Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 895

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Devastating Strike (1)

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It splits the moment of time endlessly.

In the process, Sirone realized that this world is never continuous.

‘This world… …

The clock’s second hand seems to move, filling the interval between 0 and 60 seconds.

‘It’s disconnected.’

If you endlessly divide between 0 and 1 second, you will eventually discover the emptiness between time and time.

‘This world is originally nothing.’

It reminded me of Fichot’s words that feeling that something exists is only a human illusion.

‘Like a video recording device.’

If you quickly flip through dozens of pictures per second, your brain doesn’t feel the disconnection in the screen.

Time felt by humans was also the same, and Sirone thought of it as a stepping stone to time.

‘And when you put all these facts together…

The possibility is raised that this world where all things exist is nothing more than an electrical signal, not a substance.

‘if so… …

Where does the power that is being supplied to space even at this moment come from?

‘In the beginning there was light.’

And everything started from that light.

Sirone recalled a scene where the universe suddenly turned on in the absence of anything.

‘Let’s not be sure. If I open the lid at will and imagine, the impossible will disappear.’

Only what is closed is real.

‘However, if there is really a subject of supply… …

The power required to operate the current space would not be as large as expected.

‘That’s what scale is.’

The universe is only huge to humans, but it may be only the size of the palm of the hand of the supplying agent.

‘Thousands of universes can be created in the same alignment.’

In other words, the possibility that a universe similar to this one or completely different exists outside the universe where Sirone lives.

‘And if even the world where the main body of supply lives is being supplied with power from a higher dimension… … Parallel and serial, as new universes are created, they burrow endlessly into cowardice.


It was creepy.

‘How far did the guffin go?’

The Gaians have left the photon world, but there is no guarantee that the place they arrived at will be their destination.

‘If you keep breaking away like that, what will you eventually reach?’

Fisho said infinite infinity.

‘I think I know a little bit.’

There is a world where only sirone and apples exist.

Sirone saw the apple and realized that there was nothing that wasn’t an apple.

‘doesn’t exist. This is nothing that humans can imagine.’

But if she hadn’t seen the apple in the first place, what could Sirone think of?

‘I can’t even think of having to think of it.’

Perhaps the state in Sirone’s head is…

‘There is truly nothing, so everything is the possibility of existence.’

There is only an illusion flowing without even the subject of the illusion.

‘In the end, everything was built from nothing.’

Sirone was a little sad.

‘You were right.’

As I opened my senses and realized new facts, the truth of this world became clearer.

‘But I’m not wrong either.’

I said so too.

‘If this world is really empty, wouldn’t the place where the heart dwells be the only meaning?’

In this way, in front of the truth of the world, Gong and Ae are separated.

‘I will fight, it’s me.’ After thinking, the Terra Force combatants were waiting in front of Sirone’s eyes.

“Have you reached it?”

The questions were indistinct, but Sirone, who had surpassed them on the level, understood.

“Let’s stop now. don’t want to fight I just want to hear the reason why you are against me.”

“We are not human.” There was no biological significance.

“For Terraforce, fighting is a dead language. We only act for the order of the universe.”

“They don’t like the order.”

“I guess so.”

The Terraforce combatants reached out again.

“Because you are human.”

The moment the sound waves that shook the heavens and the earth rushed in, Sirone disappeared from her seat.


Sirone, who had arrived behind the backs of all the combatants, slowly turned around and said,

“No, it should be far away.”

The Terra Force combatants quickly turned around, but Sirone was no longer there.

Returning to her original position, Sirone put her hands behind her back and walked slowly.

“That too is infinitely far.”


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Or forever slow.

“Superlight speed… …

If a Terra Force combatant had an expression, it would probably be that of a defeated soldier.

“Nothing is faster than light. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I mean, it has no meaning.”

Sirone realized that all the signals that make up this world are transmitted through photons.

“The speed at which information is implemented in this world. We feel it by converting that speed into time.” Despite reaching a point that was thought impossible even in theory, Sirone’s eyes remained calm.

“Thus, being faster than light must mean recognizing information faster than time.”

It was not a matter of speed, but a matter of cognition.

“I feel between time and time.”

The world that Sirone sees with her senseless senses is completely different from what her brain has perceived so far.


There was only Terra Force where you wanted to see it, and outside of it, there was no building or land, it was a realm of nothingness.

‘If you don’t notice… …

The vast sea beyond the Terra Force combatants disappeared from Sirone’s field of vision.

‘It doesn’t exist in the first place.’

The moment Sirone’s consciousness touches, a specific signal materializes the landscape at the speed of light.

‘That is the identity of the law.’

Now Sirone knows too.

Unless you are conscious of it with your senses, there is no world behind you.

“But the reason it also exists is because the Terra Force combatants are aware of the scenery of the village behind Sirone.

‘That’s why he’s stateless.’

The world that Ankera had seen and that should still be reflected in Nane’s eyes was also seen by Sirone.

