Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 977

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Pandemonium Hell (4)

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The Jincheon Empire was one of the countries that suffered the most damage from the demons.

However, as the country boasted the world’s largest population before the war began, there were still 100 million people still alive.

“It is Satan.”

Bassago, with multiple horns that make you sick just by looking at it, descends like hair down your back and looks towards the sky.

He spread his four arms wide.

“Dye the whole world with evil.”

As the Demon Realm opened, cracks began to appear in the muscular body that was petrifying to gray.

The body, which had maintained its shape even with numerous cracks as if glued together, was blown away by the breeze, and the commander of the 3rd Corps of the Army of Hell was annihilated.

Unbelievable changes began to occur in the quiet mountain where there were no humans or even demons.

The blackened grass grew to a height of more than tens of meters and broke the surrounding trees.

The winged insects fled, but for reasons unknown, they also rapidly changed shape and crashed to the ground.

Then the animals screamed, and finally the entire mountain landscape began to transform into a harmony that could not exist in reality.

The energy of chaos that formed Bassago was spreading in the form of radioactivity, causing biological mutations.

“You are late.”

The earth dragon Gaitan looked down at the landscape where the entire mountain came to life like a giant monster.

Sirone said with a sad expression.

“Bassago’s ability is mental radiation. It spreads the mind like a wave and changes the cells of living things. The Pandemonium has opened, so this is just the beginning. Many mutants will enter the human city.”

Even while they were talking, mental radiation rushed in, and sparks flew against the Miracle Stream’s defense walls.

Paired with Gaitan, the White Dragon, Assriker, looked over the city beyond the mountains and said.

“First of all, controlling human access is a priority. It would be good to see what the range of radiation is.”


Without imagining what monsters might be waiting for them, Sirone and the apostles went down the mountain.


When Gamagin, the commander of the 4th Corps, opened the Devil World, the entire continental plate of the 10 kingdoms in the archipelago began to shake.


By the time Sirone caught him with the Hand of God, the vitality that was transmitted had already drained away.

“Messiah! Avoid!”

As if they were concocting each other, corps commanders from all over the world were simultaneously opening the Pandemonium.

‘I have no intention of fighting.’

As long as he is determined and focused on opening the demon realm, the only way to stop it is appeasement, but he already knew from his experience in Gustav that it was almost impossible.

An earthquake of clear power of destruction threw all creatures on land with feet upward.

I saw a landslide in the mountains and a tsunami rushing in from the reddish sunset.


It was an enormous amount of flow that hit 10 kingdoms in the archipelago once and escaped.

As the Hand of God expanded to its greatest extent, it crushed the waves on one side, but tsunamis were pushing in from all directions across the archipelago.

And at the same time, Marbas, the commander of the Fifth Army in the Middle East, opened the Explosive Pandemonium.

“I will burn everything!”

Even though it was just morning, the temperature in the desert soared and the oasis dried up.

People suffering from the heat have already appeared, and weeping cries were heard from the oasis where the water disappeared.

And again, at Baska’s royal castle, Sirone was waiting for the dawn to dawn. At the table, drunk and sleepy friends were snoring or talking in their sleep, and only Rian kept his seat while sipping alcohol in a steady rhythm.

“Looks like things are bad.”

yo. this. . o”


He didn’t want to give more information to his friends than he had been entrusted with, but it was reassuring if it was Rian.

“While we were drinking, a terrible tragedy struck the world. About 1.8 million deaths alone. The 10 kingdoms in the archipelago suffered the most damage. There will probably be an emergency in the morning.”

“… … Right.”

Rian followed the iron rule of not thinking about the sword.

“Sirone, stop resting too. I will take all my friends home.”

“No, do it together.”

Lian lifted the men in layers, and Sirone lifted the women into the air with the Miracle Stream.

The fact that there was no sign of anyone waking up was probably because they were tired, but it meant that it was a place they could trust.

‘That trust is so good.’

Praying that they could rest in peace a little longer, Sirone and Lian left the restaurant.

The next morning’s situation was as Sirone had imagined, and frankly worse than that.

Even though it did not affect the Central Continent, officials muttered the same thing in a state of panic.

“The whole Pandemonium has been opened.”

An emergency meeting was called, and everyone except Taeseong and Zulu, who were still unconscious, gathered at the castle.

The succession ceremony is scheduled to take place in the afternoon, but as the situation is urgent, Pony sits on the throne.

The first thing she did after receiving the king’s power, albeit temporarily, was to look back at Sirone.

“Did you know?”

“huh. Rather than knowing it, I was there. Sorry. I tried, but it was impossible to stop the Demon Realm.”

“Based on the reported time, it was when we were together yesterday! Why don’t you tell me then Pony shut her mouth.

Knowing nothing changed, and Sirone was the only one who could take action.

“And there is a mistake in the report. Not all are open.”

