Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 391

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Episode 391: The Worst Torture (2)

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… Kwak!

Rocks shattered and aftershocks occurred in the area.

In the center of the siege of numerous guards, a large man was growling.

Creepy de Leviathan. He is the main culprit that caused the riot on the 8th floor today.

cried the guards.

“hey! Cool, this child! How long have you been out of solitary?”

“Bitch- it’s already the second time! Do you want to be in solitary confinement again!?”

“If you don’t be nice, I can make your life a real mess!”

However, even in the face of a siege of swords, axes, and maces, the maddening roar of the crickets did not fade at all.

“The Queen has abandoned me! I failed to carry out the order to come out with ‘him’! That’s why you abandoned me! The fact that you haven’t given me a word about jailbreak all this time means you’re abandoning me! It’s obvious! Aaaaaaa! I hate it now! get me out of here! Or kill me!”

He wasn’t even insane at first glance.

Sticky saliva drips from the corners of your mouth.

The blood vessels in his extremely congested eyes seemed to squirm and burst through the surface of his eyeballs like longworms.

He wriggled the BDSM chain attached to his cold wrist and struggled, and every time he did so, drops of dark red blood were scattered from the wounds all over his body.

Patter- Patter- Patter- Patter-

The guards were extremely vigilant so that the saliva and blood of Shigeot did not come into contact with the body.

“Ugh! It is the blood of the plague leper!”

“be careful. If you touch that, you’ll get a plague right away. What is ‘Red Death’? … .”

“I heard it was the worst plague that almost wiped out the natives of the flood?”

“It is an unidentified plague that has not been disinfected even in the sulfur shower at the entrance ceremony. It must be avoided at all costs.”

“Yeah, but do you keep confronting me like this?”

“Then you go over and grab it! I heard that bastard is from an extremely poisonous family.”

“You have to speak right. They said he was an idiot who was thrown out of the family because he couldn’t control it even in the Leviathan family.”

Sure enough, after biting off his sour tongue, the blood that filled his mouth spewed out like a fountain.


Every time the mist of blood sprayed out of his mouth spread through the hot wind, the prison guards’ net shook like a sliced ​​squid.

pandemic. Infectious disease of the highest rank. In a limited space like Nouvelle Vague, this is a phenomenon to be most wary of.

This was a different matter from simply making power or mana unusable.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, standing at the forefront of the encirclement, was crinkling his brows as if he was perplexed.

“damn. In terms of strength, he’s nothing special… … That bastard’s plague poison is the problem.”

Then the adjutant next to him opened his mouth.

“Should I bring the 5th Chief Warden?”

“How do you mean bringing people who don’t have them? Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware have been dispatched to the ground for escort duties.”

“Ph, I’ll send another person to Commissar Plubber.”

“Arthur. Haven’t you already sent someone twice? If they still haven’t returned, it must mean ‘eaten up’. Do not increase unnecessary casualties against monstrous creatures that do not even have Iji.”

“Then even the BDSM brigadier… … ?”

“He shouldn’t be made to come to the heart of New Wave security, such a scene. If the warden of Orca Prison knew, he would probably play the bell.”

4 out of 5 chief jailers are definitely not.

Then there was only one person left.

The adjutant said the last name in the most cautious manner he had ever shown.

“… … How about the Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel?”

At that question, Colonel Bastille’s expression hardened.

He answered without the slightest hesitation.

“That bastard will never do that.”

“Ha, but aside from Commissar Plubber, isn’t he the only one who can subdue that monster right now?”

“It’s ridiculous to bring in a psycho-maniac like the Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel just to take one level 8 prisoner. Your belly button will grow bigger than your stomach.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille is a well-balanced person in all fields with decent strength, decent personality, and decent work.

It had been a long time since he had such an embarrassed expression.

“Shit. Needless to say, the number of residents this time is the highest ever. It was the first time that Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware ascended to the surface at the same time. What the hell has been happening on the ground lately… … .”

As well as the warden Orca, Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware.

Due to the simultaneous absence of these three, the core forces of Nouvelle Vague, these big and small disturbances have not ceased recently.

Right then.


They hurriedly broke through the siege.

