Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 892

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Coming Disaster (2)

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Parkma, who was watching Berik rush in, let out an evil laugh.

“Cheuk, right?”

What a terrible tragedy it is to ‘know’ that we have life.


And that tragedy was the greatest pleasure that demons could get from humans.

“You will regret it.” The moment the large ax sliced ​​through the air, Verique’s body accelerated like the wind.


He quickly went behind Parkma’s back and held out his two hands that were filled with blue electricity.

‘Electric shock!’

Parkma’s face was distorted by the exhilarating pain.

‘This guy… …

The power was not great, but the unexpected pain made him even more angry.


Confirming that Parkma’s eyes were upside down, Berrik shouted while laying down a small blizzard.

“Go quickly!”

Even after the two of them disappeared in the cold haze, Amy couldn’t leave her seat.

‘Berryk… …

The military does not tolerate individuality.

What the commander wants is not a single powerful wizard, but the maximum firepower the group can produce.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

Magic is standardized and soldiers’ organs are ignored, but before enlisting in Valkyrie, Verique’s nickname was… … .


seemed to have heard


In the middle of the chill, Verique’s shouts broke out.


At the same time, a line of thunderbolt crashed in a black cloud floating in the air.


A booming voice scolded Amy, and she regained consciousness and turned to teleport.

‘I can’t make Berrik’s sacrifice a dog’s death.’

self rationalization.

‘I will definitely survive.’ Numerous rewards that can be obtained when maintaining life filled his head.

Even just being able to breathe.


Tears flowed.

‘I miss you.’

Life is beautiful, and if you do your best, you will be able to color your whole life into a flower garden.

“what’s this… …

I used to think

“What is this?”

Now, life is so burdensome and heavy to her that she wishes it never existed in the first place.

“Sick of it!”

I was fed up with the longing for life.

After stopping the teleportation, Amy turned around and returned to Berrik.

Even the life he could have shared with Sirone will one day be swallowed up by death.

‘I’m sorry, Sirone. I want to be in charge.’

When Amy arrived at the battlefield, she saw Berik, who was still alive.

“Hey, are you here already?”

Parkma held up the half-corpse face of Berik and tore the corners of his mouth.

“You, you child… …

Sparks flew in Amy’s eyes.

“I was waiting while playing with this guy. I was going to torture you until you returned.”

Parkma grabbed Berik’s shoulders.


The sound of bones being crushed was heard.

“Puhahaha! Now, do you know the reality? Even if you pretend to be cool, you are still human after all.”

More power went into Parkma’s hands.

“Tell me you regret it. then release it Beg him to kill that woman instead.”

When Berrik kept his mouth shut, Parkma grabbed him by the ankles and twisted his legs to tear them apart.


“Speak quickly. will you save me? Did you come back anyway? If you only sell that woman, it might not hurt.”

Amy’s mind spun.

“you… …

That moment when anger blows away reason and the body tries to jump toward Parkma on its own.

“Sheesh, embarrassing.”

Berrik opened his mouth in a hoarse voice.



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“Oh, good, good. say. I beg you to save me.”

Parkma smiled and stretched out her arms, and Verique said with a faint smile.

“How about it, it’s nothing?”

to die.

His face gradually turned pale, and at the same time he was engulfed in a flash of light, causing a powerful explosion.


‘Self-destruct magic.’

Berrik could easily relax.

‘But for me… … Perhaps the last trick left after calculating the probability of Amy returning.

‘thank you.’

He was a wonderful wizard.

“It’s a surprise. After all, humans are unlucky.”

Hot smoke was rising from Parkma’s body, which had been pushed away by the explosion.

“Are you unlucky?”

Amy was no longer angry.

“Do not be ridiculous. Even death is a matter of calculation for a wizard. And with this… …

The flames of the fire soared from Amy’s body.

“The chances of you surviving are gone.”

Even after seeing the fire giant, which was over 10 meters tall, Parkma laughed mockingly.

“Aww, be scared. But what? I already know your skills. As such… …

Fine and Ifrit grew more than twice as large.


Her single sword amplifies mental power by concentrating again in a state of concentration.


And now, Amy was endlessly backing up her self-image memory, pushing her mind into panic.


The moment her mind was penetrated for the tenth time, even the slightest sense of reason she had left disappeared.

‘That’s right, Berrik.’

At the end of life she laughed.

‘It was nothing.’

The moment his concentration reached death, the Ifrit soared as if it were about to pierce the sky, and was scattered in pieces of fire.

“What, what?”

Parkma, who had been guarding her heart, looked back at the darkness that had returned and smiled.

“Cheuk, that’s right. This is the human limit.”

The point of realization was when I moved to Amy.


From the hand holding the handle of the large axe, fire soared like spontaneous combustion.


The fire spread all over Parkma in an instant, and even the ax began to melt in the heat.

