Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 22

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Episode 22

The second test was held two days after the first test.

Originally, it was customary to proceed without recovery.

This was because the test takers’ energy rapidly waned due to Park Seong-jin’s momentum.

I was planning to reject about half of the test takers in the second test anyway.

The association decided to provide sufficient rest to test takers.

For a week, there were no more complaints because the association held the basic rights of test takers.

The night before the second exam was held.

Relaxing in your room.

Taehyun was checking the plan so far.

‘Shin Yun-bok wasn’t the type of guy to fall that low.’

Taehyun’s past life before his return.

He was a person who passed the player test with ease and was on a roll.

The test content changed so much that the guy fainted twice.

Once to Taehyun and once to Park Seongjin.

It was different from the future he knew.

It was unclear what impact this subtle difference would have in the future.

‘no. It may be too early to conclude that it has not yet fallen.’

Those who passed the first test are assigned a private room and are resting.

On the other hand, those who were eliminated were moved to another location.

Usually, it is common to spend time in isolation while the exam is over.

Taehyun knew that some of them would appear in the third test after going through the repechage match.

‘Because the riders this time are talented people who were considered top-notch even in their previous lives.’

There are as many as ten S-class awakened people.

Considering that usually one or two S-class awakened people take the exam every year.

It was an incredible talent pool.

Of course, considering that there were six teenagers, it was an understandable number.

‘There will definitely be opportunities to prey on S-rank skills. Until then, I will survive with the remaining skills.’

Taehyun was still disappointed that he couldn’t feast on Lee Jung-jae’s skill ‘Heart of Fire’.

There is nothing more foolish than not seizing the opportunity when it comes.

So just for that time.

There was a need to clearly release the seal of predation.

Around the time Taehyun thought about doing push-ups again.


A familiar voice was heard along with a knock.

“Taehyun Kim. it’s me.”

Taehyun opened the door after confirming that it was Lim Ah-young outside the door.

“What are you doing at this late hour? awfully.”

Taehyun said playfully, remembering the first test.

‘Ice Age’ was used right from the start.

‘If only the reaction had been a little late.’

He probably failed to do anything and was eliminated.

‘Are you not planning on letting me in?’

As Taehyun stood blocking the door, she asked while standing outside the door.

“Why did you do that?”


“Shin Yun-bok. There was no need to go that far, right? The provocation immediately after the test was clearly… .”


I started laughing without realizing it.

I never thought I would come all the way here and hear something like that.

“I’m asking this seriously, Taehyun Kim. “You awakened and changed.”


Lim A-young said those words emphatically.

“Lim Ah-young. “Is your handsome hair just a decoration?”

“what… ?”

“Tsk. “If you’re going to nag, go to Park Seong-jin.”

“… … .”

“Oh, you don’t have the courage to say this to that person?”

Lim Ah-young’s face heated up at the sound of laughter.

Taehyun didn’t care and stuck the wedge in.

“Are you going to end up like Shin Yun-bok if you only believe in skills and get upset?”

Consideration, sympathy, kindness, etc. based on the spirit of noblesse oblige.

These were things that did not fit with Taehyun, who had been at rock bottom for decades.

Is it because I read Taehyun’s eyes?

Lim Ah-young obediently retreated.

“The second test is a one-on-one duel. “The first 500 people to win five times in two days will pass.”

Although it was fascinating information.

This was something Taehyun already knew.


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“Now you’re saying something useful. What is the guarantee that it is not false information?”

I know it is not false information.

Perhaps the source of information is Night Walker.

Her half-sister, Nightwalker guild leader Yoo Ah-young, will also be involved in this test.

However, Lim Ah-young seemed to have no intention of answering Tae-hyeon’s question.

“Those who have power must have a corresponding sense of responsibility. “That’s how I learned.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“So, when I meet you in the second match, I will do my best.”

‘Why is that so?’

Contrary to Taehyun’s thoughts, cold air emanated from Lim Ah-young’s body.

In my opinion, it is a great declaration of war.

“From the sermon to the threat. Lee Jeong-jae, go away, right? however.”

Taehyun took a step closer to her.

And whispered softly in my ear.

“Lim Ah-young, you too. “He’s not my opponent.”

“… … !!”

Ayoung’s face turned red and she tried to say something.

Taehyun didn’t listen and closed the door.

“Whoa… “The bluff should work.”

Taehyun smiled as if he were having trouble.

Predation is now unavailable.

It was difficult to guarantee victory in the fight against S-class awakened people, who had endless possibilities.

“The second test will be quite bloody.”

Thinking about future plans.

It was Taehyun who clicked his tongue.

* * *

The second test, which started the next day, went as Lim A-young said and as Tae-hyun knew.

[The second test will be conducted as a one-on-one duel. The duel will be held simultaneously in 500 cages, and the first 500 winners will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. In case of withdrawal, loss, or draw, a penalty equivalent to one win is awarded. Murder is, of course, prohibited. Let’s start the opponent drawing now.]

An automatic lottery began on a huge electronic display board.

