Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1029

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Episode 1030


A very large monster with the meaning of swallowing the world.

Among the monsters discovered and rated by adventurers, it is known to be the largest in single size.

This strange creature floating in the sky has rough skin, sharp teeth, and an open mouth tens

of meters in diameter, swallowing everything that comes in. It is said that once inside, any living thing dies instantly.

They are active in groups and mainly roam the vast ocean skies, but occasionally they enter

continental land. At this time, it causes terrible damage to humans.

In particular, in one city in the neutral zone where they frequently haunt, the teeth marks of being eaten by Behemoth remain intact, and it is said that because of this nightmare, people in

nearby areas have a culture of not building high-rise houses. There is also a history of people from an entire territory being eaten by this Behemoth in vaguely remaining ancient records.

Adventurers from many eras have tried to hunt down this monster, which was once considered a divine punishment sent by ‘God’ or a god itself, but those who have succeeded are extremely rare. The situation is not much different now.

Just such a Behemoth.

“We plan to capture it and turn it into undead.”

Aaron calmly declared that he would turn them into undead.

The classroom was instantly filled with silence. It was half a reaction filled with fear and half full of anticipation.

“This is Eshu Arzel!”

She suddenly raised her hand.

“I can’t imagine! What kind of undead can you make with Behemoth?”

Aaron didn’t answer. I just slowly raise my arm and point towards the window. The students

who saw that reaction got up from their seats and hurriedly approached the window.


Huge undead battleships were floating and paraded in the sky. Red flying skeletons poured out from within and flew around like a guard.

The students cheered every time the undead repeatedly came out and entered the battleship.

Passersby and minions stopped walking and widened their eyes, wondering what that was.

“This is not a Behemoth, but an entity made from a Behemoth subspecies called ‘Pride Atla’.

“A battleship made of real Behemoths is bigger than that one.”

Aaron scratched the tip of his chin.

“Of course, there will be more undead that can be loaded.”

Of the percentage of students who were terrified, the majority again moved towards anticipation.

“Amazing, Great! “Are we going to have Professor Aaron’s undead battleship too?”

“… … “The scale is so big I feel dizzy.”

Aaron gestured.

“Please take a seat. From now on, I will tell you about the principles of the Behemoth Battleship.”

The students who had flocked to the window took their seats, but some still seemed unable to take their eyes off the scene happening outside the window.

Aaron picked up the chalk, walked up to the blackboard, and wrote.


Aaron dropped the chalk in his hand from the blackboard and opened his mouth.

“You may have heard that sometimes necromancers who have reached the peak lead troops larger than the size of a battalion.”

He rolled the chalk he was holding in his hand rhythmically.

“The world is wide, so there are probably people who can. However, there are few people who control battalion-sized undead purely through thought alone. Most of them use this ‘cluster’.”

“What is that colony?”

“Simply put.”


As Aaron nodded, the teaching assistant flipped through a large stack of photos that had already been pinned on the blackboard.

“It refers to one undead having multiple undead under its command. Just like this brood gnat.”

A bunch of gnats.

The thing shown in the photo was a type of monster that appears in the sea, and is based on a

wide-bodied deep-sea fish.

“Monster gnats have many small objects in their mouths. “As soon as a flock of gnats gets hungry and opens its mouth, these small individuals run out and catch prey for their dull and slow bodies.”

The students craned their heads with excited expressions and listened to the story.

“Necromancers sometimes turned these horde monsters that were pulled out of the sea into undead, and even small individuals were turned into undead. “What would have happened?”

“no way… … .”


Aaron nodded.

“By issuing a command with thoughts to one swarm demon body, it had the effect of moving

several small undead enities at the same time. “This is the beginning of the ‘swarm.’”

Students opened their notebooks and began taking notes at a speed that made it impossible to

see their hands. Of course, eyes and ears were still fixed on Aaron.

“Necromancers studied the characteristics of this group of demons to the extreme, turned them into runes, and succeeded in reproducing them to some extent with black magic. “That ship

is the culmination of that technology.”


The teaching assistants opened one window wide.

Aaron took an apple from his arms, cast a spirit spell on it, and threw it out the window. An apple enchanted with spirit magic flew through the sky at the speed of a ghost.

SelfAnd an undead battleship that was still parading in the sky turned its bow and stared at the apple.



From there, red skeletons poured out like a swarm of locusts, accompanied by the sound of a

harsh wind. It looked like a red trail, but it was definitely a skeleton. Within.


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썣썄죤 죣죣!

Numerous red skeletons passed by, swinging their swords, and the apples floating in the air

were split into dozens of pieces and scattered in sizes invisible to the naked eye. The students

exclaimed with excitement on their faces.

The skeletons that cut the apples went back into the battleship.

“As you can see, we have achieved a combination of large undead and small undead of different shapes.”

“This is Guinevere Venus! Well, then!”

Guinevere stood up and said.

“If you apply the colony effect to one undead to dominate other undead, and then apply the colony effect to those undead again to dominate the undead further down… … .”

