Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 331

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Episode 331 Draw (1)

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Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro were laughing at the fairies as if they were trying to seduce them.

“Fairy Shen, always appears at the perfect timing.”

“Look at you crying. Everything that has accumulated over the years seems to be released.”

“I’m sorry.”

As the triplets said, the fairy was howling ugly now.

[ What are you ? Why are you doing this to me ? How far do you have to rob me to be free of your temper ? ]

Bikir held her chin for a moment.

Before returning, according to what I read in the memoirs of the great heroes, the relationship between Amdusia and the Nymph in Naraksu was as follows.

The relationship between a department store and its brand stores.

Amdusias expands and enlarges the inner space, drawing many people into the Naraksu.

And the fairies take charge of and manage the sections inside the tower, and conduct various sales (?) against the challengers.

… … However, as a result of experiencing it directly inside the tower, Vikir came up with a slightly different interpretation.

The relationship between the casino and the gamblers working there.

In other words, the number of holes in Amdusias is a huge casino, and the fairies are professional gamblers who gamble in it.

Like a gambler, a fairy must win every moment.

Just as no casino in the world is designed to allow customers to win money in the end, so are the stages and missions in Naraksu.

Fairies usually bet on the challenger failing to complete the mission and dying miserably.

That way, they take away the candy they’ve had since they were born.

In the process of steadily and diligently growing and killing challengers without losing the balance of the game, we prepare cleverly designed traps so that you don’t feel unreasonable.

‘For example, things like perfume or cosmetics are intentionally left in ruins, mimics are mixed in random boxes, the Black Sea has no buoyancy, or if you drink too much sap from Naraksu, you become a demon… … .’

Caught in these traps, the challengers conflict, and each time they die, the fairy’s reputation rises.

Occasionally, when a reward was given, some of it was secretly intercepted and embezzled, or it was embezzled as a stolen land, so they did not hesitate to accumulate corruption.

but. Bikir’s doubts and judgments pierced most of the fairies’ traps and destroyed them.

It was influenced by various information he heard before returning, but most of it was thanks to his seasoned instincts and intuition as a veteran.

Therefore, now the fairy is crying out in an ugly way like a casino dealer who has lost in consecutive gambling.

[ Ugh ah ah ? Are you going to go bankrupt like this ? ]

If even one more challenger like Vikir comes along, the fairy will probably go bankrupt.


Looking at the number of candies the fairy was pouring out of its mouth, anyone could have thought that.

-<Strange Candy> / Level / Golden

A candy that raises the level by 1.

It tastes sweet.

– level +1

A golden candy that increases your level by 1. It’s worth 300 regular candies.

More than twenty such golden candies fell down.

Bikir collected all the candies.

‘Before going to a certain stage section, you must collect 100 golden candies.’

The number of goals to go up to level 100 at once. Until then, it is necessary to increase the size of the reward as much as possible while remaining at level 1.

All six stats had bloomed, so there was no need to run candy gacha anymore.

‘Now, while collecting golden candies, the three basic stats must be continuously strengthened.’

If so, Bikir will be able to make up for the ‘lack of practical experience’, that is, the experience that can be reached only by crossing numerous lines of fire.

[Even after stepping into the supreme realm, only those who continue to run without rest with the same mindset as when they first grabbed the sword will gain something.]

The ‘Eighth Expression of Baskerville’ that Cane Corso said.

A desperate need for survival, a longing for life, and a stage that must be supported by extreme practical experience.

Bikir was on type 7 before entering the Tower of Naraksu and was able to create the 8th tooth, albeit on a small scale.

‘… … To be precise, it must be 7.5 meals.’

In fact, a 7 is a 7, an 8 is an 8, but it is a bit strange that there is an intermediate stage.

If that’s the case, then there should be 7.25 or 7.75 as well.

It’s just a shame that there’s no way to express this subtle lack that simply can’t be expressed in numbers.

‘If you go out of the tower after raising your stats and level to the limit… … Perhaps, even without the saint’s buff, you will be able to reach the full 8th level.’

You can definitely make your own the weak clues you were able to catch after the conversation with Cane Corso.

If that happens, I may be able to reach the 9th level, which is definitely outside the human world, someday.

… … Right then.


The now familiar sound of a notification knocked on everyone’s ears.

<Mission End> – Number of survivors: 76

※ As soon as the latecomer’s mission is cleared, the former runners are reverse summoned out of the tower.

※ Shipowners subject to reverse summoning are limited to those who have cleared the mission.

A slightly different, subtle additional explanation was attached.

At the same time, a window announcing the completion of the mission appeared in front of everyone.

<Mission End> – Occupy the sap spring!

※ Survive by stealing the sap from the scary ship owners!

<Mission End> – Let’s build a boat and cross the Black Sea!

※ Avoid ‘King Muyoung of the Black Sea’!

<Mission Failed> – Let’s kill all living things!

-Survivor (0/77)

※ At most, you can become a Mine, but if you don’t go wild, it’s meaningless, right? Now let’s prove how strong we have become! By the way, the rewards will be pretty generous too?


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The mission window above was obviously for the Colosseo Academy students, but the ones below were a little different.

It seemed that there was a mixture of the Chungwang people and that of Dogma, who had become a demon.

Soon after, the loyal kings shed tears of emotion and kissed Bikir.

[thank you! thank you! Now we can go back to where we originally lived!]

They have been brought here for a very long time.

As if he had suffered so much, all of the more than 50 Chungwangs fell flat on the floor and kissed Bikir on the back of his hand and foot.

