Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 334

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Episode 334: Classroom (2)

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[Basement 9th floor ‘Ryongma’s laboratory’ – Mating place/Object code 12B-S73062190/Human/Classification: 1 pair]

[Conditions for 2 people have been met]

[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[1st time limit 10:00:00]



Unidentified notification sounds rang out loudly.

However, the female student who fell in the middle of the breeding farm did not seem to have grasped the situation yet.

“human? mating? what is this sound? There is no elf here… … .”

A female student brushing off sawdust from her white hair with her hands.

Big eyes like a deer, gentle impression like a puppy. The cape, which symbolizes the first year of the Colosseo Academy, is torn and stained with blood.

Sinclair. Sinclair, bourgeois.

She was standing here on sawdust in the kennel.

“… … .”

Bikir pondered for a moment as he hid himself on the hill.

However, even if she hid herself like this, there was no way she would be able to hide all the way in the small kennel.

Moreover, Sinclair will soon find out that the kennel has a limit of two people.

‘In the end, I have no choice but to hold hands.’

After assessing the situation, Vikir opened his mouth to Sinclair.

“hey. It’s here.”

“… … !?”

Hearing Bikir’s voice, Sinclair immediately crouched down and took a guarded posture.

The hardened expression on her expression was an indication of what kind of hardships she had been through in the tower.

However, after realizing that it was Bikir’s voice that called her, Sinclair’s expression suddenly relaxed.

She started running with a bright smile.

“Brother! My older brother fell here too! Ah, ah… … Isn’t this something you like? … I must have been so excited to see a familiar face.”

“Did you come through the Hellhound and the Daylily of the Blood Beast?”

“… … huh. Brother too?”

Sinclair was delighted to meet Bikir, but apart from his expression, traces of hardship were evident all over his body.

The clothes she was wearing were all stained with blood, and she had lost a lot of weight.

It seemed that the mind suffered more than the body.

Bikir wondered what floor Sinclair had warped from.

“Have you met King Muyeong of the Black Sea?”

“no? What level of mission is that? I came over from the 5th floor.”

Apparently, Sinclair was on the same floor as Bikir and was carrying out a different mission.

“What was the mission on the 5th floor?”

Bikir asked, and Sinclair paused abruptly.

She hesitated and began to look at Bikir.

“that… … .”

when she is about to open her mouth.


Suddenly, the kennel was shaken once.

“… … !?”

Bikir quickly jumped off and ran down the hill.

And I looked around to find the source of this sudden earthquake.

… thud! … Rumble! Up and down!

This loud noise and vibration was clearly coming from the mating cage next door.

“… … what?”

Sinclair also stood next to Bikir with an expression of both caution and doubt.

The two peered across the translucent wall into the kennel on the other side.

There, two giant praying mantises were sharply confronting each other.

<Giant Mentis>

Hazard Class: A

Size: 8-16m

Found in: Red and Black Mountains Part 4 Ridge

-aka ‘Giant Mantis’, or ‘Life Reaper’

Using its forelimbs like a gigantic scythe, it attacks monsters larger than itself without hesitation.

The scythe of this praying mantis, which has grown into an adult, is a weapon that even a graduate-level swordsman would find difficult to deal with, and the female’s is twice as large and sturdy as the male’s.

After mating, the female has a habit of eating the male.

A large female praying mantis and a small male praying mantis.

These two monsters wield scythes on their front legs to check each other as if they had just been brought into the kennel.

Sinclair tilted her head.

“what? Why are there two mantises fighting over there?”

“… … .”

Bikir thought about telling Sinclair the purpose of the kennel, but decided against it.

And all the while, the two mantises were spewing flesh at each other.


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Both the male and female seemed to dislike each other.


… Push!

Strange things started to happen.


[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[2nd time limit 00:00:00]

Along with the warning sound that the time limit is over, blue mist is spewing out from all over the breeding grounds.


Blue mist wrapped around the bodies of the two mantids as they battled each other.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

Shasha Shock-

A small male was rapidly approaching a large female.

Judging from the hostility so far, the probability of mating between the two is close to 0%.

It seemed clear that the male would soon be torn to shreds by the female’s sickle, which was spitting out flesh.