She slowly turned her head and looked at Simon and Hector in the back seat.

“Can ordinary necromancers also have an ‘army’?”

Aaron laughed quietly and shook his head.


“… … ah.”

“The types of undead that can operate a colony are limited. Above all, before discussing the issue of technological development, it is impossible in principle to have the undead under the control of the colony control the colony again. nevertheless.”

Aaron raised his head.

“At the very least, it is a means by which ordinary necromancers, not corps commanders, can have battalion-level troops.”

There was a tense silence around.

“Of course, a corps commander can use these cluster battleships more effectively.”

Even if you build a swarm battleship, the swarm itself must ultimately be controlled with thoughts, so it is affected by the scope of activities of an ordinary necromancer. Beyond a certain

distance, the battleship becomes useless.

But the corps commander is different. When corpsed, the warship itself can move from end to end of the continent under orders from the corps commander.

When used with Ancient Undead, it is possible to carry a large number of troops and maintain multiple fronts at the same time.

“The two corps commanders in our department are planning to build undead battleships specialized for corps, based on the premise of ‘corpsization.’”



Simon and Hector nodded. The students ate it with envious expressions.

“Maybe I should be born as a corps commander in my next life.”

“Stop talking nonsense and start taking notes. “If you don’t have that undead battleship, you’ll never be able to compete with those two active corps commanders.”

While the students were talking, Aaron was writing new content on the blackboard.

First, the word ‘Behemoth’ was written in large letters in the center of the blackboard.

“In order to create Behemoth, which is the goal of the second half of this third-year course, there are obviously steps that must be taken.”

He circled the word Behemoth and drew five lines downwards.

It was the ‘Undead Roadmap’ that was shown when explaining Dullahan.

“The first is, of course, the theoretical completion of swarm magic. “There is a necessary formula for this.”

Aaron drew one of the five lines and wrote ‘DMAT’ underneath it.

“This formula is included in the process of ‘DMAT’, the highest level necromancer test that is directly related to your graduation. Of course, since it is DMAT, be prepared to study a lot.”

In order to create Behemoth, which has become the students’ new goal, they must also learn

‘DMAT’, the pinnacle of necromancer theory.

Simon felt like applauding Aaron’s skill in linking theory and practice.

“And these are just basic conditions.”

Aaron wrote ‘Breener’ under DMAT.

“Brynn is a language designed to optimally explain the magical language, Rune. Continental

languages are adapted to human pronunciation and culture, and are a language solely for communication, so there is a lot of confusion when substituting them into Rune languages. Bringer is essential for DMAT as well as high-ranking necromancers. “Most papers above a certain level are written in Brine.”

Aaron said casually, holding up the chalk.

“If you guys are Keygen, master the language within about two weeks.”

The students’ dark circles became darker.

“Professor Jane told me to finish ‘Administration’ in a week, and even Professor Aaron… …


“It usually takes a few years to learn it, right? “There must be people who make a living from it.”

“Actually, isn’t Kizen just a pronoun meaning superhuman?”

Whether the students were having a hard time or not, Aaron continued to trace the words on the board.

In addition, the completion of the flying undead ‘Bomber’ with explosive ability to hunt Behemoth, the mastering of ‘Swarm Ghost’ to deal with the colony that is the pre-Behemoth stage,

and the handling of high-grade dangerous materials are essential for producing Behemoth, even obtaining a special dangerous goods certificate. .

There was tons of work to do.

“All of this must be completed before the remaining ‘adaptation period.’”

Aaron finally said, putting down the chalk.

“When the adaptation period ends and the full-scale mission season opens, Summoning Department students who have completed the preparation stage begin group missions along with hunting Behemoth.”

“Group mission?”

“Wasn’t acquiring Behemoth the end?”

No sooner had those words ended.

Jump and jump.

Footsteps were heard in the hallway, and an older man entered the Summoning Department classroom.

Everyone’s eyes widened.


Among the many Crow agents, it was ‘Aleister’ who was the most senior.

When he snapped his fingers, the curtains closed on the window and the surroundings suddenly darkened.

“Nice to meet you, 3rd year of Summoning Department. “I will now explain the Behemoth


When he snapped his fingers one more time, red briefcases flew through the air and landed in front of the students sitting in their seats.

“Red bag… … !”

“I know this! “It’s top secret!”

Simon’s expression became serious. Collecting Behemoths and even doing missions for Keygen as a third-year necromancer agent.

‘Well, after the adjustment period, everyone may be scattered, but if there is an integrated mission, it will be possible for all students in the department to move.’

Simon admired inwardly and looked at Aaron, who had an expressionless face.

I thought that Aaron was a true strategist. Compared to his junior, Barhil, he did not have great achievements as a necromancer, but I thought that Aaron might be superior as a ‘professor’

who teaches students.

“By opening this bag, you agree to secrecy guidelines. “There is no chance of missing out.”

Aleister said.

“It’s just now.”

Keygen 3rd year, now only those who have a reason to survive survive.

There was no hesitation. Everyone opened their briefcases and took out the mission statements inside.

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