Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 916

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cold world (1)

Photon signals not in the law.

The archangels looked at the situation at the stage of the guffin, which showed a sense of super-light speed.

Methiel’s brow wrinkled.

“Sheesh, something like a human.”

If you deflected Yuriel’s destruction and avoided Rayel’s speed of light, it would be difficult to subdue Bakturo.

‘It’s not over yet.’

Sensing the gigantic energy emerging from beyond the guffin, she moved her eyebrows.

‘I just destroyed each concept.’

The world is complete only when the concepts of the eight archangels are unified.


As Yuriel rushed forward with a shout, spinning the turret, the guffin twisted his body and held out his hand.

‘It bounces.’

At the same time, Methiel activated Union.


As explosive substances were synthesized in the spinning wheel of paradise, it was transformed into a powerful murder weapon.

Guffin smiled with a firm expression.


‘Combining concepts… …

The moment the Gon of Paradise hit Hexa, a huge explosion occurred that blew away the entire radius.

“It is over there.”

The gazes of the archangels moved at the same time, and from several kilometers away, a guffin crashed into the ground.


Satiel, who had been watching from afar, quickly flew in and inspected the guffin’s condition.

‘Methiel’s strong fusion.’

As for the level of destructive power, she knew the opposite concept best.

‘Is he dead?’

Just as he was thinking, the ground shook and the Guffin’s upper body slowly stood up.


Although he was covered in dust, there appeared to be no fatal wounds except for blood flowing from the corners of his mouth.

“This raises the difficulty level, right?”

When it comes out like this, things are different


“Hmm, the combination of the eight concepts


Guffin, lost in thought, looked up.

As he lifted it up, Satiel hurriedly took up a fighting stance.


“Dumb, if you dare

Guffin held out his hand.

“Hey pretty angel, can you help me?” Satiel stared at him as if he was bewildered, and the guffin whimpered as he put his hand on the ground.

“I have no strength in my legs. It seems the shock is still there.”

Then it’s your chance


However, Satiel rather let go of his hostility and asked.

“Why are you asking for help? We must be the enemies who stand in the way of Gaiain’s purpose.”

It was also his worst enemy.

“Because I can’t do it alone. But if we all work together, what is impossible?”

“Then why did you join forces!”

Satiel shouted.

“You guys don’t care about us! Why do you keep making rounds to go with me when you see it as just a tool you need to use this world?”

“It’s a tool.”

Relieved from the shock, the guffin limped to his feet and brushed the dirt off his trousers.

“Do you have any good memories? For example, precious memories that I want to keep for the rest of my life.”

Satiel answered with one eyebrow raised.

“Of course it is.”

“Then there is nothing insignificant.” The planet shook greatly.

“I was born. That’s why she lives. There is no reason for our existence… …

said Guffin with a grin.

“It’s real though. Like me, like other Gaians, you too have lived.”

“live… … You said you came?”

Guffin held out his hand again.

“Life is just a way of going through life. you are also alive So let’s go together. No matter where the outside world is, I will never let go.”

Satiel’s gaze turned to the guffin’s hand.

‘God is indifferent.’

Because it has to be perfect.

That’s why the world is cold and the law is mechanical, but if you have a heart for a god… … .

‘Nothing trivial.’


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I wondered if I would say something like Guffin.

“that’s right.”

Sensing the warm light in the Astral Body, Satiel put her hands together and smiled brightly.

“You are right.”

At that moment, archangels flew from the other side of the sky.


As Kariel flew to the fore and expanded the judicial halo, the other archangels added concepts.


As the concepts of amplification, destruction, light, existence, combination, and extinction were integrated, a spherical machine with complex organs was born.

“An all-purpose machine that can never be avoided, never destroyed, and always destroyed!”

A sphere containing most of the technology that makes up the universe was shot at the guffin.

‘This is the end!’

The moment Kariel was convinced, Satiel, who had taken a step forward, turned her judicial halo with her eyes shining.


Physics Collapse.

On the surface of the sphere, 30,000 cracks broke off and 2.4 billion nanoorganisms were disassembled.


Satiel dismantled the organ into parts, and the parts went through molecules and into atoms.


A cool breeze swept across Guffin’s face as the machine disintegrated before his eyes.


Methiel let out a rage.

“How dare you betray us! Can you still say that you are a servant of God even if you take the side of humans?”

The only weakness of the universal machine is that although it cannot be destroyed, it can be ‘dismantled’.

‘damn! Even if only the concept of Satiel was added!’

However, since he was on the side of Guffin, his outfit was about to explode.

“It’s not too late now! I will forgive you if you admit your fault and help us fight.”

Satiel smiled.

“Who forgives whom?”

Combination and disassembly are twin concepts, but it was true that he was intimidated by the splendid and gigantic Methiel.

“There is nothing insignificant.”

It was only when I heard Guffin’s words that I was convinced.

‘I’m not wrong.’

She proudly held out her hand and declared.

“Satiel, the Archangel of Disintegration, has decided to consider the Human Proposal based on her own judgment.”

Methiel gritted his teeth.

“That… …

“Stop it.”

Ikael, who had dried up his internal strife, looked back at the Gaians filling the earth.

‘There are no gaps.’

