Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 377

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Episode 377: The Hound of New Wave (1)

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The place where the world has abandoned Nouvelle Vague.

Even in this remote area 10,000 meters under the sea, there is only one day when warmth dwells.

It was Christmas at the end of the year.

Rune’s Birthday. Out of 365 days a year, only one day off is allowed to prisoners.

Meals are also different.

Instead of the usual pickled sardine and brick-hard black bread, pork jerky and soft white bread are served.

For the first time in a long time, the prisoners ate together in a proper dining room, not on the floor of the workhouse.

Meat and bread were brought into the stone chamber, where candles burned on leaded candlesticks and dark shadows fell.

The guards, on this day as well, carried their weapons behind their backs and stood far away and did not intervene.

The prisoners were happy as if they had the whole world, even with the chewy, sour-smelling pork jerky and half-dried white bread.

“I only looked at this day and endured for a year.”

“It was good to be alive.”

“The people who died yesterday are the most pitiful. Heck heck-”

at that time.

“Currure… … Get out of here.”

A level 8 inmate.

As he pushed his huge body forward, the prisoners hurriedly rose from their seats and moved away.

It was because he was afraid of his poison, which had not been disinfected even after the third sulfur shower.

“Did you hear? That bastard said he couldn’t control his plague.”

“that’s right. They say that if you come in contact with that bastard’s spittle or blood-like saliva, you will inevitably get a plague.”

“Look at that spot on your skin. Whether it’s poison or pestilence, he’s a really nasty guy.”

However, he did not pay attention to the stares of the prisoners around him.

“Rurrureuk! Foolish bastards. I don’t know of the people like you who were brought here by force! I walked in here on my own feet! And one day I will leave this place! I mean, my queen will take care of that!”

That’s what I’ve been saying for two years.

At first, it was the nuance of genuinely belittling others, but as time passed, a certain madness began to creep into his words.

And now it sounds like some kind of shady spell.

Prisoners who saw the spitting and voluptuous remarks either frowned or were frightened.

However, one thing was the same: everyone was reluctant to go by Sikkeot’s side.

Before I knew it, an empty circle had formed around the restaurant.

Only then did he smile contentedly and sit down to chew on pork jerky and white bread.

… … together?

Suddenly, I felt someone from behind.

one person. Only one prisoner remained seated without leaving his seat.

It was Bikir.

I asked as if it was absurd.

“Little boy. Aren’t you afraid of my pestilence?”

“… … .”

Vikir didn’t bother to answer.

If he knew that Madame’s poison, far more terrifying than the plague, was running through Bikir’s veins, he would probably faint.


Bikir quietly finished his meal.

It was a meal with a very different atmosphere from the Christmas I spent at the Colosseo Academy.

at that time.

I could hear several prisoners gathered at the table in front and whispering.

“… … Really?”

“Because it’s real. Although the guards turned everything around and it was in tatters.”

“Wow – did you really get that?”

“Heh heh heh- You can pick up a lot of things while cleaning the septic tank in the bathroom. There are many better things than you think.”

I heard that one of the prisoners who was cleaning the septic tank in the bathroom had picked up something good.

Thinking it might be cigarettes, watches, gambling tools, or cheap drugs at best, Bikir tried to turn his nerves off.

However, Bikir had no choice but to prick his ears.

“Kya- that’s great. Picking up the ‘newspaper’.”

newspaper. The only way to receive news from the ground here in Nouvelle Vague!

Newspapers are extremely valuable in the New Wave.

In common sense, it takes an incredibly long journey for these few pieces of paper to get into the Nouvelle Vague.

It is a dreamlike luxury to receive regular newspapers unless they are brought in by guards who go out on an extremely rare occasion.

However, among the guards and prisoners, there are always those who eagerly draw news from the earth.

Bikir was one of them.


Pulling back her chair, Bikir approached the conversing prisoners.


When Bikir raised his voice, the prisoners, who were busy chatting among themselves, were startled.

“Yes, yes!”

They are level one prisoners. They are prisoners with low sentences who can get out of this hell-like place if they last for three years.

However, they were so weak and weak that most of them were like flying insects that died after less than a year.

To put it bluntly, if Bikir, an inmate of Level 9, gets upset and causes a commotion, he will die.

But Bikir didn’t bother raising his voice.


