Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 324

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Episode 324: Underdogma (4)

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… Awesome!

joints break

Hana, the King of Kings, tumbled across the floor without fail.

Bikir grabbed the beetle-type Chungwangin by the horns that rushed at him, and then put on a joint technique.

… Quick!

No matter how hard the armor is, the joints at the joints are bound to be weak.

As a result of tapping it a few times, I could see that the exoskeleton of the Kings was quite strong, and after learning that fact, Bikir did not bother to use the strike machine, but instead, he saved his strength and applied the joint technique.

and the result.

More than 50 Chungwang people rolled around on the sandy beach and groaned.

Bikir, who subdued the middle arm of the stag beetle-type king with a long white beard, asked with a little irritation.

“Are you guys willing to talk a little bit now?”

[yes. Please look at the middle leg. Isn’t it a precious part for humans too? please… … .]

The longevity beetle-type Chungwangin, who seems to have the concept of an elder, lies down and ejaculates.

The gray-bearded old Chungwangs lowered their heads, and eventually all the Chungwangs knelt in front of Bikir.

Bikir looked at the kings like that.

A black exoskeleton, a muscular body, a face that is subtly different for each gender… … .

Overall, they all looked similar, but there was a crucial difference.

That’s what the horn looks like.

Some had one thick horn standing tall, and some had two horns sticking out like pincers.

It’s like the difference between a rhinoceros beetle and a stag beetle.

Apparently, these Chungwangs didn’t seem to get along very well among themselves.

This is because teamwork did not match at all when attacking.

‘… … Thanks to that, I was easily subdued.’

Bikir sat down on a rotten log.

In front of them, stag beetle-type and rhinoceros beetle-type Chungwangs sat down on their knees.

Unsurprisingly, the students of the commoners group were kneeling behind them with pale complexions and voluntarily paying (?) their taxes.

‘Did you see? Killing 50 scarabs that we couldn’t help even if all of us rushed at them.’

‘We were too full of one… … 50 horses… … .’

‘You’re a monster! What the hell is that bastard!’

‘Maybe he ate a few hundred candies upstairs? I can’t explain it otherwise.’

I hear all the whispering and whispering.

to those guys.

“Aren’t you quiet? It’s noisy to the lord.”



The triplets, Hive, Middle, and Low, did not even try to hide their reverence for Vikir.


Bikir asked the Chungwangs.

“How did you guys come here?”

Then, the beetle-type Chungwangin and the stag beetle-type Chungwangin, with long white eyebrows and beards, bowed their heads and opened their mouths.

[We lived a long time ago on an island called ‘Geochungdo’ beyond the harsh sea.]

[Then, while fighting off the demon that suddenly attacked, he was trapped inside this strange tree.]

Amdusias probably took off a part of the island and made it into the world inside Naraksu.

However, as the different terrains were forcibly stitched together, all the plants on the island dried up, and in the end, only one root of the Narak tree remained.

[In the meantime, we have been fighting for a long time to get the Naraksu’s sap. There were other shipowners, but they all died over time and we were the only ones left.]

“… … is it.”

Bikir nodded.

According to the explanation of the kings, the demon Amdusias was imitating a god.

Regarding this, Decarabia continued to elaborate.

[You guys probably know that Rune, who you consider to be the creator, is also a ‘worldview collector’ who likes to piece together many worlds in one place, right?]

“I didn’t know. What is it?”

[It’s nothing. Sheep have their own world, and wolves have their own world. But don’t sheep and wolves definitely coexist in reality? That is the work of Rune.]

beginning (太初). In a huge world that existed from the beginning, sheep, wolves, and humans lived together.

However, it is the real world that the existence of ‘Rune’ takes part of the world of sheep, part of the world of wolves, and part of the world of humans and puts them together.

[You guys call the needle used to sew those worlds the ‘ecosystem pyramid’, and the thread used at that time the ‘food chain’.]

“Wasn’t that just an old bible verse? You said it was real?”

[Well, even I don’t know. I mean, it was so long ago. In any case, it is certain that Amdusia As is collecting various worlds in the number of the Maw that he grows in order to imitate Rune. That’s been his old hobby.]

Of course, the world in the Naraksu created by Amdusias and the real world created by the rune god are different in their sophistication.

