Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 903

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face to face (1)

“Jal is cut off.”

Even while bleeding from her neck, Yoo-jeong was just looking at Balkan.

“I… … !”

The wind hissed out of the hole in the airway, and no words could be heard.

“What are you saying?”

Vulcan frowned, but even he, being rational, did not doubt this situation.

Harvitz’s eyes fell into the abyss.

“If you want to go to hell, let me go.” Yu-jeong was still pouring out words according to her feelings, but no sound came out of her moving lips.

and at some point


Her sense of the wild caught the sense of incongruity.

‘Something’s not right.’

Even though the situation was no different from a moment ago, an ominous feeling filled my brain.

‘This is obviously… …

the smell of death.

‘I am dying now.’ But how?

Enemies were still far away, and there was nothing around them to do for themselves.

“Do you have an egg chin?”

Havitz poked his face in mockery.

“Anyway, it’s a monkey.”

“Who is the monkey?”

Yu-jeong, who slowly turned her head, collided with Harvitz head-on.

A golden yellow color was shining in her eyes.

‘Gold eyes.’

Hwaan Gold Jeong Fire Eye Gold I Blue.

It was the eyes of truth that could pierce everything in the world, coming down through Son Oh-gong’s veins.

Havitz, who met Yu-jeong’s eyes, muttered.

“Do you see ghosts?”

“In my body… …

As Edea’s signal was reconnected to Yu-jeong, the head was no longer cut.

“What are you doing!”

As she swung like a whirlwind, she swung the woman’s stick, and a red afterimage hit Havitz’s temple.


As the shock wave spread, a powerful storm occurred, and Vulcan suddenly woke up.


As the smoke rising from the ground cleared, Yu-jeong grabbed her neck and walked out.

“You’re annoying me.”

What angered me more than the wounds was that there was no feeling of being touched by the stick.


The view completely opened, and I saw Harvits standing hesitantly behind the oil well.

Around him, 12 black traces formed like shadows in a circle.

Vulcan let out a sigh of relief.

‘I can’t break the hell.’

However, the fact that he recognized Havitz alone made Son Yoo-jung a threat enough.

“You’re using a strange spell.”

Yoojung, bleeding through her fingers, looked at the army of hell and Havitz in turns.

‘Damn the archangel.’

Somehow, I thought that Ikael would obediently send me to Satan.

‘I would have come even if I blocked it anyway.’

Harvits sniffed and approached.

“Why resist? Didn’t you say you wanted to meet a friend? If you die, you can go to hell.”

“joy! Why am I dying? I will beat you up and bring Mortar Singer.”

Harvitz raised his index and middle fingers.

“There are two ways.” The army of hell was agitated.

‘Havitz negotiated… … ?’

Revealing Satan’s disposition meant that the ban on Hwaan was just as threatening.

“Covenant and sin. If you make a contract with Satan, you can go to hell in the state of a living body.”

This was the case with Mortasinger.

“And sin is to follow my ways. If you really want it, I will take you to Hell.”

Yu-jeong hates difficult stories, but Havitz’s words were misleading.

“If you can take me, can I just take you? Do I really need to trust you?”

Vulcan had the same idea.

‘I’ve never been particularly interested in the underside world, but I guess I can’t do that anymore.’

It was no longer just a human war.

“What do you think hell is?” Yoojung didn’t answer.

“Where the wicked go? A place where all the evil of this world flows into and suffers forever?”

Harvits raised an eyebrow.


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Good and evil are man-made concepts.

“That’s not what God wants. all right I don’t even care about those things.”

Vulcan asked.

“Then what do you want?”

“A perfect world.”

Havitz’s purple incarnation rose like wildfire.

“This is why God made me.”

12 black shadows in the place where Yu-jeong leaps up and takes a step back

It bloomed.


The world turns gray… … .

‘Time has stopped.’

Twelve priests in black robes rose from the ground and sang a funeral dirge.


The music was huge enough to make the world cry, but only Yu-jeong could hear it.


Her body began to sink slowly as the floor sank like a swamp.

“I will send you to hell.” He hit all over the place with Yeoui-bong, but it was an irresistible force in the state of being trapped by Si-ok.

“what’s this! It’s different!”

I thought that it did not fall under any of the contracts and sins suggested by Havitz.

“So you said.”

Havitz said as she walked through the gray landscape.

“You yourself are evil.”

Because it spoils God’s perfection.


Yoo-jung, who lifted her gold eyes, went over her upper body and sank to the bottom of her chin.

Any branch of Omega.

‘ This place… …

Countless years have passed since the Gaians decided to go beyond infinity.

Most of the people who were in harmony at the time died at the end of their lifespan, and the remaining ones are now… … .

‘It’s hell.’

There was only Mackline Guffin.

“Oh, it’s hot.”

In the fiery hell, Guffin sat cross-legged and felt the pain.

“When can I leave?”

A voice from the flame-covered ceiling


“Time left until purification, 664 views 3,943 trillion 30.2 billion 39.24 million 68 hours left.”

It was the standard of the photon system.


Sirone watched Guffin with a bitter expression.

‘Even if all these processes pass, in reality, it’s almost like time doesn’t pass.’