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“Even if you have something like a newspaper, it will only cause trouble. A treasure you cannot afford is like a curse.”

“… … .”

“How about replacing it with this one?”

What Bikir held out was a bag of black bread he had received as a prize not too long ago.

The eyes of the prisoners who saw it shook.

Bikir seduced in a coy voice.

“I bet you all read the newspapers anyway.”

“Oh, I haven’t seen it yet… … Actually, it’s because I’m blind.”

“Then, after I see it, I will tell you all about it. how is it?”

If so, it is a deal that has no reason to refuse.

The prisoner shuddered and then took out a finely folded piece of yellow paper from his pocket.

“It smells a bit because it was taken out from among the piles of dung. hehe-”

Bikir gave the bread and received a piece of newspaper.

The newspaper was not in good condition at first glance.

Since most of them were torn, only the first and second sides were intact, and even there were many smudged or torn parts in the middle, so only the headline was recognizable.

The most disappointing thing is that the date was stamped six months ago.

‘At one time, I read newspapers before they were even published.’

It was a new feeling to see that the newspapers, which I was tired of making during the days of the ‘Ryukion’ of the newspaper section of the Colosseo Academy, and which I could read before publication, were receiving such precious treatment (even the ones from 6 months ago!).


Bikir studied the newspaper meticulously.

[inside… ] … The palace guards attack… all

-The Usher family… Suspicious Attack… big damage… Investigators suspect… One specific… Victim Madeline… slander… There is no limit to life…

[Exclusive] Changhae… Oh, the damage from the successive attacks…

– Don Quixote is… Another question… attack… Count of Pasamonte… minor injuries… Investigators suspect… One specific… Presumed to be the same…

[Exclusive] Extremely poisonous cancer family, arrest of assassination suspect…

-Go to Leviathan… Gaju Hobbs attack… It’s because of the recent increase in monsters… Throughout the estate of the Leviathan family… Unidentified gates and strange dungeons appear in succession… Initiation of a full investigation at the empire level… Night Hound… Suspicious organization… The state of affairs…

It’s a short story, but it makes sense.

The first and second pages usually contain the biggest events in society, so I could see how the atmosphere on the ground was going.

‘Usher, Don Quixote, and Leviathan were attacked in turn. One attacker? Who is it.’

Bikir, who was reading the article, paid attention to one place.

‘… … It’s a chain of unidentified gates and strange dungeons.’

In addition, there were also strange keywords such as night hounds, but all of the previous contents caught Bikir’s nerves.

‘They started their activities in earnest.’

door of destruction. It was already showing signs of opening.

No, considering that this is already an article from 6 months ago… … .

‘I must hurry more.’

The era of destruction will be hastened.

It is probably the butterfly effect brought about by Vikir’s elimination of the Ten Perpetuals and the messages he left for Sindy Wendy and Isabella before being imprisoned in New Wave.

‘I’ve always seen you during my academy life. you are not evil That’s for sure.’

‘Looking at the actual situation of the demons who had been infiltrating right in front of me, now I know everything for sure. you must live Why did I realize this only now!’

‘As soon as I return, I will show the demons as evidence and request a retrial.’

‘Even if it means sinking the ship, Vikir, there was an instruction from the head of the family to escape you.’

The prickly Professor Banshee, the single-minded Archbishop Mozgus, the Love Bad that he didn’t know at all, and the family’s hound, Countess Isabella.

Considering the final attitude of the escorts from Morgue, Quo Vadis, Bourgeois, and Baskerville, it was possible to guess what had happened among the seven families after Vikir went to Newvag.

‘I can see why they are so quick to open the door to destruction.’

Perhaps it is a political and strategic judgment.

Because they move with the common sense of the devil, not the common sense of humans.

… widely!

Bikir covered the newspaper and washed his hands in the water dripping from the ceiling.

‘I need more information from the outside.’

There is no point in looking for newspapers that may not be available at any time.

There is only one surefire way to get information from the outside world.

‘I have no choice but to go directly to the outside world.’

The key purpose of entering the New Vague, ‘Poseidon’, has already been found.

With that alone, we can say that we have achieved more than 90% of our goal.

Bikir was starting to get annoyed with these heavy restraints that were stuffed around his wrists and ankles.

‘… … I don’t think I’ll have to wear this prison uniform anymore.’

The dawn of the prison break was dawning in earnest.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 376Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 378
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