Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 311

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Episode 311: Hell Hound (5)

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“I will catch them all.”

Bikir said to the hellhounds in front of him.

Grenouille’s answer to this was short and concise.

“… … Are you out of your mind?”

No wonder Grenouille reacted this way.

The hellhounds in front of me each had a strong skeleton and heavy muscles.

Not to mention sharp teeth and claws sharper than the blades of quite a few famous swords, as well as the sulfur dripping from his eyes and mouth, it would burn and melt everything he touched.

Moreover, the number is too large to include all at once.

What the hell could you do alone in a situation like this?

But Bikir was unconcerned throughout.

‘I already knew that Hellhound would come out.’

Bikir paid attention to luxury items such as perfume, cigarettes, and cosmetics that were left in the ruined academy.

Arranging objects that openly stimulate the sense of smell must be a foreshadowing of the next trap to unfold.

So, I looked at a few monsters with a particularly sensitive sense of smell, and there weren’t many of them.

One of them was a hellhound.

‘Gnoll is a very easy opponent, goblins aren’t difficult, and if they come out, they’ll be land sharks or hellhounds with a keen sense of smell.’

All the props and terrain are the devil’s intention, and if you touch them carelessly, you will get hurt.

… Chew!

Bikir took out the demonic sword Baalzebub and faced the hellhounds.


Believing in the strength of the pack, one hellhound bravely lunged at it and suffered a serious nose injury.

A large nose and a fist-sized lump of flesh behind it fell to the floor.

[Gye-gaeng! Kang! Kiyin-]

The hellhound, whose nose and bridge of the nose had been severed, stepped back and struggled, spraying hot blood and oil.

Bikir took advantage of the gap and cut off the lower jaw of another hellhound who was trying to bite off his side.

And after that, another hellhound that tried to scratch Vikir’s butt lost almost half of his right foreleg, and the guy next to him died with his neck pierced.

[Grrrrrr… … ]

[Kaeng! Kang!]


The hellhounds only then noticed.

That the other side was trying to cripple you, not kill you.

Of course, this was a very planned direction by Bikir.

‘Hellhounds are monsters that are hard to see on the first floor. The hunting rewards are very generous.’

Bikir heard the sound of a notification ringing in his ear.


[‘Level 1 Warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting ‘B+ Rank Demon Hellhound’ for the first time in the tutorial zone!]

[Rewards for ‘hard’ achievements are given!]

Just killing one came out as a reward.

swarm… …

It’s a red bead. It was a ‘strange candy’ that raised the strength stat by 1.

‘If I kill them all, I don’t know what I’ll give as a reward.’

Even in the memoirs of the great heroes before the return, there was no word that they had killed all these monsters.

In other words, Bikir is now alone in challenging a task that no one has dared.

While aiming for an unprecedented huge reward!

Whoops- Puck! Damn it! Poop!

Bikir moved with great speed.

Parts essential for maneuver, such as fingers, toes, joints, and internal organs, are thoroughly protected.

He boldly gave away parts that were not very necessary for battle, and in return, he always received the other person’s eyes, tongue, legs, etc.

The expression of Grenouille, who was behind him, became grim at Vikir’s terrifying figure fighting as if possessed by a demon.

‘What, what is that guy? level 1 right? Why are you fighting so well… … .’

Ever since the college league, I thought he wasn’t an average guy, but I didn’t expect him to be this level.

If it is like that now, weakened 100 times, how strong did it mean in the past? How long have you been hiding your skills?

… … But really, a debuff is a debuff. Bikir’s body quickly became covered in blood.

Hellhounds, on the other hand, are still largely intact.

There were crippled objects everywhere, but they were also fighting against Vikir with crazy vitality and fighting spirit unique to monsters.

‘indeed. Tired of being 100 times weaker. Should I use a little shortcut?’

Bikir shrugged as he stepped back.

Then he said to Grenouille, who was behind him.

“Now, the bow is open, so run over there.”

“what? Where is the way… … .”

Before Grenouille finished speaking.


Vikir charged at the heckling hellhound beside him and severed its upper and lower jaws at the same time.

There was a hole in the encirclement behind the Hellhound, who gnawed and retreated.

“let’s go.”


Vikir grabbed Grenouille by the scruff of the neck, threw him forward, and followed him.


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“Hey hey hey hey hey!”

Grenouille, who ran away with all sorts of screams, was indeed an excellent bait, attracting other hellhounds wandering around to this place.

‘In a way, that’s also a talent.’

Bikir thought while looking at the back of Grenouille, who was being targeted by monsters.

Well, if the number of prey increases, it’s a good thing for Bikir.

Eventually, Vikir and Grenouille arrived at the shopping street from earlier.

“Hey, hey! Where are you running to! That’s a separate collection point! There is no cover!”

Grenouille cried out in tears.

However, Bikir silently headed for the separate collection point.

There were sacks with various kinds of garbage sorted all over the place.

‘… … There was always a janitor who had a good impression here.’