“you you… …

The temperature rose around Amy, scorching her clothes and hair.

fire world.

Realizing that the entire landscape was burning, Parkma kicked the ground.

“I will kill you!”

It was a desperate voice, but before he could even land the blow, his body melted along with the axe.


Convection occurred due to the temperature difference, and the size of the fire increased as the concentration of oxygen increased.

Woo woo woo woo!

And finally, a huge whirlwind of fire 100 meters in diameter soared through the clouds.

“Brigade commander! excuse me!”

A pillar of fire clearly visible even from 10 kilometers away, temporarily halted the battle on the plateau.

Garcia bit her lip.

‘It’s Amy.’

He couldn’t be sure, but as a teacher who taught her, he knew better than anyone else the potential of Hongan.

“Send troops right now!”

It was already visible that the flying demons were heading towards the place where the pillar of fire soared.

‘I have to retrieve the corpse at least.’

There was little chance of him being alive.

Demons were faster than humans, but there was no way to approach them as long as the pillars of fire were soaring.

“You go in first!”

“it’s crazy? If I approach another 100 meters, my wings will burn! Just wait!”

Even for the inhabitants of the other side of the world who were accustomed to heat, the current firepower was close to punishment.


As the flames diminished as quickly as the frenzied birth, the demons approached.

The rapidly cooled ground hardened in the shape of a rolling wave, and Amy lay down.

“There! Do it quickly!”

The burn stains were visible on the naked body, and the hair was burnt short.

“Aren’t you already dead?”

“I don’t know! The corps commander told me to go check it out and kill him unconditionally. Let’s stab the window first.”

As the demons surrounding Amy set up their spears vertically, a voice was heard.

“Stop it.”

The eyes of the demons who turned their heads were shocked.

“Boo, Buddha… …

On top of the bend in the lava terrain, Nane and Shura were looking down at Amy.

“Is that the woman?”

The demons’ shoulders trembled.

“Why is Buddha here?”

Nane, who was looking at the battlefield to break the last barrier of enlightenment, saw the pillar of fire and ran to this place.

“Buddha is everywhere.”

Nane held out her hand to the demons.

“Are you trying to stab a woman with a spear? This is too harsh a treatment for those who have burned their will to live. If you have mercy on her, she will not perish.”

The demons met each other’s eyes.

‘What do we do?’

The Buddha is fearful, but if the mission is not completed, what awaits is the corps commander’s sword.

The demons who made the decision frowned.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Buddha is gone. That’s just a shell, not a Buddha.”

Nane smiled.

“Of course it is.”


As half of the demons rushed in flapping their wings, Nane raised her index finger and opened her mouth.

“Sermon, par.”

Dozens of red swords spread like a fan behind them and pierced the demons.


Not a single shot missed.

The demon, who avoided the angle of instant death thanks to Amy’s back, asked while bleeding.

“Uh, how… … ?”

Nane came down from the hill and said as she moved.

“Sometimes you become a Buddha.” Gyungji is like that.

The demon closed her eyes with a grievous expression, and Shura ran to Amy and checked her condition.

“I am barely breathing. But what’s worse than burns is the mind. It’s not long.”

I also agreed.

“All fire is the will to self-destruction. It must have been so earnest that he opened the fire world.”

The voices of the Valkyrie soldiers could be heard from afar.

“hurry! pay faster”

Shura turned to Nane.

“What are you going to do? Shall we leave it to humans?”

“Can they save it?”

“no. I don’t know the burns, but the mind is irreparable. I’d rather have them take care of the body… …

“I can do it.”

A person who reached the level of Buddha would be able to restore Amy’s broken spirit.

Shura said with a reluctant expression.

“But this woman… …


Yahweh, the symbol of philanthropy, was the person Sirone had the most in her heart.

“Enemy, in what sense? I don’t think waking up will do us any favors.”

“People are equal before death.” Nane held out her hands, and Amy’s body floated up and flew towards him.

“Is it the ball or the child that she remembered at the end after burning everything? I want to hear it.”

Shura was also curious.

“Captain! There it is!”

I could see the magic unit flying rapidly while relaying teleportation in succession.

“Let’s just leave.”

When Nane turned around, Shura waved her hand and cast Gestalt magic.

Their appearance disappeared and within 10 seconds the unit arrived at the spot.

“Isn’t it? There must have been people… …

The first reporter felt possessed by a ghost.

“Are you not mistaken? Come to think of it, the distortion of the land is enormous. How big of a fire is this?”

“But the demons are dead. Then who the hell killed them?”

“Think later. once you find Everyone scatter and search the entire area!”


When the wizards were searching for about 10 minutes, the roar of space movement was heard from the horizon.

“damn! Is it over there?”

“Captain! Demons are coming!”

In the end, the Valkyrie members returned to the unit without being able to recover Amy’s body.

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