Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 339

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Episode 339 Trap (1)

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When I look into ‘it’, ‘it’ looks into me.

Those who hunt ‘it’ must be vigilant lest they become ‘it’ themselves.

On the other side of good and evil, on the periphery far beyond the boundaries of human thoughts, ‘they’ are standing in this direction.

-『Memoirs of an Unnamed Old Demon Hunter』 (This is the last record found in the bosom of a corpse)-

* * *

‘… … !’

Bikir opened his eyes in the dark.

There was no body. Only the severed head remains, floating in the air.

Bikir put on a bitter expression.

‘is it. Did I have a dream?’

A short dream I had the moment my throat was cut off.

Everything was just a fleeting Namgaildream.

In the dream, Bikir had achieved many things.

I grabbed everything that had been taken away from me since I was a child.

He uncovered the dark side of death, took revenge on his family’s brothers, and entered the academy to build friendships with future great heroes.

He also found and killed countless large-scale demons.

… … But all of these were dreams. It was just a useless bubble.

Now Vikir was facing reality again.

burning land. Mountains and rivers of corpses and blood. Flock of crows infest the sky.

era of destruction. The battle between the human world and the demon world ended with the victory of the human world.

But it was a mere victory.

99% of humanity has been annihilated, and countless great heroes have been cut off.

Once opened, the ‘Door of Destruction’ is not closed, and you never know when the 2nd and 3rd demons will come from within.

Because of this, Bikir could not close his eyes even after dying.

At the thought of the comrades who died first, and then the comrades who are still alive, despite having their heads cut off, they just keep their bloodshot eyes wide open.

at that time.


I heard someone’s voice.

Bikir tried to turn his head, but only his neck remained on the pole, so he couldn’t look back.


But the voice was approaching this way first.

Before long, a warm hand touches your cheek.

Where I turned my head, a soldier was looking down this way.

A woman with a long scar on her cheek. She had dim, hazy features.

But Bikir recognized her identity at a glance.

‘207 Regiment 4th Company 1st Platoon, Sergeant Janet? Was it alive!’

But she wasn’t alone.

After that, many faces came to mind.

Bikir knew each and every one of them.

‘Captain Kirke, Lieutenant Hayal, Sergeant Kuberin, Corporal Saladin, Private Mir Yamu… … Everyone, everyone is alive! dead… … I thought he was dead!’

Is there anything more gratifying than the return of a comrade whom you thought was dead?

Bikir let go of his throat and cried out.

… … together?

The appearance of the comrades who came right in front of me was a little strange.

Could it be the dried blood on the cornea? The red and hazy appearance of his colleagues was quite different from the last memory of Vikir.

‘Sergeant Janet. Come to think of it, the knife marks and burn marks that covered your entire face are completely gone? Her face is fine, so it’s like a young lady who grew up finely.’

‘Captain Circe. Didn’t he lose his left leg in the last fight? I think I also made a prosthetic leg… … ‘

‘Ensign Hayal. you… … Didn’t the ears come back?’

‘Sergeant Kuberin. One blind eye again… … .’

And that wasn’t all.

Junior officers, junior noncommissioned officers, and soldiers who lived their entire lives in poverty and struggled and were brought to war.

All of my comrades looked healthy and happy.

Those who had physical defects such as limbs, eyes, ears, etc. appeared in good shape, and those who suffered from poverty, starvation, and disease appeared in wealthy and prosperous clothes.


Something flashed through Bikir’s mind.

In a dream, Bikir had met a person named Sindi Wendy.

And through her, he sponsored his comrades-in-arms in the future with a large amount of money.

Is that why?

The comrades I met again were alive and not dead.

I was living a happy life, doing what I wanted to do, without any damage to my body.

And now they have gathered.

Each one holds Bikir’s arms, fingers, legs, toes, ears, nose, mouth, and eyes.


They gathered together and cried out.

Before long, the body parts brought by the comrades are pushed towards Bikir.

Numerous swirls of emotions engraved spiral patterns in my brain.



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have no face

I’m putting all the burden on you alone.

I will cheer you on.

cheer up.

Go ahead.

Numerous messages make my vision go round and round.


Bikir heard everyone’s words echoing deep in his mind.


* * *


[Leaved the ‘Laboratory of the Dragon Demon’ on the 9th floor]

[Entering ‘Paradise Lost’ on the 10th floor]

Loud notification sounds hitting the ear one after another.

“… … !”

