Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 44

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Episode 44

Seoul, the capital of the new Korea.

A place where numerous buildings form a forest.

There, in an office, a man was listening to a report.

“Narendra Nehru has gone missing. “Is it possible that he is dead?”

“It can’t be ruled out.”

“I knew this guy’s skills were at the upper level of S rank. “He is not a member of the guild, but he has lost valuable power.”

“What are you going to do? Since this is a serious matter, I need to report it to the guild leader right away… .”

The deputy guild leader of the malicious guild, according to the words of his subordinate. The so-called shadow clicked its tongue and twitched its fingers.

“Tsk tsk. No, no, no. “Isn’t it obvious that if I were to meet the guild leader over something like this, I would be scolded?”

“What do you plan to do?”

When the subordinate asked, the shadow pointed to the checkerboard on the desk.

“The answer has already been decided.”

All the white and black stones with their shadows mixed in were swept out.


Several black stones were placed around one white stone.

“Fortunately, there are more bad guys in the world than good guys. “It’s a really nice world to live in for us.”

The subordinate flinched at the shadow’s laughter.

For a moment, cold sweat ran down my back at the realization that I had forgotten that the person in front of me was a ‘shadow’.

“Lead the information to Taesan Electronics President Lee Jeong-su. “He will definitely make a move.”

“All right.”

When the subordinate left, the shadow stood up and lit a candle.

As the candle lit up the darkness, a shadow was created around it.

“You heard, right?”

In response to ‘Shadow”s question, a black figure crawled out from his shadow.

“yes. “As instructed.”

“Where is the guild leader currently?”

“Depth of the Abyss. You have arrived at Archduke Orgal’s mansion.”

“How long do you think you’ll stay?”

“It looks like we won’t be able to contact you for at least a month.”

“okay. “It’s been a month.”

The shadow grinned at the man.

“But our malicious guild can’t just sit back and do nothing like this. You can just go back now. “Please continue to report on the guild leader’s whereabouts.”


With those words, the man was sucked into the shadows again.

“It’s Taehyun Kim. “I need to do something quickly before it gets bigger.”

A malicious guild that is increasingly reaching out to the underworld of New Korea.

Some intelligence dealers thought that the malicious guild was simply a guild with deep ties to demons, but only a few people knew the truth.

“The time of destruction is coming.”

The shadow peering into its future in the candlelight began to laugh.

It was as if he had found a fun toy.

* * *

“Welcome back, Taehyun.”

As soon as we entered the association building, President Ji Jin-hee, who was waiting, clasped both hands.

Looking around, it seemed as if I was seeing a grandfather checking to make sure his grandson was not hurt.

‘I heard it’s harder to meet the president of the association than the president.’

Taehyun, who thought it might be a rumor, bowed his head.

“I’m sorry for causing you worry. “I’m fine.”

Ji Jin-hee laughed at Tae-hyeon’s words.

He had already seen and heard from Park Seong-jin that there was nothing that could be called a wound.

Nevertheless, the reason I was so concerned was not simply as the president of the association, but as one of the industry’s seniors, and there was also a reason for my concern.

“No matter how young you are. If you move your body carelessly, it will hurt. Although you are only the twelfth S-rank player in New Korea. “If you go out into the world, there are quite a few strong people.”

Although it was just a remark, it was actually a rebuke for dealing with Narendra Nehru.

Taehyun also did not know the meaning.

The price of dealing with an S-class demon with unclear information was already high.

When I still think about that time, my torn arm felt throbbing.

“President of the Association. “Please go inside and share your story.”

Ko Tae-wook, who was next to Ji Jin-hee, spoke quietly.

As he said, everyone around him was from reporters waiting in advance to association employees.

It was full of people watching the meeting between Taehyun and Ji Jinhee with curious expressions.

“haha. The old man was in charge. How dare you leave the patient standing like this. Now, let’s go up to my room.”

Taehyun, holding Ji Jinhee’s hand, was taken into the elevator heading to the association president’s office.

‘I really feel like a grandson visiting my grandfather’s house.’

Go Tae-wook smiled at Tae-hyeon’s bewildered expression.

* * *

“It’s already been over a month since Taehyun obtained his player license. “Time flies so fast.”

“Has it happened already?”

When Taehyun pretended not to notice and pretended not to notice, Ji Jinhee handed him the tea he had personally brought.


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“Now, it’s hot, so lift it slowly. This is a dive car I received as a gift from the Alchemist Guild. “It has the effect of reducing fatigue and restoring magical power.”

Indeed, even though I only drank one sip as Ji Jin-hee said, I could see my fatigue level going down.

Looking at Taehyun’s admiration, Ji Jinhee’s expression became ‘of course.’

The face was full of smiles.

But Taehyun didn’t have much time.

“I want to know why the president of the association asked to see us.”

I asked a question directly.

Who could act so boldly towards themselves?

Jin-hee Ji had a difficult time with not only the President but also the Speaker of the National Assembly.

‘The momentum is different.’

It was visible in Ji Jin-hee’s eyes.

Taehyun has grown more than when he received his license the other day.

The bowl itself is different from that of an ordinary S-rank player.

“Then, I will speak directly as Taehyun wants. “Would you like to represent New Korea in this Asian Player Friendly Tournament?”

