Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 414

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Episode 414: End game (6)

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Flubber. His full name is ‘Plover J Tarbond’. The rank is brigadier general.

It serves to prevent water from entering by covering the outside of the citadel of Nouvelle Vague with thin mucus, and together with BDSM, it is the two major mountain ranges that support the system of Nouvelle Vague.

A body made of a huge lump of mucus of unknown volume, two eyeballs that are just thin spheres, a mouth drawn in an arc that looks like a smile, and a long, torn mouth with bizarre-looking teeth. matter and life.

This strange entity now besieged Vikir and Ayen with obvious hostility.

Bikir and Ayen each said a word.

“Amazing. Was it a creature capable of thinking?”

“I know. It looks like King Muyeong of the Black Sea.”

I had assumed that he would not have intelligence or reason based on his appearance, but it was quite unexpected.

Even Dordium and Suware seem unadapted to this situation.

“Plover, you freaking bastard… … It still moves like a knife only when the New Wave is in danger.”

“Looks like you have an attachment to this place. So, isn’t it like sweeping, wiping, repairing, and cleaning the outer walls of the castle every day?”

Contrary to Bikir’s expectations, the purpose of Flubber’s movement was slightly different.

The guy didn’t come here to help Dordium and Suware, but he seemed to have come down after sensing the signs of a change in Poseidon.

To prevent the destruction of the New Wave here.

No one knows why Flubber is trying to protect Nouvelle Vague here.

I can only guess that the attachment of the guy who wants to protect and restore this place is really great.

“Heh heh… … That’s right, no matter how stupid the monster is, the goal is the same.”

“I’m reluctant to join hands with this monster, but I can’t help it.”

yet. Dordium and Suware moved under Plubber’s cover.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Dordium’s attack, Suware’s defense, and Flubber’s tentacles that strangled the entire field were a very good combination.

Cranky! Pupper puffer puck!

If you step back to avoid the ax blade slash that Dordium wielded, Plubber’s mucus covers the entire ground before you know it.

Bikir and Ayen had to retreat by picking only a limited part of the ground.

Boom- Boom!

If Ayen shoots an arrow and attacks, Suware erects a multi-layered earth shield to block it.

And beyond that, Dordium’s attack continues to fly. attack. attack.

“You’ve become very annoying?”

“It’s only natural that three of the five chief jailers are gathered in one place.”

At Iyen’s words, Vikir nodded in response.

It was not a phenomenon that could be explained by the formula of 1+1=2.

The combination of Dordium of attack, Suware of defense, and Plubber that completely filled the gap made it difficult for even Vikir to deal with.

“… … It’s a good thing they took care of the black tongue and BDSM in advance.”

Bikir spoke quietly to himself.

Iyen, who was deflecting Dordium’s attack, asked in surprise.

“I thought it was the West who worked on BDSM, but a black tongue? Is that also the jailer?”

“okay. I removed it because it seemed to interfere with the jailbreak. And I think that might help now.”

Bikir reached into the leather pouch at his waist and grabbed a handful of what was inside.

Chara la la rock-

Before long, things like black pearls were scattered in the air.



Dordium and Suware paused for a moment.

He was wary of fearing that these black particles falling patter might be explosives.

But it was far more troublesome than explosives.

Gigijik- Gigijik- Gigijik-

The surface of the black pearl cracked and the contents inside crawled out.

It is the eggs of the new leeches that killed and stole the black tongue!

Bikir intentionally cuts his palms and squirts blood, and the eggs soaked in it hatch as soon as he smells the blood.

Small leeches began to cling to Dordium and Suware’s bodies.

“Damn it! It’s a black-tongued leech! Was it stolen!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa That perverted child! You must have betrayed me!”

Dordium and Suware did not think that the Black Tongue had betrayed them or that the leeches had been stolen, but that they had been attacked by Vikir.

They scratched all over their bodies to the point of blood, removing the leeches.

Bikir licked his lips in regret.

“From now on, I’ll have to use it for people who don’t know about the existence of leeches. It won’t be of much help, at least in the New Wave.”

Dordium and Suware are aware of the perverted taste and power of the black tongue, so their wariness against leeches is at its peak.

Moreover, the effect did not come out as expected because the leeches did not react at all to that Flubber.

‘But I bought time, so that’s enough.’

Vikir and Iyen moved a long way back and drew close to Poseidon.


Dordium spun the ax blade in his forearm again.

death roll.