For some reason, the female did not block the male’s approach.

Rather, he even turned his body halfway around and brought his back and buttocks to make it easier for him to ride behind him.

‘Is there an aphrodisiac in that blue mist?’

Bikir thought with his chin on his chin.

It seems that the fog is sprayed when the time limit is over.


[Basement 9th floor ‘Laboratory of Dragon Demon’ – Mating place/Object code 010M-M9902/Giant Mentis/Classification: 1 pair]

[Biorhythm: imbalance]

[Physical Status: Active]

[Coupling status: possible]



Loud beeps popping up again.

The two mantises began to breathe heavily and unsteadily, then violently entangled with each other.

Two giant bugs indulging each other with bloodshot eyes.


[…] … shhh!?]

The smaller males were well affected by the aphrodisiac mist, but the larger females seemed to resist the mist quite well.

Food Deok!

The female shook her head and came to her senses, then struck the male on her back with her wings and pushed her away.

The male collapsed on the ground and tried to stand up again, but the female, as if it was impossible, pressed the male’s body with a scythe.

Gugguguguguguk… …

Giant Mentis is a monster that leads to the top predator in the enemy and black mountain.

Their physical prowess is on par with that of a graduate-class knight, and they rival those of a master in terms of arrogance and scythe sharpness.

Mental power is also so great that many spirit magicians have tried to tame this monster, but have failed every time.

Is that why? Fully grown, the massive female spread her wings, dispelled all of her blue mist, and thrust her scythe at her male.

Even if I die, I will not mate with such a lousy individual.

Right then.


[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[Start of the 3rd attempt]



Another external intervention has begun.

… Suwook!

The ceiling, which had been filled with darkness, seemed to open, and two huge hands came out.

Backs of hands covered in blue scales, fingers with sharp claws at the tips.

They grabbed the two struggling mantises, one by one, and began forcibly stacking them on top of each other.

Grab the buttocks of a female mantis that resists swinging a scythe, and grab the buttocks of a male mantis that struggles to escape as well.

Just as a violent trainer forces dogs to mate, females are suppressed and males are squeezed in the face of an irresistible force.

Eventually, the mating of the two praying mantises ended.

The blue hand slipped through the darkness of the ceiling again as if it had no regrets.

The male, who had squeezed everything out, spread out on the floor and began to tremble, and the female, who became extremely stressed and sensitive, cut off the male’s head with a scythe.

… Chun-Crunch!

The female praying mantis soon began to chew on the severed head of the male praying mantis.

Furthermore, the severed neck, chest, stomach, intestines, and even the tips of the toes were all there.


Soon, the blue fog completely disappeared.

The female mantis ate the entire body of the male mantis and wandered around the kennel by herself, then was caught by a blue hand that reappeared and moved to the kennel across the street.

It was the place where the signboard had written ‘Laying Room’ earlier.

In another spawning room next to the spawning room where the pregnant female praying mantis was forcibly moved, there were piles of monster eggs made through a similar process.

in a truly terrifying way.

“… … What a scary place.”

Bikir murmured in a low voice.

Only now did I know. Why did the fairies send themselves down here?

A place to fight to the death, to mate to the death, to give birth to the death, to be bled to the death, to be imprisoned to the death.

This was a terrifying space where all animals and plants, including humans, were turned into experimental livestock.

Bikir recalled the information he knew about this layer before returning.

‘… … The difficulty doesn’t seem easy at all. This isn’t all or nothing.’

Eventually, when I turned my head and looked up, I could see that the same type of status window floating on top of the breeding grounds was floating on the mantises.

[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[1st time limit 09:54:59]

Even at this moment, that meaningless ‘time limit’ is shrinking.

Apparently, the time limit seemed to be exactly 10 hours.

Perhaps, if no action is taken within that time, there is a high possibility of forced intervention from the outside.

Like the ‘blue hands’ that forcibly pressed down on the warts earlier.

“Wow… … What was it? Is it like a fighting arena where monsters die and die?”

In the meantime, Sinclair’s clear voice, which seemed to have not yet understood the situation, forced her to hold her head for a moment with her hand out of the way.

‘… … How should I explain this?’

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 333Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 335
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