“Give me one last chance. Stop back.”

Terraforce did not give up.

“Didn’t I tell you? I can’t back down because I have no purpose. We act out of necessity.”

The gauntlet of the Terra Force combatant trembled and formed a wave curtain around Sirone.

“Free Zone.”

If radiation is blocked beyond convection and conduction, no phenomenon can occur.

“I don’t like using my body, but… … The combatants who drew beams as sharp as blades from their gauntlets kicked off the ground and rushed.

“There’s nothing you can do about a stupid human being!”

It was surprisingly fast, but it was meaningless to Sirone, who was aware of the speed of light.


Sirone, who was standing outside the free zone, floated a photon cannon on her palm.

‘It won’t be as easy as crossing space.’

Since Terraforce’s consciousness is also another signal that forms the world, conflict was essential to subdue it.

‘Raise your power… …

As a test, Sirone floated a photon cannon on her palm and threw it at the enemy in front.


A flash of light broke through the barrier and entered.


The combatants, screaming uncharacteristically of Terra Force, flew dozens of meters and rolled on the ground.


There was nothing to be afraid of if you could break through the defenses, and dozens of photon cannons illuminated the night.

When the booming sound that seemed to continue endlessly disappeared, the lonely sound of waves rushed in.


After annihilating the Terra Force combat unit, Lone exhaled and moved on.

“Didn’t you find out after all?” Tried to leave survivors behind, but Terraforce didn’t give up to the point of madness.

“Is that????

As Sirone gazed at the dawning horizon, he saw an aircraft above the cliffs of Mero.

“I can’t leave it there.”

When the photon cannon was fired, the air around the aircraft rippled and blocked the impact.

While contemplating whether to increase its power, Sirone shook her head and performed Ataraxia.


A huge flash of light engulfed the aircraft and finally annihilated it without a trace.

Sirone spread her wings and soared into the sky.

‘Time is running out.’ Just as I was about to leave the island at full speed, I heard a loud roar from within the clouds.

Shirone narrowed her eyes as the clouds dissipated like smoke, exposing only a small portion of the aircraft.


A voice was heard, like a revelation from God.

“Come up, Sirone.”

At the voice of the Supreme Court Justice, Sirone raised her altitude and pierced through the clouds.

It was a city-sized aircraft.

Upon reaching the center, the hole opened like an octopus’ mouth and sucked it in, ignoring gravity.

No one came out to meet me,

One of the many doors leading in all directions opened.

The place we arrived at after being guided on the road was a community the size of a village.

“See you again, Sirone.”

thud! thud!

It would be a human illusion to think that even though they were of the same species, they would be the same size.

As Justice Terraforce approached, Sirone had no choice but to hold his head up.

“See you again? When did we see you?” Long fingers that seemed to be able to penetrate the human body pointed at Sirone’s ears.

“When the memory transfer device is installed on you. Of course, it seems to have been removed now.”

Sirone wrinkled his brow.

“You chipped me?”

“okay. To be precise, you requested and persuaded, and I complied.”


I definitely don’t remember it, but even if there was, I don’t think I would have made such a request.


The judge turned around.

“Sit down first. I’ll take you to the ivory tower. I have something to tell you.”

Sirone climbed into a chair that might have been used by a giant and waited in a cross-legged position.

The Supreme Court Justice who set the destination returned.

“First, I must apologize. I thought there was some truth in your opinion, but it seems that the other people had different ideas.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Extremists. I hacked the airwaves knowing that a chip was implanted in you. If you hadn’t wrecked their ship, I wouldn’t have found you either.”

“in short… … It has nothing to do with you?”

“I am not trying to make excuses. it’s my mistake However, I want to make it clear that it is not the will of the entire Terra Force.”

“I don’t get it. Even though you have a mind that is superior to humans, you can’t coordinate your opinions.”

“It is not uncommon. It also means that your opinion was unconventional. But to be precise… …

The Supreme Court judge pushed his face into Sirone.

“Even we who rule the universe have not achieved a unified mental system.”

Sirone shut his mouth.

“Gaia. not unique When you think about it, how difficult and great is it? To be able to think of one thing while having the diversity of objects.”

The Supreme Court judge touched Sirone’s head.

“If I had to explain the human level, that would be it. Murderers must be punished. Most would agree. But even this, from the point of view of the murderer, the idea is different.”

It’s not a perfect integration.

“Terraforce is slightly better. Should I go left or right at the fork in the road? The answer is different depending on the situation, but our choice is the same without exception. It means that the standard of conduct is perfectly established.”

“But this time it was split.” The judge withdrew his hand with a feeling of embarrassment.


“okay. That’s a difficult problem, what an integrated mental system is. And because of that, even if you open your 10th sense… …

A thick voice rang out.

“You can’t open the Ultima system.” Sirone was also a question that had lingered in a corner of her mind ever since she realized her invincibility.

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