Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 353

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Episode 353: Outside the Tower (3)

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… thud!

Bikir landed on the ground.

A ray of aura was still rising from the tip of the sword, and a huge sun was floating at the tip.

The aggregate of aura, the black sun.

It shone brightly in the center of the eyes of all the students, parents, and professors of the Colosseo Academy, illuminating the abyss where Naraksu sank.

… … .

all silence. Everyone was at a loss for words in front of a scene so surreal and absurd.

The person who barely spoke was Professor Morgue Banshee, the temporary principal of the Colosseo Academy.

“B, Bikir-kun? Are you right? Uh, how could such a power… … ?”

The solid aura unique to the Sword Master that Bikir exudes. Professor Banshee pointed at it, even his fingers trembled.

However, Professor Banshee did not ask the question to the end or hear the answer.


Before long, fragments of the Naraksu that had been shot high into the sky fell to the ground.

And the huge thing that carried the fragments cast a thick shadow over everyone’s heads.


A unicorn with red-hot eyes was raging while waving its fiery mane.

Winston’s body is already exploding.

I asked Amdusias, who was incarnated as the main body of his days in the Demon Realm, in a dry voice.

“It would be too much of a burden if he manifested as his main body without a host. Are you thinking of destroying yourself?”

[Does not matter! If only I could get rid of you!]

Amdusias glared at Vikir and continued.

[You are an existence that should never be let go now that you are about to do a great job.]

“You mean the gate?”

[…] … Knowing that far, I can’t keep you alive any longer!]

Amdusias picked up his collapsing body and concentrated his magic with the tips of his horns.


The aura shoots out in the shape of a huge horn.

It was poised to wipe out not only Bikir, but everyone behind him at once.

“this! Everyone stand back!”

“Everybody get down on the floor!”

The spear king Cervantes and the nobleman Roderick reacted first.

Two absolute strongmen in the highest realm gathered their magical powers and tried to stop Amdusias.


Before that, there were faster, stronger measures.

… Flash!

Bikir drew a long line of aura from the demonic sword Baalzebub.

Before long, a huge slash rises like a tidal wave, countering Amdusias’ attack.


[…] … !?]

Amdusias was startled by the power of Vikir, who was much stronger than before.

But it was natural.

Vikir reached level 100 inside the tower and gained additional stats.

He had a talent he hadn’t been born with, and he honed it to the limit until he became an old man in the River of Water.

He came out of the tower and regained his original power, and all the air power accumulated in the tower was added to it, making his power at least doubled.

Before long, the number of cases in which the trajectory of Bikir’s sword moved was complicated.

one tooth. two teeth. Three teeth, four teeth… … .

The number of slowly growing teeth soon increased to seven.

and the last eighth tooth.


It was far more massive than any of the seven teeth that had ever appeared.

Baskerville’s Eighth Eight. That too is a complete extreme.

Everyone who saw it felt a shock that took their breath away.

In particular, the expressions of Cervantes the Spear, Rodric the Prince, and Osiris, the minor lord of the Baskerville family, were truly astonished.

“Three, my God! The iron-blooded swordsman’s swordsmanship! Eight meals!”

“It’s not just 8 meals! Eight meals extreme! Master!”

“… … What a surprise.”

According to what is now officially known, Hugo Les Baskervilles, the head of the Baskerville family, has mastered the ultimate meaning of the 7th meal, and Osiris, the county of Soga, has just reached the beginning of the 7th meal.

But now, a completely flawless 8-type user appeared here.

A boy who has never shown his name to the world, and has just turned 19 at most!

Woojijijik! Kwaddeuddeuk!

Starting with the most powerful eighth tooth, a total of eight slashes began drawing a spiral trajectory, slowly shaving off Amdusias’ horn.

and soon.

… Pop!

With a loud roar, the horn broke and broke in two.

Gyeongcheondongji (驚天動地).

The clouds in the sky have all been blown away by the wind pressure, and the ground shakes like crazy.

Vikir was single-handedly blocking the runaway dive of the Demon Lord class demon.


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Against the demon Amdusias, who is optimized for one-on-one fighting, that no one can beat in a 1:1 match!


Amdusias roared in pain, humiliation, and anger at having his horn broken.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam-

Rocks and trees kicked by rampaging hooves were scattered in all directions.

“this! Put public safety first!”

“Protect the students!”

The spear king Cervantes, the archangel Roderick, and Professor Banshee and other heroic figures were blocking the falling rocks and other collapsed objects from all over the place.

In the meantime, Amdusias galloped with his crumbling body.

A speed so fast that it sets your body on fire.

At the end of it stood Bikir.

[I won’t lose to humans! It’s never a one-on-one match!]

Amdusias prided itself on being the best in combat as a single entity.

So he couldn’t admit his defeat all the more.

Is that why?

Amdusias squeezed out all his life force. And he was radiating more than maximum power.

The body burns like a shooting star and gradually fades away.

But despite this, Amdusias runs in a straight line with only one goal: to kill Vikir.

… … however.

“I already know that you are strong in one-on-one combat.”

