Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 355

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Episode 355

“okay. “Tell other followers to stay inside the magic tower.”

“No, there is nothing like that…”

When Lee Han said nonsense, his friends were even more embarrassed.

“Pengerin. Let’s quickly go find the prince! “If the prince goes missing, the imperial noble families who are close to him will be very worried.”

“Okay, I understand! wait!”

Alcicle waddled away hurriedly.

As Alcicle himself was from a prestigious family in the empire, he could guess how prestigious the royal family was if they were close friends with the great noble families of the empire.

How embarrassing would it be if such a royal family member went missing around the magic tower of Alcicle?

I could never leave it unattended.

Yoner shook the snow from his hair and whispered to Ihan.

“Are there any great aristocratic families that are friendly with Gainando?”

“hmm. If I had to really ask, it’s about the Wardanaz family and the Makin family?”



Yoner was dumbfounded at the sight of his friend fooling the wizard with a clever pun in less than a second.

* * *

“So how did Gainando become shipwrecked? for a moment. Rather, why are you guys here?”

“…We thought you were kidnapped, Wardanaz…”

Nilia hesitated as she explained what had happened.

Looking back now, it didn’t seem like I had been kidnapped.

After hearing the explanation, Lee Han began to explain.

“I was not kidnapped.”


When Professor Boladi next to him agreed, Lee Han paused for a moment.

‘for a moment. Was I kidnapped?’

Sometimes, if I stayed as a student under a professor for a long time, I would get Stockholm Syndrome.

Then, even though they have been kidnapped and taken away, they say things like, ‘Haha, the professor needs my help. It’s no big deal, so don’t worry.’

“…is not it? “Have you been kidnapped?”

“To be honest, there isn’t much difference between us and other professors.”

Yumidihus said with a slightly reflective expression.

But Eumidyhus also had an excuse.

“I knew that the professors at Einrogard were vicious, but I didn’t know that they were chasing students around and harassing them during vacation. “If I had known, I would have let you rest.”

“yes. “We should let them rest during vacation.”

When Professor Boladi agreed with Yumidhus’ words, Lee Han unconsciously opened his eyes.


“Why are you doing that?”

“No… it’s nothing.”

Lee Han swallowed the shout that was about to come out.

It was clear that Professor Boladi thought that his teachings were different from those taught by other professors.

Maybe you think of it as a lesson like relaxation…

Of course, it was a ridiculous illusion. The two were identical.

“this way! “It disappeared from here!”

Eumidihus, who heard Nylia’s cries, waved his staff and stopped the carriage.

When the water spirits pulling the carriage stopped, Alcicle ran out immediately.


Snow falling from the air suddenly began to rise upward again, as if time had been rewound.

Alcicle swept away the snowstorm with a wave of his staff and immediately stepped into the air. Then, a platform made of ice appeared in the air, and Alsikl’s body rose upward.

The wizards didn’t have to search through the valley below in a blizzard.

Even more so if you are a magician who has reached the level of Alcicle.

“Ice, disappear! “Snow, hide yourself!”

Alcicle cleared away the ice and snow beneath the snowy valley.

The once white mountain suddenly turned dark gray.


As a fellow wizard, Lee Han couldn’t help but be impressed by Alcicle’s skills.

How can you remove this much ice and snow at once?

“Spirit, find the living! “Is this right?”


“It’s a big deal! Big trouble! What will the people of the empire think of me if the prince gets hurt! “Don’t you think I’m an idiot who can’t even take care of the guests who visit the front yard of the Magic Tower!”

“Calm down. Alcicle. “Prince Kainando is a wizard, so he has the ability to protect himself.”

Eumidihus tried to comfort Alsicle, but Alsicle shook his head as if he didn’t want to hear it.

Meanwhile, Lee Han talked with his friends.

“You disappeared from here?”

“huh. “When I looked back, it was gone.”

Nilia and her friends followed on horseback in quick pursuit.

If the Lightning Walk professor had seen it, he would have been satisfied and thought, ‘Everyone learned it properly in the first semester.’

However, when I turned around just before I arrived at the Magic Tower, Gainando, who was in the rear, had disappeared before I knew it.

“Why on earth did it disappear?”


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“Hasn’t a monster appeared or you’re possessed by an evil spirit?”

“If a monster or evil spirit had appeared, you would have noticed… Didn’t you at least find a fallen person?”

To Lee Han’s words, all the friends responded at the same time.

“That can’t be possible.”

“Wardanaz. Does that make sense?”

“It would be better to say that I found a wizard card that fell on the floor…”


Lee Han felt a little pity for Gai Nando due to his friends’ extremely cold reactions.

“I can’t do it. Self-immolation, help me!”

Alcicle took out the magic he had been saving for his magical powers.

The ice clone took shape and looked exactly like Alcicle.

Among the normal clone magics, the clone magic that was identical to the wizard was so high and difficult that it was difficult to distinguish between them.

Lee Han was once again impressed by the way he completed such an alter ego using the already difficult ice element.

“That’s amazing…”

“Do you like that magic?”


Lee Han was surprised by Professor Boladi’s question.

I can’t believe I accidentally let my guard down when the professor is next to me.


Before Professor Boladi could stop him, he approached Alcicle and spoke.

“Just teach me magic.”

“…What are you talking about!? Why do I have to teach you this?!!”

Of course, Alcicle jumped.

I’m so busy, but they suddenly come and teach me their secret alter ego magic.

Which wizard would agree?

