Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 342

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Episode 342: Naked Face (2)

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… … .


Silence like eternity flows in the bathroom.

Dolores was looking down at Choco, or Bikir, with a blank expression.

“… … it’s chocolate did you just say that?”

She dragged Bikir by the body.


Vikir wanted to be sorry, but he shut his mouth and averted his gaze, but it was too late.

“Is it chocolate? is it chocolate? That’s right. A mole on the sole of the foot and a scar on the bridge of the nose… … Did the devil transform? But I don’t even feel the magic at all… … No, but did you just say that?”

Dolores began examining every inch of Bikir’s body.

From the condition of the gums by pulling the lips to the condition of the eyelids and the eyes, everything is thoroughly examined.

After the fierce battle with the dragon horse, Bikir managed to regain his consciousness.

I had no choice but to open my mouth to avoid suspicion.

“… … bruise.”

However, the clear and careful pronunciation, and the more awkward and unnatural lines, rather fueled Dolores’ awareness.

“You, who are you! What is your true identity?”

Dolores seemed a little frightened now.

It seemed that the situation would get out of hand if left as it was, so Vikir had no choice but to tell the truth.

“Calm down.”

The moment Bikir spoke, the warm bath water seemed to freeze instantly.

Dolores hardened as if she had become a statue of ice.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Infinite stillness began to flow again.

“hmm. There must be a misunderstanding… … .”


As soon as Bikir, unable to withstand the weight of silence, opened his mouth again, Dolores’ screams rang out.

This is something that can’t be helped.

Bikir decided to transform into a night hound while wearing a mask.

Wouldn’t it be explained somehow if only the face was covered with a mask on the human body?

That would be much quicker and more intuitive than verbal instruction.

… pop!

Eventually, the effect of the picaresque mask reveals Bikir’s human body.

Dive – sway!

Vikir’s body draped over Dolores’ half-lying body in the bathtub, causing waves to rise.

A shocked expression clearly visible even through the haze of steam.

With Dolores in front of her, Vikir lowered her voice as much as possible.

“grow. night hound. half… … .”


“Cut in half!”

What returned was Dolores’ fist.

… f*ck!

Dolores was so embarrassed that she performed the miracle of splitting the bath water in half.

With her fists strengthened by divine power, she repulsed the molester in front of her eyes.

Porridge bread.

The fist that was fired with a tremendous aura reminded me of Dolores in her heyday, who was called the Saint of Steel.

And the moment the fist hit Bikir’s chin.

… Took!

Of course, Bikir’s consciousness, which was being held thinly, was cut off.

* * *

I slept soundly for the first time in a while. It was a good night’s sleep without a single nightmare.

“… … !”

Bikir jumped up from the bed.

My wounds were almost all better.

However, the face mask and clothes were still all removed.

Bikir got up from the covers and immediately met Dolores’s eyes, who were sitting at the bedside.

“… … .”

“… … .”

It was an incredibly dark silence.

You can even hear the sound of cells dividing.

After a long silence, Dolores was the first to speak.

“Hey, are you awake? night hunt… … no half… … No Bikir… … .”

She continued with her head bowed, her face flushed red.

“that… … I tried not to take off the mask… … I couldn’t breathe because the water was so full that I threw it away… … .”

Bikir nodded. What can I do?

“I owe you.”

It was something that sparked a conversation.


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However, Dolores’ face turned even more red when she heard those words.

Until now, I wondered if I could become more red here, but I guess I had enough energy left to do so.

Dolores was silent with her head down, so Vikir looked away.

Then, on the other side of the sofa, I saw the baby madam and Dekarabia sitting quietly.

“… … I was just wondering where you were.”

[Sorry human. I tried to hide, but I was caught right away.]

[nuclear nuclear-]

Since she showed her bare face, her unique mask and voice, and even the baby madam and Dekaravia were caught, now neither the disguise nor the acting are meaningless.

Bikir sighed and opened his mouth.

“This thing… … .”

“i know.”

But before Bikir could say anything, Dolores raised her head and spoke.

“I have no doubts that you must have meant everything.”

“… … .”

“Don’t try too hard on yourself. Because they are colleagues.”

Dolores returned exactly what Vikir had said earlier.

‘I don’t have to work too hard alone. Because they’re colleagues.’

