Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 49

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Episode 49

“Congratulations. “You were forced to take a vacation for about two months.”

Taehyun said as he took the ‘Warrior’s Ring’ from the fallen Jeon Pan-ho.

“eww… eww… .”

The ‘Knight King’s spirit’, which had already become incomparably stronger than a month ago, was concentrated on just one person.

It was natural for the bones in his entire body to be broken or misaligned, so Jeon Pan-ho could only groan as Tae-hyeon took the ring from his hand.

[Strength level increases by 20.]

[Health level increases by 20.]

As soon as I put the ring on, a message appeared before my eyes.

Unlike the ‘Sage’s Ring’, which increases strength, stamina, speed, and magic by 10 each, this item was created strictly for warrior-type awakeners.

Taehyun smiled with satisfaction as his right arm regenerated and he regained some of his lost strength and stamina.

If I were to return my now skinny arms to their original state, my strength stats would be higher than before.

“Then, shall we receive a gift from the guild leader?”

Ayoung sighed at Taehyun’s sly smile.

I ended up giving away two unique items without even getting proper information about the skills.

The damage was severe, but a promise is a promise.

I couldn’t just pass over a place where so many guild members were watching.

“Follow me. “It’s already at the next location.”

It’s also a moment to cast a pitiful look at Jeon Pan-ho, who is moaning.

She led the way to where the item was.

* * *

The Night Walker Guild Potion Room was a place to store potions to be used by guild members participating in dungeon raids and Abyss exploration.

Although it was not at the level of Alchemist, where many blue-collar awakened workers belonged, quite a few potions were displayed on both sides.

At the appearance of an unfamiliar guest, those wearing lab coats glanced at Taehyun and Ayoung.

At that time, the woman in charge of the potion room approached the two.

“Guild leader. “What’s going on here?”

“Ah, Director Yu. I’m sorry I’m busy. I suddenly had something to visit. “I’d like to see ‘that’.”

As Ayoung spoke with a bitter smile, Director Yoo gave orders to his two subordinates.

The two people were led to the potion testing room.

“Didn’t you say it was a unique item?”

“Items don’t necessarily have to be equipment.”

For a moment, Taehyun expressed his doubts.

Director Yoo returned with a special case handed to him by his subordinates.

“Guild leader. Where are you going to use ‘Dragon’s Tears’? .”

At Director Yoo’s question, Ayoung looked at Taehyeon.

“no way… .”

“that’s right. ‘Dragon’s Tears’. “I think I’ll give that guy to Taehyun Kim here.”

“Dragon tears?”

“Open it.”

Taehyun unlocked the special case.

There was a red potion inside it.

‘this… ‘Unique item?’

Ayoung nodded to Taehyun’s question.

“Even though it looks like it, it’s not an ordinary potion. Have you heard of the Phoenix Potion? “It just so happened that it was stolen by demons at the West Point auction house.”

Taehyun was offended by her words, but he nodded without showing it.

Ayoung’s explanation continued.

“It can be said that it is the result of our Nightwalker spending a lot of money to request the best ingredients from Professor Bill Camp, who created the Phoenix Potion. “It’s called Dragon’s Tears.”

“Doesn’t that seem like too much of a name for one potion? “I would understand if it was a phoenix potion.”

It’s not that it wasn’t, it was Taehyun who was experiencing the effect firsthand.

If it were a Phoenix potion that increased magic and stamina stats by 20, it would be fair to call it a unique item.

It was difficult to understand the potion in front of me, which had a grand name compared to its appearance and capacity.

“Hehe. Phoenix potion? “If it were something with no restrictions, I would have drank it already.”

Ayoung looked at the potion closely and tasted it with regret.

“Sounds like something is wrong?”

Did you hear poison? Ayoung snapped her finger at Taehyun, who was muttering.

“You said ‘dragon tears,’ right? “This is made by diluting the tears of a red dragon.”

“… … !!”

This time, Taehyun couldn’t hide his surprised expression.

A being with more magical power than any other monster.


As its existence itself is special.

The dragon’s heart was not a magic stone, but was separately called ‘Dragon Heart’.

Among the many colored dragons, the red dragon is said to outwit even the black dragon, which has a vicious personality.

To capture the tears of a red dragon like that.

Not long ago, I faced a bone dragon made from a dragon’s corpse.

Taehyun was more curious about which crazy player had saved the dragon’s tears than about the existence of the tears.

“What is the effect?”

“The best expert in this field assured me. I don’t know, but I heard that my physical stats will increase by at least 50. Even if an S-rank player drinks it.”


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“Wolf… Please give it to me.”

When Taehyun hurriedly held out his hand, Ayoung dodged back with the potion.

“for a moment. “Don’t be too hasty.”

“What is it? “You’re not planning on adding another contract here, are you?”

