Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 359

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Episode 359

The reason warlocks stayed near cemeteries was not because they liked cemeteries.

Of course, some unusual warlocks liked cemeteries, but there were few wizards who would choose a cold and gloomy graveyard over a warm and comfortable fireplace.

The reason warlocks stayed near graveyards was because it was advantageous for black magic.

By becoming familiar with the energy of death, you can become familiar with undead summons, gain additional magical power for various black magic, and above all, you can experiment with magic without worrying about what others are seeing…

…Actually, the last reason was quite important.

Most people didn’t want warlocks doing research next door.

Even the warlocks themselves did not want to conduct research in the courtyard of their mansion.

With all kinds of poisons being sprayed on the plants and the undead walking and trampling the grass, even the most beautiful courtyard was bound to turn into a graveyard.

Even more so if it is the mansion of a prestigious and historical family…

“ah. “Are you here?”

Lee Han, who was controlling the undead in the garden in front of the mansion, was happy to see Delet.

The undead lowered their heads in slow and awkward movements. Direth was surprised when he saw that.

‘In the meantime, like this?!’

I knew that Lee Han was having difficulty controlling the undead.

In a way, it was natural.

A first year student was trying to control the undead in the classic black magic style.

Rather, making it move like that was itself a great feat.

“How did they make it move?”

“ah. There is still a long way to go. Normally, you should move in a sophisticated manner…”

Originally, the sophisticated standard was to elaborately weave dozens or hundreds of commands into one.

For a living creature to walk was as easy as breathing, but to make an unwilling skeleton warrior walk required dozens of detailed instructions, such as ‘Give strength to the soles of the feet,’ ‘Give strength to the calf bones,’ ‘Transmit strength to the thigh bones,’ etc. Hundreds were needed.

Of course, it was impossible to do all of this one by one, so the wizard had to be able to tie together dozens or hundreds of commands into one and give the command ‘Walk.’

The flow and understanding of all kinds of complex magical energy was absolutely not something that a first-year student could have achieved through trial and error. A lot of experience was essential.

So Lee Han used an expedient method.

“It just gave us more horsepower.”


Instead of giving detailed instructions one by one, the command ‘Walk’ is poured out with incredibly strong magical power.

Of course, the effect was disastrous.

In fact, the undead were incredibly slow.

It would have been much faster if I had given detailed instructions one by one.

But the important thing was that it moved.

Once you made it move, it was possible to sensibly adapt to it by repeating it. Even if that junior spends such ridiculous amounts of money, doesn’t he still have some magical power left over?

It might be a much faster way than overtaxing your brain by calculating each command.

“It’s a very good method, isn’t it?”


Lee Han looked at Delet with a slightly hurt expression. Delet was embarrassed.


“I’m not stupid and I can’t understand what I don’t mean. “You don’t have to force praise like that.”


Delet became very mortified.

Of course, it was an ignorant method, but the result was good, so I said yes, but this junior!

“I said no!”

“yes. “If it’s a senior, it’s probably like that.”

Delet’s wings trembled in frustration at the words of his junior, who called him a ‘bad senior who oppresses his juniors with his authority.’

Meanwhile, Lee Han stole the luggage that Delet brought with him.

“I will listen. “What is this?”

“ah. “The gift of the visit…”

Lee Han glanced inside the box. It was full of unidentified bones.

When I traced the magic power, I could feel the magic power of Yin.

“Thank you so much. senior. “I never thought I would receive a gift like this…”


Delet gave a slightly embarrassed expression. Although it was a gift she had carefully chosen, she had no idea that her junior would like it this much.

“Please sit here. “I will prepare something to drink.”

“Oh, me too…”

“You came as a guest, but you can’t do that. But other people…”

“These are also juniors who practice black magic.”


Lee Han’s eyes flashed for a moment.

They are seniors from the same school.

…When I thought about it, Lee Han had no choice but to meet seniors from all schools, but in any case, seniors from the same school were always visible, so it wasn’t a bad thing.

“Everyone, please sit down. “I’ll bring you something to drink soon.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Big risk. Well… it’s not bad.”

The students of the black magic school did their best to show that ‘I am very used to this kind of treatment.’

Of course, everyone looked awkward, so it made Lee Han think differently.

‘Are you unwell?’

When Lee Han politely bowed his head and disappeared, the students of the Black Magic School, who had been sitting in an awkwardly arrogant posture, immediately relaxed their posture and whispered.


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“What is it?? “Have you ever cursed me?”

“Isn’t that a threat?”


Delet regretted bringing these babies for no reason.

“I’m saying that now…”

“It’s amazing that someone from the Blue Dragon Tower and the Wardanaz family is learning black magic! Why are you being so condescending!?”

“It’s creepy that a Blue Dragon Tower student does that???”

“Isn’t it the Blue Dragon’s Tower?”

The students of the Black Magic School were whispering.

Basically, Blue Dragon Tower students did not learn dark magic.

Why would people who have a lot to worry about externally, such as honor, reputation, and family, learn black magic?

Even if he was a truly unique Blue Dragon Tower student, problems still remained.

Why on earth are you being so condescending?


Delet could understand the embarrassment of his juniors.

Basically, students at magic school didn’t show much courtesy unless they were their top senior.