Splashing blood all over the place and running amok, he grabbed the scruff of the neck of a low-level guard he hadn’t been able to avoid.

… Bang!

The name of the unfortunate low-ranking jailer who was caught in the hands of Shikkut was ‘Kirko Grim’.

“Don’t disturb me! If you do, I’ll break this bitch’s neck right away.”

He growled as he grabbed Kirko’s neck with one hand.

Kirko had to be stunned once by the unimaginable strength of his grip, and twice by the disgusting bloody smell that emanated from his body.

If you’re wrong, you’ll either break your neck or die drenched in his blood, which is infused with a terrible plague poison.

“A hostage take?”

“What are you thinking?”

“What do you want, you madman!”

When the guards asked ferociously, he laughed.

“What do you want? doesn’t exist. A ruined life anyway. Oh yeah, the Rebel Ten project will have to stop for a few months. I will splatter some very vile blood.”

After he finished speaking, he spat on the floor of the workhouse and spat.


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Push Sis Sisik-

The soil near where Shikkut’s saliva landed was melting, creating an unpleasant sound and stench.

Colonel Bastille narrowed his eyes as he looked at the hostage Kirko.

“It’s a hostage situation, now they do everything.”

“Rurrrrrrr! Originally, in this atmosphere, you should have at least one hostage.”

“If you inflict even the slightest harm to that friend, you won’t die gracefully.”

“Where do you go? Kruck! After all, I am an abandoned body.”

When the confrontation between Lieutenant Colonel Bastille and Sikkut continues.

“Lieutenant Colonel! I am okay!”

Kirko struggled to open her mouth.

“There can be no negotiations with prisoners. I don’t care, so please enforce the suppression… … Kuck!”

Kirko couldn’t finish talking.

It was because he slammed her to the ground and then lifted her up again.

“Ugh! This bastard!?”

Kirko raised her eyes as she spat blood from her nose and mouth.

And he trampled Kirko’s face with his foot.

“Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. … I think I’m mistaken, but the reason they can’t attack me is because they’re afraid of my plague. It’s not just to protect low-level guards.”

“… … profit!”

Kirko tried to pull out the longsword from her waist, but she couldn’t let it go.

The bastard wrapped around Kirko’s blade with the chain around her wrist and pressed it down against Kirko’s neck as it was.

Wood Deuk!

Kirko raised her mana, but despite that, she couldn’t completely shake off the power of Shigeuk.


“Oh, if you don’t stay still, I’ll spit blood in your face.”

“… … .”

It was impossible to resist Siege, who threatened with plague as a weapon.

As Kirko bit her lip in anger, she giggled and said,

“Maybe it’s because he’s trash born from a guard who was raped by a prisoner, so he grasps the subject quickly. gurgling!”

“… … .”

Kirko grinded her teeth even as her stomach turned.

However, there is not much that can be done because of the power of the sageuk and the plague factor it has.

Seeing that his subordinates, albeit at the very end, were being thoroughly toyed with, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille muttered bitterly.

“… … In the end, there is nothing you can do.”

The sacrifice of a cow for the sake of the great is inevitable. It is indispensable for the survival of the group.

The situation had to be quelled as quickly as possible before the damage escalated further.

If it was a sacrifice of one low-level guard, it would be cheap.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille took advantage of the moment when Sick’s attention was focused on Kirko to send a hand signal.

He ordered all high-ranking guards to take up arms.

‘Everyone ready to attack! We had to slaughter him as quickly as possible… … hmm?’

However, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s order to break through was cut off in the middle.


There was one step forward of Sigkeut who walked out from among the guards.

A very calm expression. unconcerned look. The atmosphere is like taking a walk.

It was Garum, no, Bikir.

Bikir opened his mouth in the same dry voice as usual.

“The construction should not stop because of your contaminated blood.”

“… … ?”

At Bikir’s words, Shigeuk and all the guards gathered here tilted their heads.

‘Oops, isn’t this?’

For a moment, feeling that he had expressed his true feelings too honestly, Vikir corrected his remarks a little.

“Release my dear motive. Let’s settle it through dialogue.”

Name Garm Nord. 21 years old. rank ensign.

It was the appearance of a low-ranking guard whose liver was so swollen that he jumped out of the ship.

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