Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 887

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The detached unit that had raided Tess’ unit retreated before establishing a special record.

2 days after that.

“Urgent news! An army of 20 million demons is moving south in the northwest area!”

“report! 40 million in the northern mountains……

pouring rain.

Iruki watched the entire Demon Army move simultaneously on the 3D strategic map.

‘It’s an all-out war.’

Check the reaction of the enemy with the raid two days ago and design the perfect movement line with the mob.

It was meant to swallow the central continent.

‘It’s good so far.’

Even from the standpoint of Iruki, who fought with the determination of mutual destruction, it was important to attract the enemy.

‘The problem is time.’

At least 10 more days were needed before the elemental bomb could be deployed in combat.

‘Overdrive.’ As electricity flew in Iruki’s eyes, the accident began to develop at superhuman speed.

‘I can earn 12 hours this way.’ As numerous strategies went through the process of combining and discarding, ways to buy time came to mind.

‘About 48 hours until here… … At the sight of her nose bleeding, Aromi, the attendant secretary, bit her lip.

‘It must be an accident that transcends human logic.’

Only Iruki can do it.

The more that happens, the more the brain’s durability will drop rapidly, but the person concerned didn’t care.

‘Four days earned. But it’s still not enough.’

He had to find a way to keep the demon army from reaching Tormia for at least six days.

‘This is it! 5 days with this! Then feel…’

Iruki, who was absorbed in his thoughts, did not know that his eyes were bleeding.

After 10 minutes, Iruki rolled his eyes and collapsed vomiting blood.

“Sir General!”

Aromi came running with a towel and wiped off the blood, but Iruki stood up.

“Please reorganize the strategic map.” As the commanders unfolded the new strategic map, Iruki wandered around and moved his troops.

Everyone who checked the results he put out with their own eyes shuddered with an astonished expression.

“This way… …

Iruki stopped raising his hand.

“Seven days from here.”

The commanders swallowed their saliva.

“The deployment you see now will be exactly the 7th day army. In a normal way, this is the limit.”

“Then if it’s an unusual way


Iruki’s face contorted in pain.

“The way to earn the remaining three days is very extreme. In fact, you can think of it too.”

Everyone looked at the map again, and the faces of a few quick-thinkers went pale.

“Seriously, no way… …

Iruki moved the large army.

“Deploy all forces in the vicinity to the Kanian Plateau. I can keep my feet tied here for three days.”

That is to say.

“But, Commander-in-Chief, the Kanian Plateau is an unfavorable terrain for humans. So far… …

The enlightened commander kept his mouth shut.

“yes. It’s going to be a tough fight. Estimated damage is at least 200,000 people. But if we can’t block it here, the 7 days earned normally have no meaning.”

If it was a strategy that came from Iruki’s head, this should be the only way.

‘The most difficult thing is the General Commander.’

Iruki was agitated.

“I think it’s a bad strategy. No one wants to fight an unfavorable fight. But if we don’t stop here, humanity will be annihilated by the demons.


“… … Why don’t you decide by voting?”

It was not a vote to oppose.

“no. There are no votes. The fewer people responsible, the better. That must be the seat of the general military.”

“but… …

It’s not Iruki’s fault.

If there was a better way, I would have found it even if it cost my brain to burn right away.

“Nothing will change. Having to fight a little harder doesn’t mean it’s not a war. We will come up with the best strategy under the premise of earning 3 days.


Iruki then wiped his face with a towel.

“The detailed strategy meeting will be in 30 minutes. Please forward it to each department.”

Iruki needed a break.

All the commanders had left, and Aromi, the only one left, spoke.

“I think we should vote.” Iruki only smiled.

“I don’t think anyone is making an arbitrary judgment. Your thoughts are the thoughts of mankind. You don’t have to deal with it alone.”

If I can’t think as much as Iruki, I want to share at least some responsibility with him.

“It is not a weight that will be lightened by sharing. and… … Because there are also accusations that you must personally take responsibility for.”

“What are you talking about?”


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Iruki looked at the map.

‘ sorry.’

Although the terrain was only a model, he could see that he was fighting somewhere in the terrain.

“I take all responsibility. Instead of… …

Iruki opened his heavy mouth.

“Can I request a personnel transfer?

yo. this?” The 2nd Legion’s subordinate wizards.

Garcia, the commander of the corps, stepped forward in response to an urgent order from the Valkyrie headquarters.

All the senior officers of the battalion commander or higher gathered, and Amy took her last seat.

“For the next 7 days, the 2nd Corps will make a rapid march to the Canian Plateau. You can omit the small skirmishes.”

The pens of the commanders who were taking notes suddenly stopped.

“You mean the Canian Plateau?”

“I said that a while ago. Aren’t you focused? Are you still the brigade commander?”

“sorry! However, Kanian Highlands is not under the jurisdiction of the 2nd Corps, and strategically… …

The brigade commander, who had read the death sentence in Garcia’s eyes, shut his mouth and straightened his upper body.

