Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 937

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The King of Desire, Gustav Havitz, 17 years old.

Sein and his party, who share the wave in his heart, suffered severe mental damage.

Sein bit his lip until it bleed.

‘Damn it, it’s a judgment mistake.’

With the idea of ​​being able to trace Harvitz’s location, I couldn’t even factor in the nature of the wave.

No, is it really?

The years of Sein’s life were not easy enough to overlook variables in the face of problems.

‘Calculated. It just doesn’t remain in my memory, but it must have been pointed out in the stream of consciousness.’

The problem was that the heartbeats emitted by the atrocities were horrific beyond imagination.

‘You can’t prepare for what you don’t know.’ Havitz’s desire was a feeling close to a pure nature that could not be expressed in form.

‘The quality of fire cannot be defined by its form. But as everyone knows fire… …

All human beings have a heart of Habits deep in their hearts.

‘Even if I like it, I quickly hate it.’

A being of chaos who loves so much that he can commit any kind of terrible thing.

‘That point is the territory dominated by Habits.’

Sein opened his mouth.

“Eden, calm down.”

As the Iron Wheel rotated rapidly, Eden’s mind, which had been consumed by fear, became clear little by little.


Eden’s eyes changed when he came to the idea that something had been sacrificed for the current effect.

“Yes, sorry.”

The name Yora was swung around to the point of being colorless, but it was not the time to care about shame.

‘Remove the Harvits. It’s a simple thing.’

When everyone’s resolutions were ripe, Kuan, Armin, and Meirei jumped at the same time.


Even though the enemies were approaching, Harvits just nodded his head left and right in a comfortable position.

The appearance was so calm that it gave goosebumps, but Armin ate his heart.

‘He is alone. There is not a single demon that will protect Havitz. If he kills the case before… …

Before he could finish his thoughts, the spirit zone unfolded and slow magic was applied to Havitz.

As the speed of the pendulum swinging its head in a steady rhythm slowed down, Mayray cast a sonic cannon.


Still, everyone is aware of Havitz.

Slow magic and sound cannons restrained the body and mind, so it was not a problem for Quan to cut.

‘I want to kill you brutally, but??????

Due to the clown clown’s movement, Kuan, who escaped from Harbitz’s perception, raised his sword.

‘Be lucky.’

Just as the 10-meter gap was about to close in an instant, Habitz’s mouth slowly opened.

“ha?… ”

Time passed slowly, but I could tell from the sound and expression that he was about to yawn.

Sein’s thoughts raced quickly.

‘You’re very relaxed. But that bluff ends here. You have no choice but to die.’

All elements analyzed through Cheolryunan predicted Havitz’s death.


“… … Wow.”

For Harvitz, no such future existed.

The sky over the wasteland shone brightly, and a lightning bolt scratched the ground, followed by a roar.


He survived because the sound was later, but the sound that exploded right in front of him was not enough to keep his cool.


Armin cast flicker magic to get away, and Kuan and Mayray threw their bodies with all their might.

“Suddenly what… … !”

Armin, who had lost his balance and staggered, looked back and saw black smoke rising into the sky.

“Hmm, I didn’t sleep last night, so I’m tired.”

The smoke cleared, and on the scorched ground, Havitz was scratching his neck just like the first time.

“what’s the matter? What did you do?”

While everyone blankly watched Havitz, Sein slowly looked up at the sky.

‘Are there any clouds?’

It’s not magic.

The myriad elements of Mother Nature have predicted a thunderbolt in this place at this time since long ago.

‘Just on the spot… …

It was just that there was Harvitz.

‘Even if you read the climate, the point where the lightning strikes is not at the level of human calculation. Therefore, it cannot be seen that they waited for this.’

only desire.

I was just tired from not sleeping last night, so I just wanted to stay there.

‘An accident triggered by chaos.’

It was like this.

“They are strange. You called me here and you’re not doing anything yet, are you? Aren’t you trying to kill me?”


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Havitz, who yawned again, lowered his pants and urinated on the spot.


Despite the appearance of peeing and making noises with her mouth like a child, Sein and the others had no choice but to watch.

Although he is defenseless, he knows that this is also an act that his desire dictates.

‘Should I walk the slow again?’

Armin is in trouble.

‘If I cast a slaw, there is a high probability that lightning will strike again this time. Oh no, I’m sure it will.’

maybe over his head.

‘Wait a minute, then, on the other hand, if I don’t cast a slaw, then the thunderbolt won’t strike?’

Armin shook his head.

‘Wrong order. It has nothing to do with my will. The thunderbolt that is about to strike will eventually strike.’

That is the providence of nature.

‘Thus, to be precise, I must say that my thoughts have changed because the lightning struck a while ago.’

If it hadn’t been for a thunderbolt, I wouldn’t even be thinking about it now.

‘Currently I don’t want to bet. If this thought was changed by a thunderbolt, on the contrary… …

Should I walk the slow now?

‘But the reason I’m thinking like this is my thoughts that have changed because of the thoughts I had a while ago.’

In the end, it just fell into an endless cycle.

‘Damn it!’

Armin has a mild personality, but this time the insults were up to his throat.

‘How do people like this exist?’ determined future.

‘Sleep when you want to sleep, eat when you want to eat, kill when you want to kill, hit when you want to hit… …

innocent about everything.

In the end, Habitz can do whatever he wants.

“Armin, don’t complicate things.” At the same time that Sein spoke his words, the rotation inside the iron wheel accelerated terribly.

“Because I will take care of it.”

The sky turned black, and the sun and moon halo, a combination of two halos, began to rotate at the speed of light.

