Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 890

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Bae Jin Bae (5)

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20 thousand.

It was the size of the human army that Havitz had gathered while invading the Central Continent.

It was incorporated through ideological education, but the effect of education was insignificant anyway.

‘It’s a miracle just to have survived… …

It was rather what they wanted to be incorporated into the army of Hell, which was on the verge of conquering the world.

‘If you win the war, you can get great wealth. No, I might be able to become a king.’

As the number of humans decreased, so did the competition.

‘200,000 of us share the things enjoyed by 6 billion people. Even with a simple calculation, the share that goes back to each person is… …

Everything enjoyed by a population of approximately 3,000 people.

‘Because a single soldier is that much.’ He had been a lieutenant commander and now became a general, his face burning with excitement.


‘My life is also blooming.’

The reason humans don’t want to go to hell is probably because there is no pleasure there.

‘It’s good that I joined the army of hell.’

If it was money, it was human to sell even the soul.

When Iruki and Vulcan had a showdown of resourcefulness, everything was clear.

There were rules, and variables were controllable.

Among them, the strategy was perfect or lacking, and did not cross that category under any circumstances.

However, if you take your eyes off the board and look outside, in reality, in this world, numerous probabilities are moving.

It can be good, it can be bad, everything can be gained or everything can be lost.

‘If it’s just a contest to see who’s lucky, I’ll accept it.’

Iruki looked down at the map.

“Because the odds are half and half anyway.”

The place where the eyes reach, was the Teira Mountains that had been left in the mind for a very long time.

Deep in the mountains of the Teira Mountains.

A tall man, skinny like a skeleton, and a girl with black hair covering one eye were walking along a mountain path.

The man was wearing round sunglasses, and had a long horse-like face and a slightly crooked nose.

Even the girls were not inferior in their gloomy aura, but their skin was as white as white jade, and they had a timid appearance.

The man’s nickname is Kitaru Man.

She was one of the famous 7 Madou Girls in the Black Line and one of the world’s top 100 dangerous people.

He was also a wizard who was regarded as the best in the world along with Sein in spirit-related magic.

The reason he is called Kitaru Man is because he has a D-class object <Gitaru>.

<Gitaru>, a language that probably means guitar, is not a combatively powerful object.

However, it was the best equipment for musicians who could play the sounds of all instruments at the same time.

Silence, endless silence.

The two of them hadn’t exchanged a word from four years ago, but that silence has now become language.

The girl stopped walking.

While the guitar man, who checked the time, sat down and chewed on the beef jerky, the girl went into the woods.

Looking around indifferently, she lowered her panties and sat down to urinate.


When he finished his errands and left the forest, Kitaru Man’s beef jerky was all in his mouth.

U 99


The girl stared intently.

Then, Kitaru Man spat out what he was chewing on the palm of his hand and held it out.

Massive chunks of beef jerky.

But the girl gladly picked it up, put it in her mouth, and mumbled deliciously.

The two are still silent. As Kitaru Man grabbed his guitar case and stood up, a girl followed after her, munching on beef jerky.

An endless meadow.

Coincidentally, the Valkyrie and the army of hell were confronting each other at a distance of 500 meters.

“Sheesh! To meet you here.”

While the Valkyries, who were instructed to avoid engagements as much as possible, felt uncomfortable, the Hell’s army was eager to set up the ball as soon as possible.

“After running away like a rat, I finally see it. Guys, get ready to sweep it up.”

Because the difference between the troops reached a whopping 4 times, the army of hell was full of confidence.

And at that moment, a man and a girl came into the middle of the meadow where they were confronting each other.

“What is that?”

The Valkyrie commander opened his eyes wide and shouted.

“hey! Avoid quickly! This place will soon become a battlefield!”

As he walked without even pretending to listen, ridicule poured out from the Hell’s army.

“Puhahaha! I came here on my own to die! Are women quite flattering? Hey, come here if you want to live.” Even the villains of the world will instinctively catch those who fall down the cliff.

Even the commander of the Valkyrie, who considered the deaths of civilians insignificant, was strangely offended by this situation.

“Hey, scare me away.”

It was clear that they had lost their minds during the war.

A sharpshooter from the archers’ unit raised his bow to the sky and fired an arrow.

The arrow, which drew a parabolic arc with a roaring sound, was pierced precisely in front of the two people.

The guitar man and the girl stopped walking. He fixed his gaze as if reflecting on the meaning of the arrow, and slowly sat down and opened the guitar case.

“what? crazy guy… …


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After finishing his tuning in the middle of the battlefield, the guitar man slowly got up from his seat and plucked the strings.


Unlike a normal guitar, it resonated with a thick, long sound that seemed to contain electricity.

Title: Early night.

Lyricist, Composer: Guitar Luman. The instrument was a single guitar, but numerous tones played simultaneously along the fast beat.

The girl started singing.

sold to the emperor

Her voice was low for a woman, and her expression was like that of a cat that had eaten something bitter.

Valkyrie and the army of hell listened to her song in silence for a while.

It’s my first time but I’m not afraid because you’re the king

You can swing it however you like

Guitarrumman put in an extremely low-pitched chorus.

love me

At the same time, soldiers from both units who seemed to have been randomly caught were blinded and killed.


The death toll, as if intended, was 111.

