Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 996

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Tomb of the Gods (2)

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Ymir left.

She is probably waiting for Sirone and his party in the deepest part of the first level of depth, the psychology of the mother’s womb.

“however… …

A strong voice was heard.

“Is it really a nightmare? For something like that, Ymir is too calm.”

Arius replied.

“I wouldn’t have been calm. You can tell just by the fact that she left immediately. Of course, I didn’t cry out of fear, but I think it’s true that the situation was unpleasant.”

Miro asked.

“What would have been unpleasant?”

“I have something to tell you first.” Mona said.

“Currently, my dreams are out of control. Because Ymir doesn’t define us by anything. It is a kind of text state. It is a challenge.”

“Arius, is there any way?”

“You just need to find keywords that are connected to the 5th level of in-depth, unconsciousness. However, the problem is that there are only pupils, and the fact that there are over 10 billion is a bigger problem.”

Gaold muttered.

“Wouldn’t there be something special in the eyes?”

Everyone looked around, but at each moment about a third of them all blinked.

“fear. fear.”

Arius looked again.

“After all, this dream is the only hint. Why does 10 billion eyes make Ymir afraid? Dismantling of the Ultima system? The very fact of being defined?”

“Couldn’t it be the eyes?” Sirone said.

“To be more precise, there are not only pupils in this dream. A state resembling a vacuum, and us too. To be precise, those of us who are not defined.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

Arius, lost in thought, raised his head.

“Tombs of the Gods.”

He muttered as if he had received some revelation, and spoke to everyone in a raised voice.

“Yes, this is a nightmare. Ymir said, his own memory is the tomb of the gods. In fact, I was overlooking it because it was impossible, but Ymir understands it.”

“Explain so I can understand.”

“Based on the 6th level here, the realm of REM, consciousness and unconsciousness are separated. In other words, this is the middle ground where consciousness and unconsciousness are mixed. But look at this dream. Nothing. In other words, you are conscious of nothing.”

Sein asked.

“Because it is too strong?”

“yes. To Ymir, all matter is lighter than air. It means that there is no special stimulation transmitted through the senses. It is a state resembling this vacuum.”

“Hearing is everything. But why is that a nightmare? It’s the same in real life.”

“It exists in reality. Ymir has defeated countless foes since her birth. They must be worshiped as gods in any civilization. For Ymir, the experience of the senses is, at best, that much. A powerful enemy that can be counted on her fingers.”

All the enemies that Ymir had fought so far flashed through Sirone’s mind.

“Usually that kind of is placed in the realm of consciousness. Why, isn’t there such a thing as a memory that you will never forget for the rest of your life? But Ymir would be the opposite. The unconscious, lacking in senses, sucks up the stimulus like a sponge.”

“Then what about the realm of consciousness?”

“Only the shell remains. In fact, there may not have been anything special in the surface layer. So it’s more serious. Perhaps from the deepest level 5, below the REM area… …

Arius said in a solemn voice.

“The strong enemies who gave Ymir the greatest stimulus in his life will be holding on.”

tombs of the gods.

“It is in reality. It could be anywhere in the universe. But not in this dream. So it’s a nightmare. all enemies

I had a dream that disappeared and I couldn’t feel any stimulation. That is probably what provoked us.”

Miro said.

“I understand. So how to go down?”

“It’s those eyes after all. The way out of the nightmare is to give Ymir a stimulus comparable to the one he fought. She goes into the tomb of the gods.”

Silence passed.

Normally, there would be an overflow of volunteers, but since the opponent was already different, he needed time to think.

Miro asked.

“then… … who will do it No, what are you going to do before that? Can I hit you really hard?”

Arius said.

“In the first place, those eyes don’t even define our bodies. If it’s Mr. Kang Nan’s schema, there might be some possibilities, but I think magic would be good for now. Mr. Sirone or Mr. Gaold will do it.”

“Hey, me?”

At Miro’s words, Arius avoided a direct answer.

“Let’s attack. Among Mr. Sirone and Mr. Ga Old, the person with the highest single destructive power should do it.” Miro laughed when neither of them answered.

“Yeah, well spoken. Gaold, if you and Cirone decide to play, who will be stronger?” said Gaold indifferently.

“I’m not a child, childishly… …

Of course, but the fact that Gaold didn’t give a definite answer was a subtle surprise.

“Uh, what is it? Could it be that Gaold is also going to give up in front of Sirone? why? Aren’t you confident?”

“Are you Satan?”

In the end, Gaold decided to step in, and soon after, the air press was cast.

“Great!” Tremendous pain flooded in, but 10 billion eyes didn’t do magic justice.

“… … Can’t you?”

Everyone who had been waiting with confidence because it was Gaold finally realized the seriousness.

“I will try.”

Hearing Sirone’s voice, Gaold said.


Gangnan insisted.


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“Don’t build your ego. Ymir is your worst enemy. Even if we join forces, we will not be able to grow… …

“It’s not that kind of problem.” Gaold’s voice was serious.

“Even though it’s the magic I cast, the power can’t be measured. Sirone will be the same.”

Miro tried it himself.

“Yes. There is no sense of reality at all. I have to do my best to run, but it’s just imagining it. Only then can you set standards.”

“But I can catch it.”

Gaold said.

“You can catch it based on the sense of pain. If you continue to increase your power like that, you will reach the realistic best, that is, your strength.”

