Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 39

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Episode 39

Office of the President of the New Korea Players Association.

Ji Jin-hee was listening to the report with a serious expression.

Normally, I would have gone through Go Tae-wook to verify reliability.

The information provider is Seo Sang-ik, the leader of the Alchemist guild.

That was why Ji Jin-hee was listening to him attentively.

“I was just informed that Narendra Nehru was among the terrorists… . “I didn’t know that Taehyun was headed there.”

Ji Jin-hee groaned as if she was in trouble.

It may have been a terrorist attack in a foreign country, even within the new Korea.

It was an incident in which even the president of the association had limited authority, as it could escalate into a diplomatic issue if proper procedures were not followed.

That’s not all.

Due to the nature of West Point, the location of the auction house is kept secret to maintain security.

It was taking a considerable amount of time to find the coordinates of the nearest warp gate.

“As you know, Chairman of the Association, Narendra Nehru is a magician comparable to an S-class advanced player. “Player Taehyun Kim can never handle it alone.”

Ji Jin-hee also nodded at Seo Sang-ik’s confirmed kill.

Yoo Ah-young, leader of the Night Walker Guild and fellow S-rank player.

Because she also said something similar a little while ago.

For detailed measurements, we will have to find out from Michael Gore, a national power player in the United States.

One thing was certain.

‘This is an opponent that Taehyun cannot handle now.’

Ji Jin-hee recalled Tae-hyeon’s past achievements.

Last month.

Dungeons that everyone was reluctant to conquer, citing opportunity cost.

Taehyun was the one who cleaned up the neglected dungeon by himself.

Ji Jin-hee is the one who designated Tae-hyun as a special protection target.

It was a calculated thought that there was a possibility of it growing to the level of national power in the future.

On the other hand, Taehyun organized the dungeon on his own without anyone’s request.

‘He is a rare patriotic child.’

A passionate love for the right talent.

Ji Jin-hee was proud to say that she cared for Tae-hyeon even more than Ko Tae-wook, who first discovered him.

That’s why even more so.

I felt sorry for myself for not being able to provide support right away.

If I had known this would happen, I would have set up a hotline with Japan or China.

“The person in charge of escorting this auction is Ryoheira Isaka of Japan, right?”

“yes. Although it is not known to the public, it is understood to be mid to low S grade.”

“It’s a demon… But even he won’t be able to stop Narendra Nehru.”

“President of the Association. “Is there an S-class that can be summoned right now?”

Seo Sang-ik got straight to the point.

Although it is considered one of the four major guilds, Alchemist is a guild that specializes in production and trading.

There were only two S-class players, including himself.

Unlike Seo Sang-ik, who is not a combat type.

The other one is in the deep part of the Abyss and cannot even be contacted.

On the other hand, Ji Jin-hee had the right to call up players regardless of their affiliation.

“Deputy Director Go is already looking into players who can be active. “We have sent an official letter to Onsaemiro and Magicians, so a response will come soon.”

Seo Sang-ik’s face brightened as he got the job done faster than expected.

Ko Tae-wook, the actual brain of the association, came forward.

It was sure to bring a satisfactory answer.

They say even tigers come when you tell them to.

Go Tae-wook came in with a knock.

“Welcome. I’m already talking about you with the guild leader. “How much manpower is available right now?”

“It turns out that player Park Seong-jin is in Seoul. Magicians and Onsaemiro also decided to support a total of 20 people. We have also prepared those who can open the warp gate… “We can move immediately as soon as the coordinates come in.”

Ji Jin-hee and Seo Sang-ik breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing Go Tae-wook’s report.

Park Seong-jin, an S-rank player, would have no problem dealing with Narendra Nehru.

At that time, another association employee opened the door and came in.

“President of the Association. The approximate location of the auction house has just been confirmed. “As for the country, their association will send the warp gate coordinates to Japan within 30 minutes.”

Ji Jin-hee, Go Tae-wook, and Seo Sang-ik frowned at the mention of 30 minutes.

Even in Japan, where document processing is slow, 30 minutes in an emergency situation.

Retaliation for not getting along well.

It was an action that I had no choice but to think about.

“Damn it. 30 minutes… .”

“… … .”

“please… I hope nothing happens in the meantime.”


They were three people who were worried about Taehyun’s safety.

* * *

That time.

Contrary to the wishes of those who are concerned.

Taehyun was going around the building, eliminating demons one by one.


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Although most of them were B-grade mines, their skills were higher than the average B-grade player.

He was no match for Taehyun, an S-rank player.

Outside through the window, I could see two acid worms melting the building.

‘Could it be that you haven’t gotten the coordinates yet?’

West Point Auction House was famous for secretly changing its location around the world.

Since even the warp gate was occupied by demons, it was inevitable that it would take a considerable amount of time to find the nearest warp gate.

‘But it’s too late.’



Taehyun once again cut down the demon in front of him.

Quite a few demons have already been cut down. To put it bluntly, it would not be surprising even if the main body of the escort had already been annihilated.

However, Taehyun was starting to get tired of the demons because they kept appearing and he didn’t have the skills to prey on them.


Another building melted.

‘The method is dirtier than I heard.’

Thanks to the betrayal of the auction house security team, many of the auction items would have fallen into their hands.

And yet.

They are causing destruction by needlessly summoning monsters.

It’s about showing off your power.

Although it is an action that no sane person can understand.

‘The idea of ​​trying to understand Mine was wrong.’

Taehyun stopped thinking deeply and thought about what to do with Narendra Nehru.

Before returning.

Narendra Nehru was rated as S-Grade Superlative.

‘Of course, it’s likely not yet.’

It may not be as good as Taehyun, who is a growth-type awakener.

If you were an S-rank player, it wouldn’t be strange if there was at least one way to overcome your limits.

