Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 351

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Episode 351: Outside the Tower (1)

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[…] … How could humans reach this place!?]

Amdusias gaped his mouth in amazement.

Bikir swung the blade once without saying anything.

Then, fragments of the dark red aura drip to the floor.

Amdusias’ expression suddenly changed in an instant.

[That blood… … ? why is that here… … ?]

The energy that twisted Naraksu’s causality was palpable from Vikir’s sword.

But Vikir did not answer any of Amdusias’ questions.


“The devil kills.”

Twice, no, now he hit the river flowing in the Naraksu and passed through three lives, only showing his stronger conviction.

… Pacan!

The tip of Amdusias’s horn collided with the tip of Bikir’s sword, rupturing the atmosphere.

Sparks fell between the countless black cracks in the void that shattered like glass windows.

Dismissed! Paperweight!

Amdusias felt a different ominous feeling from Vikir’s sword.

Unlike the previous encounter, Vikir’s sword was much faster and more accurate, and now it had an eerie aura of some unknown kind.

[Even if the reason why I became faster and stronger was because of the stats I got from the tower… … Is this eerie feeling also due to its blood?]

Amdusias stepped back and screamed.

[You bastard! What did you put on the knife! Where did you get that!?]

“Get lost.”

Bikir was still a question and answer dance.

… Pacan!

Once again, eight slashes flew and tried to cut Amdusias.

Amdusias lifted the giant single horn unique to unicorns and slashed them all away.


However, not all slashes could be removed.

When the crescent-shaped slash is broken and the fragments are scattered, there are small scratches all over Amdusias’ body.

And fragments of the aura penetrated the wound.

[So what?]

Amdusias felt his vision blur for an instant.

Suddenly, a strange vision began to appear before my eyes.

A swamp of blood and flesh, a mountain made of piled up bones, an atmosphere where all mana dried up, and a huge mushroom cloud rising over the distant horizon.

… … And the barren desert that stretches endlessly.

… … A huge tower towering in the middle of the desert.

… … An old man in black walks lonely toward the tower.

Each fantasy pierces Amdusias’s brain in fragments, broken into pieces.

[What, what is this?]

Even the world’s Amdusias was taken aback.

As an unprecedented substance that twists the law of causality permeates through wounds on the body, strange things keep flickering in the eyes.

Seeing that, Bikir was convinced.

‘… … There must be something in Piggy’s blood.’

I don’t know what kind of hallucination Amdusias is seeing, but one thing is certain.

Piggy’s blood is like deadly poison to demons, and it’s enough to distract a demon lord level demon once.

It is unclear by what principle the causal law is twisted and the demons are hit, but the phenomenon that happened once was enough.

Vikir gathered his strength once again and prepared for a slash.


[Oh oh! Do you think you will be beaten anymore?]

Amdusias also began to plan a counterattack.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The nightmares in the Naraksu turned into black energy and began to be absorbed by Amdusias.

He glared at Vikir while sucking in black energy through his mouth.

[You know that too. All the negative-dimensional emotions emitted by the challengers of this tower become the food of my, this Naraksu.]

All the negative energy emitted by those who were forcibly brought to the tower.

In other words, emotions such as sadness, bitterness, anger, screaming, betrayal, hatred, and inferiority all fall prey to Amdusias.

[I will eat your feelings too.]

“Emotions. Do you see any of that left in me?”

[There can be no one who has set foot in the supreme realm. I can clearly see into the depths of the unconscious. Bluffing doesn’t work.]

Amdusias raised his horn and aimed it at Bikir’s chest, his eyes shining.

[Your fear, anger, sadness, all those negative energy will become my strength.]

At the same time, Amdusias started galloping.

The ghost horse’s gallop. It lays a straight black path on the floor.

It was the speeding road that led directly to Bikir’s mental world.

* * *

… thud!

Amdusias planted his heavy horseshoe on the ground.

As much as he is an expert at pulling someone into the image world, he is also a skilled amdusias at entering the image world of others.


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Amdusias looked around.

The dry black soil, the bony dead trees, the burning earth, and the thick smoke rising from everywhere blocked the view.

[Mmm. He has a pretty bleak inner side for a human.]

Amdusias walked forward for a long time through the smoke and fog.

Before long, a hazy shadow appeared through the hazy air.

It was a fairly large stone statue, but it was worn out by the wind and waves of the years and was not in perfect shape.

There were many broken parts here and there, but the face of the stone statue could be roughly identified.

[Hugo and Osiris… … Is the iron-blooded sword the head and the head of Baskerville? Hmmm, the fact that the stone statue is this size means that it has a fairly large presence in the heart. It seems that you have feelings for your family.]

Amdusias was judging the presence or absence of emotion by the size of the fairly large stone statue.

In the world of imagery, the bigger the wound and the bigger the emotion, the bigger the expression.

… thud!

Amdusias stomped his heavy feet and trampled down all the giant trees and rocks that stood in his way.

[It seems quite wide for a mere human image world. I see quite a few large beings… … ]

Because of the heavy smoke and fog, it was impossible to accurately determine how wide this place was and where he was located.

However, even so, it is the inner world of a human being, and the image world of a boy who is not even 20 years old.