Sure enough, old brooms, dustpans with holes, etc. can be seen in the janitor’s room where the janitor stayed.

But there was no time to enjoy the scenery.


This is because a large number of Hellhounds are running towards Vikir.

Right then.


Bikir lifted the bulging bags that lay beside the broom and dustpan and tore his side with a knife.

And threw the contents inside to the hellhounds.

“Here, eat this.”

The contents of the sack spilled over the heads of the hellhounds.

It was a fruit with a hairy yellow skin.

And the hellhounds covered in it started screaming and struggling madly.

[Knock it off! kong! Quang!]

[Ahh! Cuckoo! Geek-]

[Whehe! Guwak!]

Grenouille put on a dazed expression when he saw the hellhounds holding their noses with their paws and retching.

“… … bank?”

Yes. Dozens of sacks piled up at the separate collection point were banks.

Ginkgo is a favorite street tree because it is effective in repelling insects, but the only drawback is this stinky fruit that falls on the road every season.

Besides, this is an exceptionally smelly ‘Sabic’ bank. The scent is so strong that it instantly erases the earthy smell of Morgue’s potatoes.

If you go to the school’s separate collection point, you can always see them piled up in sacks.


A few hellhounds stepped on the ginkgo berries, and yellow juice gushed out, and an even stronger smell began to spread.

Hellhounds, who already have a sensitive sense of smell, can’t stand this disgusting smell and vomit.

It was then that Bikir drew his sword.

… hook! … hook! … hook! … hook! … hook! … hook! … hook! … hook! … hook!

Every time the red awl goes back and forth, a hellhound rolls its eyes and bites its tongue without fail.

Several hellhounds tried to counterattack, but a proper fight was impossible as sulfur water flowed from their eyes and noses.

Rolling- Rolling- Tuckling-

Every time you kill the Hellhounds, the stat candy continues to drop.

A red candy that boosts your strength. A green candy that increases agility. A blue candy that increases health.

Red candies were the most common, followed by blue candies, and then green candies.

“The agility stat is really hard to get.”

Bikir thought as he looked at the pile of candies in front of his eyes.

‘If the candy store opens later, 300 candy in the stat can be exchanged for 1 candy in the level. In preparation for that time, it would be better to save as many candies as possible.’

Right then.

A fairy appeared before Bikir’s eyes.

Originally, it appeared suddenly, but this time it was exceptionally sudden.

[Waah? Did he kill all these children ? Are you quite this regular ? ]

The fairy licked her sore tongue as she looked at the corpses of hellhounds lined up on the floor of the garbage disposal site.

Before long, the fairy gave Bikir a choice in a calm voice.

[ Since you have made a great achievement, you should give a great reward, right? ]

At the same time, something appeared in front of Bikir’s eyes.


[‘Level 1 Warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting ‘B+ Rank Monster Hellhound’ for the first time in the tutorial zone!]

[Rewards for ‘great’ achievements are given!]

[The difficulty of the mission can be adjusted once in a while]

[Would you like to increase the difficulty level?]

[Mission with higher difficulty level corresponds to ‘Bonus Stage’]

[If you clear the ‘Bonus Stage’, you will receive additional rewards!]

A question asking if you want to increase the difficulty.

That’s what it means. Now that all the Hellhounds have been killed, will you allow a more dangerous monster to appear?

“Can you allow it, you idiot!?”

Grenouille raised the middle fingers of both hands and shouted loudly at the fairy.

But Vikir, who stood next to him, made a completely different choice.

“summer solstice. Send anything.”

A more powerful boss monster appears. This was what Bikir wanted.

It is only natural that if you catch a stronger and more dangerous monster, you will receive a more valuable and better reward.

The fairy smiled miserably at Grenouille’s bewildered face.

[Good, good, too good? Is that too ex-spiritual? Then can we start right away ? ]

At the same time, a black hole formed behind the fairy’s back.

It was a hole that felt similar to when the hellhounds were summoned earlier, but there was only one hole, and the diameter was much wider.


Quageek- Kkae-gaeng!

Several hellhounds who were still alive shuddered, urinating with their tails between their hind legs, before being crushed to death by large, suddenly protruding forepaws.


A monster with an adjusted level of difficulty began to appear before Vikir’s eyes.

“… … iced coffee. This must be a dream.”

A demonic beast enough to make even Grenouille, who had been holding up so well until now, lose his senses.

However, Bikir’s impression of this was short-lived.

“It’s been a while.”

Three heads sticking out of the gate. one body.

<Cerberus (Κέρβερος)>

Risk level: A+

Size: 7m

Discovery Location: Red and Black Mountains 7th ridge

-aka ‘Hell’s Dog’

It is not interested in the ghosts who want to enter hell, but the ghosts who want to get out of hell are immediately torn to pieces and made into rags.

It lives in the depths of the oil world, where all the ghosts finally head, and leads to the ultimate of monsters of the Yugye species.

The boss of the bonus stage, ‘Hell Dog Cerberus’.

The guy was shooting his eyes like a scare fire at Bikir.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 310Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 312
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