Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 384

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Episode 384: The Breeding Ground (3)

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BDSM. She revealed her true form in the thick brine.


Her youthful cheeks were all gone from the corner of her mouth as she winked at Bikir.

Instead, what filled the place was thick saltiness in full bloom.

Bikir was genuinely surprised and admired.

“… … Seaweed ent? I never thought that such a thing would actually happen.”

I heard a lot of stories about Ents living in the forest when I was living in the sea of ​​red and black mountains.

So, naturally, it seems that Ents had a prejudice that they were beings that only inhabited forests.

However, ents also live in seaweed forests deep under the sea.

As the genealogies of beasts are divided into various animal families, the genealogies of ents are also divided into various plant families.

“hmm. It doesn’t work out like I thought.”

Dragging BDSM into the sea became a rather fatal handshake and caught Bikir’s ankle.

Common plants turn black and wither when exposed to salt, but in the case of seaweed, they find vitality.

… Pacan!

Bikir kicked the flying seaweed chains with his feet.

The round, hard bumps on the seaweed gave the impression of kicking a bowling ball with all their might when the instep touched it.

‘… … It’s cumbersome.’

Bikir tried to rise to the surface, skimming off the leaves that were clinging to her arms.

But Bidism did not let Bikir escape out of the water.

“Ho-ho, where are you going? I came in at best, but I’m going to play some more~”

Tough and sticky seaweed stalks flew like sea snakes.


Black seaweeds sprouting from the bottom of the balloon eel farm moved like BDSM’s limbs and grabbed Bikir’s ankles.


Above it were long, gigantic leaves of seaweed that stretched diagonally, horizontally and vertically, creating a lattice-like enclosure.

Hope, win, hope, gillnet, gillnet, hope, castnet, chasing net, trawl… … All sorts of nets were spread for one Bikir.

It was a terrifying restraint that not only imprisoned, but also suffocated.

The spears of rolled seaweed with pointed ends rushed as if they would pierce the frozen body of Bikir.

Tied up with a net, stabbed with a spear, and once touched, mana and power were not used.

It was a winning pattern that turned BDSM into an invincible monster.

Pupper puck!

Blood, flesh, and organs burst like fireworks. The water turned black in an instant.

“… … Hmm.”

But BDSM narrowed her eyes as if she didn’t like the situation.

Countless spears of seaweed eventually failed to reach Bikir.

At the crucial moment, Vikir pulled the tail of a balloon eel passing by and used it as a shield.

Perpuck! puck! f*ck!

The spears of seaweed that flew in late were also blocked by the balloon eels that Bikir was pulling, causing only misfire accidents.

“Ugh! It takes years to grow one of these balloon eels! If Dordium and Suware find out, there will be an uproar.”

Bubbles began to boil in the whole body of the angry BDSM.

bubbling bubbling… …

As expected of a plant, BDSM was emitting an enormous amount of oxygen from its body.

Seeing that, Bikir nodded.

‘I can see why everyone was so overprotective of BDSM.’

BDSM plays a very important role besides making BDSM restraints that bind the prisoners’ mana and power.

That is to supply oxygen to the inside of the prison.

In addition to the ability to block mana and physical power, she had a strange ability to eat things like sulfur and oil vapor and turn them into oxygen.

So, without BDSM, there is no Nouvelle Vague either.

This is because there is no place to receive oxygen separately inside the mucus dome surrounded by the flubber.

“You’re my favorite friend. It must be useful in many ways.”

Bikir threw away the inflatable eel he was using as a shield and climbed onto the next inflatable eel.

I’m sorry-

The moment the spear of seaweed that soared from below pierced the upper and lower jaws of the balloon mouthpiece at the same time.

… thud!

Bikir also abandoned the balloon eel and landed on the floor of the cage.

“Ho-ho-ho-going deeper? Would it be suicidal?”

BDSM spread the long seaweed like a net and completely blocked the way to the surface.

Now Bikir is stuck at the bottom of the puddle, unable to move.

Going out is a problem, but right now breathing is a problem.



Even BDSM, who was in an overwhelmingly advantageous environment, could not help but flinch at the strange phenomenon that was happening in Bikir’s right hand.

A stream of water that flows in an odd direction. It was slowly sucking towards Vikir’s right hand.

