Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 374

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Episode 374

 Since there are no rules in the dimension, there were times when strong monsters popped out where much weaker monsters would have appeared at other times.

 But it’s a venomous predator in Area 2.

 It didn’t just end with that guy’s appearance, it meant that the entire District 2 was extremely dangerous.

 “Let’s lower our voices and quietly exit. “I don’t think they’ve noticed this one yet.”

 “ah. “I guess that kind of guy wasn’t meant to appear.”

 “…of course!”

 Delet almost raised his voice for a moment.

 If it was an area where guys like that appeared frequently, how would they have brought a junior there?

 If that were the case, students wouldn’t have come in.


 The poisonous predator muttered, then turned its head and spat something into the bone grave.

 Then he grabbed another squishy lump, put it back in his mouth, and started chewing on it.


 Delet was embarrassed.

 What is it doing now?

 “senior. As I understand it, a predator is something that eats and devours other beings to grow and strengthen itself. “When a guy like that spits it out like that instead of swallowing it, it must be seen that he has the intention of dedicating it to someone stronger than him.”

 “Well, like that…”

 Delet, who was surprised by those words, suddenly felt curious.

 No, how did this junior know that…?

 “How do you know that?”

 “I learned it from the professor.”

 “Did you learn that in first grade?”

 “no. “During extra lectures.”


 In the midst of this, Delet had to hold back from suddenly feeling sad.


 “Why are you turning your head…?”

 “Nothing. Anyway, junior, if what you say is true…”

 It would be creepy to see a venomous predator chewing its cud to sacrifice to something stronger than itself.

 Because there are several more dangerous monsters in this area.

 “Let’s go back quickly and report.”


 Lee Han and Delet quietly lowered their posture and turned around.

 However, on the way back, new undead were wandering around. It was a group of Nachalakwis.

 Delet frowned.

 “I can’t help it.”

 “yes. Get ready to fight…”

 “what!? no! “I want to go back!”

 “Oh, is that so?”

 Lee Han lowered his cane with a shy expression.

 It had become such a habit that I automatically prepared to fight.

* * *

 “senior! “You’re back!”

 “Have you guys met too?”

 Direth, who returned to Professor Mortum’s wand sign, was surprised to see that his juniors had arrived first.

 “What do you mean?”

 “Predator. A venomous predator appeared on our side. Even Nachalakwi…”

 “A poisonous predator?! “It must have been a really big deal.”

 The junior’s reaction was not that of someone who was frightened by the appearance of a strong monster.

 It was the reaction of someone who was somehow distracted.

 Lee Han whispered in surprise.

 “Seeing as how you are not afraid of the venomous predator, you are all confident in battle…”

 “How could that be! What’s going on, everyone? “What is it that everyone is so excited about, like they’re drunk?”

 “senior. “The professor discovered ruins!”


 Delet was surprised.


 It was difficult and rare to find ruins outside, but finding ruins in another dimension was truly rare.

 There were many wizards who could not find a relic even once in their lifetime, so there is no need to say more about its rarity.

 “Jin… Jin… Really?”


 “…senior. “You said it was dangerous when you came earlier…”

 Lee Han was embarrassed.

 Delet’s eyes were suddenly flashing with a strange light.

 If I were to compare specifically, the eyes looked a bit like Professor Boladi or Professor Verdus.

 “But other dimensions are inherently dangerous.”



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 Lee Han lamented inwardly.

 Even Direth, who was fine, became strange.

 ‘Is the site of Einrogard bad? ‘Does it corrupt even innocent people?’

 “senior. “I said earlier that when we arrive, we should prepare to escape quickly…”

 Delet said this when he came.

 -Now that there are predators out there, there is no benefit in wandering around here. Since I’ve taken enough from Area 1, it’s okay to leave Area 2 alone. It’s profitable enough.

 -But wouldn’t other seniors be dissatisfied when they couldn’t find what they wanted?

 -I will make you listen even if I have to hit you, so you don’t have to worry. Junior.

 But it changed so suddenly.

 “That was when there were no ruins. “The ruins are worth the risk.”

 Not only Delet but other seniors also whispered in captivated voices.

 “Junior. lets think. “What kind of artifacts will be inside the ruins?”

 “It’s definitely interesting if it’s a dark magic artifact, but…”

 “ah. “No dark magic artifacts.”

 The students responded decisively.

 “Black magic artifacts are not expensive and difficult to sell, so the professor will use them for research. It has to be another magical artifact. “That way it’s good to sell.”


 “The professor will come back soon and tell us what kind of ruins it is…”

 At that moment, Professor Mortum came riding up from afar on a skeleton pony. Even though the professor had only been there for a short time, he continued to cough.

 “How do you feel, Professor!?”

 “how is it?!”

 “Cough. Everyone… it’s okay to be happy. “It is a proper ruin.”

 “Three, oh my…!”

 “I’m so lucky in my life!”

 “Do I need to go back to school for the second semester? “Can I throw my resignation letter in the principal’s face!?”

 “Let’s throw together!”

 Professor Mortum grinned at the sight of his students being happy.

 Lee Han-do, who had no great expectations about the ruins, started to get a little excited because his seniors were like that.

 I can’t believe I’m standing among the seniors and throwing my resignation letter in the face of the skeleton principal.

 Just thinking about it makes me happy…

 “Junior. “Which of the things you just said was good?”

 Delet was puzzled by Lee Han’s changed reaction.