Bikir opened his eyes.

When I open my eyes, it is an unfamiliar ceiling.

“… … Right. This was reality.”

It’s been a long time since I had a dream that wasn’t a nightmare. Somehow, it seemed that his stamina had recovered a little.

‘If you think that the comrades in the dream gave me strength… … It must be too emotional.’

Bikir raised his head, recalling the dream he had earlier.

White. Only the white space was wide open.

‘This is the place where I went down one floor from the laboratory of Yongmain.’

The moment he was crushed by the dragon’s fist on the 9th floor, Bikir was once again transformed into a dog and barely escaped.

At the end, if Sinclair hadn’t used her magic with all her might, she would have died.

As soon as Vikir opened her eyes, the first thing she checked was the reward.

-<Strange Candy> / Level / Golden

A candy that raises the level by 1.

It tastes sweet.

– level +1

50 golden candies.

It was an enormous reward equivalent to 15,000 regular candies.

It was probably the result of a combination of the reward for escaping from the Yongmain’s lab and the reward for escaping from the Yongmain’s pursuit.

‘Surprisingly, the item doesn’t come out.’

Could it be because Bikir has told the fairy several times that he doesn’t need item rewards? Strangely enough, only candies came out as rewards.

‘If you were a normal challenger, it would be difficult to clear the mission without an item. The fairies’ tricks to make things difficult for me actually helped.’

Bikir stood up after checking all the rewards.

She was not wearing any clothes, and something soft touched her naked skin.

‘Come to think of it, here… … ‘

I look around and see a comfortable sofa next to me.

Bikir was now lying on a large, soft bed.

Next to it are a desk and a chair, on top of which are a silver candlestick and various foods such as delicious fruits and bread.

<10th Floor Paradise Lost>

Vikir already knew information about this floor.

Actually, there is not much information.

Most of the settings are open on this floor, except for a few hidden settings, and they are written in a friendly and detailed manner in the text on the wall.

<This is a resting place for challengers who are tired of the trials of the Tower!>

<Here is the largest candy shop in the tower>

<Challengers can exchange their items for candy here>

<Challengers can exchange their candies for items here>



And next to it, there was a catalog with the prices of the items sold in the store.

<Small hard wooden bed- [1 red candy]>

<Big and fluffy down bed- [2 red candies]>

<Small Cloth Sofa- [1 Blue Candy]>

<Large Leather Sofa- [2 Blue Candies]>

<10 cans of cold beer- [1 blue candy]>

<10 pieces of crispy fried chicken legs – [1 red candy]>

<5 pieces of sweet whole cake- [1 green candy]>

<1 new game console- [2 green candies]>

<Letter to the person outside the tower – [1 golden candy]>



At the bottom of the catalog were written ways to enjoy shopping.

<You can exchange your items for candy!>

<When exchanging a bonded item for candy, only 50% of the price when exchanging the candy for an item will be returned, but on this floor, 100% will be specially exchanged!>

<Candies that have already been eaten and become stats can also be turned into candy by regurgitating them, especially for residents of this floor!>

<If you vomit up the candy you ate before entering this floor, you will receive 1 additional candy for every 10 candies!>

<The color of the additional candy is randomly selected among red, green, and blue!>

<Now, decorate this empty space by purchasing your own items from the catalog!>



Bikir looked at the bottom of the notes.

<※ A small bonus for all of you who must have worked hard to get here! Send a message to the person outside the tower who will be waiting for you!>

<※ Originally, a ‘letter item’ worth 1 golden candy is provided free of charge to residents of this floor once a month!>

<※ The probability of entering this room is less than 0.0001%. You are the lucky one chosen!>

<※ From the next floor, the difficulty level increases at least 10 times compared to the previous floors!>

<※ Please take a good rest here, reorganize your body and mind, and challenge the tower again!>

This was the end of the guide.

A structure that can fill a large empty space with things bought at a store.

Daily necessities or luxuries at reasonable prices in their own way.

There are no elements that threaten survival, and various rest and entertainment are provided.

Above all, he could send a message to family and friends outside the tower who might be worried about him.

All of these things were not dreams, fantasies, or mirages, but a definite reality.

… … And Bikir thought.

‘It’s the worst.’

Before returning, the most dangerous floor where all the great heroes who said they were long were sticking out their tongues.

A trap set by demons to hunt challengers.

The most vicious, meanest, and most outspoken snare in all of the Tower’s quarters was here.

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