Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 19

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Episode 19

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Two weekends later.

Taehyun visited the blackhead training center with Jaeyoung.

Jaeyoung’s mouth widened at the sight of the enormous size of the building’s exterior.

“Tongue, bro… “Are you really going to go here?”

“Otherwise, why would you come?”

“What about money? “It looks very expensive.”


Although it was a natural worry, Taehyun smiled lightly and entered the building.

The inside was just as I remembered.

‘The interior hasn’t changed at all.’

The staff at the counter was someone I had never seen before.

Taehyun approached a young woman in uniform.

“welcome… oh. “What’s going on here?”

The woman who instinctively wanted to say hello tilted her head as she looked at Taehyun and Jaeyoung.

Among the awakened people, the place where the most physically strong people went was the Blackhead Training Center.

Anyone could see that it was not a place where young people would come, so they thought they had lost their way.

“I’m here to register. “Two people.”

As soon as Taehyun answered, he started filling out the membership registration form.

“yes yes. that’s right. “I’m here to register.”

Jaeyoung, who was watching from afar, belatedly followed Taehyeon and filled out the documents.

‘what. ‘These guys?’

A natural and confident attitude like flowing water.

By the time the woman came to her senses after being taken aback for a moment, all the membership registration documents had already been filled out.

“ah… Hmm… “Guys, this isn’t the gym you’re thinking of.”

“I know. “I came here after looking into it in advance.”

Is there anyone in New Korea who doesn’t know about the Blackhead Training Center?

Jaeyoung, who was once addicted to Iljin Nori, is not intimidated by the sight of the building for no reason.

This place was such a special place for the awakened people.

“Yeah, really? Would you like to check the price list first?”

The woman smiled and handed me a booklet introducing the training center.

When you see this huge amount, you will be blown away. That’s what I thought.

just as expected.

“omg… brother… .”

Jaeyoung gasped in surprise when he saw the registration fee.

The moment when the woman was about to send the two people away with an expression that said the same thing.

“I’ll sign you both up for one month. “Lump sum payment.”

Taehyun handed over the SVIP card he received from Alchemist.

Only then did the woman, who sensed that Taehyun was different from ordinary children, receive the card.

‘SVIP? Was there a level like this in Alchemist? It would be difficult if an incident were to occur after registering as a gold digger… .’

They say that the new Korea is a place where you can do anything as long as you have money.

This Blackhead Training Center is one of the few areas where such things do not work.

It was a place where even second generation chaebols, or even first generation chaebols, would be humiliated if they did not have skills.

‘I’ll have to tell the director separately later.’

In some cases, false rumors may spread about discrimination against people because they are young.

That was the moment the woman was thinking about making the payment.

“Hey, wait a minute.”

A man approached.

It was so big that even if it stood behind Taehyun and Jaeyoung, it would cast a shadow.

“What is it?”

Taehyun asked, looking up at a man who looked fifteen years older than him.

But the man’s eyes were on the woman.

“Miss Yura. “These guys aren’t new members, are they?”

“that is… .”

When the woman called Yura hesitated, Taehyun took the card out of her hand.


“Is there a problem?”

I asked the man with a grin.

“her! Kid, are you sure you want to sign up here? “Did you bring your mom’s card by mistake?”

The people who visited the center together giggled at those words.

As they were all members of the Blackhead Training Center, they boasted incredible physical strength.

When you form a group, you gain confidence that you didn’t have before.

The man with his shoulders shrugged gently pushed Taehyun and Jaeyoung away and was at eye level with the woman.

“Miss Yura. Even though running a center is a business, I think it’s excessive to accept ‘babies’ like this.”

“You are saying too much. Member Choi Kang-cheol. There is no reason for the center to refuse new customers.”

The voice that said that had a strange thorn in it.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“I think Choi Kang-cheol is working on Yura again?”


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“That’s not it. I guess those kids were making a fuss about registering a new one.”

“Tsk tsk. “No matter which way it goes, someone else will be taken away.”

Taehyun was able to quickly understand the situation amidst the loud reactions.

It is a rite of passage that I myself have gone through at least once in the past.

“sister. Registration is over, right? “I will make the payment again when this man is not around.”

It was a waste of time to be held captive by this muscle idiot for no gain.

Taehyun winked at Jaeyoung and walked towards the training room.

No, it was time to move.

“Sto~op! Dang!! “An adult said, ‘Why should you wear a mask like that?’”

Choi Kang-cheol blocked Tae-hyun and Jae-young.

It was a nimble movement that did not match his huge body.

“Our sensible kid. It looks like he has some money, but this isn’t a place for kids to show off. “Why don’t we go home and eat more of what mom makes?”

Contrary to what he said, Choi Kang-cheol’s muscles expanded in an instant.

It was so intimidating that even an adult would flinch.

“Hwiik~ Cheolgi is this person! “Aren’t you too scared of us young masters?”

“ha ha ha! “You are the dreamers of the future, so don’t be too discouraged!!”

“Tongue, bro… .”

Jaeyoung once again flinched as the atmosphere quickly became noisy.

This is because all of the people who laugh at themselves have the physical strength to compete in a bodybuilding competition.

Only Taehyun was observing his surroundings with a nonchalant expression.

‘Choi Kang-cheol. This is my first time hearing this name… Are you an active porter?’

A guild mark engraved by porters like a medal.

Taehyun made a reasonable inference while looking at the large tattoo on the man’s forearm.

at the same time.