Bikir lightly stepped back.

Even though she has mastered the 8 meals, it is burdensome to fight a 1:1 match with Amdusias, who is risking her life.

Bikir took a slightly more certain method than that.

“There is no need to match the opponent’s strengths.”

If Amdusias is a land-type demon king who specializes in 1:1, there is no need to fight 1:1.

… … It’s scary for Bikir to finish talking.

“Good job, West!”

There was a voice coming from the side.

Where Bikir turned his head, a girl with a familiar face was running towards him with a bright expression.

Morgue Camus. She was quite exhausted, as if she had been hanging out here for several days.

“Did we meet sooner this time? I was prepared for another few years!”

As soon as Camu stormed into the battlefield, he summoned a wall of fire and iron skewers to block Amdusias’ path.

… Tuong!

Amdusias, whose charge was stopped, gritted his teeth.

[Seere! Yes, you betrayed!?]

“Look straight ahead. Who is Seerena, this horse head.”

[Ha, but I can definitely feel Seere’s energy… … ?]

“If you mix 99.99% water with 0.01% beer, does that count as beer?”

Kamyu let out a snort as if he was full of energy.

In fact, the mighty mana she exudes must have belonged to Seere at one time, but now it’s not worth it.

Seeere, very, very small, even smaller than a fairy, was clinging to Camus shoulder.

It feels like watching Thumbelina, not Thumbelina.

Dekarabia, who was hanging from Vikir’s chest, chuckled.

[Uh ha ha ha! What is the appearance of the world’s miser Seere!]

[Are you laughing at your subject? On the subject of not being as good as a cheap necklace sold at a road shop… … ]

[Still, I’m better than you! We are equal partners, not master and slave! Ha ha ha ha!]

While Decarabia and Seere thumped, Camus blocked Amdusias’ charge completely with a lattice of flaming iron spikes.

Right then.

“Bikir! Let me help you!”

Another voice interrupted.

Dolores. With a resolute expression, she stood next to Vikir and radiated divine power.

The residual scars on Bikir’s body are completely gone, and mana starts to fill up again.

Meanwhile, sparks flew from Kamu’s eyes when he saw it.

“hey! What are you?

“What, what? Spotted!? Who is that?

“I don’t have a name to tell you, so get out of here! Don’t play tricks on someone else’s fiancé!”

“How rude! When did you see me… … !”

“I saw it at the festival, what can I do!”

“… … At the festival?”

Dolores’ pupils tremble slightly.

Come to think of it, that voice is somehow familiar.

Dolores’s expression turned to shock.

“Sir, could it be that the black magician who invaded the festival? Corpse Queen!?”

“… … uh Oops-”

Camus realized his mistake and kept his mouth shut for a moment.

Dolores also looks back at Bikir and looks at her as if asking for an explanation.


“… … I don’t think now is the time for that.”

A voice passed over the heads of Camus and Dolores and landed lightly beside Bikir.


Waving a black cloth, he faced Amdusias with a red blade hanging down.

He, who had just stepped on the master’s level not too long ago, lightly struck the rising solid aura with the tip of his sword.

Then, looking back at Bikir, he opened his mouth in a calm voice.

“… … acting governor. command.”

Camus and Dolores, as well as everyone behind, were stunned by Osiris’ bowing in a light but extremely respectful manner.

What kind of shocking behavior is this for a boy from a commoner’s family who is as small as the iron-blooded swordsman and the head of Baskerville!

… … Besides, acting as the head of household?


Bikir was greeted by Osiris in a very natural manner.


Eventually, Bikir takes a step toward Amdusias in front of him.

Camu’s skewer bar was creaking as if it would not last long.

The body of Amdusias is about to explode as soon as it rushes towards this place.

Towards the red-hot giant body of the unicorn, Bikir spoke briefly.

“A set of hounds.”

At the same time, there was an object that came out of Bikir’s arms.

A tooth-shaped dark red whistle.

It makes a quiet yet heavy beating sound.

The moment it rings once.


Everyone in the hall had to shudder from the incomprehensible chill.

flutter –

I hear the sound of a cloak fluttering somewhere.

Flutter- Flutter- Flutter- Flutter- Flutter- Flutter- Flutter-

It wasn’t just one or two.

Over the walls of the academy, shadows fluttering in black bloody clothing began to appear one by one.

Monsters buried in a red aura dripping like sticky honey from the tip of a long sword.

All of the 100 members of the group are graduates. And seven such groups.

pit bull. mastiff. Doberman. Shepard. Rottweiler. Wolfhound… … .

A total of seven hundred.

And six senators leading them.

Seven Counts.

The strongest guard dogs of iron-blooded swordsmen who spend their entire lives solely in battle.

Except for Cain Corso, who is guarding the grave of the sword, all six people gathered here.

A red whistle that symbolizes all military powers of the Sangvis Swordsman.

A token of the acting head of household that Hugo handed over to Vikir himself in order to deliver the Wraith Tree to Pomerian.

Attracted by the sound, all the hounds of Baskerville are gathered here.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 352Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 354
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