If it were Yoo Ah-young in front of me, that would be enough.

However, ‘Dragon’s Tears’ was an attractive item that I could bear with it.

“Ahaha. What a sad thing. I’m Yoo Ah-young. “Night Walker Guild Leader.”

“What do you want to say?”

“The effect is guaranteed. “Because not everyone can use it.”

“… … ?”

Ayoung added an explanation.

“Professor Bill Camp said it would be diluted, but I guess the magic power was too strong. At least the magic and stamina stats. They said one of them would have to be over 250 to be able to handle it. “If you don’t have a body like that, your body will explode from the dragon’s magic.”


Taehyun was once again surprised by the ridiculous figure.

Ayoung let out a chuckle as if she knew that would happen.

“They say the effect is guaranteed, but you understand why the guild has been neglecting it until now, right?”

“It really shouldn’t have been put up for auction.”

The Phoenix Potion, which raised a total of 40 stats, was sold for 100 billion won.

Regardless of the level, if the stats could be raised to around 50, hundreds of billions would not have been enough.

“So, how about we keep you in charge of this potion until you can digest it? “There is still some research left to do.”

It wasn’t a bad offer.

“It sounds like you are saying that you will watch my growth right next to me.”

“Oh my, did it sound like that? Hehehe. Consider it a bribe. Mr. National Power of the Future.”

Yoo Ah-young held out her hand.

At this point, it wasn’t a bad idea to form a partnership with New Korea’s best intelligence agency.

“Let’s use it well.”

Taehyun held his hand.

* * *

That evening.

Taehyun returned home, opened the book he had bought on the way, and laid down on the bed.

It was a book called ‘The Origin of the Player and the Birth of Mine’.

[When did the awakened person and the status window come into existence? With the discovery of the Abyss and the emergence of a phenomenon called awakening, numerous scholars began researching it… . A variety of hypotheses and studies were put forward, but the common result they came up with was that the possibility of another dimension exists, and that there is a being beyond humans who can cross that dimension… … . Magic power and skills. This is how the explanation of awakening and the status window was understood by people on Earth… . As animals optimized for evolution, humans quickly created laws and systems to create a fence that could limit their power… . We periodically checked the awakening status of all citizens and identified their skills and grades… . These things happen because of the awakening of various fields and the integration of science… … It developed rapidly in both sunny and shaded areas.]

“The introduction is long.”

Taehyun quickly turned the pages.

[The United States was the first to start the player system. At the time, due to its international status and the use of English as a language, many countries joined the Players Association… . Following the policies of each association, players fought to protect their country’s territory from the monsters of the Abyss… . For some reason, compared to the awakened people becoming stronger, the invasions of monsters gradually became more frequent.]

“Let’s skip this too.”

[The military power of each country that expands with the players as a starting point leads to the ambition for territorial invasion… . Citing historical grounds, the Players Association banned battles between players from each country. Those who refused to do so recklessly used their power and gained the name demons, and demons were treated as public enemies… . The Demons rebelled against the World Government and established the Demon Association, and a major war broke out. Two wars to eradicate demons. The power of the demons was scary, but they could not withstand the players from around the world who gathered in the name of the UN… … . We began to examine the ideology of the captured demons… … . It wasn’t a piece of paper like a letter of conversion… The Awakened’s oath was discovery… . A new contract law of the modern era made of magic… The demons of the time had no choice but to forcibly convert… .]

“Isn’t it here too?”

Taehyun closed the book and snuggled into the blanket.

It was all stuff I learned in modern and contemporary history class, and I couldn’t get any hints about ‘predation’ and ‘king’.

* * *

next day.

Taehyun arrived at the agreed upon location, a grade A undiscovered dungeon.

Ayoung arrived early and was waiting.

Watching the two people exchanging greetings, the Night Walker guild members guarding the dungeon began to murmur.

“The guild leader is going in personally?”

“And you’re going in together with that player, Kim Tae-hyun.”

“Huh. Just the two of us without having a party? No matter how confident you are. “I heard that a double dungeon was discovered in Class A?”

“Do I know what the guild leader is thinking?”

“As expected, an S-rank player… awesome.”

Taehyun stopped right in front of the dungeon, ignoring the gaze of those around him.

The backpack on my shoulder was full of potions that Ayoung had brought me.

“There are more people protecting it than you think.”

“It’s a double dungeon created in an A-grade dungeon. There is no harm in being careful. “Is it really okay for just the two of us to go in?”

No matter how many potions you bring with you.

Who would think of conquering a grade A dungeon alone?

But Taehyun just shrugged his shoulders.

“You are free to follow along. If you fall behind, I’ll leave you behind.”

With that said, finally.

Taehyun jumped into the dungeon’s entrance gate.

“hey. “Let’s go together!”

Ayoung, carrying a backpack, hurriedly followed behind him.

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