Gangnan was worried.

“Are you okay? If the nightmare doesn’t break even if you reach the best of realistic… …

Only Gaold had standards, and the Gaold she knew was not a man to give up.


Gaold tore his mouth open.

‘Where should I look for a mug?’

As the air press was activated, Gaold’s sense of pain began to soar without knowing the end.


Although it had already reached full strength, the nightmare still did not budge.

‘Yes, you are the owner, right?’

As Gangnan feared, Gaold ran faster towards the path of the blade that was spread out in front of him.


When Gaold’s desperate scream was heard, Kang Nan activated the schema to the limit.

“Gaold! Gaold!”

It felt like I could feel some bodily sensations, but it was still far from reality.

“Stop it! You will die before you even fight!”

“Quiet, wait.”

Miro said coldly.

“There is no way we can help anyway. Let Gaold take care of it.

Leave it.”

Kang Nan was about to die of resentment at not being able to grab Miro by the collar right now.


Gaold’s screams were a nightmare, and Sein finally spoke.

“Maze, it’s too long.”

It was the first time Gaold, who overpowered an opponent in an instant, had held off the air press for so long.

“I die like this.”

Old Ga Old would never stop until Maze told him to.

“If you die, you die. Are you going to live here?”

Sae-in also loved her, but at times like this, there was no way to suppress the creepiness.

Eventually, Sirone stepped in.

“Anyway, once… …

At that moment, I thought my eyes were shaking, but I felt a weak vibration in everyone’s body.

“Sense… …

are being defined

Gaold’s howling like a beast began to be reflected by the nerves running through his body.


Finally, with a thud, a hole in the floor of the Nightmare with a radius of several hundred meters was born.

The shaped Mong-a said.

“The nightmare is over.”

At the same time, Gaold slumped to the ground and let out a heavy breath.

“Haha! Haha!”


The moment Kang Nan jumped, Miro came up to him first and patted him on the back.

“Hey, how cool is that? good job. You did very well.”

Seeing Gaold’s shoulders tremble, Gang-Nan lost his temper for a moment.

“Did you do anything? It is also worth bringing… …

Before she could finish her words, Kang Nan grabbed Miro by the collar and jumped her up.

Without stopping there, he raised his arm, and Miro’s toes rose to the ground like an awl.

“Are you crazy?”

Miro’s gaze, looking down at Gangnan growling like a wolf, was terribly cold.

“What, all of a sudden?”

“I’ve known you’re a psychopath for a long time, but listen carefully. If you play with the gaold one more time, then I know I will crush you.”

Miro looked at Gaold for a moment.

“I’ve known for a long time that you’re stupid.”

“What is it?”

“Aren’t you here to fight for the world? In the end, you broke through. Do you think this would have happened if I had dried the garold?”

“that is… … Is it extreme?”

“okay. I’m fighting because there are kids like you who are swayed by weak emotions and then get beaten up by evil. To carry everything on your back and block it until the very end.”

Kang Nan raised the maze even further.

“Tell me you’ll never use Gaold again.”

“Nope? Do you deserve that? Above all, Gaold will do it.”

Gangnan raised his fist.

“You can really get hit by one.”

When there were signs of violence, the party approached, but Miro’s life came first.

“Leave your hand.”

The incarnation of Guanyin with thousands of arms soared high, and thousands of arms aimed at Gangnan.

“This is your last chance.”

Gaold stood up in an atmosphere where the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin seemed to move at any moment.

“It’s a maze.”

A hot energy like fire was emanating from the back, which felt bigger than before.

“You’re right. We’re here to fight. I don’t fall down like this either. but… …

There was power in the low voice.

“Don’t touch the river.”

Kang Nan’s head jerked back, and Miro’s eyes shook for a brief moment.

‘It was like that in heaven too.’

It was Gaold who sacrificed his life to save the maze, but went to the limb to save Gangnan again.

“mister… …

Gaold gave a dry smile.

“Hey, don’t worry. I barely made it this far, but I have to go catch it, Shin.”

Miro doesn’t know.

How a fourteen-year-old girl saved Gaold when he fell into hell and lost consciousness.

‘I’ll never know.’

As humane emotions crept into his heart, Miro desperately made up his mind.

‘It must not be broken. It must not be broken.’ Her eyes quickly cooled, and she raised her arms with a bright smile as if she hadn’t done that before.

“okay. sorry. Can you please release this now?”

Gangnan didn’t get angry, but he was more concerned about Gaold’s condition.

She untied her collar and walked away, supporting Gaold.

“Are you really okay?”

“Because it’s okay. In any case, the temperament is arrogant. When are you going to break that habit?”

“Who started first? why? Is it because you’re really afraid that they’ll hit you?”

“haha! I’m glad you didn’t die. Well, you still have to have that level of knowledge to say something like that, don’t you?”


Gaold, who was lying on Gangnan’s lap and breathing, pointed at her with his index finger.

“You said you wanted to become the world’s strongest woman?”

” ah.”

I’m sure I remember, but had I ever told Gaold anything like that?

“Do you know how old he was then? When the hell are you talking about enemies…

“It will be.”

His eyelids closed, and soon Gaold fell asleep with even breathing.

Miro put his hand on Gaold’s forehead and saw Gangnan laughing.

I thought you were a pretty person.

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