After a while, Taehyun’s opponent was decided.

Number 9200 Kim Tae-hyun – Number 7777 Hong Jeong-wook

‘It’s number 7777.’ I got a scary number.’

When I arrived at the cage, a man in his early 30s was waiting first.

The man I saw using the skill ‘Iron Body’ in the first test.

‘Probably graded B.’

Everyone’s eyes are focused on S-level or A-level candidates.

Grade B was definitely not a level that could be ignored.

The qualifications are sufficient to enter a large guild or conglomerate without necessarily obtaining a player license.

Especially if you are an awakened person who has trained in martial arts.

He had to have above average combat power.

‘The point of the second test was the ability to fight one-on-one in dungeons or the Abyss.’

Other rules.

For example, a cage or a watching eye.

We also know that these things were created to induce psychological anxiety that occurs in enclosed spaces.

Normally, it is best to control your stamina and focus on battles that you can win.

‘I can’t just let this good opportunity go by.’

Taehyun climbed into the hexagonal cage followed by a man in a martial arts uniform.

“Taehyun Kim. The impact of the first test was great, but… “I have no intention of losing easily.”

As if he had already sensed his defeat, the man said, tying his black belt tightly.

Taehyun responded by lightly nodding his head.

[Game starts.]

Quad deuk.

As soon as the skill was used, the man’s body became noticeably stronger.

The fact that my skin turned silver was a bonus.

‘Iron Body’ is treated as a higher version of ‘Stone Skin’.

As can be seen from the difference between stone and iron, there was a hierarchical relationship between C-grade and B-grade skills that was difficult to overcome.


Quad deuk.

Taehyun didn’t care and used Stone Skin.

“It would be best to use your specialty, stealth, quickly… … “Wow!!”

Before the man finished speaking.

Taehyun’s fist hit the top of the guard.

“There’s a lot of talk. Seniors.”

The second test began with Taehyun going first.

* * *

Just like the first test, the second test was also watched by a proctor.

According to the size of the test taker.

A total of about 100 supervisors are fixated on hundreds of screens.

“Candidate number 9200, Kim Tae-hyun. “Everyone is paying attention.”

“He’s a guy who beat S grade on a C grade subject. “It would be strange not to pay attention.”

“Your skills were Stone Skin and Stealth, right? Stealth is a skill that can only be used properly if you are at level B. “It’s a pearl necklace on a pig’s neck.”

The supervisor, who predicted that a C-grade body would not be able to withstand two skills, made that assessment.

“I agree. Even if that guy was only A grade, he would have had the talent to be a top ranker. “The grade is disappointing compared to the natural talent.”

“Looking at things like this, should I say the world is fair? .”

Most of the supervisors had measurement skills.

A common status window was visible to their eyes.


Stone Skin (C) – Can strengthen the body. Magic Power: 9

Stealth (C) – You can hide your body. Horsepower: 8

Just two skills.

Ko Tae-wook was no different.

‘Taehyun, that guy. Is he really going to not use the rest of his skills?’

The day I came to you asking for an invitation.

Taehyun expressed his wish that his information not be revealed.

The arrogance that comes from those who have awakened a high level or skill.

Taehyun didn’t see anything like that.

‘Are you blaming your future father?’

Go Tae-wook readily agreed and personally lent him an item that could fool his measurement skills.

And Taehyun was registered as a C-class double skill awakener.

‘As expected, something is different.’

Stealth, an assassin class, and Stone Skin, a tank class.

Even a body trained to use the two skills efficiently.

Taehyun was showing his true value in the player test, which was mainly composed of A and S grades.

He even added a new title, being the only candidate who could withstand Park Seong-jin’s momentum.

About a hundred supervisors watching.

They thought that if Taehyun showed in the first test, he would show something special in the second test as well.


“What is this… .”

“Why is that guy acting like that all of a sudden?”


What Taehyun showed was a simple fist fight.

It’s not a counter type where you avoid attacks, but a low-level dog fight where you rely on your tenacity and hit and run.

“Are you nervous at all?”

“Is that possible? “He is a guy who even withstood Park Seong-jin’s momentum.”

“Then how on earth should that fight be explained?”

Go Tae-wook was also the one who tilted his head.

And one hypothesis passing through my mind.

‘Could it be that they are doing this on purpose to raise their physical stats?’

If true, this is a crazy idea.

In order to raise your stats, you need to be given stimulation close to your limit.

Even though there is a healer waiting.

Is there any crazy person who would do something like that while taking an exam?

‘If you really think like that… What the heck is that kid… .’

A spectacular duel all around.

A dog fight that takes away attention from such a duel.

Ko Tae-wook just watched with a smile on his face.

* * *




Every time the skill iron body and stone skin collided, the sound of something breaking was heard.

It was natural for the two to moan every time that happened.



[Withstands powerful attacks. Stamina increases by 1.]

[Overcomes the limit of magical power. Magic power increases by 1.]

[The other person expresses awe. Charisma increases by 1.]

As Go Tae-wook expected, Tae-hyeon’s stats were constantly rising.

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