How she longed to return these words to the hound of the night, no, Vikir.

‘I can finally tell him this!’

Although the timing was a bit odd, what a big deal!

I found out the identity of the night hound that I missed and was curious about so much, the ‘soul mate’!

Dolores studied Bikir closely.

It was an action to check whether there were any wounds, but soon her face turned bright red again.

“Oh, you should put some clothes on… … .”

Dolores handed her a bathrobe and said in a crawling voice.

So far, while treating numerous patients, I have seen countless men’s naked bodies.

However, she was surprised even to herself why her heart was beating so loudly.

Eventually, Dolores opened her mouth again, unable to bear the awkward silence.

“Yeah, but how does the ability to transform into a dog… … why… … ?”

“It’s an ability I got after hunting Dantalian in the past.”

“aha… … .”

Then Dolores asked in a voice even more sinking than before.

“Well, then the bath together the other day… … ?”

“It was me then.”

at the same time.

… Fire!

Dolores’ face flushed as if it were about to explode.

The first thing I remember is kissing Bikir’s soles and hands.

After that, memories of stroking her hair, pressing her cheeks, touching her chin, rubbing her stomach, and rubbing their noses against each other.

Next… …

‘Originally, dogs often kiss.’

‘… … .’

‘We don’t serve chocolate. sad.’

‘… … .’

‘Aren’t you a dog? Do you think this is suspicious?’

Bikir’s tongue licked Dolores’ cheek.

And Dolores, who kissed Bikir’s mouth, nose, and other parts of his face.

Dolores shuts her mouth tightly and swallows the screams that burst out.

Bikir throws a joke of his own to solve such an atmosphere somehow.

“… … I’m glad you didn’t get neutered.”


Of course, that only irritated Dolores even more.

* * *

Two more days passed after that.

Dolores was able to clean up all the simmas she had until then.

“The more painful the reality, the more deeply we must think about the meaning of life and religion. That will lead you to a better realm of goodness… … This means that the process itself has meaning, not the result of worrying and agonizing. Thank you, Vikir.”

Her expression, as if she had attained some realization, was more determined than ever before.

Bikir didn’t know much about theology, so he just nodded.

‘Before returning, this floor was where Dolores wasted the most time. But this time it’s a little different.’

In the past, Dolores had simply wasted months on this floor.

Then, the lesser Tudor desperately persuaded her to find Bianca, and eventually left this floor.

But this time around, Dolores was very quick to shake off her mind.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the realization, or the traumatic incident in the bathroom, or both.

“… … If we go out of this gate, will we break up again?”

“I guess so.”

Vikir nodded absentmindedly at Dolores’ question, which was filled with regret.

But even if we break up now, we will meet again someday. Because the top is such a space.

Countless people could be saved if Dolores came to her senses earlier and came to the tower.


Bikir took a step forward.

After a moment of hesitation, Dolores grabbed the cuff of Vikir’s dress for a moment.

And then.


She also takes a big step and stands next to Bikir.

<※ A small bonus for all of you who must have worked hard to get here! Send a message to the person outside the tower who will be waiting for you!>

“I won’t be fooled by the fake answers you guys have made up.”

<※ Originally, a ‘letter item’ worth 1 golden candy is provided free of charge to residents of this floor once a month!>

“I don’t have time to wait a month. Even at this moment, countless people on other floors must be suffering.”

<※ The probability of entering this room is less than 0.0001%. You are the lucky one chosen!>

“I decide whether what is right in front of me is luck or not.”

<※ From the next floor, the difficulty level increases at least 10 times compared to the previous floors!>

“It doesn’t matter what penance awaits. I am not afraid.”

<※ Please take a good rest here, reorganize your body and mind, and challenge the tower again!>

“… … Are you ready?”

“Of course.”

Bikir and Dolores stood side by side on the starting line.

“From here on out, it will be a really tough ascetic road.”

“I can take anything with you.”

“Are you sure you can abandon this comfort zone?”

“My heart will not change under any circumstances.”

Vikir nodded at Dolores’ bold answer.

yet. The two started walking in the same direction, looking at the same place, and with the same stride.


Their gaze was shining straight, unwavering.

The 11th floor of the abyss of the abyss, as if he is not at all afraid of the core of darkness that he will soon face.

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