Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 47

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Episode 47

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“Be public… Well, you could say that.”

Taehyun said as he touched the suddenly protruding chicken skin.

Ayoung continued as if Taehyun’s reaction was not important.

“It’s fun. It was somewhat confidential. “I won’t ask how our ‘baby’ knows that information.”

Taehyun once again trembled at the word ‘baby’.

I guess I had to accept the fact that I was taken by Yoo Ah-young.

“So, are you handing over control of the strategy to me? Of course, we will do our best to distribute the magic stones.”

Unlike gate breaks, undiscovered dungeons are like time bombs that don’t know when they will explode.

Nevertheless, the reason the guild that was discovered first had priority in attacking was because the profits it would gain from conquering the guild were enormous.

Unlike Taehyeon, who only took magic stones, most guilds always included porters in their attack teams.

Secondary profits were generated by handing over the corpses of monsters to production guilds.

If it is a grade A dungeon, the estimated profit is around 10 billion won.

From Taehyun’s perspective, raising his stats was more important, so he chose to feast on it, but from the perspective of a large guild, it was an amount that would be regrettable to miss.

“As you know, unlike regular attack teams that require a party, I am confident that I can attack alone. “There is no need for the guild to take risks.”

Taehyun was confident that she would be interested in his offer. That’s why she kept pushing without stopping.

If the guild judged that it could not handle the dungeon, it would give up its right to conquer the dungeon, and the association would then be delegated to form a raiding party.

If the association owns a dungeon, it would be okay for Taehyun, who is invincible, to attack it.

‘It would be a different story if the guild that was discovered was Night Walker, one of the four major guilds.’

Nightwalker has a significant number of high-level players, and guild leader Yoo Ah-young is an S-rank player.

Considering that Taehyun conquered the double dungeon before receiving an S-class license, there is no way that he would not be able to conquer them as well if he is fully prepared.

‘Actually, in my previous life, Yoo Ah-young was successful in the attack.’

Of course, it was a victory achieved with enormous sacrifice, but I had no intention of denigrating that victory.

“Apart from the source of the information. Is your attitude too proactive? “Maybe there’s something there that I don’t know about?”

As the head of the information guild, Yoo Ah-young did not take the bait easily.

“How could I know something that Nightwalker doesn’t know?”

“Anyway, I heard you’re good at answering. Still, it’s too late to just ignore this because the investigation isn’t complete yet. “It’s a bit too risky to hand it over without knowing what’s inside, right?”

She narrowed one eye and looked at Taehyun’s expression.

“You said just ask for a favor earlier.”

“oh. Even after all this, you still know how to distinguish between public and private lives?”

Taehyun did not hide his disappointed expression at her attitude.

‘It won’t be difficult to persuade you if you open up a little bit of information… .’

Taehyun grabbed Ayoung’s hand that was on his shoulder and pulled her down.

Even at this very moment, numerous dungeons are being created and conquered.

‘Temple of the Phoenix’ was not the only way to increase magical power in a short period of time.

“All right. “Then, let’s pretend it never happened.”


Ayoung reacted unexpectedly to Taehyun’s quick giving up.

From her point of view, she was planning to bring the balance of the deal to herself by making Taehyun anxious.

Taehyun read Ayoung’s thoughts and shrugged his shoulders.

“Pushing and pulling doesn’t suit my personality. If you want to distinguish between public and private things, you can’t help it. “I hope the attack is successful.”

Ayoung looked at Taehyun’s face closely.

‘Is this guy serious?’

So far, we have dealt with numerous people who want and access their information.

Sweet words. Eyes full of determination. A clear contract, etc.

Those who approached her by hiding their true intentions with various things.

Just as their words were not very good.

She was confident that she had a clear eye for seeing people.


‘Are you really serious?’

Ayoung’s eyes narrowed as she met Taehyun’s eyes.

“… … .”

It was difficult to understand the true meaning.

Clearly, the intuition that had been flashing just moments ago when he tried to ask for something was calm now.

‘This is so… If this happens, I’ll have to carry it in.’

New Korea’s twelfth S-rank player and a rookie who is likely to grow into a national powerhouse in the future.

Since he had been working alone without forming a party until now, nothing was really known about Taehyun’s skills or hunting methods.

At best, it’s just what they showed in the player license test.

‘That’s probably not his power either… .’

It was difficult to see whether power was used, so it was not useful information.

That’s why I wanted to know more.

Where does Taehyun’s confidence come from?


‘Is this man really worth investing in?’

Ayoung’s worries didn’t last long.

“good. “I’ll hand over the control.”


Taehyun smiled as if he had been waiting.


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“thank you. Don’t disappoint… .”


“… … ?”

“I will go with you too.”

“… … ”

Taehyun’s reaction to trying to maintain a poker face convinced Yoo Ah-young that he had thrown the right bait.

“If you don’t like it, just quit.”

Her eyes sparkled.

It was because he was convinced that the balance of the transaction was tilted towards him.


“That’s right. “It is a grateful offer.”

“what… ?”

With a smile as if there was nothing more to do, Taehyun offered to shake hands.

Without realizing it, Ayoung’s body twitched as she held hands.

The corners of Taehyun’s mouth rising looked particularly evil.

* * *

The next afternoon.

Taehyun visited Night Walker’s building.

“Come on. “I was waiting.”

Yoo Ah-young welcomed Taehyun and immediately guided him toward the item warehouse.

“It’s a rental shop operated by our guild. “If you need anything, pick it up.”

“Of course, it’s temporary until we conquer the dungeon, right?”

“Is there anything you like? If you join our guild, I will give you everything. how is it?”