<Reverse summoning of shipowners is done>

<Do you agree to reverse summoning?>

Before long, a message appeared in front of the Chungwangs.

[at las! I’m finally leaving this damn tower!]

[Oh oh! This is all thanks to the Savior!]

[I will go out and repay this grace! thank you!]

All the Chungwangs chose to leave the tower.


… Crisp!

A pillar of light that suddenly fell from the sky enveloped more than 50 Chungwangin.

They literally disappeared in an instant.

Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro, who saw the sight, licked their lips.

“damn. I envy you and I don’t envy you.”

“that’s right. After all, this tower is a land of opportunity.”

“Still, those guys are good. It looks like you’ve been stuck here for a long time.”

at that time. Bikir walked forward.

“… … .”

Bikir started looking at the land where the kings disappeared.

Before long, Bikir picked up something on the sandbar.

It was a long piece of white hair.

It was probably the beard that fell off the bodies of the elders, who were kings of Chung.

The tip of one strand of his beard was burnt black.

“… … Did they really get out of the tower?”

Bikir’s quietly muttered words instantly send goosebumps down everyone’s spine.

The pillar of light and the noise that had just fallen down were clearly far from the sound of teleportation.

Of course, it could be some unknown type of transfer magic… … .

“Temptation is everywhere. If you didn’t get it with your own blood, it’s good to doubt it first.”

Bikir also said with a feeling of embarrassment.

Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro who were standing behind him also nodded with heavy expressions.

at that time.

“I-over there… … .”

A voice like crawling is heard from behind.

Where Bikir turned his head, about 20 commoner students were standing hesitantly.

“Ah, I want to apologize for what happened earlier… … .”

“We just did what Dogma told us to do… … .”

“No offense, really, I’m sorry… … .”

Everyone looks at Bikir.

It’s a natural thing to do.

He single-handedly defeated more than 50 Chungwangs, killed Majin, and even overturned an S-class jellyfish monster.

Didn’t you even admit it? When he goes against Bikir, he says he might go bankrupt.

In this situation, there is no way to go against Bikir’s planting.

That is why the commoner students humble themselves as if they were worms and ask for forgiveness.

but. Bikir’s answer to this was short and dry.

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

“… … huh?”

“I think the number is wrong.”

Bikir nodded his head in a sullen manner.

There stood the triplets, Hive, Middle, and Low.

“… … Hee-ik.”

The blood drained from the faces of the commoners students.

Hey, it is right to ask for forgiveness from the person concerned.

Criminals usually apologize and show self-reflection only to those who have the right to decide on punishment, such as guards or judges.

However, they do not apologize to the victims. paradoxically.

The students, who had not understood why the criminals had been horribly stooping in front of the judge and repeated the words of apology, were able to understand the reason only when they found themselves in such a situation.

‘Now that it’s like this, I have no choice but to beg for my life from Vikir.’

‘There’s no way the Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro guys will forgive us.’

‘It will kill us. Even if I concede a thousand times, I’m sure it will cripple me.’

‘… … Let’s go to Bikir and pray as much as we can.’

It is because they do not sincerely reflect and only worry about their disadvantages.

Feelings of shame and self-loathing appeared on the faces of all the students who were suddenly aware of the fact.

They spoke to Hive, Middle, and Low bro in a crawling voice.

“I’m sorry guys… … .”

“I will gladly accept any retaliation. sorry.”

“I beg you like this. please. finish with me Only the families outside the tower… … .”

Commoner students knelt on the sandbar and banged their heads.

Before long, Hivero stepped forward.

Everyone flinches at every step Hive takes.

At that time, Hive, who approached the commoner students, showed a completely unexpected behavior.


Hivero bent one knee to meet the commoner class students at eye level.

“Until now, you have well understood what the nobles and nobles have done to you.”

“… … ?”

“Our brothers must have made you feel resentful before they were locked up in the tower.”

At Hivero’s words, the expressions of the commoner students were relaxed.

Next to him, Middle Bro and Low Bro also approached and knelt down on one knee.

“But inside the tower, we have to work together.”

“The opponent is a demon, and the distinction between nobles, barons and commoners is meaningless. Now, only ‘human’ remains.”

At the words of Middle Bro and Low Bro, the commoner students put on a dazed expression.

And Hivero finally came to a conclusion.

“We forgive everything you did to us. Please forgive us for what we did before you were imprisoned inside the tower.”

Then some students burst into tears.

The other students, who did not shed tears, also kept their mouths shut and hung their heads and were silent.

‘Was it this? What Dogma couldn’t get until the end.’

Everyone seemed to feel something. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was.

Meanwhile. Bikir, who had been quietly listening to the triplets, nodded his head.

‘… … The mindset has been properly established.’

It wasn’t a lofty phrase like ‘forgive the offender and show mercy’.

When the era of destruction comes, the distinction between nobles and nobles, commoners and commoners, will be meaningless.

Only demons and humans. There are only two black and white logics left.

The only way to survive against the devil is to solidify and join forces with each other.

The triplets were already dimly aware of this.

It was quite different from before Bikir returned.

right at that moment.

[ The former student ? ]

The fairy, who had been thought to have disappeared, was sneaking up next to Vikir.

The guy started making strange suggestions.

[Are you making brilliant achievements from the previous stage? Aren’t normal missions boring because you’re so talented? ]

Bikir decided to listen in silence, wanting to know what tricks were about to come out.

Sure enough, the fairy began to offer strange deals that she had never heard of.

[ So you mean ? Why don’t we draw all the next floors in front of us ? ]

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