Unlawful time 0.666 seconds.

‘After all, the prison of time… …

It was a vacuum that was absolutely necessary to keep the world’s signals normal.

‘It wasn’t a law for us from the beginning.’

The world Sirone lives in is realized by combining a quantum signal called mind with a specific signal.

And hell was just a dump of information processing those quantum signals.

‘Because there is 0.666 seconds, signals from the outside are transmitted stably, and because there is hell, the mind does not run out of control.’

the world is perfect

‘Is he smiling?’

An eerie question crossed Sirone’s mind.

‘Is the person who created this world feeling happy while watching this hell?

See, I made it.

“That’s something you don’t know.”

Guffin muttered, but Sirone seemed as if he was talking to her.

However, according to Omega’s records, it just happened that they had the same idea.

“So I’m going to go see it.”

It’s going to be a pretty boring time.


Devils whose heads flew above their noses were climbing the cliffs with their long arms outstretched.

“eat! eat!”

The inhabitants of the Underworld inflict pain-based actions on those who enter Hell.

‘Something that has such a nature.’ The mind used in reality is Dremo, and the emotion flows into the world behind it and is dissolved in a pure state.

‘For recycling of information.’

It was such a system from the beginning.

“Not bad.”

As the guffin stood up, sparks dripped from its golden hair.

“I will eat!”

At the same time as the demons fluttered, the light of Yahweh flashed from the body of the guffin.


The bodies of the ghosts, engulfed in light, disintegrated into powder, and even the flames were completely extinguished.

Sirone was amazed.

‘Infinite Wizard.’

Even before the concept of magic was established, Gaians knew how to dominate the phenomenon.

However, only Guffin reached the realm of Yahweh through eternal reincarnation.

“It has become special.” apostasy.

Any phenomenon that breaks the balance of this world can be dragged to hell.

Thinking of his comrades who had already left the world, Guffin willingly surrendered himself to suffering.

“I will lead.”

It was the first step of Guffin, who later faced Ankera as the representative of Gaia.

Yoo-jung, who was being dragged to hell, began to struggle, baring her teeth.

“Kia! Kiaaa!” The ferocious monkey’s work was buried in Si-ok’s funeral song, but surprisingly, the upper half of the body came out again.


Harbitz’s eyes twitched slightly.

‘You say you’re coming out?’

Once in hell, there is no way to return until the time of purification is over.

Yoo-do knew this fact intuitively, so he fought with all his might.

“Bastard! I will kill you! I know who I am!”

Son Goku’s middle granddaughter.

As the golden eyes glowed as if they were about to explode, Yu-jeong’s body began to heat up red.

“I am a stone monkey who can overcome even a Buddha if he puts his mind to it!”

Realizing incarnation, she rose to the level of a creature, but in fact, her idea is inorganic.

It was not destroyed by any physical force, and there was no limit to the energy it could emit.


The objet <Yeoui> inherited from the ancestors stretched out in a horizontal line on the boundary between reality and hell.

‘Move! in action!’

As her body burned white, Shi-ok’s funeral song resonated even louder.

“a little… … !”

Suddenly, the ground shook, and Yu-jeong opened her jaw all the way and let out a scream.

“Shut up!”

As Yeoui-bong rotated between the real world and the other side, the ground rocked like a tidal wave.

“What, what?”

The building of the temple was shaken.

Reviewing strategy in the commander’s office

Rookie looked up at the ceiling with a surprised expression.

“It’s cracking! Avoid!”

Just as Aromi shouted at Iruki, the door opened and a messenger came in.

“Sir General! Urgent Breaking News!”

“What happen?”

It was a situation where they thought they could annihilate the demons within 48 hours.

Whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, the fact that a variable was created made my heart pound.

“The Ministry of Homeland Defense observed the strong earthquake. The epicenter is the cliff of the abyss, the magnitude is 12.4.”


Iruki hit the table and stood up.

“What do you mean? Abyssal Cliff is an orogeny… … No, that’s not the problem.”

You say 12.4 on the scale?

Iruki pictured the situation when a strong earthquake of that magnitude occurred in his mind.

‘It’s at the level of tearing the ground apart.’

At first I thought geographically, but now I hope it’s nature’s grump.

‘Yes, it must be a natural disaster. It’s unbelievable that someone with a certain will could exert such power.’

It was an impossible destruction by any of the world powers analyzed by Iruki.

“Sir General.”

Iruki, who confirmed Aromi’s eyes, came to his senses and bit his lip.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

It cannot be a natural disaster.

‘An ominous feeling that has been stuck in my brain for some time. That’s what happened to reality.’

the commander asked.

“Sir, what should we do now?”

“First, the scale of the damage to the abyssal cliff…”

Iruki stopped talking and shook his head.

There was no need to check, it would have already collapsed to the point where the demons could not move.

‘Still, I have no choice but to push on.’ Having lost the best position to detonate the elemental bomb, Iruki looked around at the world map.

“The second place to run the operation is…”

Pointing somewhere with a baton, the rookie’s fingertips were trembling terribly.

“The capital of Tormia, Baska.”

It was a large city where more than half of the kingdom’s population resided.

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