In order to break the Ultima System, it was necessary to subdue the giant pin, but Satiel’s joining was essential.

“The eight archangels are of equal stature. I can’t change Satiel’s thoughts right now.”

Metatron asked.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“We will have a meeting at Baekkyung. All angels under my command, return to Arabot immediately.”

Ikael’s voice spread over a wide radius.

“Today is a truce. Guffin, you should also persuade the Gaians to stop their advance.”

Guffin asked while turning the hexa with the tip of his index finger.

“What about initialization?”

Perhaps Anke Ra would give up the reset, but Ikael didn’t want to say it.

“It will be done according to God’s will.”

The seven archangels retreated towards Arrabot, and Satiel flew up belatedly.

Guffin asked.

“Are you okay? It sounds like you’re going to get scolded.”

“Huh, maybe so?” No regrets.

“See you later, wonderful human being.” As Satiel walked away in a beautiful trajectory, the guffin scratched her head and headed towards Gaiain.

“Whoa, I stopped it for now… … It looked like it would be a much longer war than expected.

The Valkyries under the command of the Holy Temple.

Rufist and Fleur, who arrived two hours after receiving the order from the General Commander, waited in front of an iron door that could not be opened.

Yu!- 1_ ?7 Ah

three counties?

Fleur, the chief secretary of the Magic Association, checked the time.

“I think the handover process will take a long time.”

The moment he finished speaking, footsteps were heard outside the deep tunnel, and Dante appeared.

After confirming the faces of Lupist and Fleur, he calmly approached and lowered his head.

“Forgive me for being late. This is Dante, the second deputy director of the National Intelligence Service.”

code black.

In the kingdom of Tormia, Dante was the only person other than the royal family who could read Black.

“okay. Is it spherical?”

I had gotten acquainted at a party hosted by the royal castle, but it was the first time we had a conversation.

“yes. Sorry for not greeting you first. As you know, security is an important job.”

Even a brief conversation with the head of the Magic Association would have spawned countless rumors.

“no. Before that.” There was a time when the 5 most prestigious students gathered at the Magic Association ahead of the graduation exam administered by the Red Line.

“Ah yes.”

Dante gave a puzzled answer to the nuance referring to his school days out of the blue.

“Alpheas Magic School is particularly memorable. Those students have become pros and are fighting hard.”

‘Was this his personality?’

Dante grasped his true intentions.


There was also Sirone, the strongest magician in mankind, but Iruki had the highest reputation externally.

“The head of the Magic Association and Code Black. I can guess why the general military summoned us. It won’t be good for the kingdom.”

It was an unspoken pressure that if you knew something, it would be better to tell it in advance.

Dante was speechless.

I knew from experience that nothing is more perfect than silence when it comes to maintaining security.

U huh rg?

The guide said as the iron door opened.

“Come in.”

On the way to the underground bunker, Fleur asked for a handshake with Lou Fist.

“nice to meet you. I’m Flu, the Chief Secretary of the Magic Association. Are you Sirone’s friend? He is also very close with me.”

“yes. I’ve heard a lot about it.”

“Ho-ho, is it? By the way, the NIS is also out of its mind, isn’t it? I heard that the monks of Zion are in Tormia.”

It was code black.

‘Still, it’s a good combination.’

Flu, who can speak in reverse, was a necessary talent for the cold-tempered Lufist.

In the end, Dante was silent again this time, and the three of them reached the end of the bunker without talking.

“Please go in.” Sitting on the sofa covered with a blanket, this rookie said with an incontinent smile.

“I was waiting.”

Dante had Iruki’s face in his eyes.

‘My complexion has gotten worse.’

Lufist politely bowed his head.

“I am Raphael Lufist, the president of the Tormia Magic Association. It is an honor to meet you.”

When Fleur and Dante finished greeting each other, Rookie Lee offered a seat and said to Aromi.

“The car is done.”

It was a signal to let no one in.

“We don’t have much time, so let’s go fast. It is a major human event. We need the cooperation of Tormia Kingdom.”

Iruki explained the secret strategy.

“Bashka… … ?”

A plan to blow it up with an elemental bomb.

“What is the current population of the capital’?”

Flu, who had been swallowing saliva with a pale face, hurriedly regained his composure and recalled his memory.

“About 6.5 million. It is during the war, so the floating population is wide, but the average

will be close to.”

“6.5 million.”

All that life turns to ashes and disappears.

“As you might have guessed, security is key to this operation. We will lure them all the way to the capital and annihilate them at once.”

There was no objection to the strategy itself, but it was a shock to see the kingdom’s capital fly away.

“First of all, the three of you who came here can live. Asking them to die even knowing it is a serious human loss.”

The three did not answer.

“That’s why I want to leave it up to you to judge. After all night long calculations, the limit on how many people can be taken out of this plan while maintaining security is… … Iruki held out both palms. “100 people.”

100 out of 6.5 million.

“This person must live in Baska, please select 100 people like that. Of course, I’m not going to make any criticism about it. I like my family, and I like people who are needed by society. Please write a list now and we will take care of it.”

Rufist looked down at the blank paper Iruki held out.

‘It was something like that.’

Strategize to blow up the capital

Godo realized why he didn’t call the royal family.

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