“A fixed future. Once I got hurt, I got a great sense of it. Whether it be lightning strikes, strong winds, or earthquakes.” you have to block it

“pee. pee.”

Amidst the tedious flow of Havitz’s pee, Kuan jumped again.

‘If Sein can block the future, I will kill Habitz before he recognizes it.’

At that moment, a purple aura rose from Havitz’s body looking down at the ground.

Quan, who pulled out 12 external gravity forces, circulated endlessly around Harbitz.

Then, when the external gravity disappeared, it landed on the ground and limped for a few steps, just like inertia, then stopped.


The moment Kuan asked a question, everyone blinked and looked around.

Lyria asked herself.

“What are we doing here?” to kill someone.

‘I know that. But who?’ They weren’t even aware that Habitz’s incarnation technique, Vanishing, had been activated.

“Ah, that’s cool.”

Havits, who had finished his errand with his shoulders trembling, raised his trousers and grabbed the longsword.

“Then shall we kill you now?”

The reason Sae-in was chosen as the first target was because his face was the most unlucky.

“It looks like a corpse.”

However, the conclusion his desire made was a rational and logically excellent choice.

“First one.”

The moment Havits wielded a long sword cut through the air and was about to decapitate Sein.

It stopped with a bean as if blocked by a transparent barrier.

“omg! omg!”

Eden, who ran next to Sein, was activating a barrier with both hands outstretched.


Habitz, who had secretly withdrawn his sword, pressed his face towards Eden and touched his mustache.

“Can you see me?” The elongated face obscured all vision, but Eden could neither see nor hear.

‘Why should I shield?’

It merely acted reflexively to the terrifying waves of murderous intent heard through God’s frequency.

‘A tremendous wave of the heart.’ Her hands trembled in fear again, but Mei Lei’s ability was unmistakable.

“I can’t last long!”

Eden’s face turned red.

It was because she said something crazy that she thought was completely implausible.

It’s like approaching an unknown person in broad daylight and making an animal-like noise.

It was a mouth that would never have opened if the waves in his heart hadn’t been heard even now.


Everyone felt like they had heard the answer.

‘I’m missing something.’

Sein’s nose wrinkled.

‘I am activating the Sun and Moon Halo. It means you have something to fight for. It’s just that for some reason I missed that fact.’

hypnosis? hallucination? mind magic? law?

‘Or am I crazy. No, absolutely not. Waves of murderous intent are at hand.’

If it wasn’t for God’s frequency, and if it weren’t for the world’s best owner, I wouldn’t have thought of it.

‘I decided to kill him.’

It doesn’t matter who it is.


Everyone moved as soon as I vomited the concept most closely related to the concept of Habits.

‘Let’s not think.’

Like a machine, at the point where everyone rushes to the place where there is a wave of murderous intent.


Harvits feels embarrassed for the first time in his life.

‘It can’t be like this?’

It was the result of everyone’s efforts, but as expected, the key was May-Lee, who had the God’s frequency.

‘It’s here!’

The intent to kill changed to chaos, but Kuan’s ears clearly heard the location of the target to be killed.

‘Honestly, it still feels like crazy.’

It was only when I was young that I fantasized about being attacked by a monster with a stick swung in front of me.

‘I’m an adult.’

I’m not ‘pure’ enough to reveal my imagination into reality.

‘Still, it’s cut.’

It was the decision of a swordsman who had trained and wielded a sword for the rest of his life.

The sound of the wind howled terribly, and Quan’s sword cut perfectly through the air.

‘ did.’

Everyone stopped moving, and Kuan, who landed belatedly, looked back at the cut and frowned.

‘Is it also an illusion?’

At that time, Sein found 12 black soul enemies left in the place where Kuan had slashed them.

“Armin! stop

It was an endless simulation in my head, so my tongue moved as if I had memorized it.


As time stopped, 12 people in black robes came into view.

‘It’s hell!’

There are still holes in the logic, but information about Si-ok comes to mind quickly.

At that moment, Havitz canceled vanishing.

“… … Quite interesting.”

The feeling of liberation that he had finally remembered hit his brain like a spark, and Sein clenched his fists.


How could I forget Harvits?

“I don’t know what.”

As the 12 Shiok opened the way left and right, Habitz took a stride.

“Can you read my mind?” Sein and the others did not answer.

‘Just imagining ways to locate them could name hundreds of them. There’s no reason to reveal it.’

“Would it be really fun?”

Havitz’s eyes curved like a seagull.

“Did you think you wouldn’t know?”

know the location read the mind

What was able to jump through the valley of logic that is empty between these two sentences with insight.

“It’s my heart’?”

This is because all the actions of Sein and his party are the result of Havitz’s mind and chemical reaction.

“It’s a feeling. Do you feel that just knowing the location would not have made such a response?”

A quiet voice flowed from Sein’s mouth.

‘okay. Before he became atrocious, before he became chaos, he was the emperor of the Gustav Empire.’

Harvits is no fool.

“So that’s what I mean.”

Madness dwelled in Habitz’s eyes as he examined every aspect of Sein’s party.

“Whose ability is it?”

At that moment, a terrifying thought flashed through Sein’s mind.

‘It’s a predetermined future.’

Is it really a property that humans can interfere with?

‘Even if it interferes, how will I know that? Time is just a whole.’

Sein’s brain spun rapidly.

‘In the end, the incident in which Habitz left the battlefield was also in the flow of time. why? Is it because the atomic bomb project will succeed in the future? or not… …

Accident stopped.

In a state as pale as blank paper, only the first question was floating on the surface.

‘Why is Harvits… …

Could it be that he chose this place rather than the battlefield?

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