Inside the magic school, you could be treated like an asshole, so at least you weren’t rude, but outside, there were many cases where people would just ignore you and say, ‘Do you know me?’

This was especially true for the Blue Dragon Tower students.

I walk around with my head down because I’m scared inside, so what’s the point of doing that outside?

In the first place, not only did they rarely meet each other, but even when they did, the ones who just ignored them and went about their own business were the Blue Dragon Tower students.

And that was even more unlucky.

It would be better to growl and shoot like a white tiger tower…

“That’s because we met in the punishment room. “I became close with him while providing him with meals in the punishment room.”


“Uh… no… he did take care of it.”



The juniors looked at Delet with a mixture of astonishment, suspicion, and bewilderment.

How did they make a Blue Dragon Tower student from a great family go to the punishment cell?

No matter how hard I tried to believe it, there was only one that came to mind.

‘It’s a curse. It’s 100% a curse.’

‘no. It’s poison. Poison is cleaner than a curse and goes undetected. On the condition of giving an antidote every week…’

‘Shouldn’t we stop Senior Delet? If there’s another article in the imperial newspaper…’

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s all a misunderstanding. “You bastards.”

* * *

When Lee Han personally brought a teapot and a glass bottle of juice so cold that dew formed and served it, the students of the Black Magic School looked at Lee Han with pity.


“Junior… please explain. “This bird… these guys think I’m threatening you.”

“What nonsense… I am not being threatened.”

Despite Lee Han’s words, the students of the Black Magic School nodded with pitiful eyes, saying, ‘Yes, I guess so.’

“…I don’t think any explanation will make any sense?”

“I was crazy for bringing you here. “What do you like about these guys? Did they invite other first years?”

“yes. “I called.”

After hearing the purpose of today’s meeting, Lee Han called other friends as well.

Come to think of it, there was a prince among them.

‘…I’m sure my senior will be able to resolve any misunderstandings.’

Lee Han left it to Direth to take care of. Honestly, it was annoying.

“Can I ask you a few questions?”


Lee Han felt that not all of the seniors present were favorable to him.

It was natural.

In any world, if there are people who view newcomers favorably, there are also people who view them with hostility.

What the newbie is thinking, how sincere he is, etc.

At this time, I had to show my true self to make things much easier in the future.

‘I’m ready.’

Lee Han also knew his weaknesses.

I am listening to magic from too many schools at the same time.

…This wasn’t intentional, but it could have looked a little bad anyway.

However, Lee Han was confident that he could make up for this.

Honestly, what first-year student is working as hard on black magic as Lee Han?

“I saw earlier that you summoned skeletons. Can I do that in the front yard of the mansion? “Wouldn’t the front yard be dirty?”

“The dirtier it gets, the better. “It will be helpful when practicing black magic.”

“…From what I saw earlier, it seemed like the undead were summoned in a slightly different way?”

“yes. I have always been very interested in black magic, and I had a desire to make new discoveries by researching black magic, which is not commonly used these days. Fortunately, Professor Mortum evaluated my greed favorably, so I was able to practice like this.”

What was forced by Principal Skeleton and Professor Mortum was portrayed as Lee Han’s own volunteering.

The black magic school students who didn’t know this just looked at Lee Han with eyes of admiration.

Why on earth is this kind of talent into black magic?


However, unlike other students, the senior who asked the question did not let it go easily.

He shook his head a few times as if he was different from other people, and then asked more persistent questions.

“Anyone can have greed. What matters is how you achieve it. I’m curious if you’re doing well with the basics. “Do you know how to curse?”


“What about poison?”

“You can make acid poison.”

Delet intervened from the side.

“I can also manipulate the dark element.”


The senior looked surprised at those words and nodded heavily.

Although not spoken, it was a sign of surrender that there were no more questions.

“Sorry. Junior. “Ogoldos isn’t really that tough of a guy.”

Delet took Lee Han out briefly while the other students were drinking and apologized separately.

“I’m quite serious about black magic. That’s why I don’t like it when new juniors touch me for a moment and then disappear.”

“I understand. “You might.”

In fact, in my eyes, I didn’t feel bad about a senior like Ogoldos.

The real crazy people are among the professors, and no matter how much the seniors fly or crawl, they can’t become real crazy people.

“…Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually threatening them by poisoning them. “A brilliant junior like you uses black magic…”

“But I’m hearing about other magic as well.”

“I know, so be quiet.”

Delet explained in more detail how often these meetings are usually held and why they are held.

Warlock students exchange information and share useful jobs and opportunities during vacation…

“really. “I heard a rumor that the professors fought on the street to drag you away. That’s fake, right?”

“no. It’s real. “By the way, where is Professor Mortum?”

“Professor Mortum? When we have meetings, he’s usually in Grandeur City. …wait for a sec. “It’s real?”

“You’re in Grandeur City? “Why?”

“If you need any help with magic research, please don’t feel pressured and just call me to the meeting. But usually, we don’t talk about magic research even at gatherings. hey. Junior. But just now…”

“…senior. Wait.”

Lee Han felt uncomfortable and stopped Direth from speaking.

Professor Mortum wasn’t around, but I felt like I heard a strange voice.

A voice that says, ‘Call me too!’

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