Sirone said.

“The first thing I instructed the 12 apostles was to find the location of the corps commander. Then you can go to simultaneous events. Some were on time, some were not, but there is the only corps commander I couldn’t find.”

“Baal, commander of the 1st corps.”


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Sirone nodded at Miro’s words.

“yes. And Baal’s Pandemonium is a deadly cross, or meteorite impact. What makes it different from other demon realms is that once a meteorite collides with it, the planet itself is destroyed.”

Taeseong can no longer protect the planet.

Sein asked.

“How can you be sure that Baal did not open the Pandemonium? Meteor impacts take time. In other words, it could have already opened the demon realm and disappeared, right?”

“There are experts in this field. He is a person who can look into the space realm with the Spirit Zone.”

Amy put on a puzzled expression.

“Sending the Spirit Zone out of space? who?”

Sirone raised her index finger and said.

“Ivory Tower 3-star resident Arnold Lampa.” Lampa was located on an uninhabited island in the middle of the sea, 200 kilometers east of Galliant.

“The Demon Realm is not a phenomenon. It is a system that pre-existed before that.”

There, Sirone talked with Rampa about this Demon Realm, more specifically about Baal.

“For example, it is said to distort the law, but if you look at it that way, it is the same kind as the hidden code of Shiok that Oh Dae-seong said. But it’s much bigger and more complex code. Shall we say that there is a world with its own law within the whole law?”

“yes. Jincheon, the 10 archipelago kingdoms, the Middle East, and Gustav are not the environments I knew before. We have requested cooperation from the World Climate Organization, but we do not know how effective it will be.”

“What I want to say about that is this. I can also use the breakaway spirit zone to attract meteorites from the near universe. It is a magic called Meteor.”

Rampa’s Satellite Chong, who had been listening from a distance, corrected the mistake.

“It would have been possible 30 years ago.”

Rampa clicked his tongue at the words of the disciple who couldn’t understand the atmosphere, but Sirone smiled at him.

“If Meteor brings the meteorite directly, Baal’s Pandemonium is probably the law, the principle that changes the direct path of the meteorite. But even so, we have no choice but to use meteorites in the solar system.”

“How many?”

“There are 7,543 distances that can hit a planet in 30 days. Of these, 1,411 have a mass capable of causing lethal impact. Incidentally, even I cannot move these 1,411 meteorites. It is not meteor level.”

“Perhaps all. When the Pandemonium opens, the meteor’s course will subtly change.”

“yes. I’ve already tried it, and so far there is no special movement. The Pandemonium has not been opened yet.”

“all right. Please keep watching. If you notice anything odd, let me know.”

Lampa and Chong Yi lowered their heads.

Sirone in Baska relayed the conversation he had with Lampa to everyone.

It was fortunate that the Pandemonium hadn’t opened yet, but everyone looked tired.


Meteor magic, which collides with a single meteorite, can end a city.

“are you okay. I’ll find out more about that. The World Climate Organization will work in conjunction with Pony.”

After listening to this, the friends also realized why Sirone only delivers necessary information.

‘It’s not my major. It’s an unsolvable problem. I won’t be able to do anything if I listen to all of this.’

As if reading Nade’s thoughts, Sirone nodded.

“Now let’s have a meeting where we can. First of all, the succession to the throne. If Pony takes over Tormia, I can effectively convey my voice to each country.”

The official who was listening asked in a voice mixed with concern.

“Which country will listen to us? Due to the invasion of demons, our power has already gone to the bottom.”

“But there are generals of the temple. Only this rookie knows the core technique of the elemental bomb. If we use this strategically, we will gain support from other countries.”

“But that would allow other countries to use elemental bombs. Isn’t this rather dangerous?”

It sounded correct, but the way he spoke was not good given that he was an aide to Adolf XIII.

“The elemental bomb is important in warfare. The light of agape subdues the demons, but it needs the explosive power of an elemental bomb to be as powerful as it was in the sky above Baska. We will make bombs, but we will only use them in an agape way.”

Pony asked this time.

“Can I control it?”

“I have to. Let’s create a task force. Rufist-san will have to manage it. Also, the Nade Group should monopolize the production of bombs. With these two things, you will be able to exert influence over other countries.”

Miro asked while the official was completely silent.

“What about Heaven’s Army?”

“It is still scattered all over the world. They are coming together little by little, but they won’t be able to act very quickly.”

“why? Is it because you are asleep?”

“That’s an important part, but there’s an infighting. The biggest event is that Ikael sided with humans.”

Pony’s eyes widened.

“Really? How did you capture the enemy commander?”

“I didn’t embrace it. She is my biological mother.” Silence fell in the hall.

Amy already knew, but the other friends looked shocked and couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

“An archangel, no, an archangel is your mother?”

As even the officials watched with bated breath, Sirone made eye contact with Amy and smiled.

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