‘what? Is there a hole over there?’

Unless it’s leaking, there’s no reason for water to flow over there.

The moment when you just feel that something is strange about BDSM.



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The current suddenly increased in strength.

As if water was leaking somewhere, the current was being sucked in at a tremendous speed.

Not only the surrounding seaweed, but also BDSM was caught up in the current and almost dragged away.

“What, what!?”

An ominous feeling peculiar to plants passed through her mind.

I thought it wouldn’t work if I got caught by Bikir’s outstretched right hand.

It was a warning from instinct.

‘Hunger drought’.

A characteristic possessed by the demon tree and blood tree daylily. The power to dry out anything with moisture.

Bikir was going to dry up all the moisture in the pool.

And as the empty space where the water dried up and disappeared was filled with new water, and it dried up and disappeared again, a violent current was created.

Bikir emitted an aura through Baalzebub.

Like fire going backwards through pouring oil, Bikir’s aura radiated backwards in a swirling stream.

The target was, of course, BDSM.


BDSM was horrified by the eight teeth that split the water-filled space itself.

black sheep. A small but dense and heavy black sun was rising beneath the sea.


The black sun was growing at an astounding rate and sucking in everything around it.

Bondi Vikir’s special move, this black sheep had destructive power, but did not have the power to attract the surroundings.

However, the fact that this place was in the water and that Bikir knew how to use the power of starvation possessed by the bloody daylily made the connection effect work properly.

‘Me, that bastard!? I was aiming for this from the beginning, and in the water… … !’

It was only then that BDSM realized that it had become completely enmeshed in Bikir’s aim.

It was obvious what would happen to that black sphere if it was pulled into the center, a collection of countless teeth.

The whole body would disintegrate without leaving a single piece of flesh.


BDSM struggled to get out of the current somehow.

All available seaweeds were pulled up and shot down, but all were sucked up from the center of the black sun and turned into firewood.

The shredded and pulverized seaweed has become impossible to salvage even the fragments.

Strangely, the aura emitted by that monstrous creature did not fade even when touched by BDSM seaweed.

The people of New Wave would probably be horrified if they saw the seaweed of BDSM, which nullifies all mana and physical power, being torn apart like a piece of cheap paper, helplessly.

But it wasn’t completely fruitless.

Kurrureuk… … Kuruk! gurgling!

As a result of hitting a large number of aquatic plants in the dark sun, the water flow loosened a little.

So BDSM managed to get out of the current and rise to the surface.


BDSM, who jumped out of sleep and came out, looked back with a pale complexion.

“Daddy, I need to get out of here quickly. I have to tell Dordium and Suware… … .”

but. Before she could take seven steps, she felt her body tremble.

“… … uh?”

My eyesight is spinning around. She thought she had stepped straight, but suddenly her foot was twisted.

… thud!

BDSM floundered on the floor.



‘Why am I like this?’

‘Why won’t my body listen to me?’

‘What am I going to do now?’

‘What’s going on?’

‘Quickly, I have to run away right now… … ‘

Only unresolved questions fill my head.

and by then


Bikir also broke the surface and climbed out.

“It’s seaweed, so it’s drinking a lot of water.”

Bikir spoke in a dry voice towards BDSM, and black blood dripped from the tips of his fingers.

Madame’s Poison.

Bikir secretly poured his own blood into the water when BDSM slaughtered the balloon eels and caused a blood storm.

Afterwards, as a vortex was formed by the water flow, BDSM was unknowingly inhaling a large amount of poison throughout the body.

Since it was a poison diluted with water, the effect was delayed, but once the symptoms appeared, the abnormal results were obvious.

“… … omg! Huh! Kuck!”

BDSM crawled on the floor, holding onto her neck with one hand and her chest with the other.


The body temperature rises rapidly due to the venom, and as a result, moisture evaporates from the body.

All over the body, spots that signal death, age spots began to bloom.

BDSM, which had changed from a girl to an adult woman, was now turning into a shriveled old man.

“Oh, no, no… … If I die… … Prisoners’ restraints and bars… … Everyone lost their power… … That’s all… … That’s all… … .”

And in front of her in pain.


The hounds of the night, no, Nouvelle Vague, began to move their steps.

Even in the deep sea where no light shines, the shadow of death seems to be cast.

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