Taehyun shook his head at Yoo Ah-young’s suggestion with shining eyes.

“Well, that’s enough. “There is nothing better than a weapon you are familiar with.”

“okay? “It’s different from kids these days who are obsessed with item grades.”

After passing the rental office, a large hall appeared.

It seemed as if the entire floor of the guild building had been connected, and it was a space that could easily accommodate thousands of people.


“It’s a place where you can try out items from earlier. “There is even an emergency barrier system installed in the shock absorber.”

“A skills test in a high-rise building like this? “Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Hehe. It is designed to withstand the skills of an advanced S-class player, so you don’t have to worry. Well, as long as you don’t intend to destroy it.”

Taehyun nodded.

It seemed like it was designed to match the skills of Yoo Ah-young, who is considered an upper-middle S-level player.

A man approached the two people who were looking around at various things.

He was a man in his 30s with a face full of scars and fine muscles.

“Say hello. This is Jeon Pan-ho, our guild leader of the 2nd strategy team. Former leader. “This is Taehyun Kim, who will enter the dungeon with me tomorrow.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Jeon Pan-ho. “I have heard the rumors.”

Jeon Pan-ho extended his hand to Tae-hyeon.

‘Meet me here. Jeon Pan-ho.’

Taehyun smiled bitterly and held Jeon Pan-ho’s hand.

Grade A ranker Jeon Pan-ho.

Although he was an outstanding player, he was famous in the industry for his personality, which was inversely proportional to that.

Of course, Tae-hyun, who was working as a porter without awakening in his previous life, was viewed with unfavorable eyes.

‘He was a crazy guy who would break the arm of anyone he didn’t like. He must have been a member of the Night Walkers at this time.’

Ayoung, who does not know Taehyun’s thoughts, gave brief information about him.

“The former director is active in many fields, to the point where he is ranked 20th in the public rankings. Perhaps he will become the first A-class awakened person in New Korea to be issued an S-class license.”

Jeon Pan-ho grinned and waved his hand at Yoo Ah-young’s praise.

“That’s too much praise. “It’s all thanks to the guild leader hiring me.”

The look in Jeon Pan-ho’s eyes as he said that was unusual.

‘Sneaky bastard.’

Because Taehyun knew that he had a feminine side, the way he looked at Yoo Ah-young didn’t look very good.

In any case, it was none of Taehyun’s business.

That was why I praised him once again.

“It’s an S-class license. Incredible.”

“haha. yes? “I’m a very lucky person.”

At the same time, Ayoung’s hand naturally went towards Taehyun.


A handsome man and woman with their arms folded.

It looked as if they were a friendly couple.

“… … .”

“… … .”

There was a change in the expressions of Taehyun and Panho Jeon.

Taehyun did it out of pressure, and Jeon Pan-ho did it out of jealousy.

“how is it? “Would you like to have a little sparring with me here?”

“Is there really a need for that? “What if I get hurt before I even enter the dungeon?”

“okay? “It’s a shame.”

As Ayoung said that, her hand went down.

“… … .”

“… … .”

She led Taehyun and her clasped hands and headed to the potion room.

No, the moment you are about to head.

“If you don’t mind, how about me as your partner?”

Jeon Pan-ho asked with shining eyes.

When Taehyun turned around, Jeon Pan-ho was making an uncharacteristically friendly expression.

‘This bastard…’ .’

“Isn’t it fate that we met like this? If you don’t mind, please teach the second part of our strategy.”

“Aren’t rumors exaggerated?”

Despite Tae-hyeon’s rejection, Jeon Pan-ho did not back down.

Rather, the members who were scattered around and checking items were called together.

As if he would not accept any more rejection.

Seeing that, Yoo Ah-young whispered softly in Tae-hyeon’s ear.

“What do we do? “I think the former leader would like to learn a lesson from you?”

They say I hate a sister-in-law who stops me more than a mother-in-law who scolds me.

Taehyun burst out laughing at Yoo Ah-young’s obvious behavior.

“Director Jeon Pan-ho. I’m speaking as an experienced person. “You could lose your life through reckless behavior.”

“It won’t be an idle joke. And isn’t he the only survivor of the double dungeon? “If he were to lose his life, that would also be an honor.”

It was a strange nuance.

When Taehyun expressed his doubts, Ayoung came closer and whispered again.

“Ah, Taehyun. For your information, the former leader was close friends with a magic arts player.”

‘You speak quickly. It seemed like we had similar personalities. ‘It’s true that people get along well together, right?’

Taehyun clicked his tongue and took out the talisman that was tied to his waist.

If you’re going to do it, wouldn’t it be better to do it right?

Lightly place your finger on the sharply forged talisman.

Took. Took.

Drops of blood fell between the cut skin.

“Being a player is a sad job where you never know when you might die. In that respect, the Sorcery player met a death that was just right for that level.”

“… … !!”

It was a blatant provocation.

Jeon Pan-ho’s face turned bright red.

“Do you still want to spar with me?”


Taehyun, who poured dark red magic power into the talisman, looked at Jeon Pan-ho.

I handed over the last option to him, hoping that he would understand the mixed emotions of innocence and malice.

Unfortunately, Jeon Pan-ho was not smart enough to understand Tae-hyeon’s true intentions.

“This guy Kim Taehyun!! “I challenge you to a duel for the player’s honor!!”

A duel where the player’s honor is at stake.

Like the oath of the awakened, the meaning of those words is by no means light.

It was natural that Jeon Pan-ho’s anger caused an uproar in the surrounding area.

However, Yoo Ah-young is the person responsible for all of this.

“oh. “There was a fight.”

He just smiled innocently, as if he were performing a Buddhist act.

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