I wish it would have been bigger to tear my body apart. As the girl turned her head to the left and danced like a group dance, hundreds of thousands of soldiers followed her movements.

Even while the horse raised its paws in fright, the movements of the soldiers were the same as if they were controlled.

“damn! what’s this! Wake!”

The general of the army of hell shouted, but in reality he too was dancing to the music.

‘This is magic. I can solve it enough with schema. But why… …

Can’t even lift a fingertip?

‘no way?’

One person that flashes in the general’s mind for a moment.

“Damn it! All troops retreat! It’s Kitaru Man!”

Among the 7 Madou Girls who were once a nuisance to the world, she is the most secretive person.

In particular, he surpassed the world’s best in crowd control technology, and was said to be unmatched in history.

‘It’s a death sentence!’

It was the ability to artificially generate electrical signals in the brain that humans have right before death through sound waves.

the girl sang

morning never comes!

“Huh uh uh uh!”

An additional 8,888 people died.

love me

The moment the chorus caught up, a whopping 22,222 people collapsed vomiting blood.

Salute to the emperor’s greed!

As the girl saluted by raising her capital, all the soldiers put their palms next to their eyebrows.

your kid won’t be happy

As the girl turned her head to the right and stomped her feet as she moved, soldiers stumbled on her feet one after another.

“This, these bastards…!”

The Valkyrie Commander, who was stepping on the corpse of a subordinate like a limb, gritted his teeth.

“You son of a bitch! What do you think of human life… … ! Kuck!”

Exactly 40,000 people died, and the commander was no exception among the crowd.

you in my arms… …

The girl quietly finished the song.

I’ll drown you

After 3 minutes and 48 seconds of singing, there were only two people standing on the plain.

248,247 deaths.

While the girl stood up with her chin raised, Guitarrumman put the guitar in the case.

And just like when he first came, he crossed the plain with the girl in silence.

2 hours after that.

The general soldiers of the human and demon tribes received a report that their unit was annihilated almost at the same time.

“There are no survivors?”

The terrified soldier reported with his chin shaking.

“yes. But so are the enemies. It appears to be a person from the Third World, and according to experts’ opinions… …

“According to?”

The soldier raised his head.

“They say it’s most likely a guitar rumman.”

Vulcan blinked.

“Gitaru Man? The Madou 7 Girls’ Guitar Luman?”

“Yes, that is… …

At that point, Vulcan closed his ears and thought.

‘Are you saying it came out? No, it would be correct to assume that we called it. Shit, missing that.’

As the armies of hell swept over the world, the place where he was hiding disappeared.

“What shall I do? Shall we go after him?” Vulcan had no answer.

‘Combat power is not a level to worry about.

It is extremely vulnerable in person-to-person combat.

So it must have been hidden, but his ability to inquire could not be ignored.

“it’s okay. There is no need to chase.”


“It was force majeure. Typhoons, earthquakes, lightning… … It’s enough to think that you’ve been hit by a natural disaster.”

When Vulcan hit the table, the soldier hurriedly shut his mouth that had been wide open.

“damn! Because I’m out of luck.”

No, was there really no luck?

‘I was so excited. Valkyrie’s soldiers didn’t even respond to my handshake… …

At first I thought it was because I couldn’t react.

“You’re as crazy as I am.”

The face of the messenger entering the Valkyrie HQ was flushed, unlike usual.

“report! On the plains of Gera… …

Since he exchanged 50,000 of his army for 200,000 of the demon army, it could be said that it was a victory.

“Guy Taruman?”

While the commanders were discussing their opinions, one of them turned to Iruki and asked.

“Did you know?”


It was a possible strategy.

“If I had known, I would have prepared for it. You should have included it in your strategy. Of course, the military commander over there. but… …

The reason why he was able to guess what Balkan didn’t know was because his power was overwhelmingly weak.

“For Vulcan, even 10,000 soldiers are unremarkable, but to me, even 100 are precious. To overcome the asymmetry of power, we have to save even one more person.”

In the Teira Mountains, negligible losses were frequent.

“I thought there was something. Of course, I wasn’t sure it would help us. It was a gamble.”

“I-I mean, did you make a bet without knowing which side would have an advantage?”

“The odds of us winning are less than 10 percent when the plan works out.”

Iruki raised a finger.

“But if the Balkans gamble, the odds jump up to 50 percent. I can’t afford not to do business like this.”

If I had lost, everything would have been over.

“Only God and numbers can shoulder human responsibility. These are the words of the Servant Magician Veronice. I just chose the side with the higher odds.” Even so, it was a huge liver.

“By the way, the guitar man appeared. It can be said that he has gone as far as the world has gone.”

Iruki agreed.

“Probably eating out. I’m guessing they’ll be extremely vulnerable in person-to-person combat. It must be a case where the power is amplified as the number of objects increases.”

Still, it was powerful enough.

“Secretly track the movements of the guitar man. A small elite would be better.” “Yes, please leave it to me.”

“It is not yet time to relax. We also lost close to 50,000 troops.”

Iruki looked at the map.

‘but… … :

Through the cracks created by Balkan’s mistakes, countless strategies were born to buy time.


Iruki raised his index finger.

“For just one day, the 2nd Corps just needs to stop it.”

An unprecedented bomb is being installed on mankind.

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