“… … !!”

Taehyun was speechless for a moment at the unexpected invitation.

“Excuse me, but may I ask why you are suggesting that?”

Ji Jin-hee handed over the documents handed over to Go Tae-wook as if she had been waiting.

“This… .”

“It’s a collection of Taehyun’s ‘achievements’ as a player.”

It was as he said.

The document recorded all of Taehyun’s activities as a player since immediately after receiving his S-class license.

“Five dungeons that have not been dealt with for over 10 years. And whenever an undiscovered dungeon was discovered, Taehyun was the first to take care of it. “For that, as the president of the association, I am truly grateful.”

Completing a dungeon is like risking one’s life.

In particular, the dungeons that remained in Korea were places that people were reluctant to attack because they had many high-grade traps and difficult monsters.

Most top-level players have limited time to explore the Abyss.

The association only checked the condition periodically and waited for a brake to be provided.

For over ten years.

Taehyun had been conquering such a dungeon alone for the past month.

Taehyun was not satisfied with that and continued to search for undiscovered dungeons that appeared.

Even before the association formed a party, they claimed to be targeting people of all levels.

‘Looking at it all like this, it really looks like a person who is crazy about conquering dungeons.’

I burst into laughter without realizing it.

Increase your physical abilities by feasting on monsters.

There was a reason why I went around shooting like crazy.

Now that I look at it, it seems like that behavior was pretty glorified.

Taehyun didn’t bother to explain that point.

‘There’s no need to tell me about predation.’

Ji Jin-hee also knew that Tae-hyun was hiding something, but she didn’t ask.

Respect each other and get what you want.

Although there was no agreement, the two men’s thoughts were perfectly aligned.

“Thanks to you, our new Korea has become the world’s only Dungeon Zero country.”

“That’s too much praise.”

“And I heard about the activities of several players regarding this West Point auction house incident.”

Taehyun nodded as if he understood.

Dozens of demons were dealt with before dealing with Narendra Nehru.

In addition, Ryohei Isaka’s corruption was exposed, so his contribution was not small.

“Especially to buy time against Narendra Nehru. That’s something she couldn’t have done without you or anyone else there. In the aftermath, the national image of the new Korea rose by more than 100 points. Is that all? “There’s no such thing as global companies around the world offering to sponsor you.”

When Taehyun looked like he was wondering what he was talking about, Goh Taewook explained with a kind smile.

“There are many people who want to sponsor, but the most representative… Have you heard of Dynasoft? The president of that place has claimed to be a supporter, saying he owes his life to you. “Not at an individual level, but at a corporate level.”

Corporate sponsorship. i.e. sponsor.

It was also another indicator of the players’ value.

Of course, since this kind of sponsorship comes with a contract, I was planning on turning down all sponsorship offers… .

“There are no special conditions from this side. I just want to give you one-sided support. “That’s it.”

Taehyun was internally delighted at the conditions, which were like a kind of blank check.

“Okay, let’s talk about it later. “Deputy Director Go, what is Taehyun’s player ranking right now?”

“It ranks 30th, reflecting this West Point auction house incident.”

It was a jump of 95 places from 125th.

“Well, how about it? These are the reasons why I want to send you to the upcoming friendly match. Because of this incident, the demons will target Taehyun even more. But that’s why I want to show it instead of hiding it. “I’m saying that New Korea is not a place to be crossed by demons.”


“Of course, Taehyun will do his best to protect those around him, so you don’t have to worry.”

Taehyun, understanding the thoughts of the association president Ji Jin-hee, nodded slightly.


“President of the Association. “Thank you for your kind words, but I will decline.”

“Taehyun. The president of the association also has an idea… .”

“Deputy Director Go. “Let’s also listen to Taehyun’s story.”

Go Tae-wook stopped talking at Ji Jin-hee’s hand gesture.

‘Is this guy bold? Are you thinking deeply?’

As he was the one who sent the player test invitation.

Ko Tae-wook felt a certain degree of responsibility for Tae-hyun’s actions and actions as a player.

Of course, Taehyun, the person involved, seemed to have no idea.

Following Go Tae-wook, Ji Jin-hee also asked back without hiding her regretful expression.

“Taehyun. Actually, I’m a little embarrassed because it’s an unexpected answer. “Can I ask why?”

Taehyun thought for a moment about Ji Jin-hee’s question and then opened his mouth.

“Because this kind of approach is not like the president of the association I know. “Others will think the same.”

“… … !!”

“I don’t want to hear that I acquired the representative qualification through the power of the former president of the association.”

In fact, for a brief moment, I thought about using Ji Jin-hee’s connection.

Although it was quickly folded for the reasons just mentioned.

Anyway, how is it?

‘President of the Association. ‘I think you were impressed.’

Tae-hyeon drove a wedge into Ji Jin-hee, who was in tears in front of him.

“Until the remaining time. “We will raise our public value ranking to within the top five.”

Ji Jin-hee burst into laughter at the sight of Tae-hyun speaking as if he were asserting.

He shook his shoulders several times and finally calmed down.

“I’m looking forward to it. Taehyun.”

“I won’t disappoint.”

I spent a lot of time at the hospital without planning.

Thinking back to the plan I had in mind.

Taehyun once again predicted an eventful event.

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