A cold silence passed.

“… … What do you mean?”

“no! I will correct it!”

The military discipline was solemn, but the same thought was running through the heads of the officers.

‘It’s the essence of drainage.’

It was impossible to accurately read the command’s intentions on the spot, but this was certain.

‘It needs a life to replace. A lot of that too.’

Amy was not afraid.

‘I’m not an Iruki who would sacrifice his allies easily. If you think in the opposite way, there is a chance of reversal.’

This is a strategy that humanity can win.

“I know what you are thinking.” Garcia said.

“It is not a soldier who only wages a winning war. he’s a mercenary For a soldier, life is another fighting force. I am not going to die. it’s going to fight If there is anyone who cannot tolerate this, speak up now.” no one gave up

“Give orders to each unit. A large herpes is formed immediately after eating lunch. Don’t miss out. It is a rapid march.”


As the officers left in 10th order, Garcia turned to Amy.

“The 6th Battalion Commander of the Magic Unit.”

“yes! Lieutenant Colonel, Karmis Amy!”

“You stay a while.”

It was unusual to request a private meeting at a military meeting even if it was between a teacher and a teacher.

“All right!”

After everyone left, there was no word, so Amy, who was sitting in the last seat, turned her head.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“Hmm, there was a request for a personnel transfer from the higher up. Pack your bags when you go back.”

“yes? Say hello?”

Garcia nodded.

“As of this time, you belong to the Tormia Capital Defense Command, not the magic unit. Since the space movement magic circle has been permitted, jump and go to Baska.”


After blinking for a moment, Amy slammed the table in a surge of shame.

“What are you talking about!”

It was not something she could do in front of the corps commander, but Garcia understood her.

“Why was I the only one drafted to the rear when all units are leaving for a dangerous mission? Why?”

“The contents of the upper part are as follows. By highly appreciating Karmis Amy’s ability to train troops… …


Amy screamed loudly.

Garcia said in a lower voice than before.

“Among the high priests of the temple, there is no one who does not want you to die.”

Amy remembered one person.


The teeth were chipped.

“I can’t admit it! Taking troops to the rear in this way is a privilege and an excess of authority!”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Garcia flipped his hand over.

“It doesn’t matter. you are a talented person You can make a good judgment that you don’t want to consume it in this way.”

“But why me! There are plenty of people who are better than me in the Second Corps!”

“Those who have told me… … Don’t you know the answer yourself?

“I protest! I’m not leaving! I will march with the 6th Battalion!”

“That I do not allow.” Garcia said with cold eyes.

“Orders do not distinguish between life and death. It’s like a soldier obeying orders to die, so it’s the same this time. It is unacceptable for a single battalion commander to go against the chain of command.”

“Master. Are you telling me to be a coward? What do you say to your subordinates? Since I’m going to run away, should I tell you to run hard towards the limb?”

“That too is your responsibility. All I want to say is, go back to Baska quickly. It is an order.”

Amy, who was trembling with clenched fists, quickly turned around.

“I will come back.”

Garcia was speechless.

While the crew were eating lunch, Amy slipped her backpack over her shoulder and came out.

They didn’t show it outwardly, but their gaze hurt Amy more than arrows.

The men who put down the tableware raised a salute.

“Are you leaving now?”

“I’m not leaving, I’m going back and forth because I have business in Tormia for a while. I’ll be back soon, so make sure to crack down on the unit.”

The men smiled, but no one would have thought it was sincere.

“Do not worry. There is something I learned from the battalion commander, and I think I will be able to do well.”

I said it because I heard that he was transferred to the Capital Defense Command as an education officer.

“okay. request.”

She wanted to show it through actions, not words, so Amy turned around without making excuses.

On the way to leave the base, I heard the soldiers’ voices.

“Did you hear? I heard that the only officer in the corps was deployed to the rear? That too is an education officer.”

“Sheesh! Some go on a limb, some flirt with young guys from their comfort zone. This is why people need to have a solid background.”

The fact that Oh Dae-seong of the Ivory Tower was Amy’s lover was now an open secret.

“Honestly, I don’t understand. You know how cruel the demons are, right? Gedda

It’s a battle with little chance of winning, but if you’re like me, would you want to let go of your lover?”

“Who said what? If that’s the case, don’t jump into the battlefield from the beginning. Like this and that, just to make morale go down.”

Listening to them, Amy’s face turned red uncontrollably.

‘Iruki, you bastard!’

The reason why Amy left the unit was not just because she was ordered.

‘I sincerely hope it’s not you.’ It wasn’t a situation where I could say that it was Iruki.

‘But if it’s you, you’ll have to convince me at all costs. If you can’t… …

Amy’s crimson eyes burned red.

‘Because I’ll know exactly what the underworld is.’

The duration of the rapid march is 7 days.

To rejoin the unit, Amy quickly ran towards the space movement magic circle.

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