An interesting thought occurred to me.

“haha. Has this guy forgotten how to speak? My ‘brother’ is like a younger brother and gives me advice. When you say something nice… .”

“Old man.”


“Aren’t you just an old man doing something like an old man?”

“under! “This damned kid?”

It wasn’t Choi Kang-cheol who didn’t know that Tae-hyun was provoking him.

Nevertheless, the reason he is so emotional is probably because he is in front of the woman he is working hard for.

The moment when an excited Choi Kang-cheol tries to use a skill without realizing it.

Taehyun opened his mouth with an innocent expression.

“mister. Would you like to make a bet with me? “If you win, I’ll call you brother.”

Contrary to Choi Kang-cheol’s face, which was becoming increasingly red as if it was about to explode, the corners of Tae-hyun’s mouth did not seem to lower.

* * *

Training equipment exclusively for porters.

The people gathered in front of the Virtual Porter murmured.

Interest attracts more interest.

People continued to flock in front of the already full machine.

“hey. what’s the matter?”

“Has a ranker come?”

“That’s not it.”

“Choi Kang-cheol from Rex Guild is playing virtual porter with a kid. “And that’s at grade B difficulty level.”


“That little guy. “I don’t think I’m in my right mind.”

“What are the rules?”

“Surprisingly, this is the rule for non-awakened people.”

“crazy!! “Shouldn’t we stop it right away?”

“That’s right. “Once you get past C grade, it’s not just about exhaustion?”

“What do you need to know? “It just had to be fun.”

“You’re all crazy.”

What kind of person is Choi Kang-cheol?

He was a man who had been working actively for two years at Rex Guild, which specialized in dispatching porters.

But a virtual porter with a child who hasn’t even received proper training yet.

It was an excessive action for a hazing ceremony or rite of passage.

Choi Kang-cheol seemed to be aware of the atmosphere and shouted loudly.

“Hey guys!! I think everyone thinks I’m bullying this kid, so please think carefully!! Is our center a place where ‘anyone’ can register as long as they have money?!!”

With that one shout, the criticism towards Choi Kang-cheol disappeared.

As everyone said, there is nothing more fun than watching a fight.

Although there was a difference in degree, it was a sight that was not difficult to see at the Blackhead Training Center.

And Taehyun too.

He was one of the people who knew this atmosphere better than anyone else.

“There’s a lot to say. “I think we can start now.”

Taehyun said calmly while looking at the Virtual Porter device with the difficulty setting completed.

“brother… .”

“Hahaha. “Yes, if you have this level of spirit, I will be less embarrassed.”

“You keep your promises, right? “If I win, I’ll pay one year’s tuition along with my younger brother’s.”

“cancer! Did everyone hear well? “If I lose to this little guy, I’ll pay 200 million won in tuition for one year for both of them!!”

A mixture of laughter and concern erupted from all over the place.

But the only thing that mattered to Taehyun was that he got his tuition covered.

“Then, let’s begin.”

Taehyun climbed onto the virtual porter with familiar movements.

It didn’t take long for the game to be won.

* * *

Virtual Porter.

A state-of-the-art virtual reality training device that allows you to reach your destination while avoiding monsters that appear while carrying a certain amount of weight.

Difficulty levels were classified depending on how much weight you were carrying, how long it took, and the level of the monster that appeared.

It was a piece of equipment that was evaluated as having implemented artificial intelligence so well that even active porters had a hard time starting from the C level difficulty level.

So, it was a machine that any active porter working in Abyss would have played at least once.

The difficulty level set by Taehyun and Choi Kangcheol is B grade.

The average clear time for Virtual Porter’s B-grade difficulty was around 1 hour and 30 minutes, but Choi Kang-cheol expected the game to be over in less than 10 minutes.

A virtual reality system that, no matter how virtual it is, is just as real as the real thing.

Due to the non-awakened rule, he is not an active porter and is just a high school student.

It was common sense to think that one would not survive in the Abyss for more than 10 minutes.

But that thought was completely shattered after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and an hour.

1 hour 35 minutes 47 seconds.

“crazy… .”

“I can not believe it.”

“Isn’t this the youngest record?”

The reactions of people who watched Taehyun’s movements and results shown on the screen were consistent.

On the contrary, Taehyun’s expression as he came down from the device was not very good.

‘My senses are still alive, but my body has become very dull.’

It was a rule that non-awakened people felt confident about.

If it were your body before regression, you would definitely be able to come in within 50 minutes.

That’s why you can’t be easily satisfied, regardless of the reactions of those around you.

Although many people mocked him and called him a loser, Taehyun had a talent as a porter.

The center instantly became noisy.

“You kid!! “Are you planning on joining our guild?”

“hey! Your guild is small to medium sized. It should be around the top 4 guilds… .”

“I am the personnel manager of the 4th guild. Here’s my business card… .”

Scout offers came in from all over, but Taehyun shook his head.

This life of return.

The target was the player, not the porter. That’s the best too.

So, I have no intention of wasting any more time on useless things.

After a while.

Choi Kang-cheol, who cleared the race late, came down from the machine drenched in sweat.

1 hour 42 minutes 58 seconds.

His expression was a mixture of confusion and shame.

It was none of Taehyun’s business.

“mister. “You didn’t forget your bet, right?”

Taehyun smiled evilly and stabbed the dagger.

‘Unless I can use Predation, I need to raise my form here as much as possible.’

One month left until the player exam.

Taehyun’s training has just begun.

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