 You were worried just a moment ago, why all of a sudden?

 “I was impressed because it was kind of cool that he threw it after dropping out. “The professor is also very generous.”


 Delet understood what he meant.

 “They don’t care much about whether they drop out or not because they aren’t the students they care about, and they don’t let the students they care about drop out.”

 “…I see, I see.”

 Lee Han nodded and suddenly became curious.

 ‘…Can I become one of your favorite students? ‘Not yet, right?’

* * *

 Even if it is the same ruin, there are differences in its level.

 The ruins that wizards liked were ‘good’ ruins.

 No matter what type of ruins there are, there is a lot to salvage in ruins that have not been invaded, looted, or weathered.

 In comparison, it was difficult to expect most of the ruins that were half-broken and ruined. Those ruins were ruins that made wizards sigh.

 In that respect, the dimensional ruins discovered by Professor Mortum were surprising.

 Surprisingly, the ruins of the palace remained intact!

 The palace, built in an unidentifiable and complex style, stood quietly in a dimension.

 “Cough. From now on, you can use any magic. “If you think it’s dangerous, use it anyway.”

 Professor Mortum spoke to the students.

 There is a risk of irritating beings in this dimension, but considering the dangers around here, I had to be prepared for that.

 “ Magic power, lose your power. The wall. Expand…  let’s go in.”

 Professor Mortum took the lead by casting anti-magic spells to prevent the reverberations of the students’ magic from leaking out.

 Then the students began preparing for their own exploration.

 “ Come out, doggie! 

 “ Ulkas, protect me. 

 “ Fog of poison, envelop.”

 “ Curse, sense hostility… ”

 From those who summon the undead to those who prepare curse magic or poison magic.

 Delet even took out a small crossbow.

 “Because of the poison element magic, we have good compatibility… Wait a minute, junior.”


 Delet, who had not seen Lee Han for a while while preparing for the poison spell, was astonished.

 From a leopard monster with a body made of beryl solution to over ten skeleton warriors.

 I couldn’t believe when it got so big.

 “Are you okay with this?”

 “ah. Of course not.”

 “okay. If you think there are too many, you can reduce the number…”

 “We need to apply strengthening magic to the undead’s weapons. “It moves slowly, so strengthening magic is essential.”

 “…That’s not what I meant. Junior.”

 The combat styles of warlocks who control the undead were diverse, but the basic principle was to send the undead forward to attract the enemy.

 Meanwhile, the rear-guard warlocks attack or confuse the enemy in various ways.


 -■■■, ■■■, ■■■…

 “It came out. “A watchman.”

 “Everyone be careful.”

 As soon as you pass through the palace entrance, you are attacked by human-sized golems walking out of both walls.

 Although they might have been surprised, the students slowly caught their breath and prepared their magic, using the summoned undead as a shield.

 The third-year student said while looking at Lee Han.

 “look. Even if the enemy comes out, never panic and stay calm from behind…”

 Many wizards would fail their magic due to the tension when they got into a combat situation, but the story was a little different for warlocks.

 The magic can be completed while the summoned undead is dragging time.

 But there were exceptions.

 A person who has received rigorous training as a combat wizard in the first place and can quickly cast magic even in situations like this!


 Lee Han whirled the water ball wildly, knocking over the golem and hitting its body. The golem collapsed after receiving repeated blows, revealing its core.

 “Thank you for the advice. senior.”

 “…Yeah, yeah. “My advice was very helpful, right?”

 Delet thought to himself that his third-year junior was a truly conscienceless person.

* * *



 One of the summoned skeleton warriors fought the golem with force and struck it down.

 When Professor Mortum slightly waved his staff, a dark element entered its body and its power was further amplified.

 Thanking the professor for his help, the students immediately memorized the spell. Then, a corrosive curse was applied to the body of the golem next to him, and it lost its balance.

 “ Bone, shoot. Bones, explode! 

 Another warlock student drove a bone into the golem’s hard body and exploded it.

 Professor Mortum admonished the loud noise.

 “Cough. Attacking is good, but refrain from using loud magic.”


 When bone element magic, poison element magic, and curse magic linked together and exploded, it was very powerful.

 Moreover, the undead summons that the wizards had summoned in advance left no room for harm.

 Puk puk puk puk-



 And Lee Han was on the right side, taking down the golem that was attacking him.

 There was no need for others to help.

 Lee Han’s skeletons fired bone arrows, inflicting frostbite and poisoning on the approaching golem.

 It didn’t matter if the movement was slow. The more than ten skeleton warriors had threatening power in and of themselves.

 “ Bone. Shoot! 

 Like other wizards, Lee Han used bone element magic.

 ‘It’s definitely the power of magic…’

 I thought I knew why it was in the undead dimension. Even though it was the same bone element magic, its power was much more brutal.

 “Quick, take it down quickly. “They’re taking all the juniors.”

 “I know. “Don’t rush me!”

 Lee Han was just doing it, but his seniors had a different story.

 The seniors, who were whispering under pressure and trying desperately to hold on, were barely able to finish before Lee Han.

 When Lee Han finished and looked away, the seniors calmly played it off as if nothing had happened.

 “Did you catch everything?”


 “It’s been a while since we caught them all… Well, it’s still great.”

 “Is that so? “You are amazing!”

 As Lee Han expressed his pure admiration, the seniors felt a little pricked.

 …Do I have to go to this extent to protect my senior’s dignity?!

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