good luck.”

Eden asked as Cayden turned and walked away.

“What are you thinking of doing?”


“Are you not going to fight? You were born with the fate of the Red Cross. It’s an opportunity to show off your skills.”

Humanity needed Cayden.

“I don’t believe in fate.” I honestly don’t know.

“I am not a seeker. Not even a priest like you. why do i have to fight For whom?”

Eden came up with a number of reasons.

But the only reason I couldn’t name was ‘for yourself’.

Because if Cayden becomes the hero who saved the world, it means his misfortune.

“Yes, it is something I cannot force. live well anyway Contact me if you change your mind.”

Cayden, who did not move for a moment, finally moved on without answering.

At that time, Alpheas Magic School alumni walked in groups of threes and threes from the entrance of the tombstone.

familiar face.

I could see Shirone, Iruki, and Amy, and Screamer and Maya were walking behind them.

The thought stopped as if time had stopped, but only the heart beat rapidly.

Screamer begged Maya.

“Hey, stop doing that and come to my game. It would be better if they even performed.”


After thinking for a while, Maya shook her head.


“you… … Do you still hate me?”

“It’s not that I hate it, but it’s not particularly good either. Honestly, it was you who hated me, right?”

“I’m sorry. I’m regretting it too. And you won too? It’s unfair to think about it.”

Amy pointed forward.

“uh? Isn’t that kayden? There is also Eden.”

With Cayden still frozen, Eden ran over and waved.

“hi? long time no see.”

While Eden was talking to Sirone, Screamer approached Cayden.

“hey? What are you doing?”

Cayden seemed to have lost his soul.

“Where are you looking?”

Screamer walked behind Cayden’s back and matched their gazes, but couldn’t see anything.

‘ Maya.’

Cayden was trembling.

The fact that he realized the moment he saw her was the enormity of the harsh fate he had to face.

‘It’s Kayden.’

For a moment, Maya’s heart fluttered, but she hurriedly came to her senses and shook her head.

‘No, it’s fine now.’

Since he had decided to shoulder the price of loving Sirone, there was no need to ask about the graduation exam.

“Hey, say something! what’s the matter?”

Amy, knowing why Caden was stiff, sighed and pulled him by the hand.

Cayden, who took a step as if he was about to fall, finally came to his senses and looked around.


Maya looked at her and smiled.

“What are you doing? I should say hello.”

As Amy coached in frustration, Caden approached with an awkward gait.

“No, hello… …

“Yeah, it’s been a really long time. Is it the first time you saw it during the graduation exam? how have you been doing?”

When there was no answer, Maya tilted her head.

“What’s wrong, Caden? Where is it not good?” Cayden put Maya on the shoulder and everyone stopped talking and looked at them.

“Mr. Maya.”

Amy’s face turned dark.

‘That’s not it, you idiot.’

Right now, Kayden’s only thought was that he had to confess his love.

‘Destroy my destiny.’

Cayden tilted his face in silence and brought his lips close to Maya’s.


At that time, when the eyes of the alumni widened, Maya hated it and pushed Kayden away.

“what are you doing! Like a pervert!” Amy touched her forehead, and Kayden backed away from her, looking at her friends.


Caden, ignoring all the glares and lowering his head to Maya, moved on.

“Why is he like that? It was strange before, but now it seems that the taste has completely gone?”

said Amy.

“You just don’t know. I’ve never done anything I wanted before.”

When Cayden yearns for something, the results always turn out to be the worst.

‘But if it’s the other way around… …

If she gave up that fervent prayer herself, it would at least transcend Amy’s imagination.

‘It’s a shame.’

Just when I was thinking like a soldier, Alpheas and Olivia walked by.

“You haven’t gone yet.”


After talking with Eden, Sirone approached Al Peas.

“There was something I wanted to ask you before. What happened to Miss Etella?”

“Why is no one talking? Could it be that something bad has happened?”

“Romi Ethella… …

Alpheas said with sad eyes.

“I lost my mind.”

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