The whirlwind of slashing that tore apart countless prisoners revealed its terrifying majesty once again.

Vikir and Iyen did not face Dordium’s attack head-on.

“Do as I explained.”



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Iyen quickly fell back.

Then, he went back and hid himself behind Poseidon, who was emitting blue light.

Vikir also induced Dordium’s slash and went back to the other side of Ayen and used Poseidon as a shield.


Poseidon was hit by Dordium’s attack.

The nearby lava roots exploded with a loud sound, and the resulting shockwaves were also absorbed by Poseidon.

… Flash!

The blue light emitted by the sphere grew stronger.

The vibrations bursting out near the roots were also much more intense.

Dordium frowned.

“what? something suspicious Don’t you guys fight back? As if we were just waiting to use our strength. And that blue sphere is even more… … .”

“What is suspicious now is Daesoo!? We have to deal with it quickly and go upstairs for reinforcements! And if we don’t kill them, we’ll be killed by the warden!”

Suware stepped forward as if he was frustrated.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The hammer she wielded hit the ground, and sharp rocks flew along with the lava.

Wooji Jiji Jik-

Hot volcanic bombs were devastating the surroundings.

And the more Poseidon does, the brighter and more splendid the light.

Bikir sensed Poseidon’s vibrations transmitted through the earth’s surface and grasped the accumulated power.

[human! The wave of mana is unusual! I think half of it has accumulated power?]

Hearing the words Dekarabia shouted from his chest, Vikir was convinced.

‘… … 50% la. It’s been quite charged since then. Haha, the years I spent here were long.’

In fact, if you only accumulate strength to about 90%, the rest is a breeze.

Because of the explosions and aftershocks continuously generated by the lava roots, the rest can be easily filled.

What will happen when this reaches 100%!

When Bikir was estimating the time remaining.


An ominous sound approaches my ears.

“… … !”

Where Bikir raised his head, Flubber was laughing with his mouth wide open.

It had moved on a stalactite that sprouted from the ceiling without the knowledge of mice or birds.


Iyen tried to fire an arrow, but Flubber just swallowed it.

As it was, it seemed to ignore the slight physical force.


Plubber returns to the rear and flows down the stalactites.

It seemed to be a plan to support Dordium from the rear, who was bombarding from the front.

“… … That’s a big deal. Plubber does not use physical force, so it is of no help to Poseidon. Rather, it will only hinder you.”

Bikir bit his lip.

I didn’t know that Plubber, which I had excluded from the plan thinking it wouldn’t be a big variable, would hold my ankle to this extent.

If Plubber intervenes in earnest on the battlefield, absorbs the shock and swallows everything, the operation of Poseidon will be impossible.

However, unlike Bikir, who was burning up inside, Iyen’s expression was relaxed throughout.

“Don’t worry, West. Just as they had a corner to believe in, I also have a corner to believe in.”

“hmm? what is that… … .”

In an instant, the words Iyen said before coming down to this place passed through Vikir’s mind.

‘You would have been incompetent on your own. Didn’t Xindi Wendy stop you?’

‘I didn’t dry it. I wasn’t alone.’

The story of when Iyen attacked Don Quixote, Usher, and Leviathan.

Iyen grinned at Bikir with a puzzled expression.

“I am not here alone.”

at the same time.

Kwak Kwang-

All the stalactites on the ceiling were swept away.

Plubber’s body, which had been drooping from top to bottom, was also cut into pieces and burned as it was.


Flubber let out a grotesque scream and retrieved the tentacles.

At the same time, a huge slashing storm raged behind Dordium and Suware, who were only looking forward.


With a loud shockwave, Dordium, Suware, and Flubber flew at the same time.

The blue flames emitted by Poseidon grew stronger.

“Keugh!? What kind of guy… … !?”

As Dordium and Suware raised their heads with bloodshot eyes, a large shadow fell across the roaring flames.

ho ho ho ho-

A crackling laugh. It was clearly mocking Dordium and Suware who were lying on the floor.

“You blind in anger, where are you looking?”

A whip that overflows with flames.

The person holding it tightly was wearing black tights that covered the whole body and high heels that were over 30 centimeters tall.

“… … !”

Bikir’s eyes widened for the first time since entering the New Wave.

That would also be the case, because the person who had just entered the battlefield had a face familiar to Vikir.

Ms. Ouroboros.

Professor Sadi, whom he had never seen since dropping out of the Colosseo Academy, suddenly entered the battlefield.

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