Simple examples include wearing expensive items such as a wise man’s ring or taking elixirs such as a phoenix potion.

That was why the majority of S-rank players stayed in the Abyss.

A place that can overturn the common sense of the Earth.

The Abyss is a place with infinite possibilities.

Taehyun checked the status window.

As I watched my fatigue build up and my magic power decrease, I increased my speed a little more.

‘Competition must be viewed as predation. Until then, refrain from using skills as much as possible.’

Although he has achieved S-level physical abilities, this also has limitations.

The power of the predator needed to be used a little more carefully.

People and monsters. Living and dead.

So far, Taehyun has figured it out.

There were no rules regarding the ability to feast on skills and stats.

‘There is no action as risky as overusing unknown power.’

As I turned the corner, I saw a mine roughly dragging a man who appeared to be an auction house employee.


Taehyun cut Mine’s back without delay.

It was so fast that others didn’t even notice that they were cut.

Taehyun, who had released his hiding, was at eye level with the man who showed signs of being beaten.

“Are you okay?”

“Kuh… you are… ?”

“This is Kim Tae-hyun, a player from Shin Korea.”

“seaweed… Taehyun… ?”

When the name Taehyun Kim was translated into earrings, the distinctive European blue eyes wavered.

“No way… New Korea’s twelfth S rank?”

“Am I that famous?”

“Oh oh… Oh God… thank you… I am… “My name is Kevin Poland, and I am in charge of the warp gate here.”

The man who expressed his gratitude several times briefly introduced himself.

Kevin Poland.

He told me what was happening in the warp gate zone.

Taehyun’s expression grew darker as he listened.

* * *

The Warp Gate Zone has already been occupied by the Mines.

In addition, in order to get a big deal out of negotiations with the government, they are taking people hiding in various parts of the building hostage.

Excluding the escort personnel, the majority are non-combat personnel.

For the horsemen, it was easier than swimming while holding hands on the ground.

According to Kevin Poland, there are about 200 hostages being held.

‘If there are many hostages, it is difficult to receive help even when rescue forces arrive. ‘How did this incident end quietly?’

In my past life, I had to pay a large amount of negotiation money to governments and major guilds of each country due to the collusion between Ryohei Isaka and Narendra Nehru.

It was Taehyun who had no way of knowing up to that point.

“Hey. “How many demons did you say were gathered?”

“Oh, there seemed to be more than fifty people.”

“Fifty people… .”

It was a considerable number.

It was difficult for Narendra Nehru to intervene while we were dealing with them, and it was also difficult for the others to intervene while we were engaging in combat with Narendra Nehru.

‘Oh, wait. Come to think of it, if you’re in charge of the warp gate… ‘

A plan came into Taehyun’s mind.

Stealing the attention of the gathered demons.

A trick that can narrow the gap between Taehyun and Narendra Nehru.

“Mr. Kevin Polant. “I need some help.”

“yes yes? Do I mean… ?”

“yes. “Don’t you want to be a hero?”

Putting his hand on the dumb German man’s shoulder.

Taehyun grinned.

* * *

“Ryohei Isaka. “The report from him is late.”

A skinny man who is 2 meters tall.

Narendra Nehru, who reminded me of the Demon Lich, spoke to his prostrate subordinate.

“that is… I’m trying to contact you, but I can’t connect. Maybe he betrayed… ?”

“Hehe. That won’t be possible. “He’s not even that kind of a vessel.”

Narendra Nehru recalled Ryohei Isaka begging for his life.

Demon Ryohei Isaka.

He also didn’t join hands with the demons from the beginning.

Life was just more important than honor.

As Narendra Nehru smiled sinisterly, the demons nearby were shocked.

“More than that, you weren’t beaten by that kid named Kim Tae-hyun, right?”

“… “I will go and check it myself.”

“I have to get my hands on the Phoenix Potion somehow. “If you don’t take care of the items designated by the organization, you won’t lose face even if your coup is successful.”

“All right.”


The man’s new form quickly disappeared.

“It’s Taehyun Kim… “It makes it fun.”

Narendra Nehru smiled sinisterly and looked around.

Most of the auction items that were already targeted were stolen through the controlled warp gate.

All that’s left is to get the Phoenix potion that Taehyun has.

“Hehe… “There are a lot of bug-like things alive.”

It was a deal with world governments by ransoming about 200 hostages.

The people on their knees trembled as they were caught in the trappings of Narendra Nehru’s words.

I don’t know what it says because the earrings have been removed, but the eerieness is clearly conveyed.

“I’m curious. “I wonder how much the government will pay in ransom for you guys.”

Among the hostages were many executives and representatives of the world’s leading companies, guilds, and governments.

It’s about dealing with one of New Korea’s players.

For him, it was just entertainment while waiting for negotiations.

That was why Narendra Nehru, holding the hilt of his sword, was relaxed.

at that time.

An unexpected message appeared before Narendra Nehru’s eyes.

[Skill use detected.]


How dare you use a skill on your own monster in a situation like this?

Just that boldness was acceptable.

The corner of Narendra Nehru’s mouth rose, revealing his rotten teeth.

What he is currently using is the S-rank skill ‘Contract with the Devil’.

When a monster summoned through a contract is attacked.

It was possible to backtrack the attacks of those lower in rank than oneself.

He grew to the level of an S-class advanced player a few years ago.

There would be no one stronger than him here.


His laughter didn’t last long.

[A mysterious force (???) infiltrates. Resist with a pact with the devil (S). Resistance failed. Summoned objects Acid Worm (1) and Acid Worm (2) are exposed to attack.]

‘… … !!’

This was before Narendra Nehru could react.

Kwasik!! Kwazijic!!

As if something had chewed it up and eaten it.

Two acid worms were torn apart.

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