How wide would it be if it were all wide?


Amdusias snorted and stepped forward.

Before long, a fairly steep uphill road appeared in front of Amdusias.

The terrain looked like a mountain, but the exact height was unknown because of smoke and fog.

[Yes, but the inner side of an insignificant human being is high.]

However, if you go up to a higher place, you will be able to see your surroundings a bit.

Amdusias started walking up the slope of the mountain that appeared in front of him.

… thud! … thud! … thud! … thud!

Amdusias’s horse’s hooves hit the ground.

The dry, broken soil was swept down and caused a landslide, but Amdusias pierced through all of them using his unique gigantic body.

Amdusias continued climbing the mountain somewhere in Vikir’s mind.

[…] … Perhaps this mountain is the highest mountain in the world.]

Amdusias suddenly felt sweat trickling down his forehead.

A bleak mountain where the leaves of every tree are burnt and crumbled, the soil dries up, the insects die, and the animals are left with only bones.

The mountain was surprisingly high. To the extent that Amdusias of the world climbed and got tired for a while.

[A mountain in the image world usually means the accumulation of emotions such as responsibility, burden, and debt… … How many emotions does this human have accumulated?]

Amdusias muttered incomprehensibly.

No matter how much power he has, isn’t he just a teenage boy?

If you live, how long have you lived, if you have suffered, how much have you suffered, do you have these feelings inside?

Amdusias questioned and continued to climb the emotional mountain.

Although the peak was not visible because it was covered in smoke and fog, I intuitively felt that the summit was not far away.

Amdusias continued his ascent.

… … how much time has passed

And soon, Amdusias stepped on the top of the mountain.

The tip of a mountain pointed like an awl. There was nothing there, just empty.

Amdusias raised his head and looked down the mountain, but there, too, was covered in smoke and fog, and nothing could be seen.

Just an empty top.

Amdusias measured the height he had climbed and opened his mouth in a puzzled way.

[I don’t know how one human being could accumulate so many negative emotions. Even a veteran who has crossed the line of fire hundreds of times isn’t going to be like this… … ]

Amdusias agreed to accept Bikir.

Being able to build a mountain this high in your mind means that you are not an ordinary human being.

[But you have to be human. It is impossible to oppose the power of Amdusias.]

Amdusias snorted and gazed down the mountain.

It was to find and kill Bikir’s ego, which was hiding somewhere the size of a mouse.

at that time.

coo goong-

The whole mountain trembled lightly.

A storm that came from somewhere began to sweep away smoke and fog around the mountain peak.

And at that moment, Amdusias saw.

[…] … !]

The land that stretches endlessly under the mountain.

The distant horizon stretched out so wide that even Amdusias could not fathom its end.

But it wasn’t just the breadth of the land that took Amdusias’s breath away.

bloody acid.

A swamp of blood and flesh. A mountain made of bones. The blood that makes up rivers, lakes and seas.

The corpses of demons and humans were intertwined with each other to form hills and hills, valleys and canyons, and boiling lava and brimstone erupted everywhere.

An enormous number of monsters flocked to eat the corpses, and from all over the place, screams, cries, and deathbeds of grief were raging endlessly.

Seeing this huge chain of chaos and whirlwind of hatred, Amdusias shuddered.

[This, why is something like this in the human mind!?]

A terrible battlefield that even the demons, especially Amdusias, who is in the ranks of the demon king, have never experienced.

Outer Demonic World. The horror and misery of this place is beyond measure.

A more bloody and terrifying landscape than hell was unfolding here.

[Humans have never seen such scenery in their lifetime! Why is a battlefield like this that I, a devil, have never experienced, is in the image of this guy, and this young guy who hasn’t even lived for a while!]

How can it even be so clearly and so vividly unfolded? It was unbelievable.

Right then.

… Kugoong!

The mountain vibrated once more.

[…] … ?]

Amdusias lifted his head in surprise.

Then something even greater comes into view.

coo cooo coo… …


There were mountains much taller and taller than the one Amdusias had climbed just before.

It’s like four more!

The mountain that Amdusias climbed was only the smallest among them.

astonished thrill. Amdusias froze in place and said nothing.

As I said before, the mountain in the world of imagery means the burden of the heart, such as a sense of debt, responsibility, and a sense of mission accumulated in the heart.

But how could a human being, especially a young boy in his teens, own five mountains like this?

Even in such a terrible and terrifying world!

Amdusias stammered open his mouth.

[No, nonsense… … ]

But he couldn’t even finish his words.


The five mountains seemed to be shaking violently, and suddenly they began to rise upward.


Amdusias soared upward without knowing why.

And soon, the guy realized a terrifying fact.

Koo-goo-goo-goo… …

This huge mountain range, five peaks, now approaching Amdusias.

It had a swirl pattern engraved on the tip.

Amdusias murmured in dismay as he watched the five gigantic mountain peaks gathering smoke, fog, and fire into one place.

[…] … finger?]


A gigantic body exposed under five huge mountain peaks. The source and core of the image world.

era of destruction. A regressor who embraces a piece of that terrible universe in his heart.

Bikir’s ego was raising his body.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 350Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 352
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