Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student Novel – All Chapters

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Title: Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student

Description: There were five heroes who fought against Erebos, the primordial evil that drove the world to the brink of destruction. [Brave] Aron. [God’s Blacksmith] Dweno. [The Founder of the Nebula] Luna. [King of Wisdom] Risinas. Lastly, me [The Hero of Beginning] Kyle. When I was reincarnated 5000 years later, everyone was praised as a Legendary hero. “Except me.” A gift from God that records the achievements of heroes. The Hero Academy with Hero Records. Let’s go there and find out why.

Alternate Names: The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student, 전설급 영웅은 아카데미 우등생

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy School Life

Author(s): Jeena, 예로나

Status: 670 Chapters (Ongoing)

Original Publisher: Kakaopage, Potent

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