“You want to learn.”

“Do we have to teach everyone who wants to learn!?”

“I taught you everything?”

As Eumidihus spoke next to him, Alcicle flinched.

Well, Eumidhus actually taught everything to those who came to learn, without hiding anything.

“This magic is difficult, so it’s not time to learn it yet. “I need to build more foundations…”

As he spoke, Alcicle recalled the magic that Lee Han had shown him today.

There was no particular foundation that needed to be further strengthened.

“…I need to learn more intermediate magic, not just the basics…”

“You said earlier that you needed a difficult problem.”

“Is that what you’re talking about!”

I’m sure we had a conversation earlier when it was just Yumidihus and Boladi Bagrek.

-You learn a little faster than you think.

-A little??

-Eat sardines. If you learn it this quickly, you may lose motivation, so you should think about giving it a slightly more difficult task. A wizard becomes stronger when he or she has a desired goal.

The basics are certainly important, but it was dangerous to let a wizard with outstanding talent practice only the basics.

If you are not careful, you may lose interest.

Every wizard needed a grand goal.

A strong goal that can cross any thorny road to achieve that goal!

…So I was wondering which cold elemental magic I should target, but this wasn’t it.

This was a magic I really cherished…

“I’m fine. Pengelin. “Perhaps Pengelin doesn’t like me.”

Lee Han pretended to stop him and smiled bitterly.

Alcicle, feeling guilty at that smile, hesitated and eventually shouted.

“okay! This should be your next goal! Boladi Bagrek. “You bastard!”

“Why are you angry?”

“shut up!”

As the two continued to fight, Nilia shouted.

“It’s good that everyone is fighting, but there’s smoke over there!!”


Just as Nilia said, smoke was coming from far away in the valley.

* * *

“Gam, thank you. “His Royal Highness.”

“Because it is something that one must naturally do as a person born with the duty to be honorable.”

Although Gainando did not yet know what honor meant, he had no hesitation in using it.

The nobleman with the broken ankle nodded with an touched face.

“I don’t know what would have happened if it weren’t for His Highness the Prince… I’m more surprised that His Highness would even do something like this.”

“…It’s something any Einrogard student can do.”

“Be humble!”

“That’s not humility.”

Gainando put a splint on the nobleman’s broken ankle and pushed him inside the cave.

Although they could not use healing magic like Lee Han, Einrogard students had no choice but to learn how to apply a splint.

When Gainando took out a cookie from his bag, the nobleman declined, saying it was okay.

“I’m fine…”

Crunch crunch-

“huh? what?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

It was almost a stroke of luck that Gainando found the nobleman who had fainted.

He fell from his horse, rolled down the side of a valley, fainted, and a blizzard was falling.

If it weren’t for the wizard card dropped by the noble, Gainando wouldn’t have even paid attention.

“By the way, Your Royal Highness. Moving to the cave to escape the blizzard… was a wise decision… but… will my colleagues really come to visit?”

“ah. “You don’t have to worry.”

Gainando patted his chest confidently.

“I’ve said everything. “I’m sure they’re calling other people to come and help.”

Of course, Gainando’s cry of ‘Wait a minute’ could not be heard at all due to the fierce snowstorm and the sound of horses’ hooves.



Gainando nodded as if he was proud. Her nobleman’s face also brightened.

“I’m so glad…”



“Why are you worrying your friends by disappearing without saying anything?”

As soon as they arrived, the nobleman blinked in surprise at the sight of His Highness the Prince’s friends beating and mistreating The Prince.

‘Aren’t you… friends?’

“I told you! I told you! “Those bastards are lying!”

“Didn’t you just say something in that situation and then change direction without checking?”


Gainando, speechless, hesitated.

Lee Han sighed and said.

“Still, I’m glad you weren’t hurt.”

“Jung, were you really saving someone?”

“Shh. Ratford. Gainan will also listen.”

My friends were very surprised.

Could it be that he was actually shipwrecked while trying to save someone?

Guyando asked, unaware of his friends’ evil intentions.

“You followed me after seeing the mark I left, right?”

“What mark did you leave?”

“You came here drawing an arrow on the floor.”

Lee Han sighed, wondering how he was going to scold this friend who drew arrows on the floor during a snowstorm.

“Your Majesty the Prince! “The place where you were injured is…!”

Alsicle, who landed next to Lee Han, hurriedly ran over.

Then he looked at Guyando’s face and tilted his head.

“This is my first time meeting you. Who are you?”

“This is Gainando.”

“Uh… I don’t think you’re under 20…?”

Alcicle looked at Lee Han and was embarrassed.

I thought he must have been a prince in his 30s or 40s…?

“He is our friend. thank you Mr. Pengerin.”

“Uh, huh? Yeah, yeah. That’s right, but… that… uh…”

Alcicle felt that he had been deceived, but he tilted his head because he did not know exactly how he had been deceived.

Meanwhile, the nobleman who had fallen stood up.

“Alsicle Pengerin. “It is an honor to meet you like this.”


Alcicle hiccuped and averted his gaze.

Lee Han was surprised to see Alcicle so surprised.

‘what? ‘Could the other person be an assassin?’

“Who are you?”

“Oh… oh my. “You’re in big trouble.”

What was surprising was that Eumidyhus also looked worried.

“Looking at your outfit, you’re an inspector.”


“An inspector sent by investors who invested in magic research for Alcicle. “I came here to check the results.”


Lee Han could truly empathize with Alcicle’s pain.

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