As an analogy, it’s like comparing rags to famous designer clothes.

“… … I am not interested in complex theological theories. I have to get out of here and go downstairs.”

Bikir pushed Dekarabia into his chest and asked the kings again.

“There will be no more fighting over the sap. I’ll get you guys out of here.”

[yes? Is that possible?]

All the Chungwangs, including the elders, opened their eyes wide.

Bikir nodded and affirmed.

“Of course it is possible. However, I need your help.”

[Would there be! Anything as long as I can clear the mission on this floor and get out… … !]


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But the elders could not finish their words.

“I need a boat. Would you guys be able to save me?”

Then, all the Chungwangs’ complexions hardened.

… … .

silence. An awkward silence continued for a while.

Eventually, the Chungwangs, who did not know lies, brought out their thoughts.

[In fact, the reason why the beetle tribe and the stag beetle tribe have been confronting for a long time is because of the ‘ship’.]


[That is, there is a ship, but… … Because there is a little problem… … ]

When Bikir and Chungwangin were in the middle of a conversation.

“uh!? Lord! Me, over there!”

Hivero next to him shouted in a panicked tone.

Wanting something, Bikir turned his head and saw an unexpected scenery in his eyes.

Dogma. The leader of the commoners faction, he was climbing the roots of the Naraksu at high speed.

“Hahahaha- you idiots! Do you think I will share the sap with you guys!?”

The bloodshot eyes were telling him that he was already insane.

… with a plop! gulp- gulp- gulp- gulp-

Dogma plunged his head into the pool of sap and began to inhale the sap as it was.

Even though her stomach was already swollen, Dogma sucked in the sap with all her might.

With a desperate attitude, as if he couldn’t give even a drop to anyone.

“Do, Dogma! Give us some too!”

“Are you the only one eating! You despicable bastard!”

“The sap is ours!”

Some of the group that followed Dogma belatedly followed Dogma’s heels.

When they, too, are about to plunge their heads into a puddle.

… f*ck!

One student’s head exploded.

Dogma’s hand. It had grown several times larger and thicker before I knew it, and it grabbed and crushed a person’s head.


Despite the blood, brains, and strange candies that people dropped when they died plopped into the sap puddle, Dogma did not remove the head stuck in the sap gland.

Seeing that, Bikir murmured lowly.

“You shouldn’t be drinking that much.”

Naraksu’s sap is a monster thing. It is not good to drink more than human beings.

And Dogma became the case proving that it was true.


No matter how much sap he had swallowed, his stomach bulged out and he groped his face with his hands.

But it’s already too late.

The Naraksu’s sap, which spread through the blood vessels throughout the body and permeated the bone marrow, began to change Dogma’s whole body.

Pudeudeuk- Kkudeudeuk- Ppadeuk- Woojijik!

The students who followed Dogma hesitate in fear.

But they couldn’t escape under the root.

… Kwaduk!

Because Dogma opened its mouth wide and engulfed them whole torso with teeth growing like blades.

[Go-aaaaa… … ]

Dogma chews flesh and candies.

His appearance was no longer human.


Although it is classified as a monster, it is neither a demon nor a monster.

A diaspora forever wandering between the human world and the demon world.

As soon as Bikir saw it, he sighed once more.

“It wouldn’t be easy at that size… … .”

Right then.

[ Surprise mission? ]

A monstrous flesh fairy appeared above everyone’s heads.

He wiggles his buttocks from side to side in displeasure, chattering like he’s excited.

[ and ah? Have you come out with an excellent conductor who has already become a mine ? Is it auspicious ? Then , of course , we should give a mission , right ? ]

Before long, the fairy set up a mission in front of everyone except for the Chungwang people.


<Mission> – Let’s kill the devil!

-Mine (0/1)

※ Your precious friend has lost his taste, oh my gosh~ Hurry up and make your friend comfortable! The only way… … you know?

… … the problem is.


<Mission> – Let’s kill all living things!

-Survivor (0/77)

※ At most, you can become a Mine, but if you don’t go wild, it’s meaningless, right? Now let’s prove how strong we have become! By the way, the rewards will be pretty generous too?

The other side also received a mission.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 323Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 325
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